The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


2. The Three Barriers Collide?

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 2: The Three Barriers Collide?

Heather had a point though… My life was a little bit different is some cases. Closing that door made me think about things, it made me think about why we are living this way. And I’ve chosen to accept it because the truth is… We’ve been threatened, the three barriers remain for a reason, to protect us. However, that layer of protection has been removed, violated in some cases. Knowing this, I should have known better. Not far from our little shack lies a secret that all barriers have…

Slowly moving away from my home, I left Heather once again with the kids. In the meantime, I have to deal with several things, several attempts to make sure our barrier holds longer than the last two remaining. We named this event, “The Last Ones Remaining.” Since we all knew that this country doesn’t stand a chance against all the violence and all the corruption hiding away without us knowing. Without them knowing, it’s been a piece of cake. I’d dare to cut that cake in half, the Mayor’s little speech earlier certainly reminded me about our event, so I must thank him one day.

‘Joey… Good to see you again. It’s been at least two freaking weeks though bro!’ Ryan shouted.

His dark hooded coat shown no sign of trust. Even his face looked full of lies. However, he was my friend is some ways. Threats come and go, as they say now a days. I’ve been told that Ryan is not be messed with, and I wish I knew that sooner. I already had to watch him take a family out of their own home. And that wasn’t a pretty sight, it was heart-breaking in many cases. I still remember the wife’s scream as she is pulled out of her room on her heels. And her face, oh god her face… Covered in blood and bruises, Ryan is not to be trusted and not to be messed with.

‘I-It’s good to see you too Ryan.’ I gulped.

‘Ha-ha, I love it when you show that Joey. No one else has ever introduced themselves a second time to me.’ Ryan laughed.

‘I can’t imagine why, you have the power under a humans nail.’ I laughed with him.

‘Shut up! Your games are starting to annoy me Joey. And your jokes just aren’t funny… This street hides us away from the gloom of the cops… And the stupid little fucking Mayor!’ Ryan shouted.

I thought his joke was a little funny, a little! And then I had to realise that Ryan doesn’t show his emotions too obviously. He hides them away just like his plans to break the barriers. It makes me wonder why I even work for this guy, we have to make some money, and that money is dirty… I make that cash for my family and for me, but more importantly to stay alive. Ryan held me against one of the dark red vans covered in wet paint. His face looked angered.

Just from the left of him, I could see the tools he used to take out that family in the past. A metal clamp… “Used to hold the poor innocent wife’s hand near a sawmills.” And on the right was a toolbox, inside that toolbox is a screaming woman’s soul begging for life again. Yes, her body is in there. It’s been in there every day I come here… Every fucking day, I have to work hard to impress my boss who kills humans. He makes money, he makes threats, and he ends people’s lives for no cost…

‘I’m sorry Ryan, I promise not to mess up again alright?’ I shook while speaking.

‘Y-You better Joey, because I’m sick of you pretending life is a game. It’s real, and you know what happens to real people right Joey? People who believe reality is a joke…?’ Ryan mumbled.

‘I understand, I know what happens… And I can’t help but say that it’s wrong to do it…’ I replied, as my face turned red.

‘How about you go back now, get cleaned up yeah?’ Ryan asked, as he let go of his grip around my neck.

I didn’t reply, had no reason too. Instead, I tried to gasp for air outside. Ryan laughed at me behind my back, he always does. And he knows that he can laugh behind my back, heck… He can do what he likes, because he is a dangerous man out on the streets away from cops. I thought the cameras would catch him, but I guess now. Making a phone call isn’t possible, Ryan made sure my phones are disconnected. He made sure that Heather’s phone was connected… B-Because he likes her, and that’s how I met this guy in the first place. A beautiful wife with a dark past to a dark man’s second life, at-least it feels like I’m a puppet. Held by strings against my will, Ryan has power over my family!

