The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


30. The Last Ones Remaining!

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 30: The Last Ones Remaining

The mayor of the town, he had it under control. Some would beg to differ, some would lie. This devilish fiend of the human race has created a catastrophe to our entire beings. He has ruined us, taken everything we had left, we had remaining, for granted. He laughed, mocked us, the whole journey of being alive, my parents would never spill anything like this!

The Journey was reducing in length, it may have extended over the time we’ve been here. How else, am I supposed to make a man of myself? And it all comes down to this, my rival. My own rival, a friend who became an enemy, someone who didn’t have it in him, to spill to the public. My parents may have kept things under wrap from me, and I wasn’t one to argue with them. Amy is like a fragment, nothing more than a little girl in search of her daddy. Yet, I’m stupid, a fool, someone who can’t even make the effort, to find someone I love dearly. Heather got me wrong, she always got me wrong. Every fucking time! She’d always get the wrong end of the stick.

I sat back, holding my breath against the wall. The sound of Ryan’s footsteps made me blood thirsty. I mean, this was perfect. Finally, I could destroy a rival, an evil fucker. Someone who has ruined my life, bit by bit. I still find it hard to believe that a human being is capable of ruining so much for another being. I sometimes ask myself day in, day out, why the fuck are we here? Wouldn’t it be easier to just put an end to life its self? What about the future? Ha, they’d be no future. Ryan would see it differently, he wants territory, forcing a world war upon us. If he had the power, and the capability to destroy an entire planet, I’d love to see it. The explosion and his smug little face irritating me, behind my back. He could make a man out of anyone, he was an army cadet.

The thoughts flowing through my mind, so many ways, so many ways… to kill him. I could stab him several times, watching him fall to the ground, begging me to stop. I could burn him, it wouldn’t be as satisfying. No! He deserves something with a slow time limit, something that’ll keep him in pain, long enough to remind him of who did it. I want him to stare at me, look me in the face, and tell me everything. Even if he mumbles the words, the satisfaction is endless.

This was it, I pushed myself out from behind the sofa. Standing up on my two feet, without leaning on someone else’s shoulder. Just the wall to support me, and even that was enough to keep me assured. As I stood up, I caught glimpse of Ryan standing tall, with his two scary looking mutts. Those poor animals, two dogs that had been treated badly. The appearance was everything, unhealthy looking. And these dogs looked very wolf life, as if they had a thirst for human blood. They didn’t smile, yet their teeth shined through those encased jaws. I could see the teeth, sharper than a needle. And their fur/hair, all scruffy and mangled looking. The dark look in Ryan’s eyes, it reminded me of all the times, I could have put an end to his life. Yet I didn’t, you hear about these things all the time.

Ryan looked at me, he too, caught glimpse of my shadow. The mutts however, they didn’t even think to attack. I stared at Ryan’s shadow, waiting on the wolf like creatures to make their move. Ryan raised his left hand, he smiled and spoke with a gentle, softer tone than I had ever heard, coming from his lips. – His mouth moved gracefully, it almost made me feel guilty.

‘Well, well… Look who it is, Joey!’ He smiled.

‘Don’t give me that, I’m not here for your fucking around…’

‘Oh right, mate, you’re here for something else, eh?’ He laughed.

‘And those dogs… You seem to have them under control, why aren’t you attacking me?!’

My voice was loud enough to raise the roof, it blasted through the atmosphere. Ryan smirked, he lowered his hand from the sky, and let out a slight giggle. The dogs paid attention to me, they looked at me, growling viciously.

‘You are so lucky, lucky… lucky! – That the cops don’t roam the streets anymore…’ I sighed.

‘Lucky, indeed. You see, what you never understood, was the real being, the part of me that actually mattered… You looked at me, tried to kill me a dozen times!’ He raised his voice.

‘I knew you couldn’t be civil with a little meet up… So why, why did you turn around?’

‘Don’t give me that, Joey! – You’ve been stalking me every day, waiting for me to become weak, like all the others yeah? Because, that would make your job easier, wouldn’t it?’ Ryan laughed.

‘Ryan… If you hate me so much, and you want me gone… Do what you did to them…’ I whispered.

Ryan stared me in the face, he looked disgusted. I pointed at the corpses of his two men, people that were gullible enough, to trust such a pathetic man. As I stepped forwards, the dogs started barking, louder and louder. Ryan grinned, as he stepped back from behind the front door.

‘Joey… You see, I was about to make a visit, and you wouldn’t believe me, even if I told you, now!’

‘Cut it, your lies, and all your killings! The murders you committed back at the hotel… That was you right?’ I death stared Ryan, in his sore eyeballs.

‘How could it be me…? You’ve seen what I’m capable of, wise enough to shoot the ones who become traitors… And a fool to not have shot myself…’ Ryan sighed deeply.

‘You know, I could do you the honours… A bullet between your brain, and you wouldn’t know the difference. You could just say, you made a mistake…’ I spoke softly.

‘To hell with that! And to hell with you!’ He screamed.

Ryan was too quick, I had no time to move, no time to react. Ryan shot a bullet into my lower kneecap. I felt the bullet go through, the pain, the rival looking down at me. The two monsters staring me, now at eye level. They could eat me, my left leg gave in, and I fell to the side. Without thinking to rest, my body fell against the wall. A lot of blood flowing down my left leg, towards the wooden floor. The blood mixed with dirty moistures on the surface of my hairy left leg.

‘R-Ryan… Didn’t think you h-had it in you…’ I wheezed.

‘Well, a lot of people underestimate me Joey… It’s funny, I always thought you’d be the one, to try and understand me. The real reason why I make people’s lives hell… And all this, none of this is my work…’

‘Oh yeah… Who else, who else would be crazy enough to fuck up the world?’ I whispered in pain.

‘A lot of people, do you even look them in the face anymore? They look down on you, innocent? That’s what you call them, isn’t it. Don’t worry, that’s common. The mayor has tricked us all, he has fooled us into believing that all these changes are natural.’ Ryan whispered.

With the feeling of having to escape from Ryan, I couldn’t. The pain, the agony, moving a muscle in this leg would set off a chain reaction, in my body at least. He could easily destroy me, he has me on my knees. Not quite what I intended, and who else to put an end to my life, than my rival. Someone I’ve grown up to hate, year after year.

‘Heather, now there’s a name that’ll rattle your chains…’ He joked.

‘L-leave her out of this… If she had anything to do with me, she would have fought you…’ I coughed.

‘Oh really, she always had some kind of problem, I never quite got what. The doctor, and the nurse, they all seemed to think the same as me. What an idiot I am, to believe such a fakery.’

‘Ryan! T-tell me… Why aren’t you killing me?!’ I screamed loudly.

‘Slow and painful… That’s what she would have wanted, so why not watch it first. See the effects, I can’t quite say, whether this is how I imagined it though.’

‘You monster! – All you ever cared about, is yourself! Why don’t you go save the world? Destroy the mayor, put an end to the barriers…!’ I whispered under my breath.

‘B-because, Joey… We are all that fucking remains! The ones who understand what’s really going on. I mean, out there, I feel like an outsider, someone who just doesn’t get treated equally…’ He cried.

‘No, Heather, and Amy. My family, they understood me…’ I sighed.

