Free Fallin'

My name is Darcy. Darcy Styles. Before you ask, no I'm not Harry Styles daughter, I'm his sister. I've been in trouble lately, my dad hates me, my mum doesn't want me in her life anymore. So they come up with an idea to send me away. My big brother, Harry, changes all that and tells them he's going to bring me on tour with them and when I come back im going to be different. On tour, I fell for one of his band mates, but I know it will never happen because Harry wont let it. I understand that, but I really like him, I mean like a lot. Im 19 years old, I should have a say in things I want. Darcy Tomlinson, does that go well together? no? okay then. This is my story, I hope you like it.


1. I miss You

Darcy's P.O.V

I climbed through my bedroom window. I threw my purse underneath my bed and took off my heels and jumped into bed fast, before mum and dad came in. I smelt like alcohol and cigarettes.

"DARCY STYLES! GET DOWN HERE NOW!" I heard my dad shout. I got out of the bed and walked downstairs. As I got there, my boyfriend, Josh,  was standing at the door, drunk as hell. My eyes widened.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, walking over to him.

"Why are you wearing that outfit?" Mum said, walking over to me.

"You left this at the party." Josh said, handing me my phone. My cheeks turned hot and my eyes looked at him.

"I think that answers your question, why were you at a party!" Dad shouted. His face inches away from mine. Mum pushed Josh out the door and slammed it in his face. I turned around and walked 2 steps upstairs when dad pulled me down again.

"LET GO OF ME!" I shouted. Mum came over and took dad's arm off me.

"Why do you do this to yourself?" Mum asked, with a calm voice.

"Everyone was going to be at that party, I had to go. I wanted to." I said, dad smelt me. He knew I had been drinking.

"You've been drinking and smoking." He said, mum looked disappointed in me.

"You don't own my life." I shouted, I stood up and ran upstairs. I slammed my door shut and looked out the window. Josh was sitting on the swing set at the park across the road. I grabbed my phone off my bed and called the only person I could, Taliah. Taliah is my best friend, but she moved to Australia and left me here. I guess, I got depressed and sad so that's why im this person now. But I don't care.

"Why are you calling me this early in the morning?" Was all she asked, I giggled and looked down at my feet.

"Well hello to you too." I said, she giggled down the phone.

"Hi, everything alright?" She asked, I sat down.

"No." I replied.

"What's wrong?" She asked, worried, I could hear it in her voice.

"I miss you." I said, I tried to hold the tears back. I looked over at my wall. The picture frames with me and Taliah in them made tears stream down my face.

"I miss you too." She said, after about 2 minutes. I smiled. I looked up and looked out my window, Josh was still there. "Why do you call me so early in the morning?" She asked.

"I just got in from another party and decided to call you." I explained, she huffed.

"Another party huh?" She asked. "Ash, you gotta stop with these parties man."

I nodded. "Im trying, its hard. Everything has changed since you left. My path of life has disappeared, I just want to see you again." I said, breaking down in tears.

"I know its hard Hun, but you have to try. Please, for me." She said.

"Don't say that. Don't make me stop for you. You're not here anymore. So I don't have to do that." I said, what has gotten into me? I never yell at Taliah.

"Okay okay, im sorry." She said. I licked my lips.

"No, im sorry. I don't know what's gotten into me. Dad said next time I do something stupid he's going to send me away. What if I actually get sent away somewhere?" I asked.

"You wont. I promise." Taliah said.

"I hate to break it to you, but I think this time you're wrong." I said, I heard my parents walking up the stairs.

"I don't think im wrong." She said, I hated to tell her goodbye again.

"I have to go, talk another time? Buh bye!" I said, I hung up before she could say anything and threw my phone under my pillow.

My door opened and my parents walked in. I looked at them and they walked in.

"Sure, come in." I said sarcastically. They sat on the end of my bed and looked at me.

"We're sending you away, we don't know where yet but we cant do this anymore." Mum said with a calm voice. I nodded.

"You're not even going to yell?" My dad asked, I shook my head.

"You guys are right. I cant take care of myself. Ever since Taliah left my life has been shit. I messed up, and I know that. I lost my brother and my best friend, I just thought you guys would understand." I said, hoping they would let me off with another warning.

"We understand that Darcy, but we've given you so many warnings! We're tired of it, and you haven't changed, you've kept going to parties." Dad said. I nodded.

"Get some sleep." Mum said, they got off my bed and left me in my room. I cried my self to sleep that night.

The next day;

I heard my parents shouting downstairs. They woke me up. I tried to ignore them but I also listened in. It sounded like their was another person. I heard mum and dad but I also heard a deeper voice, a high pitched voice, a accented voice, a rough voice and a calm voice. I got out of bed. I looked horrible. I brushed my hair and put on some track pants and a sweater. I went downstairs. I walked into the lounge.

"Can you guys stop yell-" I stopped. One Direction were in my lounge.

"Darc!!" Harry shouted running over to me. He embraced me in a hug and picked me up.

"Harry!" I shouted. He gave me a kiss on the cheek then put me down.

"What's that smell?" He asked, I looked down.

"I went to a party last night. What are you doing here?" I asked, shocked.

"Mum texted me saying she was sending you away and I had to come say my goodbyes, im not saying goodbye so I came to take you away." Harry said.

"Mum said yes to that?" I asked, looking at her. Harry looked down and shook his head. I walked around Harry and walked over to mum.

"Im going with Harry weather you like it or not." I said. Harry came over.

"I promise to look after her. When she returns she will be better. I promise." Harry said. He walked into the kitchen with mum and dad and left me with the other boys. We talked for a long time and they seem nice. Especially Louis.



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