Returning back to my house with my eyes scrunched up from some of the wet paint that had dripped down my hair onto my face. Red paint all over my coat, my back and my hands… Ryan is such a bully. He is so much more though, he brings threats forward, he knows how to control a person. I don’t know how he manipulates humans like himself, but he does. And he gets away with it, because no-one messes with him. And that’s about to change, one day it will change…

‘Joey… Thank god you’re here…’ Heather screamed in happiness.

‘W-What, what are you on about? I thought you were- never mind…’ I sighed.

Heather’s happy face confused me, she isn’t usually happy to see me. She grabbed my left red hand tightly and pulled me into the kitchen. Still looking down miserable with red paint all over me, Heather didn’t seem to notice, she didn’t even seem to care. There was no sign of her looking mad at me, and looking into her eyes made me feel worse. Damn, is this what I deserve? I’ve already been bullied by Ryan, threatened by Ryan. And now my own wife wants to threaten me too…?

‘Amy just said her first word Joey! She said her first word!’ Heather screamed with joy.

‘O-Oh really…? What was it?’ I asked with a grouchy voice.

‘Y-You know what… Forget it, she didn’t say anything, she just said dada… That’s all she said!’ Heather sulked.

‘D-Don’t be like that, why do you think like that Heather?’ I asked with sadness.

Hearing the word probably would have made me feel a little happier. However, with Ryan’s threat on my mind and the thought of having to go back to him, it was nearly impossible to smile. I really wanted to show some appreciation to Heather and possibly even to Amy, our little daughter. But I, I just couldn’t do it. There is no happiness in this house, until Heather broke that rule. She’s smiled just now, and now the rule is restored, she is angry with me once again…

‘I think like what…? Happy to hear our daughter’s first word?! Of course I’m happy, wouldn’t you be. Don’t answer that Joey, just leave okay. Come back when you have something to say to me, go one!’ Heather replied with frustration.

‘A-Alright b-but… Heather, I am happy okay… I’m happy for you to hear our daughter’s first word. And I’m even happier to feel the emotions right now…’ I replied with a forced smile on my face.

‘Good answer Joey, but your lies don’t work with me anymore… So, just get out! And come back with an apology and some flowers, and some love yeah?’ Heather whispered in my left ear.

Heather can be so mean sometimes. She has every right to be mean, she has every right to be mad at me. Just like I have every right to be angry and furious with her stupid past. Thanks to her, my children are in danger, Amy is in danger and I am in danger. Ryan is brought into our lives thanks to Heather! Thanks to bloody old Heather, oh yeah… She really has screwed up my way of living… The Mayor was right once again! Once a bloody damn gain!

Leaving the house once again, I had decided to leave the red paint to dry on me. I mean, if Heather didn’t notice it, why would Ryan care right? His the one that told me to clean it off, so I’ll keep it on. Maybe I’ll get some satisfaction for finally breaking one of Ryan’s commands. Yeah, that would be sweet, a sweet victory too… If he had the balls to tell me to remove the coat and trash it. In fact I might even smile a little or even a lot if he fails to break me again…

‘Joey, good to see you back. The cars in the back, I need to out of here Joey. Don’t ask why, just do it.’ Ryan welcomed me.

‘A-Alright, I won’t ask why. As long as you don’t ask for me to take off my coat or send me back home…’ I mumbled back.

‘Ha-ha, funny… You know what, since I’m feeling a little nice today, I’ll let you off bro. You can keep the red paint on your clothing and even your hair, just don’t get it on any of my other cars… And we’ll have no problem whatsoever, and because I’m so nice today! I’ll let you in on a little secret…’ Ryan whispered softly.

I didn’t like the way Ryan accepted my command, negotiation surely wouldn’t wash with Ryan. He makes threats, and he delivers them pretty damn well. So getting past him with my negotiation surely can’t be as satisfying as I had thought. What’s in it for him? Is the real question. Why would he just accept my offer, he could easily lie to me and break me a third time and many more times too! He’d most likely kill me if I got past one of his demands with ease. Which I know, and many others know that Ryan’s way of negotiation results in him making more dough…

‘The little secret Joey… Is the fact that your demand or command… Doesn’t work with me, and inside the car round the back is three human beings gasping to speak. I’ve made sure that they don’t speak for a reason, in the back of the car is a silver pistol. Use it on them yeah? Good lad’ Ryan continued.

