Free Fallin'

My name is Darcy. Darcy Styles. Before you ask, no I'm not Harry Styles daughter, I'm his sister. I've been in trouble lately, my dad hates me, my mum doesn't want me in her life anymore. So they come up with an idea to send me away. My big brother, Harry, changes all that and tells them he's going to bring me on tour with them and when I come back im going to be different. On tour, I fell for one of his band mates, but I know it will never happen because Harry wont let it. I understand that, but I really like him, I mean like a lot. Im 19 years old, I should have a say in things I want. Darcy Tomlinson, does that go well together? no? okay then. This is my story, I hope you like it.


4. Cuddles.

Darcy's P.O.V

Louis picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and started running around in the rain. He put me down after about 5 minutes. It was getting so dark. I looked around and saw Brinley and Harry under the lamp post, His hands were on her cheeks and her hands were on his waist. I smiled and Louis wrapped his arms around my waist and he kissed my shoulder. 

"We're cuter." He whispered. I smiled and looked at him, his chin was rested on my shoulder. I kissed the top of his forehead. I looked back at Brinley and Harry and they were looking at each other in the eyes, it was cute. My phone started ringing in my pocket. I pulled it out and it was mum. 

"Hello?" I asked.

"Where the hell are you?" She shouted, i moved my head away from the phone, her voice was so loud. 

"We're coming home now." I said. The boys looked at me and Brinley and Harry walked over to us. I hung up the phone and put it in my pocket. 

"What's going on?" Harry asked. Hand in hand with Brinley.

"We've got to go home." I said. He nodded and we started walking back. We were laughing and talking the whole way. We got to the house and mum and dad were standing under the shelter with there arm's crossed. 

"What is she doing here?" Mum shouted, pointing at Brinley. I stood in front of her.

"Mum, leave her alone. She has no where to go!" I said. She grabbed hold of my arm, she was scared of my dad. "Its okay." I whispered to her.

"Get her out of here!" Dad shouted. She walked back a bit. 

"NO!" I shouted.

"Dad please, she's not bad." Harry said, stepping up. 

"Are you serious?" Dad shouted. I walked over to the tour bus and opened the door. I pulled Brinley inside and we sat down by the table, the boys soon came in after. I grabbed Liam's laptop and logged onto my tumblr. Brinley sat next to me. We came up to a song. I clicked play and it was What Makes You beautiful but a titanic version. The boys were singing a long to it. It was slow. I turned it off and played Bring Me The Horizon. Me and Brinley started dancing around. The music stopped and Zayn had stopped it. Louis pushed Zayn out the way and typed in a song on youtube, hiding it from everyone else. The song started playing. 

"Hiya Barbie, Hi Ken! Wanna go for a ride? Sure! Jump in! Im a barbie girl in a barbie worlddd" Started playing. Louis jumped up and him and Niall were singing along to it. Me and Brinley were laughing our heads off. The door opened and dad and mum were standing there. They walked in. 

"Did I just hear laughing? A girl laugh?" Mum asked, she had a smile on her face. 

"Yeah. It was those two." Harry said, pointing to me and Brinley. 

"Good job Harry. It's working." Dad said. They walked out slowly and shut the door. I looked at Brinley and she was trying hard not to burst out with laughter. I smiled at her. 

Louis's P.O.V

We were dancing all night to different songs. A few hours later and Brinley and Darcy had fallen asleep. Me and the boys were still up and talking. We heard Brinley start to snore. I walked over to Darcy and looked at her, I smiled. 

"Louis, stop staring at her, that's creepy" I thought to myself. I picked her up.

"I'm going to put her to bed." I said. The boys nodded and I took her to the bunks. I put her on my bunk. Her eyes fluttered open. 

"What a gentleman." She said smiling. I shook my head. 

"I should've known you were joking." I said. She pulled my shirt. My face was close to hers and soon after that, the gap between us was gone. I pulled away. 

"Thank you for putting me to bed." She said. I smiled. 

"It's my honor ma'm." I moved away, "Now get some sleep." I said. I grabbed the curtain. 

"Wait." she whispered, "where are you sleeping?" 

"Couch." I said, pointing to the lounge. She shook her head and pulled me in. I got in the blankets and she shut the curtains. 

Harry's P.O.V

What was taking Louis so long to put Darcy to bed? I looked over at Brinley and she was smiling in her sleep. She must be having a good dream. I walked over to her and picked her up. She was light as a feather. I walked to the bunks quietly trying not to wake Ashleigh. The bunk she was on was Louis's and the curtain was shut. He probably went to the bathroom. I put Brinley on my bed gently. I heard a giggle then i heard kissing noises. I pulled the curtain back on Louis's bunk and saw Darcy and Louis together. She was in a bra and he was shirtless and they were cuddling and kissing. I shook my head. 

"Keep it PG kids." I said, I closed the curtain. I turned around and Brinley was standing there. She scared me. 

"Thanks for putting me to bed." She said, walking close to me. 

"I thought you were asleep.." I said.

"That was the plan." She said. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me down on my bunk.

We cuddled and kissed all night. 


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