The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


29. The Fallen Promises

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 29: The Fallen Promises

The Grand Escape, that’s I would call this moment.

My mind can’t think straight, I’ve had to leave a girl behind. Why can’t she see the real issues here? She has a right though, maybe this place is better. Maybe she has nothing outside this building. Nonetheless, I can’t make the same mistakes twice, the others are still escaping. I’ve just got to sort out the teenage girl, and then I’ll make sure that Ryan serves his purpose to this world and to me.

“Do you think I give a fuck?” I raised my voice.

“Fine… I’ll go, you clearly didn’t get my message. They don’t just send anyone out of here you know… They promised me that I would be the ruler of the Grand Flats, me… I actually will have power,” she laughed.

“Don’t you dare go crazy one me bitch… I’ve had enough of you already!”

She smirked at me, as she got up from her lying down position. She stood up, still couldn’t get the image out of my mind. (Half-naked) – She was still quite that. She sent me an evil look, as she smirked behind my back. I moved towards her, holding a wooden chair leg behind my back. Thanks to some of the destruction in the Bathroom, I knew this would come in handy.

“Whatever’s behind your back, show it to everyone here…” She continued smirking.

“Wipe that smirk off your face, and I’ll let you strike first…” I went to serious mode.

“Seriously? No, forget it… I’ll just do something else,” she laughed.

I watched her walk away slowly, she went out the bedroom and walked down the short hallway towards the stairs. All the captives looked at me with fear. Fuck! Oh no, the teenage girl hasn’t just gotten away from being clubbed around the skull. She has also gotten away with reporting the upstairs news. If anyone of those fuckers finds out about this, we’ll all die. I mean, I might be able to escape. Yet, I can’t escape knowing that many lives are lost because of me…

“Scared? Finally, why don’t you just blow up the room?”

“Oh no… I can’t have this now!” I shouted.

The room began to spin around me, I stood still as everyone’s faces were full of fear. The sound of footsteps walking down stairs alerted my brain. I’ve never ever been so nervous, I’m usually pretty mental with the state I’m in. Thanks to the support I’ve had, I’ve managed to come up on top of it. And now my mind is going crazy again, asking for me to do something stupid. Something I’ll die knowing. And I don’t want anyone else getting hurt except me!

“What?!” A voice shouted from downstairs.

My heart started racing, and my mind was in auto-pilot mode. So worried, I looked in every direction, seeing fear everywhere I looked. Moving swiftly with my hands shaking violently. I kicked several cupboard doors trying to open them. “Lighter,” I need a fucking lighter! At the moment, with every door I had to kick, I could see tears rolling down the fear. Faces full of fear and tears… Why now? What made me stop, why didn’t I attack that bitch?

The sound of people gargling loudly, and trying to wriggle out of the rope that had been used to tie them up. Some were more scared than others, one person beside me was smashing his head off the door I had kicked in. Another person, she was trying to get near the open window. Even a child was trying to put an end to his life. He was scraping his left ear off the splintered wooden doors. All the pain and suffering that had occurred, it made me realise how pathetic I’ve been…

Before I could re-act, the sounds of several footsteps getting closer. I heard multiple voices also getting louder. Less steps meant less sounds. I pushed myself into a locked drawer, trying to find something I could use. Anything, the chair leg. Although, it wouldn’t take out a group of them. My adrenaline kicked in super-fast, my blood was pumping quicker than normal. Not only were the victims afraid, I was afraid. Scared of being killed in-front of so many people. Nobody has to witness a death, nobody should. Unless, it’s a death that we saw coming…

“Give up Joey, you’ve come all this way. So I think it’s time to make a deal with them.”

“No… I’m not going bat shit crazy again!” I screamed.

“What choice do you have? You’ve put people’s lives in danger…”

“No I fucking haven’t! I’ve kept them alive, saved them from what’s to come!”

“Ha, you’ve saved them alright. You’ve given them their last breaths.”

My mind was talking for me, it made me do everything that I dreaded. I stopped in the middle of the room holding the chair leg with fear smacked on my face. Sweating like crazy, and the captives stared at me, building up the pressure on my innocent mind. I turned around, and then… BANG! The door was kicked in, two large men standing near the teenage girl who had escaped from me.

“Oh good… Another escapist, good to see that… We were getting tired of feeding you all anyway.”

“W-wait…” I gasped.

“Don’t you say a fucking word, you got that?!” Lenny shouted.

“Y-yes…” I whispered.

“Right… Tie him up! Make sure that he gets the suffering that an escapist deserves…” Lenny laughed.

