The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


12. Vision Deceives What We Are Remaining

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 12: Vision Deceives What We Are Remaining

*** 1 Hour Later ***

‘You’ve blacked out again Joey, anyway the tests are proven to be acceptable’ the same distanced figure whispered.

‘Oh really, well let me go then – I’d like to at least see my daughter!’ I sighed.

‘Oh-no, looks like the tests are a little buggy in some areas. I’ll have to add something to give it the tests acceptable for the Mayor, after-all he’s going to need some kind of stress medicine. And this just removes the problems in life, even small problems Joey ha-ha!’ He snickered.

‘Little problems in life…? What are you on about?’ I asked in confusion.

‘You’ll soon see, and the world will soon to see why the Squadrons of Police work together. We’ve been behind the Mayor’s ass for plenty of months, and we aren’t letting that get in the way of our success. You see, we don’t believe that filthy criminals and vandals like you deserve second chances. And we know what the future will bring if we allow such small problems to break away society…’ He continued.

The back of my mind went blank, I didn’t have a clue what he was on about. I just had a call inside of my brain “Amy, Amy is waiting for you Joey…” It sounded like Heather’s soothing voice. She always had a way with words or maybe it was her voice that I listened to back then. If not, then why do I feel that she has a presence near me? Why do I feel like she belongs here… I’m as confused as you are brain, I am as confused as Amy maybe... I just want my family back together in a safe environment. Is that too much to fucking ask!

‘Blood pressure is very low Joey, very low indeed…’ He gasped.

‘W-What do you mean? I j-just need my Amy…’ I coughed.

‘Ha, it seems that the results aren’t improving on you Joey. How many times do we have to tell you that Amy is just a fragment…? She is nothing to you or anyone else in this world! She has no name, I don’t even want to know why you keep imagining her being near you… She was vile!’ He screamed.

The room felt smoking hot, I needed air – without air I could die… He just looked at me with an aggressive crunched up face. His dark hair should be flames by now! I mean, his anger levels are rising and my blood pressure levels are lowering? How the heck does that work exactly…? “Questions Joey, you ask a lot of them” shut up! I know what I’m dealing with… Amy is my daughter, this man is taking her away from me! She is not a dream, she is 100% fucking real!

‘Amy… If your there, can you please just show daddy you’re okay?’ I sighed, as I fell onto my knees pleading for a second chance.

‘Honestly Joey, I don’t understand why you feel she’s here… You were found in a car accident, yet I know you’re aware of that, so I won’t bother asking anything to do with the accident. What I want to know Joey, is why are you pretending that this girl is something special?’ He asked in a low toned voice.

‘Something! She is somebody, she has organs – she has a life with her father, me! She has me to look out for her. I’ll protect her until she attends college and gains her own life…’ I shouted.

‘Temper, Temper… calm down Joey, your aloud to leave the premises tomorrow. We’ve got all the information we can get out of a stone.’ He laughed.

Hearing the words “off the premises” sounded more like freedom. I snapped my fingers expecting Amy to fall into my arms, yet she didn’t. This empty room with just four walls, it didn’t make me feel safe. I felt trapped and lost within a different universe. Amy does exist right? “She’s a daughter” obviously… I’m just glad somebody agrees with me, “I’m something Joey, not somebody…” Ha-ha, you have a point… I’m sorry for even asking – next time remind me not to ask…

Due to it being quite some time in the day, I felt the need to get an early start for tomorrow. As I rested my fragile head against a soft pillow and curled into a C shaped position. It was a little uncomfortable, yet I can’t complain too much… Some of the prisoners here and patients are sleeping on rocks, at least that’s what I’ve heard. I could be wrong, yet I’m starting to doubt the comfort within this place. It’s not safe and it’s always making me wonder when I can see daylight again.

*** The Next Day ***

‘Morning’ Joey, you finally up…’ The same man from yesterday whispered.

‘I’m as up as I’ll ever be-‘ I paused. ‘Good for you Joey, good for you’ he hissed.

