The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


7. The Barrier’s Entrance

The Last One’s Remaining

  Chapter 7: The Barrier’s Entrance


‘Ryan, is that you-u-u?!’ A voice screamed whilst echoing across my membrane.

‘Ah’ what the crap was that?!’ I screamed.

My eyes had awoken, okay… It’s just a bad dream, nightmare even, it lives and it breathes… Awoken in a slightly disturbing way, I turned to face my surroundings. The sky was pretty darkish’ grey clouds forming shadows across the town. It didn’t look to pleasant, and the surroundings behind me was Amy lying down spread out across the back seats. I heard a thump from behind me, and quickly turned whilst startled from all this strangeness…

‘E-excuse me… Ryan sent me, he said that I have to send you his last words… Well, your last words-‘, a man coughed loudly.

Hearing those words again only got my reaction time a lot better. I threw myself against the front seat next to me, holding the handle attached to the car. The man saw me, his dark shadowy clothes with a knuckleduster clutched against his left fist. At this point, I wanted answers… So, I opened the door whilst running to the boot. The outside was very damp and disgusting, I wish Amy didn’t have to see this. Time was against me, it was his life or Amy’s…

‘S-Shut the fuck up! I need you to come with me A-Amy!’ The man screamed, his voice faded from the inside of the car.

I threw myself against the boot lock hoping it would unlock. And to my surprise it worked but dented my left hip, as I threw the keys in my right hand as quick as possible. With sounds of a man still screaming in a quite low faded voice. Opening the boot to find what I needed, I managed to come across a baseball bat and a golden pistol with no bullets… This wouldn’t be that simple, I took both and ran to the front door as I sprinted on the last step.

‘O-O, get off her! She doesn’t need you, she’s coming with me!’ The man screeched.

I threw the baseball bat at his forehead, and thankfully it made him cry a little from the pain being inflicted into his skull. Amy didn’t look too good, she had red hand prints around her neck, that bastard! With a final strike, I threw the golden pistol with power into his left eye. Fortunately it bounced off his face instead of his eyes, I guess he won’t be blind after-all…

‘O-Okay… You win, Ryan’s going to kill me for this-‘, and the man shuddered.

Maybe his bones were finally feeling some sense of pain, or his emotions were struck in the good old fashioned heart… He spat out a bit of blood, I didn’t expect him to if I’m honest. His face was finally shown a little more, dented in his nose, and bruises formed around his forehead. Purple and a mix of dark green going lighter in some places, it looked very sickening. After he finally came to his senses, he tried to hold the gold pistol to his head making threats. His blustering only made me want something more out of this experience.

‘C-Come anywhere near me, and the child gets it too!’ The man shouted, as he slid the pistol in his left hand facing Amy’s crying face.

‘G-Go ahead, but I want some answers before you kill yourself, or my daughter…’ I winked.

‘A-Answers, No! Ryan would fucking kill me if I passed any information to you, he told me one thing though, Heather’s in good arms…’ The man bitched.

His words really started to have an effect on me, turning me from a good father to bad father. I violently punched his bruised up face and smashed his nose against the back of the front seats. Blood gushed from his nose as he finally dropped the weapon whilst gasping for air. Amy had been watching this the whole time, and I only just realised what an effect this is going to have on her life. She’ll ask me all about what happened in the past, if there is a future to present…

‘F-Fine, I’ll get out of your way, s-sorry Ryan…’ The man limped across the bloody damp seats, as he spilt his final words whilst losing his self on the floor.

‘S-Shit…’ I sighed deeply.

Lying out with his feet still inside the car, the man finally dropped dead. I didn’t get any answers, just information I didn’t care about, Heather’s in good arms? Why would I need to know that, I told him he could keep that filthy bitch, it’s his life and I don’t want anything to do with it? I made that clear! B-But is Ryan’s little games want to play, I’ll be awaiting his next strike. And finally I’ll send his pathetic life for I am, Joey… And my last name can be recalled as I violently destruct his corpse.

‘A-Amy sweetheart, Mummy won’t be with us. That man, he wasn’t a man at all…’ I whispered.

Amy’s face blushed a little, her red cheeks started to show. She was young and already blushing, well she’ll be interested in boys like me…? S-Shit, I don’t exactly want her to be like her daddy, I don’t even want her to date boys who are just as dangerous as I am… What would she learn? Nothing, she’d learn a bunch of crap, she’d fall out of Primary School, and it’s a start…

‘D-Dadda’ she cried.

