The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


26. The Reunion

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 26: The Reunion

The one place I never believed in as a kid was the “Friend Zone.”

It all started off pretty happily, my best friend back before the havoc, named Tommy. He was quite an adventure little fella, he knew how to deal with situations that had many consequences too. His main focus was to dominate the world we lived in, what made me misunderstand him was the way he spoke. He sounded like an evil genius at the age of fourteen, when we were doing part-time work in a Newspaper Company, yeah his Dad was to blame for that, if you hadn’t figured that out already.

So this girl is my future? Isn’t this supposed to be some kind of wedding without the bells? Honestly, for once in my life, I felt united with someone. Instead of being with my younger siblings, it was time to discuss the power and the ignorance in all of these souls walking in flesh. And of course the flesh moving alone without the souls are the ones without the hearts…

“Joey, do you realise what you could’ve done back there?” She bit her lower lip.

“Obviously…” I sipped my cup of coffee. “I was a fool to go there…”

“A fool indeed, what crazy man goes to a slaughter house?” She asked.

“Crazy isn’t the word for it…” I sipped again, “sorry…”

“Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without you…” She laughed.

“I’ve been thinking the same thing, funny how we think a-like. Yet back there you decide that I’m not ready or strong enough to take on the troubles ahead…” I sighed.

She placed her left hand on my left shoulder and whistled a familiar tune. The tune sounded very similar to an old lullaby my Mother would have sung me. It reminded me of my family, something that I dreaded to mention from day 1 of my adult-hood. She nodded to her own whistling, as if it was a message in the breeze. She even threw a slight smile at me, and I felt the pain she was suffering with-in five minutes. Her legs still pale from the cold weather, I imagine…

As I lifted myself up from the seat near her, I positioned myself for a sprint. My left leg was now my back leg. Behind me, holding a grip of the solid ground we stood on. Her lips twitched to the cold chills flowing through some of the near-by windows. And the sound of a woman screaming startled the both of us. I jumped back onto left foot, and almost sprained my left leg. Luckily, the girl I’ve been with for time after time, she held me back and cradled me with her warm hugs.

“W-what was that?” She twitched.

“Nothing, it’s probably just a goat, we are near a farm after-all…” I whispered.

“If that’s what you call a goat, I’m leaving…”

“I’m joking, calm down yeah?” I laughed.

The staircase we standing on made horrible creaking sounds. Even the sound of a window bouncing back and forth through the power of the winds outside. A rattle came from a near-by box, and the sound of screaming filled the room with far worse chills than outside. My body felt loose, as if I was going to fall apart in-front of this girl I barely knew. Let’s face it, she knows more about me than I do of her. She is definitely the missing puzzle piece for my sweet self.

With-in ten minutes, she left me to go upstairs. I didn’t have much choice, she made it very clear that she wanted some time alone. Whatever brought her to the conclusion of me not having feelings for her is beyond me. She kicked off a little, her nose twitched as she screamed more words at me. Yeah, she made a scene in-front of me without the audience. No laugher, or even punches from near-by travellers. Just the sound of emptiness and the sound of loneliness. What a world we live in…

I knuckled down onto the floor, pushing myself up the staircase. My heart started to beat faster from the pain of losing someone. I could even feel a miserable scream in the emptiness left in my guts. I guess not everything was completely empty, just like this crappy hotel… Thankfully, we were leaving by next morning. We promised each other that it’s time to move on and find somewhere to settle down. Yeah, I actually said this, apparently… Don’t ask, I’m not even too sure myself.

“If you ever come here again… Without my fucking money, you’ll regret it, got that?!” A loud voice broke my silence.

“I-I get it… J-just, give me my wallet back! It has memories, my wife and children… My daughter!”

“O-oh this? I’m sorry Adam, sometimes life is cruel. Make the right choice, yeah?”

As I kneeled down further to the ground, I could see the top of the stairs. Top floor, a big buff looking man with a gold bracelet. And his arm had strange tattoos. Even his body structure shown some kind of aggression. The poor man, I heard he was Adam. So I presume this guy is working for the wrong man. And if that’s the case, I don’t think he’ll be around much longer…

“I’ll make the right choice, I’m sorry…” Adam squealed.

“G-good… Now Adam.” He laughed. “Tell that to your off-spring!”

