The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


13. The First Two Remaining…

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 13: The First Two Remaining…

*** 10 Minutes Later ***

‘I c-could call the Police on you Joey…’ He mumbled as he dragged himself across the floor in pain.

‘You could do that Alex, and we’d have nothing in common. We’d be nothing but enemies, and what would you say to them…? You have a terrible criminal record!’ I blabbered.

‘I’d say every last word Joey… Every last word I can speak!’ He roared in pain.

This pathetic guy dragging himself across the floor in front of me who happens to be my brother. He has my family’s blood running in him, and I don’t see any resemblance whatsoever. I crouched down to his level with my eyes twitching ever so slightly. He lifted his head up at me with tears starting to form around his deranged eyes. He was wretched from the beginning and his end could fall the same way. What a miserable life this scumbag has, I don’t want to hurt him for good, I just want him to hear me out. Then just maybe… He’ll listen to reason, if not, then he could die begging.

‘See Joey, I can dial a few numbers and you’d be out of here…’ He continued.

‘Do what you wish Alex, once this is over… I can return to being a lonely child, and I’m sure your life won’t remain much longer after that will it?’ I whispered down into his left ear.

He reached out for the phone as he tried to dial two last digits. I forced pressure down on his vibrating hand as he clenched onto my left ankle with his other hand.

‘Ouch! What the fuck are you doing…?’ He cried.

‘S-Something you won’t remember Alex, we are not the SAME!’ I screamed.

“Oh yeah, so what do you see? Yourself right, you see yourself begging for Amy!”

‘NO! Shut the fuck up Alex, shut the fuck up!’ I stomped aggressively.

“Look again… Look again…”

My eyes faced the ground in front of me, I expected emptiness instead of a lifeless body in front of me with its eyes staring directly at me with no motion left to move. I dropped to the ground on my knees trying to estimate when I went crazy… It was all blank once again, no memory of killing someone was inside of me. Whatever happened to this…? Brother! I don’t know what else to say, he was clearly trampled on. His bleeding to death, well he has blood to death!

‘A-Alex… Wake up bro, wake up please…’ I trembled. My face felt warm and the room felt dizzy.

‘I didn’t want to hurt you Alex, it was the wrong time and the wrong place b-bro…!’ I cried.

No reply, just his eyes staring at me with horror most likely hidden behind his frozen face.

All silence was around me, no sound of anyone but me. Just a lonely man crying over a dead body. Well he was certainly hard to put up with, yet I never knew that his death was in my hands. If I knew that, don’t you think I would have done something? I would have avoided him for life, not due to fear. Due to being lost in a world full of mystery and hatred spreading across the nations into poor selfish deranged individuals. And even some people with normal lives falling down beneath all this.

‘You’ve dialled the first digit bro, so I’ll dial the next… I’m sorry…’ I whispered.

I punched in the second digit as my hand started to shake from what I have witnessed. Losing myself to myself? How does that make any sense…? It doesn’t, it just makes me even more mental. If he wasn’t so twisted and messed up in the head, I’d offer him a second chance. Yet he isn’t here is he… He is lying on the floor begging for life, and I’ve granted him death. Which is nothing to what he wished for… He didn’t deserve to live a happy life, yet he deserved some kind of life…

‘A final digit and your final act will be complete. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this but since your still here… Well in my presence, maybe you need to hear this…’ I muttered.

‘Now don’t stop me, I’m warning you… Our mother didn’t see us through to the end, and she always knew that she wouldn’t. Now you see bro, I’ve left a lot of evidence in your place. In fact the whole years that have gone past with life changing situations has left me to think…’ I continued.


‘She didn’t want you Alex, she told me herself… She was going to throw you away like you were nothing… When we went to that one holiday, I lied. She never drowned! Well she did… But she didn’t drown in a… What’s the word?’ I paused with fear eating me.

‘She drowned in her own blood… That night when she wanted to kill our dad, do you think I’d let it go by…? Maybe you would, because you believed she was normal, she had a life to love? No! Complete bull shit, she had us… She had us to take care of, yet she failed didn’t she?!’ I cried.

I removed my two bright red pinkish hands from around my face and looked up with warm tears slowly drying around my chin. Alex was still there, and the look on his face was pretty much what he should have had the whole time. The whole time I’ve been lying to my little brother, and keeping it away from him so he can turn his life upside down. I did our mother a deed, what the fuck was I thinking? Yet she deserved what she got, and Alex deserved to hear the truth one way or another…

Before dialling the final digit, my mind was speaking sense to me. It was asking me to make a move from this crime scene. Leave everything behind and move on, that’s what I was hearing at least. The sound of blood dripping had ended, and nothing else made much sound apart me breathing heavily. The final digit was soon punched in as I left the phone behind the door I was about to close for good.

