Drowning- A Conor Maynard Love Story

Meet 18 year old Anna Edwards. Three words to describe her?

Now meet 20 year old Conor Maynard. Three words to decribe him?

Anna knows exactly what she wants in life and is determined to get what she wants. Nothing will get in her way. Nothing except beautiful superstar Conor Maynard!
Coming back to College for a slightly normal life he meets a girl who has so much history that he never knew someone could hold.

Two completely different people but what happens when they are both thrown into a world of fame, paparazzi, money and drama? Add in a jealous friend, two crazy bestfriends, Anthony Melo, arguements, lies, love, happiness, hurt, betryal, poker, jealousy, fights, anger, sarcasm and a whole load of memories to remember.

A lot of memories formed and all ready to be drowned in.


1. Prologue


"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."~ Dr. Seuss





I couldn't believe what had just happened. How did i just let that happen? Why did I let that just happen? I feel so dumb and selfish! I hate myself... I will never forgive myself.

I drag myself away from that place. That place that remimds me so much of him; but in reality everything reminded me of him; the sun, the moon, smiles, blue, snapbacks, love...everything...

I knew it was my own fault. I should of stopped myself. I knew nothing good lasts forever.

I try to replay everything that had just happened but it was all too quick. All I remember is his last word ''Forever...' Why? Urgh! Why did I let him near me? Why did I let him ruin me? Why did i let  him ruin my life? WHY DID I LET MYSELF GO?

In my room, with the door locked and the curtains closed, I sit in the corner of my room with all our albums out. I sit there crying over what used to be, what was taken from me, what belonged to me.. I sat there drowning in our memories....






A/N: HI Guys! New to this website. I have this story up on Wattpad. The link to my profile is up in my bio! Hope you enjoy! :)

LoveYou x


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