Scars Never Fade *Completed *

* Finished * ...when London was 16 she started Cutting she couldn't take the terrible comments any more every where she went everyone had an issue with her and she didn't know why she took all the blame on herself when people were just jealous of her But only if she knew that. London is Now 19 and still cuts but what happens when she meets 5 guys who think what she done is terrible Will they make her stop before something really bad happens or will she ignore them .... Read to find out !


4. The therapist

Hey guys !! All the people who entered were great so i decide that i would use all of you guys ! But here's the thing Some of you will be in one of the chapters i dont know when i will put you in but don't worry you will be in at one point !!! And there is 2 People who will be in a few of them and those people are ...Yahaira Styles!!! AND NiallersMoffo !!! congrats you too i hope you enjoy this chapter :) ....


London's POV-

After i got out of the hospital the boys got me a Therapist because they were " Worried About Me " I think i'm perfectly fine But they said i have to do it. I got out of bed and Got a shower when i was done i went and picked out an outfit I did my hair and makeup and when i was done i walked out of my room. When i entered the living room it was quite i then walked to the kitchen and before i knew it someones hands we around me i turned my head and saw all the boys hugging me. How did you all get in here i asked Spare Key they said Everyone was there but ...Harry Where's Harry i asked sounding a bit sad all the boys looked at each other and then back at me London the day you cut and we had to bring you to the hospital he took it pretty hard Niall said i felt really bad for what i did i sighed if he never met me this wouldn't of happen i thought Louis then looked at me Well you better get going don't want to be late huh He said I nodded here i will drive you and when its over just call me and i will pick you up okay? I nodded we all hopped in Louis' Car and He drove off ....

I got there and went inside There was a few girls there i went and sat by this one girl we started talking Her name was Caitlin she had Blond hair with some brown in it and she had dark green eyes which were very pretty she was 16. We became very good friends Then this one girl came in she looked 18 she had light brown hair and Bright green eyes She started to talk Hi everyone i'm Yahaira i'm sorta like a therapist i will talk to you about you problems like today we all are here to talk about self harm and other harmful things We all talked for a while After it was over Yahaira And me talked for a while just about stuff she seemed so fun we had a few laughs and after A while me and her decide we would hang out for a while so i called lou and told him i had a ride and he said okay. When we were at Starbucks my phone rang and it was ...Harry 


Hey guys i'm sorry it's so short but the next one will be longer i promise !!! And i hope Yahaira and Caitlin Liked it !!! If you liked this chapter Like and Favor the story you would mean the WORLD to me !!! please read my other storys that would be AWESOME !!! Thanks peace out ~jojo <3 

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