‘Hello, my name is Alex… Please get here, please!’ I mimicked my brother’s voice.

Leaving behind a dead body who was close to me, well used to be at least. The house was now empty pretty much with nothing but regrets and misery leaving it behind. I walked away from the house with my hood still hovering over my head from strong winds harassing me. I looked in front of me with a tedious smile and greed started to grow over my face revealing a smirk of joy. I enjoyed taking care of one, and it felt good to get the truth out after all these years…

*** Phone rang, [Jimmy Elk] ***

‘W-What is it? What the heck do you want…?’ I whispered gently.

‘Jimmy mate, it’s me Jimmy. Are you still coming down to see Ryan, or are you hanging around for a bit… I heard about your loss mate, must be pretty difficult to move on from all that, if I were you… I’d be more lost in myself than some girl’s life who meant a lot to you’ He replied.

‘L-Loss? There is no loss Elk, just death really… And what loss anyway?!’ I shuddered.

‘A-Amy mate, heard about it from Ryan… I guess he hear about it from the Police or something…’ He whispered, his voice faded out a little.

‘Amy! Don’t even mention her name, do you me Elk?’ I smirked, as my voice delivered a threatening message.

‘A-Alright mate, calm down. Just having a bit of a laugh down here with Carl and that…’ He giggled.

*** Call Ended, [Jimmy Elk] ***

“Amy is fine, she is fine and I’m fine. Yet Alex, well he’s dead… What else do you want?”

My hand fiddled with the phone for a little as I awaited the next phone call. I presumed another phone call was soon to follow after Elk’s since his older brother seems to listen a lot of his calls. Before thinking about the next phone call, a shocking sound pushed its self-though my spine. Sirens, Police sirens I presume. And possibly other emergencies, I don’t tend on sticking around here for much longer that’s for sure.

Dashing across through some alley ways and hopping over many metal gates, I found myself a broken down car wedged in between two garage doorways. The place looked deserted, I mean it’s in an alleyway. I doubt many people would be meeting around here. Parking myself down on a tree branch that was sitting against the car’s broken windows, I sat down to relax. Still waiting for this sudden phone call to come out of nowhere.

*** Phone rang, [Jacob Elk] ***

‘Hey… I know your there Joey, don’t play games with me yeah?!’ A voice broke through the silence.

‘So what if I’m here Jacob, I don’t see much going on anyway… Care to make it interesting, go ahead’

‘I’m tired of your shit mate, you push ma brother around like his some kind of slave to you. He owes nothing to you whatsoever’ He paused.

‘Is that what you think?’ I rudely interrupted,

‘No, it’s what I know… You push him around a little far Joey, and if I were you I’d respect hm. He has a lot going for him, and me as his older brother looking out for him to deal with twisted people like you, he’d probably thank me in the long run…’ He scoffed.

‘Think what you like… He called me, not the other way round. Do you even think I give two shits about his life? He is another joker to play ball with, he is a little ruined inside if you ask me mate’ I replied whilst ending the call immediately.

*** Call Ended, [Jacob Elk] ***

As I sat back with the thoughts of taking on Jacob, I relaxed my back on the side of the rusty old car. I turned to face behind me as I felt someone was watching me. In surprise the corner of my left eye caught the glimpse of the steering wheel. Yet underneath it was something dangling, sort of like a key chain or something. I pushed the remainder of the glass from the inside to the outside. As it shattered onto the floor. I hopped into the driver’s seat to finally see car keys wedged inside a compartment underneath steering wheel.

‘Looks like this car could move a little, I guess…’ I whispered to myself.

With the car in bad shape, I presumed it was still drivable. At least a little close to drivable, possibly the car had a little fuel in it too. Turning the keys into ignition, the car started to rock side to side a little with the engine vibrating the inside. The fuel was quite low, not much remaining at least. Slamming my face onto the steering wheel, I activated the cars dodgy sounding horn. As the car beeped a little with its intruder alarm going off. Thankfully, the alarm didn’t work too well, the sound wasn’t as loud as I would expect from any car like this really…

“Well suited is the convention I’d go for…”

‘If you are so sure about that, then you hold the wheel!’ My voice cracked.

“The wheel, something tells you that the wheel is part of this conspiracy?”

My mind blanked, I flashed the car lights in front of the wind shield as I cried for Amy’s love.

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