‘Oh really… So why else did she leave you, huh? And Amy, she may not have developed greatly, not enough to leave her old man in a death filled town. Yet, she had the strength of an adult… Ha!’

I rolled onto my side, trying to put as much pressure on the bullet wound as possible. Trying to stop the blood from pouring out of my leg. I didn’t want to see Ryan as the final rival. I expected more to follow, and who knows, looking back on it. I actually feel, as if there were more, many more. And those rivals, well, they didn’t get under my skin as much as this menace.

Ryan looked at me, he was sweating from the argument, our long conversation we had to have. I still worried that my time was being cut short. Any moment, any fucking moment, Ryan could shoot me. Lights out, mother would say. Ryan however, he’d say something else. He has already said enough, enough to keep me fighting. If this mayor is the only trouble in the town, why hasn’t anyone stopped him? Ryan didn’t give me any answers, he just made me feel tense. I wanted a get out for free card, I wanted to see my family again. Just to look at her face, one more time… And see my life flash before my very eyes, I just want a tiny bit of satisfaction…

‘Joey, I feel our meet up needs to end… The pile of corpses behind you, they speak to me, you know…’ He mumbled.

‘I-If they speak to you... then why are you doing this?’ I whispered.

‘You know why, to be a hero, and more… Much more, far more than you could imagine, and then, well… this town, and the world even. They’d see what a hero I am, and look at me differently.’

‘Differently? In what way, Ryan? You said it yourself, they are all acting like they have had their minds wiped. And you know, memories and fond moments, just a breath of fresh air.’

‘Yeah, and what difference would It make, if I was the one to take over? No difference… I’d be happy, that is my satisfaction. A long living dream, finally coming true. And my family, they never believed in me. All through high-school, they’d beat me up. Tell me, I’m strange, call me something that I wish not to speak of…’ He trembled.

‘Family are family, it’s what you make of it… that’s what can change. If you could go back, maybe you could have changed them. Special or not, you aren’t that different to you and me. And them out there, maybe if they had a mind. They’d see it too, they’d see what a real hero you are…’

‘No! Joey… I’ve come too far, to become a hero. You see, that dream died years ago… Once the mayor is gone, you’ll see the world changing around you. You feel mistreated now? Wait until the future boy! Then you’ll see what a real mind fucked world is like…!’ Ryan laughed demonically.

I closed my eyes slowly, begging for someone to save me. My mind spoke to me, it told me that Ryan isn’t much different to myself. I was mistreated, but the way he’s handling it, that won’t save him. In-fact, it could be the end of him. And the mayor, maybe he is just delusional, maybe he can’t think for himself. He is older after-all, things change. Maybe, just maybe, I could change it for the better. A single soul, with nothing more to lose, than a life. The real hero, would be the one who’d be remembered. Maybe not forever, but for a time when humanity needed hope most.

Ryan slammed the front door, leaving two demon dogs sleeping on the porch. I was afraid to move a muscle, more afraid of my heart stopping. A wound like this, it could rinse me dry. I’d become boneless, and the dogs would have paradise in here. Good job, Ryan left them on a leash. Whether he did that on purpose, who knows? He might have just forgotten about his own animals. He had one goal and one desire. His heart was leading him the right way, yet his brain was speaking in code.

“Attention to all the civilians of the town. I’m closing down all businesses, from here on out. 30 Days from now, you will all be thanking me. And if anyone has any questions, ask me at the front desk… Yes, make your complaints now, put an end to everything that is happening…!”

Did the mayor just make a suicide note? I was afraid, more afraid than ever before. Seeing a man with power, someone who made this mess. Along with others supporting of course. The shock hit me, he is giving up. And if that’s the case, who will lead the town and the world itself? Or, can we look past that? Maybe we could see the world differently. Instead of rules that make crime. How about, we listen to the world. Listen to the ideas of others. Or if not, I have no hope for myself. The mayor could be making a grave mistake. He is doing us all a favour. He is putting an end to himself. Not the situation. And as for us? No… They’ll do what he is about to do!

“Hello, my name is Alex. And I’m here to talk about this opportunity, to finally have my hands on someone I hate the most. Trigger, my dog. I’d like to thank him for staying with me to the very end. Here he is now. (The sound of a dog barking) Good boy… And good bye…” (Sound of gunshot.)

All the citizens of our town. They were all making mistakes, giving up on life itself. No longer, did I have to hear the sounds of screaming. I had to live, knowing that the beings of this planet. The same kind, they echoing throughout my mind. I can’t forget them, their names being told on a radio. And then… bang! They are dead, nothing is remembered about them. The screams, they stay. The people, they fade, and they don’t stop fading. Soon… it is too late to go back, and they will see that as time hits them. If the clock keeps ticking, more die. If time had stopped, they’d be saved. And something that we humans invented, it has ruined us. Time is deadly, it moves on, killing others slowly.

“Hi, my name is Ken. I work for- the old newspaper club. I know… it doesn’t like much of a job. Honestly, it is a job of many. I worked for my- my lost ones… they are nothing but a distant memory. Please forgive me… p-please!”

Another one on the radio. Ken. Someone who doesn’t know much about life. He sounds like a coward. He is scared to go back, scared to face the world alone. I’d do anything to save him, I’d do anything to save anyone. I care deeply, a little too much… I don’t want to hear them dying. Watching them is only satisfying to the weak. To me, a stronger individual. I can take blood. The voices though, they tell me differently. They freak me out, they tell me who I am. I listen to them. They remind me of who I was. If anyone needs to put a bullet to their brain, it is me. I’m being threatened, haunted by those that have passed us. The mayor could die too, then we’d live in peace. Dead or alive, what does it matter? As long as we all find our peace, and our happiness. Isn’t that what we are missing at this moment? We are missing everything!

“Ken, tell me. Why you think that this gun… my expensive gun, why do you think this will help you?”

“I believe… like many. We have to do the right thing. And your gun is like my closest friend. He or she, it will treat me better. It can grant me a wish, like my wife. That gun is all I have left! And yes… I’d steal it from you, that’s how desperate I am!” The radio screeched.

“Desperate indeed. Nonetheless, you are nothing but a fool. A gun? Knock yourself out buddy!”

“Thank-you… Thank-you so much!” Ken screamed.

The radio made horrible sounds. Crackling, interrupting the conversation on the other end. I couldn’t quite hear the mayor speaking. I could only hear the words of Ken. He obviously had good reason to end what he had worked for. A life though, it is more precious than what he knows. He needs to get back up, fight back. If the world swallows him too, he’ll have nothing to fight for…

 “I-I don’t want to… I’m not going to! – Put me down…!” A voice rudely interrupts.

“I’m begging you… begging you! – Shoot her now! She is nothing but a waste of space…”

“Now… now, I can’t just shoot someone. It takes time, and takes a lot of man power…”

“Man power, my ass! I’m her mother… now shoot her! – Shoot my b-baby…”

“No! Stop… I don’t want to mommy! I just want to go back home…!” A young girl screams.

“Nonsense, he’ll do it. And if he doesn’t, I’ll make sure he does!” The mother cried.

“A wise card to play. You play the role of a mother, and you let your daughter die… I see, you clearly have a lot in you. – So why… why are you going to kill someone so precious to you?” He giggled.

