Scars Never Fade *Completed *

* Finished * ...when London was 16 she started Cutting she couldn't take the terrible comments any more every where she went everyone had an issue with her and she didn't know why she took all the blame on herself when people were just jealous of her But only if she knew that. London is Now 19 and still cuts but what happens when she meets 5 guys who think what she done is terrible Will they make her stop before something really bad happens or will she ignore them .... Read to find out !


5. Diana

London's POV- 

i answered it Harry i- he cut me off by saying 

London How could you do this i can't believe it i talked to your mom oh the terrible things you have done how why i just London why ?

Harry look you don't understa- I got cut off again 


The phone became Quite i could hear him i could hear the whimpers he cried no Harry you can't love me i will just break you If you have never met me Life would be so much more easier for you and me I said now crying I saw Yahaira Looking at me with a confusing look i walked out still on the phone with Harry He then said No London thats not what i mea- I hung up i ran to my house and grabbed a knife it was a pocket knife i stuffed it in my coat pocket I went to this one abandon park i always Go there. this time when i went there was a girl there she was crying and she had a knife on the bench beside her and her wrist was bleeding I knew what she did i went and sat by her Hi i said she looked up and Sniffed H-Hi i looked at her wrist there was more scars on it both hands were covered in them I looked at her and she started crying again I Gave her a hug shh it's okay i said about to cry as well she saw my scares You cut too ? I nodded and Started crying myself we looked at eachother When did you start cutting She asked 16 When did you She sighed and said 14 i gasp oh my i said Yep she replied looking down So whats your name i asked my names ...Diana she said I'm London i replied with a smile We shook hands So what are you doing here She asked I sighed and said well i was going to cut again but this time i kinda sorta wanted it to end i said I know what you mean she said. I've been at the hospital about a thousand times i almost died when i cut my wrist too deep twice i looked at her i'm Sorry i said I'm sorry too she said too me we hugged and Then we went to my house and talked the doorbell rang I went and answered it it was Yahaira she sighed Omg London you freaking scared me She said hugging me I'm fine Yahaira  thanks for coming to check on me i am glad you care that much i said no problem but i got to go now see you tomorrow she said leaving I waved bye and Then went back to Diana she was sitting there tracing her scares I'm back i said Sitting down on my bed she smiled we talked for a little Then the doorbell rang again i went and Answered the door It was Harry and the rest of the boys Diana walked out and said who is it this time ? I looked at the guys and said Guys this is Diana, Diana this is Harry Louis Niall Liam and Zayn...


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