The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


1. A Dark Night in October

   The storm raged wildly out side the halls of the abandoned stone chapel on Eighth street, wild gusts of wind ripped at the rotted shutters as they tried to pry them away as if wanting to behold the sight in the main sanctuary.

   "Do you still want to go through with the contract?" asked the voice of a boy. His voice was velvet smooth, but his eyes were that of a pale bluish-steel. He wore an overcoat that was dripping wet, and underneath he wore a formal, white-buttoned down shirt with a black vest and matching pants. His shoes were black Doc Martins with a vintage look to them. Before him on the altar spread out like a sacrificial lamb was another boy of about ten or so, covered in a ceremonial rag that concealed his beaten, battered and bloodied body underneath.

   "I'm still not sure..." the boy on the alter coughed, as he took another ragged breath of fleeting life. "What did you mean when you said you'll protect me in exchange for my soul?" Another ragged breath, it was getting harder for the boy to breath and the other knew he didn't have long to live.

   "Just that," the other boy replied with his velvet smooth voice. "I'll save your life, and protect you, but I want your soul." he smiled a little, moving towards the man lying crumpled in a heap in the center aisle.

   "You..." the man winced in pain, "You.. aren't human are you kid?" The man hastily held up a crucifix to this kid in the overcoat, hoping it would keep this... demon child away from him long enough to escape. Licking his lips with a voracious manner he smiled and laughed at the man's desperate attempt to ward him off. He grasped the crucifix, and began to bend it backwards until the wrist of the stubborn man snapped along with the now broken crucifix.

   "You thought that tiny little thing would stop me?" laughed the child demonically. "First of all, God, if that's what you choose to call him would never help a sinner like you." he paused briefly, only briefly enough to have picked up the half of the broken crucifix that had dropped to the floor and stab it straight into the barely pumping heart of the man. "Ha, no... God wouldn't help you now, and besides to kill me you'd need something as big as that sucker over there to crucify me on, old man," he laughed pointing at the large cross that hung under the stained glass window above the alter.

   "May you be damned, the demon hell spawn you are, boy," the man gurgled in his last moment of life in this world. He looked into the eyes of the demon boy, and, to his dying horror he beheld eyes of a true demon, blood red eyes that contained hellfire within their centers. And with that last image burned into his mind he died.

   "You're one to talk about being damned," he chuckled as he stood up and walked calmly back over to his next potential partner and prey. "So what'l it be friend? Will you accept my humble proposal, or will you die tonight as a result of that old bastard's greed?"

   "I... I..." he choked out between his ragged breaths and and coughing up blood.

   "You what? Spit it out, I want to know whether or not I'll be leaving you for my..." he smiled at the thought of saying father, but didn't say it aloud. 

   "I want... to live..." the boy choked out.

   "You want me then?" he smiled his Cheshire grin that was reminiscent of that of the Devil's.

   "Yes, I...." he began to fade away. 

   "Say it boy, before you die!" he commanded of the dying boy.

   "I WANT YOU!!!" he he screamed at the top of his beaten lungs, causing blood to spurt wildly from his mouth. Adjusting the collar on his soaked over coat he smiled, leaning over the dying boy.

   "Your blood smells beautiful... Allen Hughes," moving Allen's neck to the side he tenderly licked his new 'friend's' neck, before tenderly biting down on it. He drank a little of the sweet nectar that was Allen's blood, all the while he injected his venom into the bloodstream in order to stay the bleeding and begin repairing his wounds. Letting go he whispered with a bloody smile to Allen.

   "My name's Alois Cromwell, and I think we'll make great partners," and with that he placed his mark onto Allen and bit down gently again; outside meanwhile the storm had given way to only a soft downpour, as the wind whipped away having satisfied itself with what it had just beheld in the now tainted house of the Almighty.


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