“She means the world to me. N-no! That is no excuse, no reason! Just shoot her already…”

“I’d love to, I’d love to shoot her. And let me ask you this. Whose blood would be spilt on the table? And who would have the red hands…?” The mayor laughed.

“If you don’t do it. I’ll force your hands to go red. They’ll be my witness, - I’m not the crazy one here…!” She screamed.

The radio cut off. I tapped the radio on the back, begging for a return. Instead, the radio crackled with horrific interference. It buzzed, and made a horrible screeching sound. My ears felt like bleeding, I held it inside. I wanted to remind myself. Remind myself that I’m doing the right thing. Ear dropping on a conversation. A very high classed conversation. It was completely serious. A screaming little girl, and a mother who can’t accept the life she lives in. Again, the radio. Without the sound waves, there is nothing to listen to. I’d better get a move on. Night is falling on us once more…

I grasped the rim of my left wrist. I held it tighter, squeezing my left wrist as if it was my wife. My mind can’t forget who I’ve left behind. And all those have I failed to look out for. The whole world, it is all my business. Maybe not to them, but to me. It means the world to me… I lifted myself up from the floor. Standing back on my feet, I walked towards the front door. As I reached the front door, I felt two sharp ends clamping around my leg. I squealed, holding onto the front door for support. As I looked down in fear. I saw the dogs, the demon dogs. They were biting my legs, pinning my feet down to the ground. No way, I am not letting animals take me out. I took a quick deep breath, and kicked one of the dogs in the jaw. It moaned in pain. I threw myself onto the front door, kicking it open. With both legs still intact, I stumbled down a few of the steps. Falling down into the porch of the house. I escaped? Escaped the dogs! My face rose with light. It glowed with redness. All the pain I had taken. The emotional pain and the physical pain. It had all been worth-it.

“Cut it… - my name is Joey. I’m not well known. Not known enough to be famous. I’ve made several acclaims over the past weeks. Number one being, I’ve made a fool of myself. I’ve killed for this moment, and I have ruined many families out there! I’ve done everything that you asked me to do. So… when will you let her go?” A voice groaned through the radio.

The voice sounded like Ryan. He had actually made it to the mayor. All in one piece? And why is he using my name? If he makes a fool of me, I’ll make him regret it.

“Joey. I’ve heard rumours about you. Not liking the new rules, not liking anything I work for. And I understand that you wanted the role… I apologize for that, I r-really do. However, you come here today. So what is your business?” The mayor whispers.

“My only business for being here. It is for my daughter. You see, I last saw her in an accident. A car accident… I’d like to know, where you have taken my daughter!” Ryan shouted.

“Oh yes… the daughter who suffered a nasty accident. Joey? I thought you already knew this. You see, the officers keep business like this under wraps from the public. So, you coming here. That takes guts, I like that. I like that a lot. What I don’t like, is your tone. Lower it, and beg for her…”

“Begging… you really are a sad old man. No fucking way! – She is part of me, and I want her in my arms… or else!”

“Don’t try anything… we have this place secured. If you feel that this daughter of yours… if she means that much to you. Go get her, she is only in a highly secured hospital. Most patients go there. Obviously, now a days. It is a pain to get insurance, and any kind of job around this town.”

“Good to see you cooperated. I don’t have any more business with you. I’ll wipe the slate clean. And I’m not doing this for you. This is all for someone who believed in me.”

The radio turned off again. The conversation died down.

As I stumbled a little across the ground. I felt my ankles aching, and my feet feeling very sore. My head was dizzy, making me see duplicates of the people around me. There was still screaming. And voices in the distance. Gun shots in the background, and fire spreading throughout some of the buildings. Explosions too. Loud explosions that could damage anyone’s ears. Crackling glass, and the sound of fire burning trees. The green lands that were once colourful. They are all burnt, ashes spread amongst the surfaces. And the sky all dark, dull and grey. High flames going up in the air, and dark black smoke invading our breathing space.

After walking through so much corruption. I had arrived at the mayor’s building. Ryan can’t be too far away, he is most likely searching for a hospital. The mayor told him information. And that information is vital to myself only. Ryan is using my name, to get my daughter… I pushed my way through the crowd. Forceful pushes that would hurt. Children fell behind me. Families dropped onto the ground in pain. My hands were out on control, pushing through my own kind. Hurting them.

As the doors opened. I stared at the mayor. My eyes felt sore, and the pain in my mind got more painful. My head thudded with aching pains. And my mind kept telling me to kill him. The mayor looked shocked to see me, he smiled a little. His smug face really gets on my nerves. I stopped in front of his desk. Extending my body to the surface of the desk. I raised my eyebrow at him. My left arm leaned on the chair he was sitting on. As he looked at me, I looked back at him with more anger.

‘Oh… you. What can I do for you?’ The mayor smiled.

‘My name is Ryan. A victim to this town. And that Joey needs to die!’ I screamed.

‘Oh dear… the radio must have been on. I apologize for that. My fault really… and Joey you say?’

‘Yes… Joey! I want him dead. That is my wish, no suicide today… I’m afraid.’

‘He has probably gone to a hospital or something. Does it really matter?’ He smirked.

‘It matters to me. W-what hospital did you tell him to go to?!’ I raised my voice.

‘Let see… a hospital that remains in secret to the public.’

‘Oh yeah? – You better tell me… I don’t like playing games. I like getting to the point!’

‘The point? Ha, so you walk in here. All tough, threatening a defenceless old man!’

‘I intend on putting an end to Joey. That is hardly any of your business though.’

‘An end you say? – How about I let you shoot me? Make it quick though. I won’t blink.’

‘Don’t be a fool, old man! I’m only here for some information. I’d spare your heart… if I was you.’

‘… You leave me no choice.’ He whispers.

The mayor raised a light silver pistol from his coat pocket. He holds it towards me, begging for a duel. I appraised his attempt of winding me up. I smirked, he laughed in my face. I placed my arms in the air. Waiting for the mayor to talk normally. He didn’t go back to normal. He tried to press the trigger of the gun. I stepped back as the trigger clicked. I hid my face under my hood. He smiled at me, and laughed a little more. I walked back a few more steps. The people behind me moved back.

‘Ryan… if anyone can kill me. Why can’t you? Hey big man!’ He screamed.

‘Don’t push it old man. I’m not done with you yet!’ I roared.

‘That’s it. Let’s keep this little disagreement going… it’ll give Joey more time…’ he smirked.

As he said those words, I pulled out a dark red cased penknife. He stepped back, holding the pistol unsteadily. I revealed the knife to his eyes. And he still smiled, yet he switched facial expressions every five seconds. It looked like he was trying to fight how he really felt. He brought this on himself. I stepped towards him, holding the knife at neck point. He pushed the desk chair into my chest. I fell back into the side of the desk. Yet, the knife stayed in my tight grasp.

‘Joey most likely has it all under control…’ he laughed.

‘Shut up! – Shut the fuck up!’ I screamed.

