The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


17. The Mayor’s Misunderstanding…

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 17: The Mayor’s Misunderstanding…

The Mayor: “I’d be partial to say such words in a place full of such good people…”

They knew something about me, and they threatened to kill me… The town we once knew was nothing more than a graveyard waiting to happen, soon it evolved into a Warzone… And of course what happened after that is just a circle of life. (Graveyard – Warzone – Deaths – Graveyard)

The Mayor made daily speeches every day that went by, he wanted to make changes. Although the changes he wanted to make were far too drastic for any human being to handle with confidence. No wonder our town is going downhill, no wonder the world is now on its knees. It’s only a matter of time before this world crumbles under the powers of humans, and a planet that served good use to everyone is going to be destroyed and ruined by the one and only… “MAN.”

*** Flash Back (Mayor’s Life) 1965 ***

‘Mum, whens dad coming home?’ I asked.

‘He is far away son, far away than before…’ She muttered.

‘What do you mean far away…?’ I started to worry.

‘He isn’t coming back son, and I don’t think he’ll ever return for you or me…’ She mumbled.

Mother looked sad and depressed, she looked down at her knees as if she was pleading for another chance to live again. Going back to the years that she’d call the golden years… Father didn’t leave me and my Mum for death, he left us with nothing, not a penny to our name… Not even a dollar since he travelled all over the world, no wonder he didn’t leave anything. In any state or any country, he could do as he wishes, he could run his mind into becoming multiple people with fake identities…

‘Your father is just worthless… I know where he is son, he told me. He is high up in the mountains looking down at us…’ She cried.

‘Are you okay? And the mountains are pretty tall mummy…’ I sighed.

‘Very tall, very, very tall. I doubt he’d forget us, he is probably frozen with memories son,’

‘Maybe mummy, maybe. I just want to see him again, because he left me mummy, he left me for another son right? Or another daughter… Or was it just a big joke?!’ I screamed.

‘No joke son, I’d never lie to you, and your father loved you to bits…’ She mumbled.

‘No… He loved you, not me. I remember what he did, he threw away his job and asked for another son!’ I cried.

‘No… He isn’t the man he thinks he is, he has deprived you of being our son, and that’s the truth okay…?’ She reassured me.

*** Flash Back (Mayor’s Life) 1996 ***

‘Mum I’m home… Work was a killer, like seriously who asks for ten dozen doughnuts?!’ I laughed.

‘S-Son… Your father called, well he came… He was here for a brief second, I’m sorry…’ She gasped.

‘Mum… Mum! MUM?! Answer me now… Please!’ My smile dropped instantly.

There she was laying against an old wooden chair as it rocked back and forth. Blood all over her body, I could see the man he was, my dad was nothing more than a psychopath… 

*** Present (Joey) [Flash Back Ended] ***

The Mayor of this town, he probably became more of a hypocrite as his life went on. I’m surprised he hasn’t thrown the book at us, it would be the perfect opportunity to perform a strike that’s for sure.

The light snow faded from my eye eyesight, I could just see a nice winter wonderland forming. And the frost with glittery particles, it looked amazing! I’ve never seen anything so wonderful. Although the Mayor didn’t find anything amazing, life was ruined most likely. And he just wanted to make us pay whilst looking forward to happy seasons, we’d end up with the seasons that ended with a bang. And I’m not talking fireworks, I’m speaking of a bullet… A bullet being fired into an innocent bystander.

“Amy, a winter wonderland is forming, it’s more for you than me…”

With the same old thought nagging at me, telling me that she is gone. I stand here near the open roads with a tear frozen across my eyes. The frost blinding my eyesight into seeing reality the way it should be. The Mayor’s idea of reality didn’t connect, it just didn’t match my personal viewing of this world thousands have lived in, millions even! Billions… And we still just do the daily basis, knowing that one day life will end. Not for good, there has to be some sort of life. Yet the life of Human Beings time is running shorter than we’d have hoped back then. Now… We all wish for the same thing, every Christmas and Birthday that goes by, we all wish for better shelter or putting our lives on the line…

“Amy, if you can hear my breath in the winds, why don’t you cry?”

The frost frozen over ice cold waters with small crowds of people walking out of stores nearby. I’d look to my left and all I’d see is children, young children armed with weapons. They actually are being forced by their own parents to disrespect the law, so what! There is no fucking law anymore… The Mayor has the power, the Mayor makes the changes, and the Mayor makes the world a better place to be… (As some may say) I believe that the Mayor is a common house pest refusing to leave something so beautiful, our lives. The atmosphere and the treasures in our hearts remains for the bounty hunters. The bandits, and the people who serve darkness retrieve great rewards…

‘Everything will be shipped, including our homes!’ A nearby voice called out through the winds.

“Everything? Our homes? Dear sweet Mike, I hope for the love of god that the Mayor isn’t behind this crazy new idea… Because it’s insane! I don’t see anyone living our here… Just more deaths waiting to happen, so why am I still stuck here then?”

‘I’ve heard that our houses won’t be paid for, apparently people who can’t pay-‘ a voice broke.

‘What… Tell me what you know, come on, tell me…’ I whispered.

‘N-Nothing, keep moving buster. I’ve seen many idiots walk past us, you know why? Because they know who we are…’ The tall man shouted.

‘Ha, to clear me off once and for all, you’d have to kill me… I don’t go off so easily, do you understand?’ I whispered softly.

‘U-Understand nothing. I’m looking at you aren’t I? Do you know what I see-‘ the man paused.

With a solid quick motion, I spun on my left foot like being stuck on a pivot. As I held the tall man wearing a dark black fleece around the neck. Holding him against his door while his friend backed off with nothing else to say.

‘Y-You mean business. I suggest you drop me, now!’ He roared.

‘Dropping you, you have no idea how many friends you’re going to need out here…’ I whispered.

‘Friends. That’s rich, I heard they died a long time ago, I thought friends were the backstabbers…’ He groaned.

‘Friends exist, it matters on how you choose them idiot…’ I sighed whilst letting go of his neck.

‘You can run and run all you want, and what are you going to find huh? The end of the line you fucking idiot!’ The man screamed behind my back. As I walked away without a sound.

His voice echoed in my two tingling ears. It was as if his voice was stuck on auto-replay. I could hear it over and over again, what does that make me sound like huh? It makes me sound like a freak. I assure you Joey that I’m not insane, I’m just a little loopy that’s all. Do you expect me to care? All I ask is for my daughter to be in safe hands. As the world is slowly eating everyone up, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before everyone is at each other’s throats making the deadliest threats to come…

‘Thanks for listening to TTR, The Mayor is happy to say that the town is having new roads built in. These roads what will they serve Mayor?’ The radio screeched.

‘Thanks for asking, the roads are going to be built for the next year to come. These roads will serve a purpose to the reason why we’re fighting out there! In fact, I feel World War III is among us my friends. And these roads will serve your escape, not until I’m satisfied though! These roads are to be blocked off including your houses surrounded by full time unemployed security guards. I’d like to wish you all a happy Christmas and happy holidays… However, I feel that it’s too soon to celebrate.’

“So the Mayor is up to something… Great, just great. I should have seen this one coming from a mile off!”

The existence of this world is just a breath away, and to lose that breath, well it means everything to many humans out there. (Because Death is something we all fear) even if we don’t show it…

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