“Told you, didn’t I. I told you that I had the power to take you all down, and look, I’ve managed to come out on top. You all judged me so quickly, calling me a slut!” She screamed.

I put my head down, afraid of what was to come. The young teenage girl, slut. It made a perfect title for her, she made her own nickname perfectly. Lenny looked furious, and Fury just looked like he wanted to crush all of us in the palm of his hands. I looked up at Lenny, moving towards him, surrendering. It’s not like I had a choice, I must face death. Look him in the face, and tell him one thing… FUCK YOU! – They have made me do this, I’ve become insane over the past months…

Lenny grabbed me by my left arm, aggressively. He slammed me against the door, knocking my forehead off the corner of the hinges. Ouch! A small amount of my own blood spat against the door. With another slam, this time into the wall. I felt my body giving up. My eyes began to shut slowly. As I fell to the floor with loud bang. Lenny’s trainers stood next to me, he looked so tall. I blinked slowly, watching Lenny and Fury topple over me. They had the power to get rid of me, and I underestimated that girl. I should have killed her when I had the chance…

“And you, why aren’t you back on the bed? I get it, you come down to talk to us. You alert us an intruder, but, why are you disobeying our orders?” Lenny gets violent.

“I did you a favour, so like it matters where I go… Remember, I’m moving out tonight, you said it yourselves!” She raised her voice.

“Yes, but disobeying us. Get back in that fucking bed!” Fury shouted.

I couldn’t move, my bones were aching like hell. My eyelids were all bruised. And my nose was crunched up against the carpet. I got the sideward view of Lenny and Fury being bastards. As the teenage girl backed off, and walked into the bedroom with an unhappy face. She jumped back into her bed, and Lenny looked at the captives in an aggressive way.

“Remember what Ryan said, one intruder and the rest of them die… I wrote it down word for word.”

“Fury, shut up! I know that. Tell you what, I’ll just let one die. After-all, I think Ryan will be happy with this fucker dying. The intruder will be paying for all your misery. Except one of you, I’m afraid.”

The fear was certainly building up. A family in the corner of the room were terrified. And all the people that were putting themselves out of misery. The suicidal victims, they had all died. The child’s head was completely revolting, all those splinters and sharp pieces of wood jammed into his skull. Even some families didn’t want to live on, one family had managed to knock selves out. And an adult woman’s remains left amongst the garbage outside. She commit suicide outside the window. A long drop, but a nasty place to fall into. Trash, she’s now rotting like an object more than a person.

Lenny slapped Fury. I blinked again slowly, Lenny had pulled out a pistol. He aimed it towards the victims, pivoting around the room, pointing the gun at each victim. Bringing more fear to the table. Fury walked in front of Lenny, and he untied the person he chose. A female, can’t believe it… She looked about 18 going onto 19, I was about to cry with all the deaths going on.

“Ungag her, let her speak her final words… It’s the least we can do. After all, it’s not her fault why she has to die. You blame this fucking intruder, blame him… Heck, I’ll let you do the honour of killing him, if you like? Na, I’ll let you hurt him for as much as you want.” Lenny laughed.

The adult woman raised her head, nodding with hesitation. Lenny holding the gun so steadily, like he didn’t give a damn that he was killing someone. That he was killing his own kind. He was clearly used to putting an end to people’s lives. The adult woman began to cry in front of Lenny, slowly dropping onto her knees begging for mercy. She accepted Lenny’s offer of doing damage to me though. Whether she wanted to, it’s beyond me. I think she just went with it because it was an option to grant her more time. I felt sorry for her, I should have just taken that girl’s advice…

Lenny dragged me off the floor with his free hand. Whilst he held the gun steadily aimed at the woman. He forced her to scream out her name, and say what he wanted to hear. As he pushed me onto the woman, I landed on top of her, still in pain. I could barely move, so all this free movement was kind of Lenny. Although, it doesn’t change that fact that he is a twisted man.

“Free will, in your own time bitch… Scream your name to everyone in this room, and then you will hurt this fucker. Make sure that the intruder dies before you, sounds good right?” Lenny whispered.

“Jazmine… M-my name is Jazmine, p-please let me go!” She cried.

“I don’t get it, I offer you a chance to live longer, and you just walk away like life isn’t anything…”

In just a blink, Lenny becomes more furious than I’ve seen him so far. He raises his voice, and still speaks in some chilling whispers. The chill goes right up our spines, and I’m afraid of even fighting him. In this condition anyway… He becomes more violent and grips onto Jazmine’s left arm. As his hand moved quickly up to her left hand, he forces her to open it. Now showing, her left palm of her hand, she held it out forcefully. Lenny smirks as he slams a switch-blade into her grasp. Tightening her delicate fingers around the handle. As he flips the switch, the blade shows. I gulped.