‘I-I can’t do that Ryan… More murders really? Shooting innocent human beings? Fine… I hate you though.’ I replied with several tears running down my face.

Ryan walked away with a smirk, his smirk made me almost vomit. As he left me with no other option, it was rather take care of the family in the back or take care of Ryan. His a human being, but I know for a fact that Ryan works for several others, he can’t be the highest in command. Surely, there is someone who he is working for and most likely is afraid of. There has been other gangs between the barriers, so maybe he works for them after all. But which once, which one could it be?

Leaving Ryan to walk away and sort out his blood stained tools, I went round the back to check out the family gasping to speak. And to my surprise I found just that, a wife and a husband with two kids looked to be the age of twelve or possibly even older. The wife looked pale, her face seemed to have expanded. Usually, Ryan would make a victim hold their breath, so she may be doing just that. The kids however, they looked unharmed. Sure, they were still tied up and gagged, but the kids weren’t as badly damaged as the wife and the husband. In fact, their wife looked the most beat up…

Since I could never kill another human being, and be reminded of the blood colliding with my hands. I cut the wife’s gag off with a small knife left on the floor. As for the husband and kids, I left them gagged. The wife looked so afraid, she didn’t even have the power to talk to me. Her eyes were blue, and her hair looked very greasy. Although, beyond all that grease and bruises, she most likely looked beautiful. I waited at least five minutes, whilst in between I squeezed gently on her cheeks. She finally spilled out a little blood and saliva.

‘What’s your name, please just tell me your name…’ I asked with my face covered in tears.

‘L-Let me go… P-Please let me go!’ She screamed loudly.

‘W-What was that Joey?! I heard a voice, better not be you making jokes again!’ Ryan shouted from round the front.

‘It’s nothing, shit… That was a close one…’ I replied with relief.

Covering her mouth again kept her quiet, so I used the time I had to introduce myself to her. Whilst her husband still lay there sweating against a toolbox.

‘My name is Joey, and I’m here to help you, okay? I’m here to make sure that you are free. But in order to do that, I need you to work with me girl. I need you to stay quiet too, just whisper yeah?’ I replied with a small command.

She nodded with tears rolling down her nose and chin. I couldn’t bear to see her like this, it’s too wrong. A little bit of blood around her cut lips, and bruises all around her face and body. I can’t just look at someone like this, it’s not right. Seeing her happy would make me happy, and yet… She isn’t happy, she is afraid. She is afraid of what might happen to her, she thinks I’m like Ryan!

‘M-My name is Kacey, Kacey Elbert. And I don’t want you to help me, I just want to get out of here’ she replied.

Covering her mouth again, “She was going to scream. I felt my brain telling me something.” All these thoughts didn’t make this situation easier. It made it worse, I was losing a ton of trust in myself, and I was losing my dignity for every day that went by. Her name is Kacey, Kacey Elbert. Well, at least I know her name. How am I going to get her out of this, how am I going to make sure Ryan doesn’t suspect anything for when he checks back on the car…

‘Forget it, I’m getting you out of here… I’ll do my best to save all your family.’ I replied.

With my nerves going berserk, I grabbed her from the bottom and lifted her up, slowly holding her in my arms. I could feel her trying to worm out of my grasp, but to keep her still. I slowly rocked her to sleep like a baby as I walked slowly across to the back exit. This has got to be the most stupid thing I have ever done! And I know for a fact that my life is now at stake…

‘Joey, your name is Joey. Joey what?’ She muttered.

Damn it, she wanted to know more about me. This wasn’t part of my plan, my plan went so much better in my head. Whatever, the plan is just falling pieces as I take another few steps towards the exit, towards the light in a way. The car behind me still full of the remainder of her family made me feel noxious. I wanted to fall on the ground, but to save her, I knew that losing myself would allow Ryan to kill off the rest of them right in this spot…

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