The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


27. The Final Hours For Us

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 27: The Final Hours For Us

She had dark black clothing, and her bandit mask kept me fighting…

My stomach wasn’t going to hold up much longer. I could feel my legs losing their balance to hold me up. Half my brain wanted me to escape her clutches, and the other side wanted revenge. The painful kicks and the slaps I had received were very surprising. My body was giving up on me, and all my blood was coming out of my enclosed mouth. I felt as if the world was spinning, obvious it is. And my throat, it is so sore, I can’t feel my tonsil – is that normal?

“Joey, your end was never intended. I’d rather let you go, but you’d probably blab on me!” She screamed.

“I-If… You think, I’d hurt you, you don’t me – too well…” I grieved.

“Honestly, I bring you some love, and you throw me away!” She continued speaking.

Before I knew it, she had kicked me once more. This kick felt harder than all of the others, I fell back towards the brick wall. With my face badly swollen and my voice slowly dying inside of me, I knew I didn’t have much time left. I’d name it my Final Hours, because the pain is so much, and I don’t think my heart can take any more surprises…

“If you wanted to leave, you should have left while you were down there… And you are now, so leave,” she sighed.

“L-leaving isn’t an option…” I coughed loudly.

“Who needs options in this world? Who needs rules Joey?” She screamed.

My eyes blurred even more, I was about to pass out. The blood flowing from my swollen face was pretty small amounts. However, the pain of each drop slowly drooling out of my mouth. That is what hurt the most. And of course I was given a very bad headache from the collision against this wall.

As I blinked slowly, the big man was back. Adam’s killer, and he weren’t looking too happy. My eyes flashed a bright light, as I tried to move left towards the exit. The dark clothed girl grabbed me with one last surprise. She quickly grabbed her left hand and wrapped it around my throat. Her fingers were clutched on like a padlock. And her nails dug into my cold neck structure.

“I’m surprised you haven’t died…” The big man whispered.

“He’ll die soon, they all do, right Dad?” She asked.

“D-Dad?” I gasped.

“Shut up! Get rid of him, he’ll know too much by the time he heals. I want him removed from our premises!” He shouted.

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir, he isn’t a man of many words, and he speaks pain to all of us…” She sighed.

“And pain is what he will receive if he isn’t removed from our building!”

“Alright, I’ll flock him off into the Red Meadow grand lake, do you think that’ll do the trick?”

“Who knows, the others were burnt, remember… Maybe we need to end this little snitch’s life quickly. Although, I love watching the pain baby, so maybe you should do the honour…”

After being dragged by my two lifeless arms, I awoke feeling a little more active. My brain must have switched back on after all the damages to my body. As I opened my eyes slowly, my head hurt more. However, I needed to see what they wanted with me. I’m just a helpless civilian after-all. In this town, nobody is remembered. And I feel like I’m the only sane one here…

With my eyes slowly opening with every footstep I heard. I finally got a sight of the room I was in.

Shock-Room, that’s what one of the papers on the notice board read. I could just about see it, and to the left of the notice board. Two men half naked sat on wooden chairs – swollen faces and badly bruised body’s. One had burn marks on him, he must’ve been burnt a lot… To the right, I could see several females, some dead and some awake. There was around four alive, sitting in separate areas. One was hanging by chains, and the others were trapped in some kind of box. There was one female who didn’t have the box treatment, she was actually completely naked. Her clothes were nowhere to be seen, and her body looked very badly damaged. Her hair still shined through the bad lighting though.

“Wakey, wakey… Bright and shine, why don’t you introduce yourselves…” A voice whispered.

“M-my name is Lauren, and I’m twenty seven…” A female pushed herself onto the floor.

“I’m Alex, and if you don’t let me out of here, I’ll fucking kill you!” A teenage lad shouted.

“Anna, my name is Anna… I don’t want to live anymore!” A desperate woman screamed.

