The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


11. The Accident & the Daughter

The Last One’s Remaining

  Chapter 11: The Accident & the Daughter

‘I’ll do what I can to keep her safe…’ I whispered, the light breath passed through my hands.

‘We’ve found something sir!’ An officer shouted.

‘W-What could you have possibly found… A body? Something that makes me feel stupid cadet?!’ The leading officer grunted.

With the air cycling around this tragic event, it made me think twice on calling for backup. This accident wouldn’t have happened… I’m the stupid driver! Why did I have to be so dangerous, bringing her with me is the biggest mistake I’ve made… Well, it’s one of them at least which I’m sure there are billions more to come in my future, mistakes and regrets… Fuck that shit!

‘Oh Jesus! Don’t show anyone that… That’ll make me sick!’ The leading officer muttered.

‘A-Alright… Then I’ll take the body and store it for research, we’ll have our culprit right?’ He whispered.

‘Ha-ha, the culprit has been with us the whole fucking time!’ The leading Officer shouted.

‘J-Joey… You were clearly the driver, how can we be so dense? How did we just let you walk out of your car – well…? Funny enough, we aren’t all corrupted – in fact we are trying to make these towns collide into the better cities they once were. A country is a country and I’ll build it from the ground…’ The leading officer mumbled.

‘Arrest me then… As long as Amy is safe, I’ll go with ease...’ I sighed.

‘W-Well we can’t just let you go Joey…’ He whispered.

With the leader of the police squad making a speech like that, it made me feel dead inside. I faced him with a confused look slapped on my face. His dark brown beard dropped down underneath his chin with the wind gently pushing it side to side. As for the others around me, I could just see the beginning of corruption… I noticed an officer taking a human figure away from the wreckage.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked with a horrified face.

‘W-Well the Mayor of this town has made some changes… These changes are just the beginning to put this country right!’ He continued rambling.

His face sucked in through his eye sockets stared at me with a smile. I looked away feeling quite uncomfortable as I managed to take two steps back. Unarmed, I could see several weapons from the windshield resting upon the bonnet. He tucked away his white bloody shirt with sweat starting to run down his ridged neck. I gulped as he lowered his left hand into his left pocket with a cheeky grin. As for the other officers, I could just see them dragging some kind of shadowed figure across the road in front of us.

‘And these changes Joey require citizens to follow orders…’ He continued mumbling.

‘Have you all gone fucking insane?! This world will swallow you whole one day…’ I screamed.

‘Insane is our only option Joey, and if you chose to play by the rules, we’d have you out of this town by now… Because truthfully, the Mayor knows what he wants… He believes that the barriers can come down with a simple press of a button. I told him he was MAD absolutely fucking mad! But he didn’t listen, he lost it with me… And us officers, where do we stand now?!’ He raged.

At this point, I could barely see the Leading officer in front of me. He had changed stripes, he looks like someone who broke out of prison and went completely mad. With his deep breaths starting to worry me… I grabbed him by the left hand holding his wrist slammed against the roof of the police car. He looked at me in agony as he kept on whispering softly.

‘Gun point Joey, it’s in my left pocket… I see you’re a stranger to our squad… Sorry for not introducing myself earlier but we play by the rules… And since you have me now Joey down and possibly conquered, I’ll be happy to say my last words – listen up though Joey understood?’ He huffed.

With the violence starting to build up in our guts, I felt sorry for this old man lacking the knowledge to understand what’s going on. Holding his wrist tighter and slamming it for the second time against the metal car roof. His wrist finally started to take some bruises with his face pressed up against one of the car windows, he rolled his eyes looking up at me pleading to be forgiven.

‘Alright… I’ll let you return Officer’ – I looked down with disgust and regrets as I punched him in the left cheek. ‘You have no idea who you’re messing with’ I sighed.

‘I-Is that so… I know Joey, you are an ex-officer to the squad, I vaguely remember your last name… It was always an odd day with you though, you fucked up our entire plan to remove gangsters off the streets…’ He spat out blood, and cried with tears slowly dropping from the edge his nose.

‘An ex-officer, that damage to your head sir must have caused your brain to screw up…’ I laughed.

Holding his wrist tighter and tighter, I finally grabbed him by the back of his pathetic looking neck and slammed his face against the car window. A dark cloud formed around me as I threw him with a final attempt to cause misery to his life against the glass. With ease the glass shattered into millions of crystal looking shards that were almost naked to the human eye. His body laid resting half inside and half outside on the window’s support door.

‘Sorry Pete, but I don’t have time to play games, like you said… We’ve got to play by the rules…’ I whispered into his left ear with a smirk.

‘Where’s Officer Pete?!’ A voice echoed through the blue skies.

‘Isn’t he with you?!’ Another voice interrupted my thinking.

Reaching in through the police car’s messed up looking window, I grabbed the pistol that was tucked away in his dark navy blue police jacket. The mess was pretty damn awful, blood marks running down into the car seats, it will most likely be damp by the time I return here. With a pistol now in my hands, I could take on the remaining officers… After all, they’ve become no help to my plan to keep Amy away from this place. And my dreams aren’t going to come true with a few lives lost…

‘Hey you! Drop to the ground now!’ An officer screamed loudly.

‘F-Fuck you!’ I screeched, as the pistol finally flicked into my right hand.

‘Oh shit, he has a weapon! B-Back u-!’ He screamed as I fired a bullet into his head.

A weapon armed will likely become the deaths of many people. I held the pistol facing it towards the other officers crouched behind cover. “Don’t do something you’ll regret, do it with something you’ll forgive…” Yeah like that’s going to happen! Slamming the pistol back into place, I threw a small pebble towards the police cars parked giving the other cowardly officers cover. Obviously, I didn’t expect too much. However, it did distract an officer on his lunch break. And with that, an easy shot to the head was acceptable. Sadly, I missed his head and it went through his left shoulder.

