The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


4. The Bloody Morning

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 4: The Bloody Morning

*Beep* *Beep*, *Beep* *Beep*

The sound of my alarm clock went off. And the time is now… “4:30!” Crap… I can’t take this anymore… Ryan’s going to kill me if I’m late, thirty minutes to spare isn’t the time I wanted. I was hoping I could speak to Heather and you know what?! Fuck it, I’m going to talk to Heather, Ryan isn’t bullying me anymore. If he has a problem, then let him come here. I’ll be sure to teach him the true meaning of family. And what my family means to me more than he’ll ever know!

The room still looked pretty depressing. With the windows cracked a little from an old break in four weeks ago. Why do I keep promising my family so many things? I’m a stupid idiot, I promised I’d fix all these problems… And yet, I haven’t done anything to make this house or shack! Look any better than it is now. It looks terrible, filthy, it gives us a bad name. And we are not bad, we are a family who are fighting to save each other’s lives. Whether being alive or dead to fix this place, I’ll still mend my relationship with them. I love them, and I love Heather so much, it hurts me to think…

‘J-Joey… What time is it?’ Heather mumbled.

‘4:30, its 4:30 right now Heather…’ I whispered.

‘A-Are you going out again Joey? Because I can’t be lied to again…’ Heather sighed.

‘No… I’m not going anywhere today. I’ll be here for you when you wake up.’ I replied.

Heather rolled over to the end of the bed, she looked so peaceful. Her voice made me feel like I was a bad guy. Looking at her rest with ease, it made me wonder why I couldn’t do the same. Sleep wasn’t really an option, Ryan hands me any kind of threat, and my weak little body falls for it. My mind just thinks, “I’ll do what I can.” Well enough of it, it ends today. I want my family more than Ryan’s threats and torture. I want to finally make something good, a change for my lifestyle!

Before I could think back to wake Heather up, a baby’s cry started to rattle my sleepy head. “Not again…” I thought to myself. Amy… Why do you have to cry at four in the morning! I need my sleep too… It’s going to be a dangerous day tomorrow for daddy, let me sleep yeah? Please… Oh, forget it! I got up quickly from my bed and walked into Amy’s bedroom. She didn’t look too sad, although her crying started to make me feel worse. I handed her a bottle of milk, “Shit… Didn’t even check its temperature…” “For god sake…” I placed the bottle on the side and handed Amy her stuffed bear. And just like that, she fell asleep gracefully. Phew, I thought she’d cry through the entire morning…

She’s fast asleep, reminds me of the angel I love. Oh god, how can I talk about wings and holy people? Especially when I’m dealing with a trouble maker, more like murderer than anything else. Before leaving Amy’s bedroom, I had received a phone call. Not expecting any calls for a time like this, and my lips tingled from the sensation of guessing who’d be calling so early… Well late, I don’t even know anymore. My head is aching like crap! I need some sleep too. Why do this to me Amy? Why make daddy late for work… Why make me late for any of this shit…!

‘Joey, I can’t believe you picked up. How can I lay this down nicely?’ A voice screeched.

‘W-What? Lay what down?’ I asked in precaution.

‘Ha-ha, always a kidder? You and your jokes need to die Joey… I’ve told you so many times, so get in your fat fucking skull!’ Ryan shouted.

‘Oh, Ryan… It’s you, why am I not surprised?’ I replied, my eyes had hit the celling.

‘Surprise! Happy now? No, of course you’re not. And I assume the happiness will die down as soon as you receive your post tonight.’ Ryan mumbled.

Laid in front of me was a blanket with cocaine spilling out some plastic mini bags. My eyes jiggled from the sight of seeing such a mess in Amy’s room! Heather still making life a misery for us huh? Damn it, Ryan’s been here. It’s too obvious, I need to move away. Find a new name, find a new home. Relocate my family and myself, not after leaving some unfinished business though, I’m putting an end to this tomorrow morning!

‘Judging by your break of silence, I’ve figured you have found the drugs… Well-well, what do we have here hey? I’ll tell you what Joey, plant it in Heather’s bag. Make it look like she’s a druggy. And you know what? I’ll be taking Amy, I presume that’s her name. Judging by the art work on the window!’ Ryan screamed.

‘B-Back off Ryan! My family have nothing to do with this. It’s my life you want, so take it. I’ll wait here yeah? Up-stairs, make my life a misery… And I’ll bring hell on earth to your door step…’ I replied with a violent attitude.

All the speaking of violence and threats didn’t offend me too much. The thought of talking down to Ryan expressed my emotions perfectly. I finally felt like I had lifted a heavy pile of crap that had been making me miserable all morning, all month! No! All freaking year, well mostly… Ryan’s a coward, that’s what some say. So why am I growing the backbone now? Heather needs to know about Ryan’s visit, whether he is wanted here or not. I’ll be sure to put him in his place, and once that’s settled. We can talk about settling in a new home. Together forever. Heather used to tell me that all the time… She can be sweet sometimes and also become a grizzly bitch at the worst of times…

‘J-Joey… I’ve heard your phone, and I’m not happy, come here now!’ Heather screamed.