“I hate it when someone makes you do something, I could do it myself… Though, isn’t it your choice?” Lenny confuses her.

“I-I don’t want to kill him… You rather let me go, or I die here…” She cried.

“Oh no, what are you doing Jazmine?!” Lenny laughs.

Forcing Jazmine to hold the blade’s handle and moving it towards me. Lenny laughed as he used her like a puppet. Controlling her left arm with a lot of strength. He was most likely crushing her delicate hand. She closed her eyes with tears rolling down her cheeks. The moment Lenny had her near me, holding the weapon near my chest. He revealed a creepy smile, and his face was sweating. Fury looked even happier, he was proud of Lenny’s work.

“Jazmine, bitch, do you want me to control the stab. Or are you going to lunge?” Lenny whispers.

“I-I’m not going to stab him- I’m not going to stab him!” She screamed from the top of her lungs.

“He is pathetic Jazmine, less worthy than you are. I’ve offered you a way out, and you’ll be doing yourself a favour, killing a menace, a murderer. Someone who had it coming for years!”

I rolled over towards the weapon, I wanted my life to be ended by someone who had a heart. And Jazmine certainly had that. She didn’t want to hurt me, and she resisted from Lenny using her like a puppet. Forcing her to stab me, and to my surprise. She managed to help me out.

Lenny tried to force Jasmines held weapon towards me. Jazmine pushed back, Lenny didn’t look too happy. As I lay there still worthless and helpless. Lenny dragged Jazmine away from me.

“Fine! You know what, I didn’t think I had to do this… But you leave me with no choice, I’m sorry bitch…” Lenny whispered softly.

As I look back into Lenny’s direction, the sound of a gun firing goes off. “Bang…” I look deeply depressed, looking down at where Jazmine sat before. Her body was almost lifeless, Lenny had shot her in her left arm. Talk about a failed shot, didn’t even put an end to her.

“Oh shit! Great… Now you really will remember this when you die, fuck it!” Lenny shouted.

“Y-you- m-monster!” Jazmine speaks her final word.

“Oh, you think I haven’t heard that one before?!” Lenny shouts louder.

After several minutes pass, he is now shouting at a lifeless body. Screaming insults at Jasmines corpse, as he kicked her in the ribcage several times. He really made his self-clear, on who’s the boss in this room. I rolled over towards a captive that was crying. He looked at me with sadness, I looked back at him with a friendly smile. I nodded, trying to convince him that nobody else will die.

“Fury! Get rid of her… Get rid of her now!” Lenny rattled in his position.

Lenny stood rattling his body, he looked a mess. It was as if, he actually did have a heart. He screamed louder, shouting commands at Fury like no tomorrow. Before I knew it, he had made a final command and it had be involved. He mentioned me, addressing me as a “fucker.” Fury dragged Jasmines corpse across the floor whilst with his other hand held me around the neck. We were both being dragged away slowly, leaving Lenny alone in a room full of captives.

“Ryan’s going to kill us all, if Lenny doesn’t get his act together…” Fury talks to himself.

“-Y-you could j-just let me go…” I coughed.

“And risk Ryan killing all of us? I don’t think you get how family works!”

“Then… Let me stay in a room, u-upstairs,” I coughed again.

“No way! I’ve got to take out this bitch first, and then you… Oh, you’ll going to pay!” He shouted.

Next thing I know, my head is bumping off several steps. Almost lifeless, and the lifeless body of Jasmines. We were being moved downstairs, I blinked after the pain. And then, I could see well. Fury chucked me into what looked like the living room. Slamming the door behind me, as for Jazmine, she was being dragged away. I didn’t know what else to do, calling the cops is useless now…

“Oh, sorry, Ryan – I didn’t mean to scare you… Ha,” Fury’s voice is heard in the background.

“Oh really… Look at this face, do you think that I could give any fucks on whether you scared me or not? Does my face look like fear to you, Dean?!” Ryan shouted.

“No… Forget it, just taking out the trash…” Fury’s voice becomes quieter.

“Good, tell Lenny that his family awaits him, make sure he gets that message, okay?!”

“Y-Yes… Bye,” Fury’s voice faded away.

Silence hit the building, and the room was dead quiet. Inside the living room, I could see it looked quite tidy. Apart from a few errors, a few corpses should I say. More dead, they don’t even have the dignity to give them a burial? What sick twisted fuckers are these?

