The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


6. That One Ticket Out Of Here

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 6: That One Ticket Out Of Here

“You are appropriate in your own way Joey.” My mind is fucked up seriously… I don’t even know anymore, I’ve taken several pills to defeat the aching pains reeving inside of me. And that’s not even what’s making me feel so down, I feel that the world is on top of my shoulders. “Screw you all, I’ve taken my final breath…” Shut up brain! F-Fuck sake… I just want to make a difference, I want to make a change in my life. N-No, I mean our fucking life! – Shut up!

‘Want a ticket out of here? Is that what you’re going through?’ A voice whispered.

I nodded, staring at the open space in front of me. Looking down at the floor slowly as it revealed more to who I am. I felt a change erupt through my blood stream, something is clearly going on. I’m changing into a better man, yes?

‘W-Well… Joey, make your mind up. Because we don’t have all day.’ The voice replied.

H-Heather won’t return the favour, she’ll have to look after the kids. I just need her to approach the children outside with their faces looking at her with sickness. Devastation and frustration slowly bubbling through our veins, and then… She’ll be gone, she’ll face drastic actions and the suffering of those that meant well to her.

‘Your seriously pissed Joey, I can feel it through your blood stream…’ The voice muttered.

At that moment, my eyes pierced through the blindness in front of me the whole time. It was like a new reawakening of a new me. No wonder I’ve been so delicate, my vision must have put me off on what mattered more to me. And whatever mattered back then, I just hope it won’t matter now… I feel a little bit dead drunk. I think I’ve taken too much, I knew drinking wouldn’t pass my time away.

‘J-Joey… Why do you look into me Joey? Why do you look straight through me?!’ The voice screeched.

‘S-Shut up, s-shut okay! Just shut the heck up… I don’t need to deal with drug abuse!’ I yelled.

Backed into the corner of the room, I sat there afraid of anything coming near me. My vision faded into black and white visuals, seeing darkness and faces that broke through the colour of whiteness. I forced my hand back away from the visuals in front of me, holding back the tension building inside of me. I couldn’t stand the forgery of my own actions doing serious damage to people’s lives… Its mutiny, and I can’t face the end without consequences…?

‘J-Joey, It’s me Heather… I need you to wake up J-Joey, just wake up and tell me your back…!’ Heather muttered.

‘You’ve no idea H-Heather… You don’t know the pain, you don’t know anything about me…’ I whispered with my eyes gloating.

‘Shrivelled up in a corner Joey, is that really what your life means to you?’ She whispered.

She had a point, I’d be better off walking a mile. After all, I have a kid to get out of this town once and for all. Leaving Heather behind, it’s hardly an option to debate on, it’s my mind made up. I’ve made my final decision, and I’ll be taking my daughter away from this place full of Hell. I’m not lacking the brains for some sick pathetic Mother who’s had her time… She’s had her time, and I won’t be prevailed by another loss in this family!

‘T-Take the keys Joey, I know you’re seeing me as a criminal… So take the fucking keys!’ Heather cried.

‘Funny options Heath, and tell me what would you do right now? Tell me what you’d do-‘ I complained.

‘I-I’d do the right thing Joey… And if I were in your shoes, I’d realise what a monster I’ve become…’ She whispered with tears rolling down her eyes.

She’s a little stubborn, I can’t blame her. She’s right about me leaving her to do some dangerous work for a dangerous person. So what, she brought him here, she should have known what she’s dealing with. And I’m a fool for taking Heather as a brave woman, she’s a whore…

‘F-Fine Heath, I’ll take the daughter then… Have fun with Ryan, his down stairs in pain. I’d be sure to write to you, but sadly I’m leaving the gear here. Y-You know why?-‘ I replied.

Heather’s crying continued. ‘B-Because you think I’m a whore, you think I’m dirty Joey!’ Heather screamed.

‘N-No Heath, I think your unfit to be a mother, and for that. I am truly sorry, the gear Ryan’s planted on me is no longer mine, and it’s now yours. And make sure you take care of it, because in a few more weeks, I’ll be making some phone calls…’ I cried with an angry face.