He lifted himself over the desk. I got up off the floor. And aimed the knife at his chest, as he was struggling to climb over part of the desk. I held back my arm, extending it forward with thrust. I let go of the knife as it aimed towards his back. In quick reflects, I was prepared for losing that knife. I quickly went through my left pocket. I pulled out a Taser, Ryan had given it me in the past. I pushed myself forwards. Chasing the mayor around the corner of the room. The knife had scratched his back. He moaned in pain, and panted loudly. I chased him up the stairs. He laughed the whole time we were running. I dashed across the hallway, following him to one of the doors. Room #201. He gasped, and looked like a hamster trying to break out of a cage. He pushed himself against the corner of the room. And finally, I could see his true fear. He was afraid.

‘Okay… okay… - kill me, go one. Always good to have a little fun before death.’

‘You know… I could kill you now. And no one would know, nobody would care. But, I don’t have too much hate for you. So, why don’t you run along… give me the information. And then we’ll call it quits.’ I smiled.

‘No way. And give up on more fun to be had? – I’ve hated this town from day one!’ He chuckled.

‘If you have always hated this town. Why haven’t you given the role to someone else? Somebody who cares about the world. And actually knows what real life is all about…’ I whispered.

‘Don’t play the innocent one here… Ryan. You are not as innocent as you look. I mean, you were going to kill me back there. In front of all those faces. What a shame, they’d remember you as the scum on this planet. If you had given it a few more years, maybe you’d find yourself dead…’

‘You know what… I actually felt sorry for you downstairs… but now, now… I can see what you are really up to. A devilish old man, who has intentions of ruining the happiness of others…’

‘The world was once different in the past. How could anyone like it like that? New things have always been the future. And with you disagreeing. What difference will that make? Even if a new mayor is recruited. Do you that one individual could change everything I’ve accomplished?’ He smirked.

‘You know… maybe the world was different back then. And changes always have to happen. So I’m told. You should just end it, put an end to this pointless change. Make life as we know it.’

‘No… - I’ve gone too far. My wife left me. My kids, I don’t even want to say it… and my parents, they threw me out. But that was all in the past.’ He cried.

“He is as worthless as you are. S-someone who can’t make the right changes…”

~ Flash Back ~

“Our son needs all the support he can get. He needs someone to rely on, and you know that Stan.”

“He can fend for himself! – His grandfather was a marine. I know my own son better than you do!”

“Don’t be like this… Stan. I mean, everyone else has left each other. I thought we were better than that!”

“By better… you mean worse. Our son needs to learn manhood. He needs someone to depend on. And that sure of hell isn’t going to be us! – And it won’t be me either.”

“Stan! – You can’t just leave him behind…”

“Why not? He is just as worthless as you and I. And you know that… deep down. Deep down in your little brain, you know that he is just like us. Why else would I suggest moving away?!”

“We are all afraid Stan. You don’t need to be so heartless…”

“I’ve been in war. And this isn’t war! This is a disgusting sight for any human being…”

“Stan… it is all we have left. It may be disgusting and horrible. But, we still have each other. And our son, he needs a good home to grow up in. And this is all we have left. It is all that remains…”

“Remainders or not. We not taking any chances out here… just leave Joey behind Jenny… leave him behind! – He is going to a fighter, and I know that. Just come with me… I’ve booked us tickets. And I’ve already packed for you.”

“You have no right… you have no right to do this! – I swear on my grave. That this child will be back in my arms! He’ll be back in my arms… away from the grasps of you!” She screamed.

~ Door Slams… and I awake in the room with the mayor looking confused. ~

‘I’m not one to brag… I’m really not, you look unstable.’ He mumbled.

‘Back off, get away from me!’ I screamed.

‘Forget it Ryan. You need help… god praise us all, god praise us all…’

In a flicker of a light switch, the mayor had ended his life. No clues, no explanation to why he did it. He made the right decision. Problem is… he didn’t give me the damn location! I mumbled to myself in frustration. Asking several questions to my empty minded brain. It just ignored me, pretended I was scum itself. I pushed the mayor’s body off my chest. Blood dripped out of his mouth (what there was left of his mouth.) He fell face planted against the wooden floor, lying in a puddle of blood. My hands twitched at the sight of seeing a dead body in front of me. I mean, it wasn’t new. It just the thoughts of what may have gone through his head. It had haunted me a little, that’s all…

Gulping the guilt, I took one final gulp inside the room. Not long before leaving the room empty handed. Blood had dried into my dark grey socks. Revealing a darker grey pattern. I closed the door slowly, and walked down the stairs. Leaving a corpse for someone to discover in the near future. As I reached the final step, I heard the same woman. The same woman screaming at her child, her daughter. I dashed to the location, looking horrified at a mother holding her daughter down on the ground. The other people in line, they stared and cheered on the mother. Although, there was a few horrified faces. I felt even more guilt slipping past me. As I approached the mother.

‘Miss, let go of your child…’ I whispered.

‘This is none of your business! Just do it for me! Make a difference for your fucking family!’

‘Miss… we could discuss this problem over some coffee…’ I giggled.

‘Coffee? IS this some kind of joke…? B-because you are really starting to annoy me!’

‘It is not my intention. I’m just here for the free coffee…’ I mumbled.

‘Free coffee. Fine! I’ll sit down for a coffee… but this child stays on the ground!’

She was frantic, shaking like nonstop windup toy. I tapped her on the shoulder, trying to reassure her that everyone around her are real. Her expression revealed so much about her. It was like she was scared of her surroundings. And who isn’t? Everyone is afraid of this. Even me… I’m not going to let an innocent daughter die to the hands of an unstable mother.

I offered her my hand. She shook my hand more than grasping. Eventually, I had made progress with her. She looked at me, whilst looking away in fear. I say opposite her on one of the old table and chairs. Pine wood, I could tell from the fine design. She sipped her coffee, thankfully they didn’t ask for me to pay. Probably too afraid of what happens now-a-days. The woman sighed deeply. She sipped her coffee again. I felt the need to talk to her, she needed comfort.

‘Y-your name Miss?’ I whispered.

‘Br-Brenda… my name is Brenda.’ She gulped.

‘Well… my name is J-Joey…’

‘Nice name. It isn’t going to win you anything though…’ she smirked.

‘Obviously… I expect more maturity from a fine woman like yourself.’

‘Your child. What did she do to you?’ I asked.

‘N-none of your business… she is just a home wrecker!’ She screamed.

‘Oh really… I sense more than that. You can’t look after her, you are unfit. Unstable, and unacceptable to be a mother!’ I lost my temper.

She placed her head in her hands. Covering her distraught face from the sight of me. I gulped back the remainder of my coffee. She flinched and pushed her chair back. It squeaked across the floor, as she stood up whilst still covering her face. I pushed my chair back, stood up too. She walked back over to her child crying. I watched her every movement like a hawk.

‘Baby… get up, we’re going home…’ she cried.

‘No-no-no! I don’t want go with you… you’re a monster!’

The mother dropped her support from underneath her daughter. She cried louder, and headed towards the exit doors. As she left the building. The other people waiting patiently in line for the desk, had changed their minds. A fight kicked off just like that. A big heavy looking man holding a baseball bat. He swung at several innocent civilians. Knocking the teeth out of the poor civilians. More screaming filled the room. At this point, I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t take any more noise.

