Things Change, People Change

Things change and eventually people do to, for good reason and bad ~


4. Year 8

Over the summer I hadn't seen Jess or Mollie. That was a good thing, I think.

I walked into my tutor room and went to sit with Brooklyn and Alice, that's the names of the girls who were going to be my new friends. I started talking to them why I moved to them and they agreed that I had done the right thing.

Jess and Mollie had walked to sit in their seat, at the same time staring at me wondering why I wasn't with them. This carried on for a few weeks, every single morning the same. Until one evening I had came up to my room after dinner to find I had a text message from Jess. It read;

Hi Phoebe, why haven't you sat with us recently? 

I replied back;

You haven't exactly made the effort to ask me face to face sooner? So why ask now? You probably don't even care about me anymore, just picking for an argument because your in a bad mood. I was best friends with you once, I know you well enough to know what's coming.

She didn't reply. 

I woke up the next morning with a few texts from Mollie which read;

Why are you being out of order to Jess? Your such a bitch.

That was it. I sent one text and yet that gets spread and then I get called a bitch. I got so angry. I quickly got dressed and then went to school. By this point I had calmed down a little.

I had told Brooklyn and Alice what had gone on and they said they'd stick up for me, whatever happens. That's what a true friend does.

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