Her crying echoed in the back of my head, with tears forming around my brain, I felt the imagination becoming reality. She don’t deserve to go to prison, she deserves justice, and Ryan needs to learn his mistakes for why he wanted her in the first place. I won’t take that away from him, but I will take the child she has away from her. Because she’s not trustable, she’d fuck it up. Just like I knew she would in the past, and she has now proven me right.

Leaving Heather alone to think of her mistakes, I walked down the stairs with a violent look on my face. My death stares towards the floor kept my anger levels rising, it kept me under control of my emotions. Which to top it off with, I finally had something to focus on, something that would keep me remembering this day until the end of my life span… Before leaving out the front door, I felt that someone needed to know something. There was information and secrets sliding off the end of my sick little tongue. And it had rolled back for so long, and now it’s time to deliver some truth…

‘H-Hello Ryan, I’ve spoken to Heather upstairs. She’s all yours, I hope you treat her to what she deserves brother…’ I mumbled with my death stare facing his worried face.

‘W-What do you see in her Joey…? D-Do you think she’s all- everything! Do you think that she gives a fuck about you?!’ Ryan growled.

‘I-I don’t know any more Ryan, why don’t you tell me bro? Why don’t you tell me why I shouldn’t fire this gun into your fat fucking skull?!’ I screamed with aggression.

‘Y-You don’t scare me Joey, I could have you put you down like a little lab dog, remember Jess? Do you?’ Ryan muttered out blood.

I stared him in the face, and held the silver pistol towards his pathetic looking face. He stared at me with his little hidden giggles expressing how much he finds this situation hilarious. He thinks it’s all fun and games, I’ll teach him a little of his own medicine, and he’ll break like an egg… And if he fails to comply, I’ll be sure to crack his little skull like the bad egg it has always been… Maybe some goodness will spill out of his annoying little noggin.

‘Ha-ha, I remember Jess- I don’t care… Why should I care Ryan…? Explain to me why I should be scared of you, now?’ I stomped.

‘F-Fuck you Joey, I’ve given you drugs, I’ve given you a new life. And you offer me a heartbreak in your pathetic imaginary family!’ Ryan shouted demonically.

Before I had the chance to break home free, Ryan grabbed me by my collar, holding me against the floor with a vicious face and his jerky smile. I looked into his eyes with hated, I wanted this guy dead or alive without me near him… Instead, he grabbed me and wanted to give me a beat down. I swung for his upper lip, only to fail and bounce my fists off the solid floor. Ouch, it hurt like shit. But I let him get away with his next move, because he could have killed me right now…

I wriggled out of his grip and stomped on his left hand that must have hurt a lot… Suddenly, he grabbed me and held a Swiss knife towards my horrified angered face, I finally felt afraid of him. Finally he let go of me and pushed me out the door with a smirk. I would have gotten back up to fight him once and for all. However, he had Heather now, and that’s what I wanted all along…

‘Joey! We could have actually gotten away with it you know…?! We could have had it all, the drugs, the cash and all the luxury life you could never afford, without me… You’ll die out there bro!’ Ryan shouted with his smirk starting to irritate me.

I refused to reply to him, he was right. Without him and his ways of smuggling drugs and his power around the town. Well, I’ll have nothing to work for, I’ll be an average human being. And after what happened back there, how can I find a job that fits with my attitude, how can I find a job that will accept a life-time thug? Because I am a thug, I’ve made sure that my rep stays the same for life…

Slamming the brakes with rage, I threw myself into the backseat and saw my daughter looking down at me with disgust. She clearly wanted to stay here, and money’s no option babe, it’s all the end from here. You go anywhere near this place and I swear you’d be broken, you’d even up as something unforgivable. And I’d be the disgusted father being unwilling to keep you near me, I’d let you go off in the wild and you’d still be that person, you’d be a teenager by then and I’d be an old man, well on the verge of becoming something near that…

If anyone knew about Heather’s daughter being abducted by… Ry- I mean me, it’s my fault. I’d be on the front of a newspaper, and that’s not even the worse part… 

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