With a dramatic ending to a sad tale of a desperate man’s life. Adam fell three floors down, not touching a single step. He fell through the middle, and I heard the most horrifying sound I think I’ve ever experienced before. The sound of a man strangling himself as he fell to his death, he wanted to end his death quickly instead of feeling pain bless him…

“Sorry Adam, you were a man of many words… Words that should have meant something to us!”

In the corner of my eye, I caught the glimpse of the buff looking man walking away and slamming a door behind him. And after that, I looked towards Adam’s mangled corpse, it didn’t look pretty. I was about to vomit, yet my sick mind could accept this. It didn’t seem to mind the deaths, and it didn’t seem to find any of this situation life threatening. It was as if, I had no heart. Yet, I have flesh, so what could all this possibly mean…?

“J-Joey… I’m sorry, if you need me – I’ll be upstairs…” Her voice rang in my head.

“If you ever lay a finger on my daughter again, I’ll fucking pulverise you!” Another voice rang.

“My daughter is what I find the most loving! So get off me!” It continued…

The room around me started spinning uncontrollably. The dusty walls were like barricades, and the staircase… Why did it look like an illusion? And the screaming seemed to keeping on ringing, not to mention the god damn voices… I tried to stay steady, no use. All the voices are flooding into my head. I can’t even think properly… What voices are real, and what voices are me? What voice are lying, and what voices are speaking the truth?!

“If you loved your daughter… You’d make a deal with me, Joey!” Ryan’s voice echoed.

“That deal, how did you find it? What dangerous man allows their daughter to be abused?!”

After a whirlpool of passed memories and far too much information breaking through the valve of my brain. I felt the pain flowing in, I’m drowning in sorrows and I’m starting to regret my entire journey. The girl I’m with, she is just like my daughter at a later age. Yet here she comes and takes me as her loyal, so-called husband. Maybe we aren’t there yet, I feel our adventure has just begun. Yet the truth will soon be out, and the dangerous men – and dangerous criminals will seek one person…

“There’s a game that we used to play, and that game is revenge…” A voice whispered.

“W-what?” I turned to face behind me.

“Revenge, something you feel deep down. And this whole time you’d follow me like a little lab dog.”

“Don’t insult me, I’m a Father and soon to be another one!” I screamed loudly.

“Issuing the rules is not my business, it’s performing the roles that I enjoy the most… Joey,”

“If you say my name one more time, I’ll stab you so much, just like someone I knew…” I screamed.

“Oh yes, your criminal record will prove so official, I’ll find you deadly to say the least…”

There was nothing behind me, nobody. Yet the voice, it sounded so familiar. The voice sounded a little tweaked, as if somebody had strangled themselves. And the sound of someone tapping continued as I waited on the stairs holding my head in my hands.

“Criminal record, I don’t remember that. I know who you are, so you may as well quit these games!”

“No-game, it’s just me trying to make you see the truth. I’d rather play mindless games with you than reveal the truth straightaway. You find it insulting, how I speak to you, right?” She sighed.

“Aha, your voice cracked… Female, so, who is it? No! Don’t tell me, I’d rather smash the face up first!” I lied.

“Hitting a girl, not your first offence, but one of many…” She continued.

The voice of this stranger continued, and it mocked me so many times too. Her voice was sounding stronger as she approached me in a dark black dress. The sound of someone tapping had stopped, and the winds blew stronger and stronger as the stairs creaked louder and louder.

My mind was being confused by many thoughts. And the sounds keeping my entertained held me back from seeing the mysterious stranger. Her voice sounded familiar, and it sounded so normal at the same time. She was not really a victim or villain, she is more like an angel…

“This dress, can you believe I found it?!” She screamed.

Her screaming sounded even more familiar, and her heavy breathing continued to startle me.

“N-No…” I sighed.

“Red Meadow, a place full of mischief and many secrets to who we are… Some lousy town, that’s what they’d call us. And then you and that bitch came along, funny… Very, very, funny…”

“That bitch is my wife!” I shouted.

“Ha, ha – I knew you’d see some sense. She’s a bitch, good to see we agree… I was thinking of breaking you like the rest of them here. However, I’m starting to feel a little naughty…”

“Don’t you dare, I’m not in the mood for your games. And I’m just going to stand here so you can insult me!” I roared.

“We are all human, you could easily strike me… I find it mysterious how nobody ever attacks me. I guess they sense like me and you. And that bitch out of the picture on the mantelpiece. Don’t you think, we are seeing two different visions?” She breathed slowly.

