Scars Never Fade *Completed *

* Finished * ...when London was 16 she started Cutting she couldn't take the terrible comments any more every where she went everyone had an issue with her and she didn't know why she took all the blame on herself when people were just jealous of her But only if she knew that. London is Now 19 and still cuts but what happens when she meets 5 guys who think what she done is terrible Will they make her stop before something really bad happens or will she ignore them .... Read to find out !


14. The final chapter

A year Later London Committed Suicide When the rest of the family was Out of the house. By the time they got back it was to late She died in her Bedroom with All the memories. Her mother cried for weeks And Selena and Luke were shattered. Once everyone heard they sent cards and gives. And we all Know London's Up there happy as can be cause she is finally Free. Shes probably better off up there then down here where people judge her no one can do that up there. And Oh About the boys They were all REALLY sad but the one who took it the hardest was Harry...  He cried for months And when he went to your Funeral he Kissed you for one last time and Cried the hardest Letting it all free. Apperently London didn't and couldn't have broke Harry ...He did that to her but Loves her still to this day and he still thinks Shes with him... and guess what even as a ghost she Is with him Walking with Him Holding hands ,Kissing ,Laughing being "In-love ' Like she wanted it to be...

THE END </3 

Hope you all Liked this book its been awesome writing it for ya ! Comment if you want a sequel I can make one but only if you all want one and will read it !! Thanks everyone Comment your answers 

Love you all !


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