‘Alright! Where’s Amy?!’ I shouted as I uncontrollably fired several more bullets towards the officers.

‘We might need to neutralise him with some of these darts!’ An officer mumbled.

Unexpectedly I turned to face the darts. It was as if the whole earth had slowed down, I looked up in disgrace. As several darts fired towards me, I breached them with a twist of my hips – as I threw myself behind the wreckage. Unfortunately, I have been hit! Knowing that I don’t have long to stay awake, I resisted from being arrested or taken in. Holding down the remaining ammunition left in this pistol with terrible accuracy I laughed uncontrollably. My eyes started to blur and fade out, as I could see at least twenty officers running towards me all armed with weapons and suited up with defensive gear.

‘We’ve got him! Cancel the extra back-up, we have the killer… He is now being arrested at the old market. We’ll bring him down to the station. *** Over ***

*** 7 Hours Later ***

‘W-What where am I?’ I whispered as I lifted myself up a little in pain.

‘Finally up hey? Good. I’ve taken many criminals out like you Joey… And you taking out Pete, - Yes… We found his body Joey! So don’t fucking lie to us… We found him two hours after you finally surrendered. You were on your knees begging for mercy!’ A voice spoke in a low tone.

‘N-No… Where am I?’ I paused as my body froze from shock.

‘Good. Your memory seems to have gone all dizzy right? Ha-ha, don’t worry… You’ll be getting that energy back sooner or later but for now. We’ve had several news reports that Amy’s not in the wreckage.’ He continued.

With my vision still fading in and out, I tried to remain focus on the figure in the distance unaware whether it’s the figure over there that’s talking to me. “Or am I going insane?!” Never mind, I’ll just wait it out. As I tried to focus on closer objects, I could see prison cells on the left and on the right. Behind me, I could just about see several futuristic looking machines with a weapon rack locked behind a window.

‘A-Amy…? She’s been found. Where is she?’ I asked with my throat turning dry.

‘She’ll be out of here soon, well out of you… Ha-ha’ he chuckled.

‘W-What do you mean…? Amy?! AMY?!!’ I screamed with my vision still fading out.

‘Quiet down please… Some of us prisoners are trying to fucking sleep!’ A voice interrupted my crying.

I looked down as my two hands moved in motion towards my terrible vision eyeballs. I could just about see the natural colours around me, darkness and my skin looked a little pale from usual. As I pulled myself towards the edge of the rusty barred bed. I threw myself on to the floor in agony. Falling onto the floor was pretty painful, yet something occurred to me. “I feel like I’m being dragged back to bed.” And with shock I realised that several coloured wires were wrapped and hooked around my ankles. Not to mention the metal clips pinching my skin. I must have been in some kind of coma, unable to feel pain for a duration of some sort. Who knows what the fuck happened?!

‘Mr… Well this is awkward, we don’t seem you have your name down here’ a female American voice whispered.

‘Joey… My name is Joey, and never mind the last name, it’s going to have to be hidden to keep my family safe…’ I gasped as I dragged myself across the floor covered in mud.

‘Joey, pleased to meet you Joey… I’m your counsellor, and I’m here to talk to you about that awful accident that I’ve been informed about. I doubt you remember, but allow me to help you forget…’ She whispered, her accent kept me listening.

‘You look like you’ve seen a ghost! Oh never mind, maybe It’s the tablets kicking in… Anyway, you were last seen driving towards a barrier holding our people safe… Funny enough, the Mayor hasn’t done anything about it. I never believed in him anyway, Eh herm – never mind that though…’ She paused.

‘I don’t have time to chit chat… I need to find Amy!’ I squealed.

‘Ha-ha, well Joey… My name is Amy… he-he, funny how we’ve come to some kind of connection between us. I’ve dealt with many patients who need therapy or haven’t learnt the meaning of respect. Anyway, you were last seen driving dangerously – I might even revoke your license to drive.’ She mumbled.

Her accent actually started to annoy me, maybe it was just her attitude though. I dragged myself to her feet holding onto her ankles in agony. As she looked down at me, I could see a blurred face with an outline that looked all deformed with blonde looking hair hanging in front of her deep blue eyes. She looked pretty hot from what I could see, yet her face just didn’t reach the far sight of my vision.

‘Get up, stop being such a baby!’ She screamed whilst crushing my left hand with her high heels.

‘B-Baby… Ouch! Fuck you! I just want Amy… eh-eh-eh’ I cried.

‘Pain is surely going to hurt you Joey, but my name is Amy too. So maybe we can form some kind of connection to make your counselling easier to understand. I don’t intend on spending hours in this grungy filthy DISGUSTING cell! So make like a man and stand up now!’ She screeched as she pushed more pressure on left hand.

‘Ah! Stop doing that…’ I cried more, my tears started to flow like blood.

‘Fine… I’ll leave the paperwork on the table, you can handle it I guess Joey… You’re quite a flirter though aren’t you…? You looked at me so deeply, and I bet you think I’m rather quite sexy…’ She giggled.

‘Just tell me where my daughter is!’ I screamed with the remainder of my energy.

Her words strapped themselves in my brain as I stood up unbalanced and felt like I had forgotten how to stand. From side to side, my memory got pushed back and forth and back and forth. The darkness around me seemed to be closer, it was closing in on me… I pushed myself back unaware that my balance is unsteady and gradually fell to the hard floor with a mouthful of old muddy substances and disgusting pre-chewed gum. My eyes rolled back into their sockets as I pulled myself up onto the top of the ripped mattress.

‘Let Amy be okay… I’ll miss her for eternity…’ I cried with my lips pushing against cobwebs.

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