“Fiona, my name is Fiona, I moved here three weeks ago… And I’m trapped!” Fiona screamed.

“M-my name is Robert, and I want some kind of sharp object, I heard it helps…” A man screamed.

As they introduced themselves in some very horrifying faces. – Masks if you wanted to call them that. I moved forward scraping my chair off the muck on the floor. The chair squeaked, as I introduced myself to the outer crowd.

“Joey, my name is Joey... I think you are all going mad in here, and I think it’s time to leave…”

“Mad, we aren’t mad… We just want our freedom!” They all screamed, except one.

As I moved back in my chair, more creaking followed. And the sound of chair slowly splitting could be heard. Before we knew it, a stranger walked into the room and spoke in a very deep voice.

“Good-bye A1, you were loyal to the ones who needed you… Sadly, I’ve got to pass you on as the baby to our fellow children…” He whispered.

As he finished his sentence, the man’s face was hard to see. He walked out of the room, and we all heard the door slam. Until… The lights went out, and I heard someone gagging…

“Who the fuck?” A voice whispered.

Followed by the sound of someone gagging in a more violent manner, and me trying to hold my breath. The lights switched back on, and we all looked at each-other with an angry face. Some faces that looked at me were grizzly. And some were pretty horrified.

“W-what the heck happened?” Alex whispered.

“A1 was removed, did you not hear him?” Anna grouched. She looked down at the floor.

“We heard him, A1? Who’s A1…? Isn’t that a floor in this building?” Alex sighed.

“A floor, you… You are one sick person,” Anna laughed.

“Look, I hate to be the one who doesn’t fit in here, but what the heck is A1?” I asked.

“A1 is not a floor, although it’s a step up from here…” Anna sighed.

“Guys… The chains, Ah!” Fiona screeched.

As we all looked to where Fiona had been hanging, the chains looked like they had been pulled higher up. – My face went from horrified to shock. And the others didn’t look so pleased either. There was one person who didn’t seem to have much emotion or care for Fiona’s pain, Anna.

“Fiona! Stop wriggling, and you’ll be fine!” Alex shouted.

“I-I can’t… Too painful,” Fiona gasped.

The rest of us sat in our seats, or our boxes for that matter. And watched as Alex ripped himself out of the strong ropes around him. His chair snapped backwards, and his face hit the ground. The sound was pretty loud, and he looked very hurt. Fortunately for him, he was still breathing. Anna looked at me with her dark blue eyes, and she was trying to give me a hint. (Her eyebrows twitched left.)

“F-Fiona… hang in there, please!” Alex coughed loudly.

The sound of chains rattling ended shortly after Alex managed to drag himself across the floor towards Fiona. – To our surprise, Fiona was not moving anymore, I presumed she was dead. Anna however, she kept twitching her eyebrows at me. I tried to understand what she was hinting at.

“No… You can’t fucking do this! I know you’re up there!” Alex screamed.

The door slammed open, and the lights flickered on and off. And after us feeling afraid, the lights stayed on. – The dark clothed woman walked into the room. She had a candle, and she was no longer heavy breathing…

“Joey? What did you think of the chains?” She whispered.

“You’re sick… How could you strangle someone like that?” I looked at her in disgust.

“Oh come on, she was nothing more than a puppet on strings…” She laughed.

“You, you killed my sister?!” Alex screamed louder than before.

“Oh… Alex, I thought you died already, what a shame…” She laughed again.

“No, and I don’t think your joke is amusing! What the hell were you playing at?”

Alex looked really upset, although his face was going slightly red. So I could tell that he was angry inside rather than outside. The dark clothed woman approached Alex, his head lifted up from the ground. As the ropes were wrapped tightly around his waist. Not to mention, the ropes were tightly tied around a snapped wooden chair. Any splinters he may have got, it was very likely he had got some out of the snapped wood.