I pushed my way through towards the exit doors. Not looking back at anyone. And headed for a near-by vehicle. As I got outside, I could see that most of the cars had been destroyed. Windows were smashed, some bandits were still seen going through the cars. They were stealing everything, and taking belongings. Ripping out radios and taking cash from the pockets inside. I didn’t think to fight them, I just walked past them casually. My hood was soon up, and I headed to a truck with broken windows. Luckily, the keys had been left inside. The truck was all revved up. A theory occurred to me. This truck belonged to several bandits. As I put it the truck in reverse, I could hear sounds in the back.

Again. I didn’t think to look back. I drove the truck out of the parking lot, driving through broken down cars. And managed to knock a bandit to the side. Now in control of a vehicle. I decided that it was time to do a full search for Ryan. I’m sick of pretending for the sake of my daughter. It is time, time to find her and destroy Ryan for good. Even if our personality seems the same. I’m not taking any more risks…

After a journey through Hell, what I call Hell. I had arrived at the closest hospital. This hospital, it was quite off the radar for some time. However, I can only hope that Ryan has looked here first. And I can only hope he is still here. If not… then he is elsewhere. He better be here! I parked the truck under some of the rubble. This hospital was very broken down. Brick walls destroyed. The smell of burning rubber and wood. And smoke coming from some of the windows upstairs. Whether it is such a good idea to go inside. Well its common sense. But I love my daughter, I love her too much.

~ The Hospital ~

I pushed my way through some loose wires. Some of them were shutdown, no power coming from them. And one or two wires were deadly. I managed to cut myself off some of the loose railing. As I pushed my way through the hospital equipment. I found myself in a dark room. As I focussed on the chairs behind me, and could see what looked like a desk. I approached the so-called desk, looking for the security keys. I hopped over the desk. On the other side of the desk, I found a soft squishy object. As I rummaged through some of the ground, I felt a nose shaped object. I flinched, and felt for more. Discovering that I was laying on a corpse. I freaked out a little, and pushed it away from me.

Knowing that time is limited, especially in a building that could collapse at any minute. My arm casted out towards the drawers. I rummaged through the drawers as quick as I could. I felt for some metal objects. And to my luck, I found a metal object. As I pulled it out of the drawers, it rattled. Alerting my brain’s knowledge that these might be keys. It was a risk worth taking. I climbed out from under the desk, and past the corpse. Almost vomiting due to feeling a body like that. I staggered over towards what looked like bright light. And managed to find myself in the dark hallways.

“Attention all patients. The Hospital is closed… closed… closed…”

A robotic distorted sound broke through the silence in the hospital. It sounded like a recorded message. Or a message that didn’t go through, and still seems to be struggling. I managed to find a room, the door had been left open. A light flickered from some kind of hospital equipment. It beeped several times. I stepped into the room aware of dangerous hazards. I slowly walked into the room, looking around for more light. The flickering light revealed some surrounding area. Wires all over the floor, and several corpses in nurse clothing. These corpses were lying on top of each other on a hospital bed. No way did they die there. Surely, they were placed on the bed.

“Attention all patients… The Hospital is closed... closed… closed… -- The Hospital.”

The sound of the distortion continued, it rang my ear drums like several church bells. I walked over to the door, trying to read the sign on the door. Thanks to the red light flickering, I could read the sign on the door. It read: “Meditation.” What the heck? Meditating…? Surely, this sign is fake.

‘That fucker… he always had it in him. Never thought he’d die though…’ a voice came from the other room.

I walked out of the room, staggering over the bumpy ground. And managed to listen in on the guy next door. It sounded like a male’s voice. Though, you can’t be too careful these days. The voice continued through the beeping.

‘Help me move this body… I think he had the code, the one for the V.I.P lifts…’

‘Alright… I just hope we don’t get caught…’

‘Stop your bitching! And help me move this body to the floor!’ He screamed.

An opportunity like this doesn’t come too often. I pushed the door open, and noticed that the strangers had flash lights. Shit! Before I could jump out the way, one of the guy’s had shined his light on me. I looked at him nervously. Moving back towards the door, I felt afraid again.

#Beep# #Beep# #Beep# #Beep…#

‘Look- I’m not here to cause mischief. I’m here to find someone, a guy…’ I whispered.

‘Spare your bullshit. You aren’t the only we’ve had to deal with tonight.’ He sighed. ‘Believe it or not, we’ve had two… no three! Three fucking guys disturbing us. And I’m sure you have probably came across one of them.’

‘I’ve seen a few corpses… hardly anything to be proud about though. Why are you here anyway?’

‘I’ll do the talking. Not you! – Put your hands up… p-put your fucking hands up!’ He shouted.

I raised my hands in the air. As the bloke looked at me, I got a closer look at him. Dark black baggy trousers. And a bald head, apart from his friend. His friend – I can’t see him. The bald man, he actually had a name tag. What an idiot, “Phillip Jones.”

‘Phillip Jones… spare me yeah? I’m only here to do what you are here to do…’ I sighed.

‘No way… I’m sorry. Son, take care of him. Put him down, or tie him up…’

As I stood there defenceless, a tallish boy approached me. He was wearing a dark red mask, and judging by Phillip. Apparently, it is his son. I looked back the other direction, and the kid froze in position. I tried to wriggle my way out of their grasp. Yet, the kid was pretty strong. He managed to tie some thick rope around my hands. As he knelt down to tie my legs too, I felt sorry for him. Surely, Phillip is just another bad father. Like this kid needs to follow his footsteps.

‘Son… stick him in the vent, that’ll keep him quiet. In-case, I don’t know…’ he sighed.

‘Sure thing. Just keep him still.’ The kid whispered.

‘Good lad’ and after that. We can take the truck back to Ryan.’ He laughed.

‘W-wait… did- did you just say Ryan?!’ I shouted.

‘Shut up! – Son… gag him, make him shut up!’ He raised his voice.

‘Right’ dad. I’m sorry… I’ll keep him quiet.’

‘Good lad’ and you know what… I don’t like this one’s tone. You see son, the others. Father and son took care of. They weren’t as bitchy as this guy…’ he smirked.

‘So… kill him? Or, leave him?’

‘No-no- no! We’ll just keep him in the building… and when he finally gets out, he won’t get out. A flame, one spark will set this place a-light.’ He joked.

‘Burn the building? B-but what about my parents?’ The kid hissed.

‘W-what did I say about asking fucking questions!’

As I laid against the wall near a vent’s entrance, with my hands and legs tied together. Phillip had lost his temper with the kid. I may not be able to talk, but at least I can hear! The kid fled from the room, leaving a total blur in my mind. Phillip let him run off, as he approached me kneeling down on his knees. He looked at me, and smoked in-front of my face. I coughed in my gagged up mouth.

‘I hate to do this. B-but that kid, he is hard to control… if only he’d listen. I’m done giving him chance after chance. Anyway, you don’t mind, do you? Here… I’ll let you light the candle…’

As I am helpless, and can’t do anything to save myself. Phillip set the lighter, and placed it in my tied up hands. As he grinned at me, I wriggled and fell to the floor. Struggling to move, or even get up on my feet. I was stuck wriggling on the ground, with a lit lighter. Phillip smirked one last time, as he walked out the room. On the bright side, I could see the room better. A lot more colour, nice wallpaper. The lighter lit on the hospital rug. Must be for patients.

‘Kid…! Don’t play hide and seek with me… because when I find you, it’ll never be my turn to hide!’

