The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


17. A Hellish Holiday ~Part One

   Wednesday classes ended, and with it, the start of Thanksgiving Weekend; four days of relaxing, hanging out with Allen and his family, who he was learning to like; best of all, his mother had gone away to some gathering of creatures in the next two towns over, leaving him free to live on his own. Christoph couldn't help but smile from ear to ear as walked to Allen's house with the other two that blistery afternoon.

   "You don't get out much, do you?" Alois remarked, watching as Christoph, as he knew it, was making an imbecile of himself. "What's the matter, mommy never let you go out?"

   "Shut up Alois," he suddenly grew cold, having lost his smile, "I'll knock your lights right out, reaper boy." The two of them gave each other death stares until the sound of Allen's quiet laughter broke their concentration.

   "You two are being horribly pathetic again," he giggled, "No skin off my nose though, you two make me laugh." As a response, the boy received a hiss from the vampire, and, a swift smack up the side of his head from the demon. "Oww, that hurt, Alois..."

   "Shouldn't have called me pathetic," then almost as an afterthought, "Christoph doesn't deserve to be called such things either." Looking over at the vampiric boy he couldn't believe that he just stuck up for him; then again, Allen shouldn't have been so rude either. The three of them remained silent until they reached the house.

   "Hello boys!" called the mother from the kitchen window, "How was school!?"

   "Not too bad," Allen replied.

   "Nice to see you again, Mrs. Hughes!" called Christoph, smiling his most realistic smile of joy and innocence he could muster.

   "I can smell your delicious cooking!" Alois called, "Would you like some help Jenny?" As they walked inside and stripped off their outer layers; all except Alois who only removed clothing from himself once in his room, two of the boys wandered up the stairs, stopping as they watched Alois move into the kitchen.

   "Since when do you cook?" Allen asked of his demonic friend.

   "I've always been able to cook," he smirked, "You just never asked if I could..." trailing off he went into the kitchen to assist Jenny, who was attempting, and failing, to stuff the turkey intended for Thursday's dinner. Not saying another word, Christoph and Allen wandered up to the boy's room where it was quieter. 

   "Allen," Christoph spoke in a quiet manner, "I haven't been completely honest with you guys," he continued to speak, nervously shuffling his feet together. Allen placed a hand on his shoulder and motioned towards the side of his bed. Sitting down, he took the vampire boy's hands into his and looked him in the eye.

   "Tell me then," Allen smiled, "What has been troubling you."

   "Well, I..." he trailed off, ashamed to the things he was about to admit to the boy that, for so long, he wanted nothing more than to call his own. "I... I am a monster...." he trailed off again, trying to choke back tears.

   "It's alright," Allen whispered into his ear, "You can tell me anything, I said I wanted to be your friend after all, didn't I?"

   "Well, I still want to... y'know," he motioned to Allen in his entirety, "You drive me nuts, I haven't been the same since meeting you..."

   "And I told you I wanted to be your friend; not your lover, but I doubt that's what's bothering you, so spit it out," Allen pried, "Is something about Alois? He was my first friend, and despite his ultimate goal is to, at the end of our contract take my soul, I still love him."

   "No, it's not that," Christoph mumbled, "My mother, she's one problem..." he trailed off again, unsure of how Allen was going to take the news. "My mom found out about me having a human friend and she thinks humans are nothing but meat-sacks to be drunk from..."


   "She said I was to invite you over to our house..." he began to tear up a bit, "And once there... I was to drink your blood, and turn you so you could always be with me..."

   "And I've made it clear that I won't be yours so-" but he was cut off by the vampire.

   "She knew you'd never go quietly," he began to cry, streams of blood pouring from his young face, "If I don't succeed in changing you by the end Thanksgiving, when she gets back tomorrow, she'll come and get you by force... and... she'll kill your family..." He cried heavily into Allen's arms, soaking him in deep crimson. Christoph half expected to be thrown out, or have holly water and the crucifix necklace the boy wore shoved into his body; he figured it would be the only decent thing he could do, was to die.

   "Christoph, look at me," came the boy's voice. Looking up into his eyes which now were their demonic purplish-pink he became entranced, "I won't go down without a fight, but... if you want to remain friends, you'll have to help me... if you choose not too, I'll have no choice but to kill you, and your mother; so what'll it be?"

   "Allen... please..." he trailed off.

   "I said CHOOSE!" he yelled, his eyes flashing deep red for a brief second.

   "I want you... I'll always want you.." he hid in Allen's chest, burying his face; he just made perhaps the hardest decision of his life; he'd have to kill his mother... Suddenly, his head was yanked from Allen's chest as he found himself now locked in a bloody kiss.

   "Thank you for choosing me... I know this won't be easy for you..." the boy cooed into the vampiric child's ear...


   Father Cornell stood outside 999 Raven's Loft Drive, sack of food in hand as he prepared himself for combat against, as he saw it, the spawn of Satan himself; the vampiric child, Christoph Tepes. Knocking on the door however, he lost the grimace on his face and replaced it with his usual, kind and friendly smile.

   "I'll get it!" he recognized the voice as that of Alois. Opening the door, the Father noticed that the child shivered slightly out of what seemed like surprise, however, the Father recognized it as that of terror; had Alois been bitten?

   "Hello Father," he outstretched his hand, waiting to be the giver of a handshake; a familiar characteristic from the boy that the Father recognized.

   "Nice to see you again child," he smiled, patting the boy on the head lightly, "May I come in? It's a bit chilly out here."

   "Ofcourse, come in Father!" Jenny called from the kitchen. Alois moved aside, closing the door as the Father passed through the threshold of the house. Moving into the kitchen he smiled at what he saw; the beginnings of a feast, all to be set aside for the following day. Wiping some sweat from her brow, Jenny smiled and shook his hand in greeting.

   "Jenny, nice to see you again," He smiled politely. "Um, as you can see, I've brought some food as a peace offering of sorts..."

   "Oh no, what has happened now?" she replied, placing her hands on her hips.

   "Another pipe has burst, and Saint Augustine's full of homeless," he lied, "So... I need lodging... do you still have that spare bedroom, in the back corner of the house?"

   "Ofcourse Father, you're always welcome here, you've been so kind to this family," she smiled, taking the sack of food from the father. "Here's the key to the room," she smiled, withdrawing a rose colored key from her apron. Thanking her, he headed to the room and sealed himself behind its threshold, beginning preparations to vanquish the vampire menace once, and for all...

   Finished helping Jenny, Alois quietly moved upstairs, finding the two boys lying on Allen's bed sharing stories with each other. Closing the door behind him, he whispered to the two boys as they sat up, noticing the disturbed look on his face.

   "What's the matter Alois?" Allen asked, he could tell that his friend was genuinely concerned.

   "The Father's here," the demon boy responded, "And he wreaks of holly water, crucifixes, stakes, and other blessed weapons; I think he's here to kill one of us," he looked at Christoph.

   "How do you know?" the vampire spoke in a fraught manner.

   "He looked at me when I jumped in surprise at seeing him," Alois spoke in a level tone, "He gave me that look of suspicion, and, don't get mad Allen, but I read into his thoughts and..." he trailed off.

   "And what, Alois..!?" Allen stressed.

   "He kept running through how he was going to vanquish the 'evil' which has infected the household..." 

   "Christ almighty," Allen moaned, "This just became quite the hellish holiday..."

   "How so?" Alois asked, suspicion in his voice.

   "You might want to sit down..." Allen trailed off, looking at a frightened Christoph in despair...

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