The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


25. Red Meadow [PT: 5]

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 25: Red Meadow [PT: 5]

When a stranger is in danger, I feel hurt and lost. When a stranger becomes danger, I feel afraid of what’s to come. I feel more scared than usual, and once again I feel more hurt and even more lost.

‘We could chat for hours, we really could… Whether you like it or not, I don’t care!’ She whispered.

‘Hours, we don’t have much time, not as much time as we could have had hey? We could have had a lot of good times together, a new future with more respect. What was that old saying, you used to say? I-I don’t remember it, I guess memories fall like children do right?’ He mumbled more.

‘D-don’t you DARE bring our children into this…’ She shouted aggressively.

‘They fall over, that’s all I meant… Remember, they’re young, why am I even doing this?’

‘You tell me big shot, since you think locking away your wife is the right thing to do. Wait until crime is re-established, how will you live with yourself then huh?’ She hissed.

‘Never-mind about me, I’ll leave you with the details Jenna… I d-didn’t want a child, okay? We went way to fast into deep waters… So now, I’ll do as I said in the past. I’ll show my true colours as I give up on what you and I started…’ He cried.

I crawled further towards the entrance, and shoved myself out onto the ground covered in darkness. I could just about see them in my line of sight. The teenager/adult still looked distressed and hurt. As for the man who did this to her, he got a quick escape. He left the room. As I crawled towards her I heard the sound of a door locking, turns out this man was actually going to leave her to rot…

‘D-do what you want Ben! See if I fucking care!’ She screamed to nobody.

‘Excuse me, m-my name-‘ I tried to speak.

‘W-what the fuck? Who are you, another joke I bet! Come get me, did Ben pay you to kill me?!’

‘K-killing you is not my job, ha. Good one, I have to admit you are one strong cookie. Brave too, my name’s Joey. And to make this conversation go quicker, I’m here to help you…’ I sighed.

‘Helping me, how kind of you… And then what? Hit me round the head with a glass bottle, I bet Ben told you how to do it as well. Did he say I liked it? Miserable fucker…’ She hissed louder.

‘No, just stay still, I’ll untie you, and you can leave with a future in your hands…’

‘Stay put you mean? Trying to make me feel bad about leaving Johnny behind? Nobody cared about him! I put him first and B-Ben… He told me to get rid of him or else he’d leave us to starve…’

‘Jenna, I know your name. Is that enough proof to prove to you I’ve been watching you and Ben’s talk. You know, that private chit-chat. Of course you wouldn’t expect a guy like me to come and save you. Probably not your hero, that’s for sure. Look, I just want to help you out okay?’

She nodded, the strings around her wrists were pretty damn tight. I could see the red markings it had left in her fingers as I untied her. Most of the pain she was feeling, was most likely emotional. Her own husband walking out on her like that, not the best way to break-up a relationship, that’s for sure. I lifted her onto her feet, her dark brown mixed with red hair hung down her back. She looked beautiful to say the least. However, her swollen up face with bad make-up didn’t make her look too cute. It weren’t about looks, I just wanted to save the people who are innocent. Something no low-minded idiot would do. Ryan for example, he wouldn’t give two shits about anyone but himself…

As I held her left hand, I walked her down the broken stairs to Floor A, and of course it was time to tell her what I wanted to say the moment she was free.

‘Well this is your get-off floor. Have a safe journey,’ I walked away.

‘Thanks… W-wait!’ She cried. I turned to face her.

‘Joey… Thanks for helping me okay? I wish most guys were like you, respectful to the ones in real danger. You know, more loyal, caring for others who are hurt…’ She sobbed.

‘Maybe they will be, or maybe you aren’t looking in the right place. Tell me this Jenna, give me the details on your – husband…’ I sighed deeply.

I felt awkward for ending a nice bond with her. Ending our, what could have been friendship to business. Dealing with the man who put her in such a difficult position to be in. I swore to myself that any human being, child or stranger – I’d try to be a good man and put them first. Ever since losing Amy, I think it’s the best path for me. I’ve felt happy ever since taking in that younger boy, someone I could rely on and call him son. Maybe he has a chance out there though, he’s probably found life…

‘Joey, you’ve done enough okay? Don’t worry about him, he’s probably going to find trouble up there anyway… Last I heard, a young girl screaming, pretty horrific right?’ She mumbled.

