Things Change, People Change

Things change and eventually people do to, for good reason and bad ~


1. Intro

My name is Phoebe Jones and I live a regular teen life. My hair is brown and long and my eyes are blue and look like marbles. I'm 16 and love to hang about with my friends, Brooklyn and Shauna. This is a story of my High School life.

It was my first day going up to senior school for year 7 and I only had two people I knew; Mollie and Jess. We walked into the large hall and got arranged into our forms and we got put together. Our tutor took us up to our new classroom and introduced herself. 

"Morning guys, I'm your tutor Miss Davey and it's actually my first day at this school too. So I'm as scared as you lot probably are so I just want everyone to relax and have a good time".

she seemed pretty nice to be honest. Mollie and Jess both agreed with me. She let us sit where we wanted for now.

"Now, I'd like everyone to take it in turn to say their names and wave so we can have a rough idea who is who".

After about 10 minutes everyone had said their name and waved; to my surprise their was two Amy's in the class, two Tom's and three Harry's! Their were a few people that came to my attention and could tell they were class jokers! 

Miss told us to talk among ourselves for a bit whilst she took the register. So we did and everyone seemed really nice. Anyway that was my first impression.



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