The dark clothed woman finally revealed her name, she whispered so quietly, that I almost missed her saying it. Alex however, he heard it up close. So he may have got the right end of the stick after-all. I tried to focus on Alex’s situation, Anna on the other hand kept making my sight switch. She kept giving me funny looks. And her twitching eyebrows were very distracting. She also had very cute looks, behind all the bruises I mean…

“You see, my father doesn’t want you all to die… He’d rather you go see him, he likes talking to honest men. Not so much with the women, after-all, it was women that messed up his life!”

“If you think I’m going up there to leave my sister behind, you’ve got another thing coming!”

“Is that so… Spend your time with a lifeless body? What difference would that make?”

“Fuck you! You can’t just leave her like a puppet… She needs a proper burial!” Alex shouted.

“Holly, that’s my name Alex… It may not mean anything to you, but to many here in this room. I’m sure it strikes a nerve or two,” Holly whispered.

“An old friend of my sisters, I presume… I bet you’re the one who made her bat shit crazy!”

“Wow, blame me for her death, and now you accuse me for making her go mental?”

Holly had a name, - sorry, the hidden woman now had a name. Turns out its Holly. Although, her name doesn’t strike any fear or nerves for me. I don’t’ remember her, should I remember her?

Alex managed to stand up, although his waist was slightly bent towards the ground. He stood up trying to hold the weight of a chair pulling him down. You could see the dedication in his veins. He walked over to Holly and me and Anna, we waited patiently.

“I’m sorry, if your big brother wasn’t such a jerk, I’d know why you did those things…” Alex cried.

“Oh great, we have another looney on our hands… Turns out, the mental one is you, what a shame hey, Father didn’t tell me the details too well, ha, ha…” She laughed.

“Why must you do this, why are you messing with his mind?!” Anna finally burst her bubble.

“Holly, my name is Holly… Why don’t you address me?” She sighed.

“I don’t care, nobody cares… If you knew that, you’d follow the simple rules!” Anna hissed.

“Anna, the second one who was most likely going to face, never mind… I thought you’d fallen through that old shack, what a joke huh?”

“That shack was my fucking home!” Anna raised her voice.

The relationship between Anna and Holly looked very demonic. Just looking at Holly’s eyes, I could see the hatred burning like fire. And same with Anna, yet she had a more sensitive side… Hmm, I tried to move away from the room, but I couldn’t move too far. The rope around me was way too tight, I felt like I was losing my voice with every second that went by…

Holly struck Anna in her bottom lip with a wooden chair leg.

“Take that! Why don’t you walk off Anna? Why don’t you leave the building…?” Holly screamed.

“Aha, y-you never understood life did you… We can leave, it’s you who can’t accept it!”

“Accept life… How it is? Never, the old life I had back near my beach, now that was life…”

Anna was on her knees, still pushing Holly’s buttons too. Before I could blink again, Holly had struck Anna’s jaw with the side of the wooden chair leg. A bit of blood splatted on the ground.

“Bitch… Forget it, Joey… Finish this one, and you’ll get a reward… Do it Joey, I thought you were a man!” Holly screamed.

Her flirting was pretty hard to resist, considering my eyesight didn’t have many areas to stare at. She untied me and left the room without slamming the door this time. Anna looked at me with aggression inside of her. Her eyebrows lowered, making her look really angry with me.

“Freedom, Joey, I can’t believe – I have to fight my way out ha…” Anna laughed.

“There is another option, but I think this room with no fresh air has affected your brain…”

“I’ll show you some affection!” Anna screamed loudly.

Anna slapped me across the face with a lot of power. I fell back against the broken chair. Alex was still staring at his dead sister with his arms around her. Anna slammed me against the wall with a lot of heavy breathing in between each slap she threw at me. I managed to stand up a little, and I pushed Anna away from me. Before I could throw a punch or anything at her, she kicked me in the side of my face. I screamed in agony, as her face turned redder with every strike she made.