‘Did you actually plan on keeping me locked up in here hmm…’ I asked in defence.

‘Abbreviation, it means to shorten something long. And our conversation would certainly go on forever with that sort of question held as defence Joey…’ He replied.

‘W-What made you think I was saying it in defence?’ I asked as I hesitated to the left.

‘Nothing Joey, I have many feelings sometimes… And anyway, your belongings are waiting at the exit. Take them and you can leave okay? It’s been nice talking to you Joey…’ He interrupted.

His rude interruption of changing the subject startled me. Yet when he mentioned I could leave, I felt that he was right. Leaving this place would be a dream come true, thanks whoever you are… Amy’s out there somewhere though, I know she’s been found and possibly being looked after by a nurse or something. As long as she’s safe, that’s all I care about…

As I reached the exit this horrible place to be, a tall man with dark blue jeans and a black jumper stopped me on the way out. His dark brown moustache looked hairy even from a distance. His navy blue eyes made me stare into a brick wall, I felt that a brick wall wouldn’t put me in a trance. Thankfully I was correct, looking at a brick wall certainly made me smile a little. Until I realised I’m still in this place full of unwanted people. Full of rejects and four walls staring at you every time you wake up… Damn, it’s a wonder on how prisoners and patients live in these conditions…

‘Joey yes? You’re leaving already… I need to check the computer – your file doesn’t seem to match your release date…’ He grouched.

‘Yes my name’s Joey. What do you mean the file is lying?’ I asked in confusion.

‘Not exactly Joey, your release date is today… My mistake, have a great day I guess… You’ll be back though, I can vouch for that for sure. Those walls might miss you ha-ha oh sorry…’ He chuckled.

‘Funny, don’t forget that there’s plenty more fish in the sea okay? I can see your lonely ha-ha’ I giggled.

‘Touché, just get out of here!’ He shouted.

As the two automatic doors opened revealing light and an outside world. I could see again! No more dullness and horrible looking skies, it was bluish and a little darkish. Yet it wasn’t grey and gloomy, thank god. I know for a fact that this is heaven…

“It feels like heaven at least, a whole new world to explore. Or maybe it’s not a whole new world, maybe it’s a world I’ve explored but have almost forgotten… It’s only been a few days though, damn… No wonder some people go crazy on release…”

‘Amy… She’ll be gutless, and I’d change anything for her… This world even!’ I shouted out to the skies above.

My mind started to go ridiculously blurry, everything was one blur after another. As I looked down at the ground my eyes had to catch sight of something more worrying. Blood… Why is there blood on my hands?! Nothing was making sense whatsoever, I could just about see the blueness coming from the sky. What the heck is wrong with me?!

“You’re a fool to think that all of this clear world you live in has a clear view…”

‘Who’s talking? W-who is talking to me?!’ I whispered.

“Yourself Joey, you are a fear to yourself ha-ha”

‘A fear… You think my life is a fucking joke?!’ I screamed.

“Maybe not… Maybe I just think a lot like you…”

Trying to regain focus on what was important was becoming reluctant. I could make several notes pleading to my daughter on why she deserves a life. She is the closest thing to my life, she has the energy to keep going… And isn’t that what’s important, isn’t that what she wants…? Why would she ever deserve something far less? She deserves a future, my future? Well it’s looking impossible from here on out, I picture myself locked in a mental hospital… I don’t see myself anywhere in Amy’s life!

“A bit like our picture frame…”

‘Oh… So you know about that too do you?’ I replied to emptiness.

No reply, I guess my mind had a mind of its own… I stared at several people walking past, normal civilians. They looked happy and well made. I’d even go ahead and call them the family of tomorrow. I turned to face the music behind me, it sounded like sirens. My mind was seriously breaking apart from reality. I don’t see myself rocking a chair anymore, I see myself locked up and left to rot…

“Amy is our precious little gift right?”

‘Our? No she is mine… Mine!’ I sighed.

