The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


15. The Mayor & the World

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 15: The Mayor & the World

“I’d do anything to retrieve my daughter from the depths of crime to the mountains of work.”

The Mayor has taken a lot lately. He has taken children to some kind of town, I’m not even sure whether these towns were deserted or just closed down for the years of hell to come. It’s quite a shock just to find anyone in my family on the streets with no home or life for that matter.

The Mayor: “Something That Remains Clueless”

‘A-Amy… If you can hear me girl, talk to me now…’ My voice cracked.

The radio was turned on with just a few more miles from the Mayors delivery service. Luckily the car had a tank full of gas to spare. I’m unsure whether this car belongs to one of those officers back at the scene with Amy and her father. My eyes are slowly rotting away in-between the suicide pits we call eye lids. As for my eyeballs, they are just rolling deliberately making me feel worse about myself.

‘Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls. I bring you the future of our town and our town in a few more years of course!’ The Mayors voice broadcasted.

Due to the door being blocked by heavy security with citizens who mostly look lost and depressed waiting outside the entrance. I felt that the only way in in that line slowly going down in size. It’s rather waiting or breaking in. And I doubt anyone would care if I just walked in and expressed myself. As for the break in, I’ll leave that for another time…

‘What the heck are you doing?!’ A muscular voice screeched.

Depressed and lonely as I was. I stared at the tall figure standing a step beside me. His dark grey hoodie with a very sharp outline of thread around the edges of his shoulders. Even his face was hardly recognisable to anyone here. It was hidden away behind darkness and a mask of some shadow blocking the entrance to his identity. Just another lost soul hiding in clothing to escape the criminals looking for him. Most of us on this pathetic surface are just as bad as him… Including me.

‘N-Nothing, I’m just here to see the Mayors lame speech’ I huffed.

‘Nothing huh? I find that quite insulting to be honest… Yet you stand up tall with your face showing ha, you make me sick mate. You look a little twisted, down this will you?’ He interrupted.

In the figures left hand, he held out a glass bottle with some kind of dark coloured liquid floating to the sides. As I resisted from taking the glass bottle off him with a friendly gesture. He held my head back against the brick wall as I suffered from the pain in my neck. My hands were shaking due to the pressure he had on my body. With his left foot crushing my right leg I could feel so much pain and relief. With one last attempt I threw myself at him knocking him onto the gravel pavements.

‘Fuck you! Why don’t you down it come…?’ I paused.

‘Y-You are going to pay… Pay for that! I could have you dead kid, you’d be down my old man would fucking wreck you! Just you watch yeah?!’ The figure revealed himself.


As frightening as it felt I lifted myself up against the wall trying to calm down my heart rate. Due to so many corrupted rules in this town with this Mayor running things. Nobody even thought about helping me, nobody! They just looked at me as I stared at them in agony. I miss the old days, I miss the old days when Police officers actually saved the citizens from sudden death or crimes in general.

The Mayor: “This Town Is Buried In Dust and Winds!”

‘Hey, are you okay?’ A young sized female asked me.

‘Y-Yes… Just mind your own business yeah?’ I shrieked.

‘Ha, good one. You got mugged, I can’t believe you’d just turn away like that. Then again most of the boys do now a days…’ She continued.

Her dark blue eyes stared me in the face looking past the sadness blocking my personality. She looked quite cute for her age, and I’m not one for the cute looks that’s for sure. I mean look at Heather, look at what she got me into. A lost daughter and a father begging for mercy.

Her clothing didn’t look too bad either, I could see she was also into wearing hoods over her head. Past the face that looked shocked, I could see blonde darkish hair at the back of her hood past her cute looking ears. “I’d definitely say she’s around 17 Years old”

‘Shut up for fuck sake…’ I cried.

‘Excuse me?! I don’t think…’ She screamed.

‘I’m not talking to you… Girl’ I mumbled whilst rudely interrupting her scream.

‘S-So are you waiting for the line too?’ She asked.

‘Well there are other ways of getting in ha’ I joked.

‘Other ways huh? Sure if you say so. I’m surprised you even looked me in the face to be honest’ she continued.

‘And whys that? You l-look h-‘ – ‘shut up!’ She laughed. I fell back against the wall in agony.

‘Hot… Now that’s something I haven’t heard for a while. Are you actually going somewhere with this?’ She asked with her cute eyelashes flickering the light off my brow.

I nodded with a cheeky little smile emerging from my joint together lips. The weather was pretty bitter cold, I could certainly feel a chill go up my spine as she stared at me with those dark blue eyes. I almost got lost in her little fantasy world. Well my fantasy world I guess…

She grabbed my left hand and looked up at me. I could see that she was pretty friendly for a girl who’s most likely lost a lot. I don’t see the world getting better anytime soon. So I assume that she must be suffering as much as I am right? The dark alley way behind her kind of hinted where she was going with this. It seems I misjudged this girl, she is most likely selling herself out for money. Although, I wouldn’t blame her. I’d do the same if I were as desperate as her…

‘So… I t-think you know that I’ve got some work to finish…’ I whispered.

