Scars Never Fade *Completed *

* Finished * ...when London was 16 she started Cutting she couldn't take the terrible comments any more every where she went everyone had an issue with her and she didn't know why she took all the blame on herself when people were just jealous of her But only if she knew that. London is Now 19 and still cuts but what happens when she meets 5 guys who think what she done is terrible Will they make her stop before something really bad happens or will she ignore them .... Read to find out !


9. cousins !

London's POV-

I heard the doorbell ring I went to answer it When I did there was a Boy and A girl they looked around my age.

Hi What do you need ? I asked smiling at them 

Are you London ? The girl asked 

Yeah why ? 

Were your cousins !!! she said smiling 

um well i don't know you i said

well i'm Selena and Thats Luke see our parents didn't get along well and they didn't let us see eachother when we were little she explained 

Oh well my mom did have a brother she didn't talk about him much though I said 

Yeah Same with our dad 

well come on in i said 

They came in and Harry was about to leave but i stopped him Your not leaving Selena and Luke Came in the room This is Harry my Boyfriend i said to them 

Nice to meet you harry they both said to him 

You too he replied We talked for a while then selena's Eyes grew wide What? I asked 

You cut before ? a tear streamed Down her eye 

Yeah I said looking down 

We got to go Bye Cousin!!! Luke said I giggled bye Cousins !! 

I walked back in the house and Harry stood there do you know there last name he asked 

Yeah Hemmings Why 

oh my lord Thats Luke Hemmings from 5sos !!! He said Smiling 

Whats 5sos ? I asked 

Why don't you ask niall he said Here i'll drive you to his flat harry said grabbing his car keys.


Niall's POV-

I heard a knock on the door i went to open It, It was London and Harry Hey guys i said. 

London looked at me and said Who is Luke Hemmings ?

who wouldn't know Luke Hemmings he's from the band 5sos Five seconds of summer 

Oh well he's my cousin 

He's YOUR cousin omg omg thats awesome london !!! 

Yeah oh and she ran and hugged me Tightly thank you for making that song Niall She whispered 

I hugged her back No problem London I know how much you miss her i do too 

I had a crush on Diana i wanted To protect her and stop her from doing it but i was to late.. 

we all watched tv and London Left and Went home same with harry i went to bed to.


hope you liked it if you did like and favor the story you would mean the WORLD to me !!! Thanks ~jojo

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