Scars Never Fade *Completed *

* Finished * ...when London was 16 she started Cutting she couldn't take the terrible comments any more every where she went everyone had an issue with her and she didn't know why she took all the blame on herself when people were just jealous of her But only if she knew that. London is Now 19 and still cuts but what happens when she meets 5 guys who think what she done is terrible Will they make her stop before something really bad happens or will she ignore them .... Read to find out !


2. bakery

Londons  POV-

I was working at the bakery today and if your wondering i have worked her ever since i was 17 it is called W Mandeville. As i was working Harry walked in He smiled at me "what are you doing here London?" I work here what are you doing her- Before i could say the rest on of the ladys i work with came out of the kitchen "Harry !!! " She was older so she must have known him for A long time she went over and Hugged him and he hugged her back "I used to work here he said smiling at me oh that explanes it i said i giggled a little then went and took some orders Harry was there helping me with them. Then all of a sudden One of My old classmates came i hated her she was the one who made me cut in the first place but i put a fake smile on my face She walked in and stopped "OMG London ? Is that you ? " Yep its me i said You look fablous but not as much as i do she added i nodded my head You work in a Bakery? Yes yes i do i said Oh looks like that singing carree didn't go as planned figures we all knew you would never be someone like old Harry Styles over here she then stepped over to Harry he backed away though. I was on the verge of tears i ran out the door I could hear harry calling for me London ....London LONDON !!!.

He then caught up to me London Please talk to me i stopped Harry i only have known you for 2 days you must already be sick of me everyone else i know is even my own Mom He stopped how could anyone be sick of you your awesome London! Thanks i said  still had tears rolling down my eyes I-I got to go harry i'm sorry I said i then dashed off...

I knew harry was still following me but i didn't care i ran in my house and ran to the kitchen and grabbed a small knife. This is for being you i cut once and this is for ever being born i cut once more i  dropped the knife and fell to the ground screaming i cut to deep it was gushing out blood i heard knocking at the door and my name being called several times It was harry and like 4 other guys. I screamed as loud as i could HARRY !!!! HELP!!!! they busted the door down after like 20 minutes by then i blacked out...


Harry's POV-

I heard London scream my name i was so worried we ( me,Niall, Zayn,Liam and Louis ) busted the door down and by the time i got to her her eyes were closed she was still breathing though her arm was gushing out blood and On the floor there was a knife with blood on it. i started to tear up the boys and i picked her up she wasn't that heavy at all she was so light But anyways we drove her too the hospital as fast as we could when we got there the doctors took her away and put her in a room we all stood there sitting in the waiting area. " Why would she do such a thing she is so pretty ?" i looked over at Zayn and said i don't know Zayn when we met yesterday i told her she could leave this behind but all she did was look at me and say No i can't i asked her why and she said because scars never fade ? I don't get what she means by that though i said  Zayn then whispered i know what she means We all looked at him waiting to know what it means but he never told I decide to find out Zayn what dose Scars never fade mea- before i could finish a lady came and looked at us and said are you here for London Porter ? We all nodded are heads she then said Okay well she is okay its not the first time she's been here You guys can go see her but only one at a time. We all nodded are heads I went first and talked to her she smiled a few times at me and when i left she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said Thank you Harry.  

I nodded my head and walked out and then Niall walked in and talked and then Liam then Louis and the last was Zayn he walked in and he was in there so a very long time ....


Zayn's POV-

It was my turn to go talk to London when i walked in i said Hi to her she said Hi back to me You must be Zayn am i right ? I nodded my head yes! she said I laughed and said So you cut ... Yeah sorta she said looking down i brought her chin up and said i used to do the same i rolled up my sleeve showing some of my scars i had i started cutting when i was 15 i quite when i turned 18 though. I was always the one who was picked on i didn't really know why though but I then realized there is so much more to life there will be people who don't like you but you can't let them get in the way i finished She looked at me and said Zayn i'm so sorry to hear that .... I wish i could be like you but I can't stop cutting it's become to much My mom tried everything she could it didn't work You have no clue what iv'e been through zayn Nobody does so for the rest of my life i'll most likely keep cutting  till the day i die. I looked at her With tears in my eyes You can do it i believe in you that was the last words i said before i walked out of the room...



Hey guys hope you liked it if you did like and favor the story you would mean the WORLD to me !!!! And if you could read some of my other movellas that would be AWESOME !!!! thanks peace out ~jojo<3 


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