Phillip’s voice raised from outside, he shouted loudly. I wriggled towards the corner of the room. Trying to get away from the small flare that had set. A little bit of the rug was already on fire, and the lighter in my hands started to burn my skin. I felt the pain soaring through my veins. I screamed in my gag. And wiggled towards the closed door. Phillip should have used better plan to kill me. Fire really? What is he going to accomplish…? The fire on the rug started to grow. A small flame developed into a bigger flame, and soon half the room was on fire. Windows crackling, I coughed loudly as the smoke intoxicated me.

‘Mr… I’m here, Sir… I’m here to h-help you…’ the kid coughed.

The kid who had tied me up, he actually returned? The smoke got bigger with thicker layers of dark black smoke flowing into the celling. The flames had taken over half of the floor and the celling was being burnt every second. The kid untied my hands, and pushed me towards the open door. I held the door open, hoping that it wouldn’t slam or even shut. The fire created some wind, it wasn’t too strong, but it was enough to make the windows shatter.

‘Sir… you can go, just get out of here! – Make a run for it. You’re so lucky I’m doing this…’

‘T-thanks…’ I gasped.

‘Oh sorry…’ he removed my gag. ‘There you go… now go!’

I crawled across the hallway, looking for the nearest exit. The kid ran past me, and I managed to stand up a little. Waddling side to side, I managed to get to the end of the hallway. Lights smashed due to the fires, and the smoke started to fill the hallway ceiling. I coughed loudly, pushing my way through some rubble. I managed to escape the hallway, and just made it past the kid who was waiting at a half-destroyed staircase. The flames became more violent, breaking down some of the wooden flooring from upstairs. I heard more ceilings crumbling, and fire burning strongly through the flooring underneath us. Some of the staircase fell apart, being covered by more rubble and debris.

‘Come on kid… we need to get out of here! Just get away from the stairs…’ I grabbed the kid.

‘No… stop! Stop! My dad will kill you! He will, he’ll take you apart…!’ He screamed.

‘I don’t care. No way, am I letting you burn up in here…’ I grunted.

Holding the kid in my arms, I threw the kid towards the lower window. He wriggled towards the door, as more fire stretched along the walls. I freaked out a little, and started to panic. We both coughed loudly. Screeching, instead of speaking. I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him over the middle of the window. And looked down, it weren’t too high up. Not far off the ground. I kicked some of the remaining glass, and pushed the kid out. He landed on the grass, rolling down a small slope. I watched him roll into the mud, it looked pretty dirty.

Only me, I can get out without a fuss. But Amy… the kid lifted himself up from his fallen position. He looked at me in fear, and smiled. As I was about to jump out too, I had to go back. The kid looked horrified as I left the window. The fire rapidly spread throughout the hallway, and started to crumble the ground underneath me. I grabbed half of a broken marble table. And staggered towards the burning hallway. With every sudden step, a loud creak followed me. The fire burnt through the ceiling, knocking the second floor onto the ground floor. The large layers of smoke, they blocked my view. Yet, the vent. It was still accessible. I panicked even more, and ripped off the remainder of the vent trapdoor. As I hopped into the vent, I crawled as quickly as I could through the tight spaces. Some parts of the ventilation shaft had been ripped apart. And if not that, debris had blocked some accessible areas. I head-butt some of the loose metal, it hurt a lot.

The sound of screaming echoed behind me. And crackling fire demolished the pathways I had taken. I started to worry, as the vent’s surface started to feel hotter. With a panic and deep breath, I kicked my way towards the second floor’s entrance. The vent goes up, this is dangerous. I freaked out on the spot. And smashed the flooring behind me. Placing my hands on the rims of the shaft going up. I climbed my way unsteadily up towards the second floor. The fire underneath me had managed to crumble away some of the vent shaft below. I climbed to the top, I can see more smoke. Way more smoke!  As I felt around the surface, I felt more corpses. Didn’t think to look down, thank god.

The vent shaft had ended, the rest of it had been ripped away. All the fire upstairs, it must have taken over the second floor. And Phillip’s second fire probably hasn’t helped the situation whatsoever. I threw myself out of the shaft, and dashed towards the stairway going to the fourth floor. A loud explosion from downstairs erupted and shook up the ground. I fell to the side, resting against the wall, in a lot of pain. I wobbled back onto my feet, and regained balance. I grabbed what was left of the railing and used the railing as a climbing frame. As the flames sounded louder below me. I lifted myself onto the railing that felt very unstable. And tightrope my way up the railing.

Third Floor. I had reached third floor. The thick smoke had died down a little. Yet the fire and explosions kept the ground unsteady. More glass shattered from below. And the sound of screaming followed by the sound of fire. It feels haunting, a living nightmare to live once more. I grasped onto the left side of the third floor. With my feet right against what remained of the wall, I sidestepped to the other side. The flames sounded more aggressive in this area. And the smoke started to rise even more, intoxicating the entire space I had left. I kicked the nearest door open, and crouched inside.

‘Now- now… calm down, the kid is fine. He’ll be fine. Just calm down…’

‘Hey! Phillip… what the fuck are you doing? This place is on fire!’ I screamed.

‘I’m looking after all that remains in this place. Ryan assured me…’

‘Ryan? Where is he…? I’ll fucking kill him!’ I roared.

‘You certainly have a lot of time on your plate. Only a mad man would stay in a building like this. Any moment, this will explode. And all that is left of me, it’ll be scattered across the town.’

‘You are insane! – And who were you talking to?’ I whispered.

‘Someone… a young girl, she misses her big brother.’

Phillip stepped aside, as the fire crumbled more of the floor behind us. I walked up to a hospital bed, ignoring the many corpses lying on the ground. And some of the corpses, I couldn’t help but look at. Because some of them, they weren’t fully dead… still a bit of life in them. On the hospital bed, there was a blanket with medium sized bulge underneath. I grabbed the blanket in fear, and ripped It off the hospital bed. I closed my eyes, as Phillip tapped me on the shoulder.

‘Surprise! – Wonderful to see a family reunion…’ he laughed.

To my horror, I opened my eyes. I caught glimpse of a little girl, laying on a blood stained hospital bed. With tears down her cheeks, and a heartbroken face. I pivoted around, and punched directly into Phillip’s face. He fell back against the wall. I turned to face him, as he slid to the floor. I smiled at him, and he had a strange expression on his face. Like he was confused or something…

‘Surprise, huh? You think this is funny…?! My daughter! My fucking daughter… is in a burning building with a complete psychopath!’ I bellowed.

‘Uh… I-I thought, it was funny…’ he giggled. (Followed by violent coughing.)

‘Yeah… well I hope you like your surprise. Because me and her, we are out of here!’

‘You… you are such a softy- probably the only good we have left, ha…’ he coughed loudly.

I grabbed Amy and held her close to my chest. Her little head rested on where my heart is. She felt cold and damp. I took several deep breaths, and kicked Phillip on the way out. He fell back to the floor, and started to laugh uncontrollably. On the way out of the room. There was only one exit, the roof top. It sounds stupid, it is all we have. The other option, is hoping we’ll survive downstairs. I’m not one for risks Amy. I’m one for taking the easy way out.