‘W-Work? Who has time for work…? I mean, I’ve lost a lot of, oh forget it. Look, you were in trouble yeah? So I helped you no biggie. There is nothing wrong with feeling alone you know?’ She replied.

‘Yeah and there’s something wrong with you. As much as that may hurt, it’s true…’ I muttered.

‘You can say what you like about me. It won’t change who I am! Look, The Mayor is making several speeches in there. Why don’t you just go and have your talk with him. Because you know what, I don’t like your tone… O-Or your attitude’ she cried.

With my left hand slamming on my heartbroken face. I could see that she felt down and depressed. Sometimes you’ve just got to slam down the emotions to make someone crack like an egg. I wouldn’t even think of falling down to her level just yet. I mean, she is hot and all but I’m not exactly looking for someone to settle down with. I’m more interested in what the Mayor has planned.

She held my left hand closer to her bright red cheeks, she was rather cold or blushing. As I pulled back my hand away from her I could no longer feel any kind of warmth. It was just bitter cold out here in the alley way. Is this where she works? And is this what she has to live in…? So many questions yet so few answers.

‘I didn’t catch your name…’ She sobbed.

‘Joey, its Joey. And you? Listen, I’m sorry alright? I’m not that kind of person though… Sorry’ I replied.

‘Clara, my name is Clara. I’ve suffered a whole fucking lot… And you think I’m some sad girl looking for cash from boys pockets? I’m not that sick you know… You didn’t even give me a chance. So, why don’t you just run along and play happy families with your wife and daughter and-‘ she cried more.

As she mentioned the word “daughter” I walked up to her with anger building up in my broken guts. She looked hurt and I could see she was lonely also. As I walked up to her I could feel more warmth and enclosure around us. As she just sat there scrunched up in a circular posture with her hands clutched around a filthy looking blanket. Other kids behind us laughing as they walked past, it made me feel so awful. However she mentioned daughter and I have no happy family…

Due to my quick thinking. My mind dropped a bombshell of shame and sadness. My body felt as if it had gained a tonne of weight holding me down beside her as I felt more depressed than before. Her sobbing just made me think of Heather. Does the world hate me this much? Does it really have to push me with some girl suffering from her own issues…?

Her cute average sized hands with skinny arms hooked onto my stronger built arms. As her tears rolled down from her cheeks down towards my stomach. It was as if her tears were forging together with my emotion creating some kind of bond between us. With us both looking down in sorrow and trying to smile yet struggling to let go of our lives. I could pretty much see a different side to her and a different side to me. It was as if I had been searching in the wrong places for all those years that had passed us. Heather and even Amy. They are just fragments from my fantasy that’s slowly decaying…

‘This town has gone to shit Joey… I can see that. I’ve seen it all, deaths. And that Mayor happens to come up on top of it’ she cried.

‘Whether it’s gone is too soon to say Clara. I don’t see why all of us are giving into the guy who claims he owns the barriers. He has no idea what the barriers are…’ I laughed.

‘Barriers? You’ve been outside the town?’ She asked.

Blocked in my vision was Clara kneeling down with her horrified face. She had a strange look growing on her with her eyeballs rolling side to side. As her hands scraped my kneecap due to her putting most of her weight on top of my legs. I could feel her crushing my bones although she weren’t too heavy. It was more painful having to take the nails sink deeper and deeper into my skin.

‘The Barriers are just the defences against us. Honestly, it’s nothing to worry about…’ I sighed.

‘Worried… Why would I be worried Joey? Those Barriers are the truth. If you have been outside of them how can I trust you?’ She sobbed.

‘Oh come on, you can’t go bat shit crazy on me now…! Those Barriers are just placeholders, they keep this community together’ I whispered.

‘Y-You sound like him! You sound just like him! You are talking just like him…’ She cried.

My body felt shook up as she scrunched herself into the corner of the alleyway. Covering herself up with a blanket that was covered in dirt. The Barriers have never been a problem to talk about. Whether she has experienced the Mayors punishments is beyond me… I’ve seen them and I’m sure many others have seen the Barriers keeping us all compacted together. No freedom just hell in a small zone too. I’d be shocked to see the day when freedom is reinstated as Legal.

‘Medical Stores will be closed to reduce the costs, if you need any kind of medicine. Let that be drugs or anything at all… I’m afraid you are out of luck, we need to hold on to every last penny!’ The Mayor shouted.

‘On a more serious note, we need to close down several shopping stores to keep hold of the employees working. And yes we do realise that some of you will be jobless, yet we need to do this now! If we don’t make these rules now… Then who will? Who is going to give you freedom in the right time and the right place? Exactly…’ The Mayor broadcasted.

‘Any Daughters or Brothers or even children… They will be taken to the new system I’m making official starting on Friday! And if you even think about leaving the promotion to some other scumbag out there in the streets… You’ll be looking at the Grim Reaper face to face.’ He joked.

The Mayor: “He stands for what is remaining, He stands for what is failing…” – Joey –

Author Note: (The Last Ones Remaining Chapter 16 & 17 Coming Soon!)

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