The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


18. Us Vs The World

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 18: Us Vs The World


“Roads will be closed until further notice. Winter is here my friends, and it doesn’t end there. They say the end of the line is just a breath away.”

Amy hasn’t been so important to me, she has just been with me the whole time. She was a fragment inside my mind, and I’m not going crazy, before you even assume I’m crazy hear me out. The car crash, it can’t be anything too serious, I was pulled out, I remember being pulled out of the wreckage. That officer who broke down in the middle of a crowd, he knows something that I don’t.

The fires were fuming, The Mayor has said his last rule for his kingdom and his town. He was a disappointment to our nation, he was a liar to all of us, and he has become a traitor marking blood in his footsteps. His just like a shadow that doesn’t go away, lurking around hoping for some satisfaction. My eyes were unclear of what they had witnessed in the past, my mind went blank the second I thought about Amy. She was like a golden retriever, and she more of a gold mine to Heather…

If Heather is a decent Mother as she says she is, I doubt we’d be in this mess. Ryan hasn’t been on my back lately, so maybe I have nothing to worry about.

“Attention Citizens, this town has become a bomb shelter… And as your Mayor I’ve noticed many problems in this area. We need to remove the buildings blocking my view, how am I supposed to witness the horrors and the enemies?!”

You fucking idiot… That Mayor has said too much, he is breaking us down…

‘Let me in! Let me in!’ A voice roared from across the road.

‘No… Just go away Max, you’ve ruined our lives…!’ A woman’s voice cried.

‘Ruined…? Are you serious Carol…? This is the Ruins of our town… Everything is dominated Carol! As Christmas is approaching us, we need to stick together, spending Christmas alone is no fun!’

‘You s-should have thought about that Max... You should have just walked away from us…’ She cried.

The voices broke through the howling winds around us, I could feel the emotions in everyone’s mind, and it was as if I was digesting the terror and the horror. And the fury coming out from some of these civilians weren’t too friendly whatsoever…

‘Get the fuck out my way!’ A tall teenage hooded male shouted. As he barged past Max.

This teenager wasn’t friendly, I could just about see the clothing and his mates near him. Several of them, I saw like three or four equipped with sharp metal objects. Of course every group or gang if you will needs a big man. And they have that covered. In fact, I think the whole world has gone insane…

“Attention Citizens, Don’t think I can’t see what you’re doing because I can! And is this what the town has come too? Is this what the world will turn into…” –

‘There’s a better way of dealing with them…’ A voice called out on the speakers.

“W-What? Do you think I care…? Do you think that the last thing I want is hell at my doorstep?”

‘N-No… My names Sarah, listen… I’ve got a proposition for you.’

“Oh goodie, a proposition… I’m the Mayor S-Sarah, and I don’t find you holding this place together! They are going to go bat-shit crazy with or without me… I told you that they’d crack didn’t I?”

‘M- Dad! I’m sick of you… You think the world rotates on your orbit?’

“Orbit- you have no idea do you… No idea what your Father has done! I’ve successfully created a civilized town with help of not you! You left me to die… You think that my w-work has come to nothing more than bring up you?!”

“Shit… I need to do something…”

Listening to the radio along with the other listeners losing their lives in the process. Every little voice that went in one of their ears would come out with a puddle of blood filling their lives. Marking their history on the floors we walked on together and alone…

‘D-Dad… I never left you, I –made a stand, alone, without your help!’

“A-Alone, you don’t know the meaning of alone… All this madness over the town and the rules I’m making, don’t you see what a better future this will bring to us?!”

‘Exactly… To us, not to them, and not anyone else right Dad?’

“Y-You have always been stubborn, always! I’ve tried to make this place better for you and better for them! I’ve faced the other side of Earth for you, and I wanted to make this world a better place to be… A place where humans can socialize in a more pleasant way than Wi-Fi!”

‘T-This has nothing to do with Wi-Fi, and it certainly has nothing to do with us and them…’

Amy, I’ve missed you. I need you back before it’s too late… Please baby, return to me, I miss you…

The atmosphere around me felt dense, it felt like the planet we lived on was slowly melting into the underworlds beneath us. Everything that we held onto mostly was being taken away from us. Freedom, family, and our selves… Everything a Human needs to be happy or close to happy… Has been taken from us, and instead we suffer the other-side of a humans mind. And this mind has control over everything that goes on in our civil neighbourhood.

The Mayor wasn’t just speaking for our country, he was changing the way we’d live our lives for the future. He was making changes that didn’t need to be made. He was setting us up for a world of hate and possibly a better place to be… His version of a better place to be doesn’t sound like my version… Because we’re different, we all think differently to each other. We take risks and we make changes!  Without changes where would History remain?

“Your right. You’re so right! I’m an idiot, I must be… With everything going on in a world you’ve grown to love and I’ve been forced to accept, how could I be so stupid? How could I let something so small get in my way? Only a fool would do something like that, only a complete monster would ruin something so perfect, something so beautiful…”

‘Yeah, and you’re not a monster Dad. The past is the past, just let it go…’

“L-Let it go… Why, why should I let something so life changing go? All you people are the same, don’t you see the man I am honey? Don’t you see my side…? I thought you would, you have my blood… It’s in there somewhere, a mind that should be thinking like I am!”