“No, I just think you’re a mad psycho bitch trying to take my dignity away. It may work on those gullible fools, but me… I’m something special, something you can’t handle!”

I pushed her away from me, her black dress moved back a few steps due to the force of my push. And the sound she made was nothing. I could have sworn I pushed with a lot of power. Her slow breathing and very daunting whispers within her voice, with every word she says – she sounds so scary… Her face hidden behind a dark red hood, and her a strange bandit mask.

“I’m surprised you didn’t get it sooner, I’ve been trying for weeks, no months! Every phone call I made didn’t’ seem to get your attention,” she whispered softly.

“Obviously, my phone has been dead for months…” I sighed.

“Don’t you lie to me, everyone who lies, they don’t live Joey…” She made crunch sound.

“Well, if you came all this way to kill me… Go ahead, it’ll just make you happy right? Not the world, the people in this world no longer care about others… I’ve proven that!” I shouted.

“Oh really… What a shame, all the fun for me slowly draining, you make this feel so awful…”

“And what exactly do you do huh? Stalk people and talk to them in silent whispers?” I asked.

“Whispering, I learnt it from someone I loved. And I promised myself to continue the low tones, why? Because it reminds me of the one place that truly doesn’t exist in a world like this!”

“Oh I see, a crazy bitch whose gone crazy over some town being removed? Well I’ve got news for you sister! You’ve snorted too much cocaine! Everywhere is ruined, get over it…!”

Before I could react, she slapped my face with a lot of force. I couldn’t believe that…

“Low tones, Joey, something I learnt every day of my life!” She screamed.

Once again, she tried to strike me in the face. I stumbled on the stairs falling down several steps. Her face still not being shown, and her bandit mask hid away her emotions amazingly. I stood up on my own two feet once more, and grabbed her left hand as it was about to slap me again. Luckily, I had her where I wanted her. Until… She threw out a kick, right in the groin. Ouch!

“I like a man who puts up a fight! It really shows how dominate the males are now-a-days!”

“Oh yeah… Well I like sassy women, I guess we share the same boat…” I laughed.

She rolled underneath my groin, between my thighs and slapped me several times in my lower back. Again, it was very painful. And before I could get myself steady, she struck me with one final kick with a whole lot of force. I even heard my spine click, although she did hit me in the lower back. So possibly, I may have just dodged a bullet.

“Joey… Sweet Joey, he falls on the ground without a sound, pathetic… No sound, yet I can see something trying to rattle your cage Joey…” She whispered.

Laid on the ground with my two hands grasping for a weapon. Sadly, there was nothing… As she finished her sentence, she slammed her left high heel on my left hand. As I heard the sound of bone crunching. Her face still unknown to me, and her violent attitude defiantly shows off… As I tried to take in the pain, it was way too much to handle. I used my other free hand, and pulled myself up. With my back tilted inwards, and my legs curved. Kneeling and half standing against the railings.

“Why did I come here…? Why did I even think to hurt you so much?” She continued.

“I’ve hated you a lot Joey, you may not remember… Believe me, I’ve heard. Apparently, your mind – well it was changed wasn’t it. Obviously you wouldn’t remember, I was informed about that.”

“I wanted one thing though Joey, revenge. It was never going to be a pretty sight to see, and your bitch upstairs is just rattling the cage a little more. The more you take pain, the more she doesn’t suffer… Got it?” She laughed.

I nodded, yet my eyes just wanted to black out. She nodded back, and a rude smile grew on her face. A creepy smile blossomed from her lips, and she threw another painful kick into my chest. What I didn’t realise at the time, is that she removed her left boot. Thank god she didn’t have her high heel on. Although, she must find it hard to balance on just one…

After the painful kick of her left foot. I stumbled down more steps, almost falling into the middle section. Where a poor man, Adam died… As I tried to focus in-front of me, I lifted my head up and could see the woman in the black dress slowly moving down towards me. With every step she had taken, my heart raced more and more against my life span.

“Explaining the full story to you Joey, what fun would that be… Since you’re weak without everything you stood for, it’s good to finally get the revenge I’ve lusted for so fucking long!” She screamed.

She placed her left foot on my chest, and her left hand rested on the other side of my chest, feeling for my pulse. She most likely could feel fear, because that’s what was going through me. I just wanted everything to end, she had caused me so much pain…

So much pain… From Day 1…


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