Her word made me shed a few tears, with her voice of a baby angel awakening. I felt that changes were to be made as soon as possible. I then made a deep unforgiving promise, “I’ll protect you Amy, and your life here will not be short lived, you’ll live with me across the oceans…” A promise that sounded deadly as I insisted on pulling a pack of cigarettes to my mouth. I thought I weren’t weak? – And now I’ve thrown the cigarettes away from my sickening face.

My face started to drip away with sweat leading down to my shirt. The sweat and odour had pushed it’s self across the car, “damn… I should have taken a shower” I thought. Amy still looking a little happier in the back, I was reassured that it’s time to get Amy out of this place before more shit goes down. And the only person who needs to go down at this second… Well Ryan, he is a dick…! – I sighed and puffed a flow of cold air towards the front window, I felt a little saddened by the facts of what I’ve done to myself, and I’ve let Amy join me on a quest to save her from Ryan.

As I turned to face Amy, I realised that there was a phone in her left hand, she clearly didn’t have that when we left home. As gently as possible, I lowered myself towards the front seats rims. As I finally lowered my left hand’s grip towards Amy’s little hands. The phone in sight, it was a simple snatch that would give it me. I looked at Amy’s face with a little smile starting to show up;

‘Amy, just give me your hand, - and I’ll take the phone’ I whispered softly.

Amy’s little nonsense started to occur, she pat me on the nose shouting “Dadda” – instead of receiving a daughter crying for attention, and she placed it in my hands with a slight giggle. With ease I told her what was going on, all this moving around and still not telling her anything made me feel like a bad father. Then again, I’ve brought her along a dangerous trip, and it could be the end of me or her or even both of us… What have I done?!

All of a sudden the phone started to vibrate in my hands grip, damn it… Obviously that guy was wired, no wonder he was so not caring about whether his life is on the line. Ryan’s got his evidence that we have now killed someone, he has the evidence of my daughter’s name. Ryan didn’t know her actual name completely, I told him that the name is a mystery to the family. He accepted that as life went on into the future, sort of. I figured that he would want to know her name one day…

I took at least ten deep breaths, keeping together my emotions before splitting in half. The cigarette pack was underneath my feet, it was a matter of whether I wanted to go back into the drug business. Seeing Amy’s face through the top mirror, I realised that she’s worth more than a lousy cigarette… Although, all this crap is making me re-think my steps, I’ll be retracing so far back that Amy will forget who I am…? I answered the phone call with a sigh.

‘H-Hello Joey, It’s me Heather, I know you wanted to call it off, and you did call it off… B-But I want you to know that I still love you in several different ways, Amy’s my only c-child, so bring her back to me Joey. Don’t make me get the police involved…’ Heather cried.

‘H-Heather? Why do you care all of a sudden, I never thought you had it in you to respect our daughter…!’ I whispered.

‘J-Just bring her back Joey, and I’ll pay you okay, I’ll pay you in cash – and then I want you to leave me and my daughter forever…’ Heather whispered softly.

‘No, fuck that bitch! – I won’t take part in your little games Heather, and me and Amy are going across the final bridge. Once we pass it, we could die, but that’s the risk I’m willing to take for my family!’ I screamed.

‘F-fine Joey, Amy’s in good hands yeah? F-Final bridge! Do you have any idea what you could get into outside the barriers?! N-No! No, I will not have you take our daughter away, she meant something to me. She’s my only fucking child!’ Heather screamed whilst crying.

‘G-Good bye babes, you’ve no idea on what shit you’re into…’ I replied and ended the call.

The call had ended, I was happy that I got to end the call. Usually, its Heather putting the last word in, she’s always been clever with words. Ryan’s clearly not learning to play fair and happy families, he’s put Heather up to this, although Heather does like Amy in some cases… F-Fuck no! I don’t think she cares, she’ll be better off with me, if Heather wants to make our family work again, she’ll come meet me outside the barriers. And we’d huddle up together near a bloody war…

I threw the phone with sweat finally breaking me. The phone had fallen into the glove compartment, as I looked at Amy’s face again through the mirror. She looked upset, and most likely tired from the long journey here. But we’ve made it now, we have made it to the Barrier’s entrance or exit… She’ll have nothing to worry about once we pass through, I just hope we live, because there’s some really safer places outside the boundaries we are locked in…

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