‘Screw it, I give up… I return for you Dad, and now I’m reconsidering everything I’ve done for you…’

“D-DONE! I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, get rid of her! Get rid of h-her-”

*** The radio cuts off ***

The radio shut off, leaving us everyday life people to get on with the changes that were made. We weren’t chosen to accept these changes, we were forced also… The Mayor really can’t see our side can he? If anything, I’d say that all he cares about is his daughter… Yet she is as stubborn as him, she believes everything technically, she thinks the world of him… And I know her, that’s where I draw the line… In the dirt we walk on, I’m crossing over…

‘S-Sick… You had to be sick!’ A woman screams. (Looked like a Mother.)

‘Daddy, is this it for us? I mean, come on…’ A young girl cries in the distance.

‘I’m not sure, I just want your mother back…’ A man’s tears rain on my parade of sadness.

My hatred for Ryan has decreased over the days of this craziness. And all in good time, that’s what Heather would say if she was here… Even my love for Amy started to decrease, the man who needed sympathy had been with me all along… He has been standing in my shadows, laughing at me. Whilst feeling the same pain I’m feeling, having to witness everything I’ve seen throughout this town…

My hands closed in agony, physical pain wasn’t my weakness… It had to be something deep inside us humans to make us crack… It just had to be the main part that keeps us alive, it had to be that. Every beat that went by, they were precious to everyone who fought for their lives here… There’s me standing on the edge of Regret Mountain and here I am looking at others as if they meant nothing. Amy means the world to me, and the real problem I have is… I can’t grow to accept this life, not even for Amy’s sake. Not even if the world depends on me, which sadly I don’t even know myself…

“Attention Citizens, the problem has been solved… Every family needs to be together, I get that… So, - this is difficult to say… Families will stick together okay? That is all… Sorry,”

*** Flash Back to Amy’s Life [Day 1 of the madness] ***

‘Joey, our baby isn’t ready for this...’

‘Isn’t ready? What is there to be ready for…?’

‘Life, Joey, she’s not ready for Life…’

‘That’s ridiculous, how can she not be ready for Life? She can’t think for herself… That’s our job!’

‘Well, I have a feeling okay… I regret telling you, you always flip out on me, you always blame me… Why can’t you change? For the better I mean, not the worse…’

‘C-Change? Where is all this coming from Heather! Our baby is ready to see the beauty of what me and you saw as a child, everyone isn’t ready for it but that’s life…’

‘L-Life? Oh really… Whatever, then we’ll name her Amy yeah? We’ll name her Amy after my Mother’s middle name, she deserves it…’

*** Flash Back Ended [Present Day] ***

‘I’m sorry Amy… I’m sorry…’ I cried.

Everything I’ve witnessed, I’m starting to think that the ones that died, they are still remaining. I want to think that at least, for their sake. And the Mayor’s words, “Family?” A few hours ago he wasn’t talking about Family, he was talking about how he and his Daughter had a disagreement. How they were both too blind to see the real changes, what kind of monsters are they?

The choices I made in life wasn’t this, that’s for sure. I made a vowel to Heather and myself. I even thought about giving a vowel to Amy once, and now I don’t even know if she had needed one. She’s better off without one, that’s the way I see it at least. Her Mother, my wife, the woman I loved. She was right, our baby wasn’t ready for the world… I just think that the world was ready for her… Another soul to be taken away from their family, the world seems to suck up everyone.

And the strange part is, it’s not so much the world. The people on this planet are to blame, and the changes that some of these people make, they make life impossible to live. They make me want to live my life to the fullest. And that’s not how everyone should feel, we need to learn from our mistakes… Without mistakes and rules, what boundaries would be happen to smash into? None… There is no rules or boundaries, there’s just us… Nothing more than a soul locked inside of a shell.

‘H-Hey buddy, we need to move out. Everyone is moving out okay?’ A voice whispered.

‘Moving out? Where?’

‘Well… I can’t say for sure, and I can’t even tell them okay? We need to move on, The Mayor has made his statement okay? He has made a rule…’

‘A rule? I’ve heard enough about The Mayor for one day, can’t you just get lost kid?’  I grouched.

‘G-get lost? Sir, I don’t think you see the problem here. Family stick together yeah? So… Can’t you be my family?’ He cried.

The last thing I need is another mouth to feed… ‘Can’t you just go kid? Go find a family... Not me alright?’ I chewed the bottom of my lip.

‘F-Family, don’t you know what family is Sir? I’ve lost my family okay…’

‘So what, everything is mess right now kid. And life isn’t going to get any easier, I’m just telling you how it is…’

‘Care to tell me inside of a warm house? I just w-want someone to live with, I need someone to call Family… Everyone else would say no, I just felt… You were it okay Mr?’ He sobbed.

His eyes were drooling out tears, I could see the tension locked in his face. His skin stretched to make his eyes look full of sadness. And his skin was pretty pale, he must’ve been crying all day or something. Even his body looked a little strange, as if he hadn’t eaten. Honestly, I can’t just take in somebody to fill the gap for Amy… She’d be devastated if she were older.

‘Kid, you can have some food at mine alright? Just don’t tell your friends or whoever you have back there… And don’t think you’re staying with me, I’m not your Dad…’ I sighed.

‘You can be my guardian ha,‘ he laughed.

Looks like my Life has just got heavier, another kid to hold onto… And what happens next? A whole flock of children come running to me, I’m not Santa, damn kids… They’re better off with a fat man in a suit, they’re better off with him rather than me… Maybe he’d go to the North Pole, his better of there. Forget it… This kid is probably just asking to be adopted or something like that…

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