Why can't I be perfect?

I have issues. I have lots of them. How will I survive?
This is the story of Bryony James. A 16 year old girl who is struggling with anorexia and depression.
See what you think and please give any suggestions you may have for the story.


11. Betrayal

When I arrived home that evening Mum was waiting for me in the living room.

 "Did you have a nice walk home darling?" she asked, sounding sweet and innocent.

 "Yes I did. Did you have a good day at work?"

 "Yes it was fine."

 We sat in awkward silence for a few minutes. I was about to excuse myself to go and get on with some work i needed to do when Mum spoke again.

 "Bryony, sit down. We need to talk."

 "Ok. What's happened? Is something wrong?" I asked in surprise.

 "No not exactly. How are you feeling?"

 "Fine. I need to finish my history essay so I’d like you to hurry up and spit it out." I replied frustratedly.

 "Right. Well. I had a phone call from Brookhill College today. It was from the school nurse." Mum paused a moment and the events of the day flashed across my mind. It was like I was experiencing some form of Deja vu. It was very peculiar.

 "The nurse said you had fainted at school today. She also told me about the discussion you had with her. She's worried about you, Bryony. I think we need to have a serious chat."

 I sat in stunned silence. I had thought that the nurse was held under the strictly confidential code so that whatever I said would stay with her. What need was there to ring my mum? She always went over the top and exaggerated everything. This was going to be so much harder than it needed to be.

 "Bryony? Are you with us still? Please. I need to know you're okay." Mum persisted.

 "Yeah I’m cool." I replied half-heartedly.

 'Well. You don't look it or sound it. Did you eat normally at school today?" Mum was definitely going in for protective mother role today.

 "Yes." I let out a sigh inwardly.

 'What did you have?"

 That was meant to catch me out. I could tell from the expression in her voice that this was a ‘tease it out’ card. That’s the problem with having a mum who knows a few things about psychology. They can mess with your brain easily.

 "I had a cheese and bacon baguette and a banana." I told her casually.

 "Right. That's good. But I still think I'll go and ring the doctor to book an appointment. We need to get you checked out. Fainting like this could cause a lot of problems when you start doing your GCSE exams for real."

And with that she walked out of the room to her office and picked up the phone. I crept from the living room up to my bedroom. It was time to get on with some work.

I'd got my pens out and was about to begin planning my essay for History when Mum walked into my room. She hadn't even knocked like she usually would. Why was this happening to me?

"Bryony. I've rung the doctor and he says we can have an appointment tomorrow after school at four o clock. We're going to see Dr. Lydia Chapman. I'll pick you up from school and we can straight there. You finish at half past three, don't you?"

"Yes, Mum. If you want me to go then we will." I said in a resigned fashion.

"Well, I've made an appointment now so there's no choice. You can get on with your work now. I promise I won't disturb you again." Mum gave me a cheeky smile, as though it was all okay now, and left the room.

Instead of carrying on with my history essay I lay on my bed and cried. I hated my mum and I hated my life. It couldn't be so bad for me that it was killing me. I knew my brain distorted what my eyes actually saw and that my brain was slightly messed up but it didn't warrant mum's interference. Seriously.


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