With my heart racing against Amy’s little ears. I carried her to the staircase, leading up to the roof top. I freaked out as the fire and smoke got even more serious. No fire brigade, we really need them. They don’t work anymore, no-one fucking works anymore! With the remainder of my strength. I put it all into carrying my daughter up the stairs. We reached the roof top, her protected. Not even a scratch, but me… slight burns, and out of control coughing. I knelt down at the roof top, and placed Amy on the surface. My eyes began to fade, as the smoke had really affected me.

‘Joey… is that you? – You don’t look too good…’ a voice whispered.

I awoke slightly and looked up to see a figure all blurry.

‘W-what? I-I can’t…‘ I coughed.

‘Spare your breath. You look like you need help…’ the voice replied.

‘How about, I help you. Just stand up, and face me… and we’ll sort something out for you…’

‘T-thanks… w-whoever you are, are you a doctor?’ I cried.

‘You wish. I’m here to keep you breathing, for now…’

As I lifted myself up a little, I caught glimpse of a tall looking figure. The voice started to sound familiar, ringing in my mind. Ryan? Oh no… I caught glimpse of Ryan, he stood tall with a woman gagged in his arms. I freaked out in my mind, but wanted to get back up. Ryan smirked, as he held the woman closer to me. His eyes looked bigger than before. Well his pupils in his eyes, they looked bigger than before. Maybe not so much his eyes.

‘… good to see you awake. I was a little afraid you weren’t going to come round. I was like… snap out of it! Snap the fuck out of it! – But, here you are…’ he mumbled.

With every word he said, his head hesitated. He held the woman closer to my face, and smiled at me. The woman looked bruised, and badly beaten up. She was also gagged, unable to speak. Her position reminded me of myself. Phillip, he gagged me. He had me on my knees, begging for mercy. Apart from the kid, I had him on my side. He was a bandit with strong heart. Maybe, I shouldn’t judge so easily. How can I say that? The world has gone mad. I’m going mad every day…

‘… Joey, as much as I’ve been sitting here... waiting for you to actually get a grip. On the floor, I didn’t think you’d be so foolish. You’d come up here, in a burning building…’ he laughed.

‘I-I’d do… anything for my family.’

‘Yeah… so I’ve heard. Not me though, you try too hard. You put your own life on the line for others… that is sickening, dark and twisted… I mean, who the fuck am I? Who the fuck am I?!’

‘Ryan… a-are you okay?’ I asked.

‘Okay, okay?! Yes… I’m fine, the world around us is still spinning… so why wouldn’t I be okay? – And here you are begging for mercy. Shame you didn’t take the offer, and your daughter… she missed you, I found her on the third floor. Fucking nurses everywhere! It was a wonder to how anybody gets peace and quiet around here…’ he mumbled.

‘Yeah. And you killed them? Hold my daughter hostage. And lie to a kid who doesn’t know what’s what?’ I shouted.

‘So we all make mistakes… can’t go back to the prison now, can we? I feel a little bad for making you travel through fire. Ha, no I don’t! I feel more pathetic for letting yourself go through with saving the one that matters to you the most.’

‘… The mayor is dead.’ I coughed.

‘What a shame. I was planning on taking that fucker for a ride. He’d have his hands in the air. Everyone would just wave with excitement. What a funny sight, don’t you think so?’

‘I dread to imagine… heck, I can’t see it through your eyes. My mind is clear…’

Ryan grasped my collar, lifting me up onto my feet. The pain is unbearable. I can’t feel my legs, and he now has me. Beneath us, fire. Burning flames and deadly smoke, it is all underneath us. If he was in the right mind, maybe we’d have a chance of escaping… alive! Nope, he just wants to make things difficult. He has gone crazy, insane. And I’m thinking of just dropping off the roof top.

‘Now you see, Joey. I’ve been too nice to you… way too kind. Too loyal, and then Phillip. Ha, he was brainless. Dumb really, he didn’t have a fucking clue what was going on. This hospital is like a plant, a plant full of drugs. It turns the mind inside out, makes you think everyone is crazy…’

‘Ryan… just put me down, and let my daughter go!’ I mumbled.

‘She isn’t like you. You don’t see her like I do. She is like a toxic waste, you go near her… you burn! I’d be a fool to just go with it.’ He gasped. ‘She’s like poison Joey. She has this mood… I don’t like it.’

‘Shut up! – She is actually more scared of you… you’re off your head!’

‘Out of my mind. Turn it upside down… nobody is out of their mind! We are all equal, so they say…’

‘Oh… and Ryan, Phillip’s dead…’ I sighed.

‘Oh really… so the world has gone upside down. Here’s the hero, the one and only… Joey!’ He laughs.

Ryan held the woman against the helicopter. I moved a little towards him. My daughter, Amy. She just sits there like everything is okay. Ryan starts shaking uncontrollably, and starts kicking the helicopter door whilst holding the innocent woman. She cries for help, yet her voice isn’t loud enough. The gag around her mouth keeps her quiet.

‘Joey… want to take this for a spin?’ Ryan joked.

‘Ryan… just stop! – Let her go… face me, fight me if you have to!’ I shouted.

‘No fucking way! An opportunity like this never comes… unless you make it happen!’

As I get closer to Ryan, he starts powerfully smashing the woman’s face off the helicopter door. She screams as loud as she can. I could barely hear her, yet she still strives to survive. I get a little closer to their location. And fall onto my knees near Ryan. I kneel a little closer. Ryan finally lets go of the woman, her face is even more bruised than before. Her nose is bleeding. And blood is drying inside the gag around her mouth.

‘… I’m sorry lady. I didn’t quite get what Joey had to say…’ he whispers.

‘Ungag her… and we can talk like men, before this place falls apart!’ I shouted.

‘Fine… here, take her!’ He laughed. ‘She is quite the beauty isn’t she? I can see why you’d want her…’

Ryan threw the woman onto the helicopter pad, leaving her on the ground. Thankfully, he did ungag her. She squirms towards my feet in fear. I stare at Ryan as he grabs onto the helicopter. I reassure the woman that she is safe. And in the right hands. She hesitates, and doesn’t reply. She just nods, and crawls towards the door. Ryan is standing on top of the helicopter, holding the blade for balance.

‘Ryan…! What the fuck are you doing?!’ I roared.

‘Spinning around… S-spinning around like the world does!’ He laughed.

To my surprise, he pulls out a pistol from his left pocket. And starts unstably aiming towards the woman. The helicopter falls to the side, as the explosion from underneath erupts further upwards. The roof top shakes, and the sound of glass shatters through the rustic flames. I run with all my strength, and grab onto the side of the helicopter. Good job we’re on the ground.

‘See you all… I’ll remember you as the nemesis! And you will all be gone when I wake up!’

Ryan laughs uncontrollably, and fires a bullet towards the woman. She manages to dodge the bullet, just in a nick of time. She hid herself behind one of the trash cans. Ryan gets angry, and starts shaking the blade of the helicopter. I lift myself further up, and manage to get myself onto the helicopter’s roof. Still afraid to look down, I climb further towards the blades of the helicopter.

‘Fuck you! You had one little task… one fucking task bitch!’ He screams. ‘Take a bullet, that’s all your worth!’

‘Ryan! Enough is enough… drop the fucking gun!’ I screamed.

