Things Change, People Change

Things change and eventually people do to, for good reason and bad ~


2. My first Year

So, the first term went really well and we all got to know each other a bit more. 


It was soon my birthday - March 28th - and I was going to have a mini disco in my conservatory. I invited the whole class and about 85% of the people turned up! It was so good and everyone had such a good time. I ended up with quite a bit of money and lots of bath soaps and smelly things like that.


After the first term, and the second term, we were onto our third where school was almost finishing. Everyone was receiving their 'End of Year Reports'. I had made really good progress throughout the year and was really proud of myself, and so were my family.  Jess, Mollie and I were still best friends and we had planned to always stay that way. Except things change, and eventually people do to.


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