(MackleMore & Ryan Lewis: Ten Thousand Hours – started to play through the background.)

I entered the room Heather had been standing in. Her arms crossed and a very angry expression smacked on her face. She certainly looked a little off, I felt the need to ask why she’s listening to this song. However, I stayed to what was important, the reason why she wanted me.

‘I’m here, what do you want Heather?’ I asked as I bit my lip, tightly shutting it down against my jaw.

‘Amy… She’s not going to make it is she?’ Heather asked in sadness.

‘W-What the heck are you talking about? She’s fine isn’t she…?’ I asked.

‘N-No she’s close to a serious death, according to the note I found downstairs on the kitchen table.’ Heather cried.

A note huh? Didn’t even want to know who would have planted such a note, I had my suspects… Ryan, that unforgivable bastard! I’ll make sure he pays for what he is doing to my family. If he wants to make this personal, then I’ll be there every step of the way. Not to support his little crude mind, to take him out once and for all. A little cruel right? Well, it’s the final death count for him, and I can’t wait to watch him swallow the lies and the truth all at once. He’ll struggle to breathe too!

After a small chit-chat with Heather, I had decided enough is enough. Turning off the song due to my head thudding from all sorts of memories and the tension in my brain made me feel worse. I stormed out of the room, leaving Heather and Amy alone, whether Ryan makes a second threat… It’s none of my business, who am I to interfere? I’d be dead if it weren’t for my family. Not my family, my real family… The family that should have kept me as a kid, the family who could have turned my life around. Heather is nice too, and so Amy. I just don’t have the courage to take them on anymore.

(A sound of a Pistol reloading was heard.)

‘W-Well, well… Joey, you’ve taken what you wanted and been given what you asked for. Now, If I were to take that away…’ Ryan paused. “Oh shit… He has a gun, fuck!” – ‘No, no- you know what? I’ll just do this, give me two minutes to apply this to you.’ Ryan finished.

“My inner self started to gain courage and bravery to speak to Ryan’s fat face.”

 ‘I-I don’t have anything you want Ryan. I’m still working, just not today!’ I shouted.

‘N-nothing really? Well, I’ll just check upstairs…’ Ryan mumbled.

Blocking the stairway like a good father would do, I stood in the way of Ryan’s path. His face already looked a little beaten up, and I’d be happy to apply more beatings to his forgettable face. Ryan stopped and stared at me. His stare had the power to startle me a little, I took a deep breath and followed through to stop him from going anywhere near my family. Yet, he had a gun. The douche picked up some of the coins I had dropped to pay for Amy’s schooling funds.

‘C-Cash, don’t mind if I do. I’ll take it with me Joey, now get out my way!’ Ryan grouched.

‘N-No Ryan, you won’t be taking anything out my home. Unless you leave now, that’s all your taking… You will be taking yourself out, which would make our world a lot better to live in.’ I whispered with a grizzly face.

‘F-Fuck you! F-Fuck you! You think you have it all don’t you Joey, you think it’s all yours! I’ve taken the territories of all these little streets everyone walks down. And for what?! I tell you now Joey, you are now seriously on thin ice, and if that ice breaks. I’ll watch you drown with a smile… Ha-ha’ Ryan roared loudly.

His voice startled me further, the power and aggression he had been building up knocked me off my feet. I couldn’t help but feel a little afraid of this guy. He is a power hungry control freak! If nobody can see that, then I have no faith in this world…

My weak little self finally allowed Ryan’s failed strengths to overtake me. He passed me with ease, and ran upstairs in disgust and fury. “S-Shit…” I thought to myself with a tear rolling down my left eye. Instead of letting him up there for good, I realised that I could finish his nightmares around this house tonight. Being the bigger man I once were, I stood up to my pussy emotions and treaded up towards Ryan’s standing point.

‘H-Heather, It’s me Ryan! Open this fucking door!’ Ryan shouted.

I thought that was it, Heather’s going to die. She don’t stand a chance against Ryan. Until I was surprised with Heather’s moves. I stared with hatred building inside of me, out came Heather’s arm and hand, I could see that she didn’t mind being killed. Although, I was still worried about her safety and Amy’s life rests on this family… In just a blink of an eye Heather’s arm had disappeared and so had Ryan. Finally, the bedroom door slammed loudly.

“Heather? Heather… No!” I cried in my mind.

Leaving Heather alone for good, I had decided that Amy’s life is more important. Being the better Father, I burst into Amy’s room and grabbed her with a snatch. Before I knew it, me and Amy was down the stairs like a bolt of lightning. And at that point, I had managed to pack a few things in a plastic bag. “We’re moving girl.” I thought.

‘We’re leaving Amy, w-we’re leaving Mummy behind… O-okay…?’ I cried.

Amy’s little cute eyes focussed on me, and she smiled with a short giggle. Bless her, she must be growing up. Mummy’s dead though, I had the balls to tell her, I just couldn't bring myself to telling such a terrible tale which is full of truth. It might crush her little heart as she grows up. She’s a baby though, maybe she won’t remember. “Nope, I won’t be the bad dad…” I cried.

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