The door behind me opened before I could blink. Slam! The door smashed off the wall, as Ryan enters the room. I hide behind one of the sofa’s, worried that Ryan’s going to find me. If he finds me in this condition, he has the upper-hand.

“Mayor, look, I can’t talk about this yet… No, it’s just bad timing that’s all.” Ryan whispers to his phone.

“I’ll make sure that she gets treated well, she’ll be fine. In the Grand Flats, anyone who is not wanted, needy or helpless, they can leave in peace…”

“Bullshit…” I whispered.

“Yes, I’ll make sure that she lives for as long as we can keep her alive. Now the thing is Mayor, we don’t come cheap. I’m sure you know that by now, and if it weren’t for you. Well this world would have been a place where certain individuals would rule over us. And crime would have punishments. I like the freedom, so I thank you for that,” Ryan sniggered.

“She’ll be fine, we’ll come collect her at Midnight tomorrow. Is she really a pain though- oh right, she’s more than a pain. I-it may not wash too well with Lenny, he is short tempered.”

Ryan ended the phone-call, without saying Yes or No to the Mayor’s offer. Strange, why would he want to make deals with the Mayor, I knew that Mayor was as stupid as the others around here. I just didn’t expect him to make friends with someone so high classed. Ryan walked out of the room, followed by someone kicking and screaming from upstairs.

“Let go of her you fools!” Ryan shouted.

“Wait… Why should I? She has escaped from the room, she could have told anyone about this place,” Lenny shouted back.

“Yeah… Well, we have a new guest who needs extra attention, extra care. So put her back where you found her, and then I want you to make room for our guest… Put one of the useless ones out of their misery… Save up space, we may have a load of people coming in soon!” Ryan laughed.

“No way! I’m not risking her fucking this up for us. She’ll make a fool out of us Ryan, why don’t you see anything I see?!” Lenny screamed.

“-Humph… Fine! You know what, fuck you!” Ryan raised his tone.

His voice ended, followed by a gunshot.

“Oh shit… Ryan! What, what the fuck have you done?” Fury whispered.

“No games, no jokes, no pranks! I am not having someone talk down to me like that. I’ve come a long way to get here today, and I don’t want anything backfiring… Or anyone!” Ryan shouted.

“Yeah- but, you’ve shot him. Lenny, speak to me man… Please!” Fury cried.

“Have it your way, knock yourself out…” Ryan laughed.

The sound of a heavy object falling slowly down each step could be heard. The sound faded on the final step.

“Giving me your gun, and whys that?” Fury asked.

“Well, I doubt you want to work for me anymore… If he really meant that much to you, then meet him. And don’t question my rules, I’ve killed him for a reason!” Ryan raised his voice.

“F-fine. Bye Ryan, - I hope you rot in Hell!” Fury screamed from the top of his lungs.

His final words, they sounded so sinister. And those words were music to my ears. I’ve been wanting to hear someone say that to Ryan for years!

The sound of another gunshot echoed throughout the building. Followed my more sounds of something heavy rolling down the stairs.

“You pair, you pair are a bunch of fucking idiots!” – “Why must you mess up… I shot him you clown, I shot him because he was traitor to our family…” Ryan hissed.

“And now… You’ve made my job a whole lot easier. Enjoy boys!” Ryan laughed loudly.

The sound of the front door opening alerted my brain. Followed by the sound of noisy dogs, barking and crunching something hard. Ryan’s laugher echoed in my mind, it really got me in a mood. No way, did he actually just… I don’t believe it, Ryan’s more insane than he was before…

“Once you’ve cleared the mess, we’ll finish off what we started back at the Mayor’s building. And that girl, we’ll make sure she gives us the message personally…” Ryan whispered.

Final Chapter, COMING SOON! – Author Note: I know you might be wondering about Holly. Well, in the future – I’ll be updating the chapter where Holly is introduced. Making it sound more improved and this’ll result in a Sequel! > The Sequel will follow through the story with Joey, however, you’ll find out more about Amy, and you’ll learn more about Holly.

> Sorry for the issue with Chapter 27 not adapting too well with Chapter 28. I am currently working on those chapters, tying them together, I’m doing my best, and so please be patient. <


– Chapter 30 will be the final chapter, and it’ll be 7,000 Words Long! I’m hoping that the Final Chapter lives up to expectations and makes the storyline end smoothly. Thank-you for all your support throughout 2013 and still in 2014! – You are all amazing! Keep up the good work x –

- Originally written by: Luke J.R - > - Edited By: Jake Snake – My friend. - <

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