“Your gift? Yes, I guess she is fine then…”

With my mind continuing to play games with me, I decided it was time to talk to the remainder of my family and friends. Sadly, I didn’t have much options to choose from. It was rather go back and talk to Ryan about my daughter, the one he wished for. Or talk to my brother, well he isn’t much to talk to. He is a man of his word that’s for sure, yet he won’t find my story believable.

With my left hand still shaking from the suffering inside that damned place. I rattled the keys in my left pocket to wake up myself from redemption. Looking through two eyes didn’t feel natural anymore, it was as if I was now looking through deaths eyes. What he was blood thirsty for the most, revenge? No… I find myself asking several questions, several questions to make up for this shit! If I could ask myself over and over again, then one day I might snap…

Luckily my brother didn’t live too far away, it was a few blocks down from the station. The invisible blood my mind forged is dripping. I can hear the sound of blood or liquid dripping slowly as I walk… My dark black hood felt heavy, I lifted it over my face with no word about why it’s heavy. The weather around me was pretty darkish, it was like a storm was brewing above me. Dark clouds and ferocious lightning strikes will soon happen, I know it… The weather may never lie to me again.

‘B-brother…?’ I gasped.

‘Joey, no fucking way man… No way!’ He sighed. ‘What brings you here bro?’ He asked.

‘Nothing… I didn’t even think to look back here BRO’ I said with sarcasm.

‘Aha, of course you didn’t. We all you knew that you’d be back sometime soon… Funny thing is, I didn’t expect you to burst on in here at my crib.’ He laughed.

The atmosphere in his house was hardly welcoming. Loud rap music with a empty bottle of beer in his hand. I couldn’t believe him, well maybe I could. It seems like him to get drunk. Although his never seen through me ever. He has always expected me to do what he wants for his own selfish needs. I’d rather call him a blood brother than any brother at all, heck he’s more like a mate of mine.

‘You’d joke around in the past BRO, and I’d just sit there laughing…’ I whispered.

‘S-So you’re not here to finish what you started? That’s a shame, I was expecting something a little more welcoming…’ He sighed deeply.

‘Welcoming! Do you have any fucking idea what has happened to my family?! No… Of course you don’t, you’ve pulled us apart. Well maybe not you completely… Someone else too, I can’t believe you sometimes bro… You break everything you touch!’ I shouted loudly.

As I stopped to think, I could see my brothers fear. He had a blank face with a lost little boy inside of him. As I looked down at my feet, I caught glimpse of my hands being around his throat.

‘S-So you try to kill me… Is that it?’ He mumbled.

‘Not really, yet I could. With everything going on in this world, nothing is right or wrong…’ I breathed.

‘Right or wrong? You’ve lost it mate!’ He shouted.

He looked a little mental, as he grabbed me by my left arm and slammed it into the wall. My eyes literally almost popped out of my sockets. As I threw a punch at his disgraceful looking face.

‘T-This is silly… What do you have against me anyway?!’ He asked as he held me against the coat hanger.

‘I have nothing against you Alex! I have a lot to do with you though, get the fuck off me!’ I screamed.

His face changed from angry to frightened, in a matter of minutes, before I knew it he was gasping for air whilst pleading for me to spare his pathetic life. My left arm crushed his throat against the coat hanger as I stared at him in despite.

‘F-Finish me… T-Then, and you’ll soon have… What you wanted!’ He gasped.

‘You’re one sick man Alex! I could never hurt you before, I was too weak. And a little more scared of you, I lost myself to you and your mates… If you can even call them that, they broke us apart, I don’t even know what family is anymore!’ I cried.

He was lucky to live from the throat crushing I delivered. Against a coat hanger, I’m surprised the guy isn’t dead. I’ve given him several chances to redeem himself from a sick twisted little brother. Yet he is nothing more than a backstabber. He reminds me of Ryan and that’s what makes me sick. He has life left in him that’s for sure, I suggest he makes a run for it before I finish him off…

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