The Girl Who Got What She Wanted

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 20 Sep 2013
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There's always one. One in the story. The spoilt, bratty one. The one who always gets what they want. Well in this case, The Girl Who Always Got What She Wanted.
Wanted = Past tense...


1. The Girl Who Got What She Wanted


There's always one, in the story or book,

Who is spoilt and bratty, with the same look.

Their parents dote, love and care,

But they wouldn't be loved by anyone elsewhere.


This is the story, of this time, a girl,

She was anything but a golden pearl.

Of her memory all are haunted,

As she is The Girl Who Got What She Wanted.


She hurt others, and wasn't fair,

She hurt their feelings, pulled at their hair,

When they turned on her she tried not to care.

She really did, but couldn't say,

Now she suffered every day.


The one, the baddy you wonder don't you?

If the story is stuck like glue.

Sometimes the bullies are the ones upset,

That they're happy tale is not met.


So who is the villain in this tale?

It hurt and stabbed, just like hail.

When they came for her, they found her dead,

Lying still in her bed.


She asked for this, because from her old self she was daunted,

She got it, as she was The Girl Who Got What She Wanted.



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