“Guys… Why are you fighting?” Alex whispered.

“Do you want some too, because I’ve been dreaming of this moment for weeks!” Anna screamed.

Alex turned around as I laid on the floor, against the corner of the wall spitting out more blood.

Anna turned to face Alex, and it looked like a real showdown as about to go down… I watched it as much as I could, and the pain kicked in. Anna grabbed Alex by the throat and held him against his dead sister. He rested choking to death in the metal chains. My vision started to blur again, I crawled towards the coffee table, trying to take cover underneath whilst watching this fight. Alex struggled in the chains, and tried to break free of Anna’s grasp around his neck. It was no use, Anna had him right where she needed him to be. In the chains, and let’s be honest, it’s not the best place to be around.

“Joey… If you come out and let me take you out, I’ll let this pathetic scumbag live… Do you hear me Joey?” Anna shouted across the room.

“P-please… Let go of me!” Alex gasped.

I crawled behind Anna, and with the last of my strength, I smashed a pretty big piece of timber that had a sharpened end. (Due to the chair snapping…) I stabbed it inside of Anna’s right leg and watched her squeal in pain, before I could move out the way, I collapsed on the carpet. Alex also fell to his knees, he was trying to breathe as much air in as he could. As Anna laid on top of me bleeding from her right leg.

“See, see what happens when you all fight like animals…” I whispered.

At the moment Anna was down, the door opened and unlocked. – The sound of key twisting in a keyhole could be heard. And before I could lift myself from under Anna, Holly steps back inside the room. Closing the door behind her, in her hands, I could see a medical tools kit.

“H-help me… P-please!” Anna begged.

“Well done Joey, that reward you wanted… We’ll discuss it after I clean up the mess, okay?”

She flirted more with me, I was still unsure why she liked me so much. Although, I didn’t move for her, I didn’t’ really trust her to be honest.

“Good boy, I see you too are hurt, and Alex… Still struggling to breathe I see, ha.”

As I got a closer look at Holly, she had a nice looking necklace around her neck. And her hair was clearer now that there was lighter in the room. Her hair colour was actually blonde with a minor tint of red. Her eyes were blue, and her lips were covered in pink lipstick. Above her eyes, she had a lot of eye liner on. Although, it was very transparent, hardly noticeable from a distance. Her clothing was like what a maid would wear, and she had blood stains down her arms… (I wish she didn’t have that.)

I left the room waiting for my reward. Let’s face it, I couldn’t do anything now, I’m the one that put Anna into misery, and her pain she is feeling now. I feel that she and I are responsible for that.

“I’d wait for you Anna, and we used to be find such fun in the littlest things… It’s a pity you chose a mental path like the others, I paved your way, I made sure that you would be normal, not perfect but an average, loyal, friend to me…” Holly spoke to herself.

“And you Alex, well, you can go… Leave, go one!” Holly shouted loudly.

As I stood back, the door opened and Holly threw a crying Alex outside with me.

“P-please… I can still be the average girl you wanted, Holly! I can be your friend still, just explain to me what happened a few months back, before I came here… Please!” Anna’s voice echoed.

The sound of Anna begging even more was most likely to Holly’s ears. After her begging, we could hear Holly talking even more. Whilst we also heard some very faded screams from inside the room.

“Do you think she’ll be okay Joey? You know, she was fine when I had her…” Alex cried.

“Your sister is dead, you witnessed it. I’m sorry Alex, there was nothing either of us could do…”

“Some friend huh, and some big brother I am…” Alex walked away from me.

Alex faded from my line of sight, he disappeared down the end of the hallway…

Anna, the woman that I actually thought was my Mother. It’s a long story, but she actually acted a lot like my previous mothers. It’s hard to say whether she was actually my Mother once, my head still hurts. And I don’t remember anything that happened, I only think about the mystery girl and the child who I loved. (Amy, she too is in my heart, somewhere… I don’t know where!)

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