With my arm wrapped tightly around the blade, I manage to lift my left leg up. With the remainder of my strength, I slip kick Ryan is his groin. He falls down the side of the helicopter. He still laughs as the helicopter starts to wobble slightly. Dead scared, I manage to kick Ryan again. He slips off onto the ground, one of the edges of the roof top. He lands in a painful position.

‘No more fucking around Joey! – How about… you just jump off!’

‘Whatever Ryan… whatever.’ I laughed.

Ryan slips again, onto a lower part of the building. He managed to get back up, and holds the pistol towards me. I grab the blade of the helicopter, and start rocking back and forth. As the helicopter wobbles side to side. After one final swing and a slight explosion downstairs. The helicopter falls down a small landslide of the building. As the helicopter slides, I fell onto my back. Part of the blade comes extremely close to landing on my chest. I dodged a bullet, quite literally.

‘Oh great… now you want to play hide and seek?’ He laughed.

‘No… Ryan, come down here, you coward!’ I screamed.

‘C-coward… you really know how to get under someone’s skin!’ He shouted.

The building collapses slightly, with fires slowly going down. Part of the helicopter is crushed by some large pieces of debris. We must have fallen down a few floors. As soon as Ryan slides down, I hear him scream in agony. I dash over towards his location. And prepare myself for the battle. He stands up, unbalanced. Staggering towards me, his face is all cut and bruised. He screams at me, and throws some debris towards my direction. I roll out of the way of some of the debris he threw. Dodging almost all of it, apart from one brick that he threw with a lot of force. The brick hit me in my left thigh. I dropped to the floor, holding my left thigh in agony.

‘Finally… you give in, I thought you were giving in, up there… then again, you are quite the fighter…’

‘Ryan… shoot me then! – Go one… shoot me!’ I laughed.

He picks up another brick and aims it towards my left kneecap. I struggle to move in any direction. The spacing we have, it is very limited. Half the destruction had caused some serious problems. As small fires crackled around us, and the helicopter kept creaking on our floor. The dark black smokes made us both cough. As I looked up, the woman was watching us talk. Her face blurred in the smoke. Ryan threw a brick at my left kneecap. I groan in pain, as he laughs again and again.

‘Almost got you there… think of it like this. One bullet, and it is all over… the world is redeemed, or what’s left of it…’ he smiled.

I roll onto my side praying for the floor to collapse before the bullet kills me. The floor creaks louder as the helicopter dislodges from some of the debris. The small fire starts to take over more of the burnt wood. Ryan looks at me with his pistol in hand. I try to look back at him, but my mind tells me not to. I squirmed towards a gap in the flooring, trying to end my life before he does. Ryan kneeled down near me. He touches my face, forcing my mouth to open with his large hands. I choke violently, and spit out some blood. He smirked at me as the blood rolled out of my mouth.

‘Well… looks like this bullet will be the end of you… heck, we’ll do it together!’ He giggled.

‘F-fuck you!’ I shouted with the remainder of my breath.

Ryan lodges the pistol forcing it into my mouth. I squirmed from side to side, trying to get the pistol out my mouth. No use, he holds my head back. He smiles at me, as he pushes the end of the pistol deeper into my mouth. I close my eyes, begging for a second chance to fight him.

‘I’d say last words are to be spoken. Yet, there isn’t anything to be said… that woman, does she mean anything to you?’ He whispered.

‘No, I don’t know her… but, everyone deserves a life!’ I shouted.

‘Oh really… so, if I was to go up there now, and fire a bullet in her skull. And make your little precious jewel watch her die. Would you just lay here, while I did that?’ He smiled.

‘Hey-hey! You kill me but you leave them alone… or, the second option is – we die together!’

‘Fuck it Joey, maybe the collapse will kill us all…’ he whispered.

Before I have any chance to speak, a shadow drops from the sky into the smoke. I look up, and there she is. The woman I rescued from the roof top, she managed to tie a rope around her waist. She slides down slowly, dangling above Ryan’s grizzly face. I squirm and mumble a few words. Ryan looks at me in fury, as he attempts to press the trigger. The woman tripped on some of the debris coming down. With a crash landing, she landed on Ryan’s back. I crawl towards a gap in the building. A small enough gap to fit through. The woman claws Ryan’s back and smashes her fists off his head.

‘G-get the fuck off me!’ He screamed.

‘No… you don’t abuse women like that. You are a violent dull excuse for a human being!’

As I look behind me. I catch the sight of Ryan getting his just deserts. The woman claws into his hair. Her dark black hair shines through some of the flames. And her deep blue eyes make me turn back. I crawl towards her, ignoring my exit. She grabbed my hand, lifting me up onto my feet. As she crushes Ryan’s back with her weight. And rubs his face into the ground. He squirms, spitting out small stones. As I place my left foot on top of his head, he tries to speak.

‘Oh come on… you are such a traitor… he could have been dead!’ He mumbled.

‘Too bad. He is a hero in my eyes… and you are too blind to see that!’ She laughed.

‘Holly… why do this?! I thought you worked for me…’

‘Oh… fuck you! Just shut up, eat the dirt and burn in this wasteland…’

The fire uproots through the ground. As the helicopter finally creates an explosion, it knocks me and Holly off our feet. We land face planted into a brick wall. Whilst, Ryan’s body laid on the ground near giant flames. He coughed loudly, I could see his body squirming. Holly struggled to move. She grasped my hand, and clawed her way up onto her knees. My eyesight feels dense. Holly’s voice rings in my ears, as the fire grows bigger from across the floor. Cut down the middle, Ryan on one side and me and Holly on the other. Separation, perfect…

‘Wake up…! W-wake up Joey… c-come on!’ She cried.

‘Amy… what about Amy…?’ I gasped.

‘Safe hands… she’s fine…’ she smiled.

Holly revealed under her long dark coat little Amy. Her face was nothing but a distant memory. I groaned in pain, I couldn’t move. Holly tried to lift me up onto my legs. She kept screaming at me. My name is all that could be heard. “Joey! – Joey! – Come on…!” My eyes close, and the last thing I see… is her walking away with Amy. She walks across an unsteady platform. A platform that lead to bright light. Am I asleep? – Or…

~ The End ~

News Report

A hospital at Red Meadow has been found destroyed. People who are unaware of this, I’ve managed to find the closest News building. Honestly, this is a true story. A hero died today, and I know you don’t hear that often. He was a lot to me, he meant the world to me. Another man who doesn’t deserve zilch, is a man called Ryan… a thug, a member of our society. Someone who went crazy! He even tried to kill someone I know, someone dear to me.

My civilians, I want you all to know… that the world will never be the same again… and yes! I know we can’t stop the crime, and the barriers… it is out of our control. Even the mayor of our town. Even he failed to shut it down. After-all, we nominated him… well kind of. Although, many have died. It gives us a reason to keep fighting, and maybe one day…

We’ll be Heroes.

~ My name is Holly, Holly Sparkles ~

(Information: Holly Sparkles is actually the woman you have all wanted to know.)

[Author Note: 12,000 Words! – I can’t believe I wrote 12,000 words for one chapter! It means a lot to me. And with every scene, I tried to describe the best I could. If you find any errors. Let that be, major errors or minor errors. Please report them to me, I’ll fix them ASAP!]

And if you ask for a Sequel. You will find yourself this…


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