‘Horrific, doesn’t sound right does it? Tell you what, you worry about yourself… I’ll take care of whatever’s up there. Can you pass this onto a girl downstairs? She’s kind of waiting for me…’

She nodded with slight hesitation as she shook off our hug we shared. She walked away from me, down the corridor towards the stairs leading down to the lobby. Not only did she leave without saying good-bye or anything I’d find reassuring, she left with a note to my mystery girl.

Before I knew it, she was out of sight. I took a few deep breaths and clung onto what I had left. My dignity is all I had really. Apart from average clothing and a chain that never meant much to me. The chain meant more to someone else I knew, someone who deserved to be loved. They would probably call me a thief and let me walk the path of shame alone. It’d make more entertainment for the people out there trying to strive for success. And all they want is their old lives back… If I could give that back to them, I’d be known as a Hero. And possibly I’d be remembered in history, I don’t want that though… What I want, is for everyone to change themselves, we can make this change for the better or for the worse. Sometimes life is about taking risks, and this’ll the biggest for everyone out there…

*** Down the corridor, in the room where the Mystery Girl was waiting… ***

Friend or Foe? It’s a question that I’ve asked myself over and over again, still no answer…

‘H-hey… Are you, do you know a guy called Joey?’

‘Joey…? Yes, and I have a name you know…’ I sighed.

‘S-sorry… It’s just, I’ve got to be leaving and he asked me to give you this…’

Jenna handed me something I wouldn’t forget…

Dear M.G,

“Even though I don’t know your name, you’ll always be something to me… Whether it’s dirt we stand on together. Or ashes you breathe in, we’ll always be somewhere. Well, I’ll be somewhere…”

‘W-wait… D-don’t go so soon, please,’ I cried.

‘Sooner I’m out of here, the sooner I can move on, I hope you find someone to talk to, it’s pretty lonely in here. My name’s Jenna by the way, I hope I’m not interrupting your sleep or whatever…’

‘No it’s fine, I’m just waiting for Joey… He promised he’d be back for me, so I guess I should wait.’

I fell onto my knees in-front of Jenna letting out several tears. As I crushed the note into the palm of my left hand. As my tears rolled down my arms dripping on the floor we stood on together.

‘That note… It isn’t, bad, is it?’ She asked.

‘It’s just a note, nothing special… All girls get some kind of notes, like bank notes ha!’ I snuffled.

‘Well, I’ll see you around… Hey! I never quite caught your name, what’s your name?’ She asked.

With the sadness filling my body, I didn’t feel the need to tell her anything. If I had opened my mouth, I’d probably foam up saliva from my past. And then I’d most likely cry water works, buckets of tears just to push her away from me. Nobody ever understood me, they always wanted the same answer… They’d cry for my name, and some old boys I met, they’d ask for my number… My number was the easiest option, so it became more of a name to me. My parents who are now lost out there in the world, don’t know me anymore, if anything… My name is digits, it’s a name that nobody would crack.

*** Joey’s POV ***

The stairs I had to climb were really starting to hurt my legs. I reached the second floor again and lowered myself into an uncomfortable sitting position. Laying against the broken wall, I looked up hoping for my life to change. If there is anything I could say that Red Meadow proved to me throughout this week. It’d have to be the places it reminded me of, it reminded me of who I was. And it also answered some of my questions I’ve been asking for many, many years…

‘Joey! I-I’m sorry… I got your note, and I just want to hug you one last time!’ She cried uncontrollably.

She grasped me with her thin arms and held me tightly against her chest. Feeling loved again, it made me feel like the old me. It reunited a spark I had lost back when Ryan showed up… If this Mystery Girl is the one for me, then why do I feel she’s still trouble? Why do I feel that my trust in her is growing but my respect for her is dropping with every hour that goes by?

‘Your note, you really got me crying Joey… Something I underestimated you on, you have a way with words… I know you said wait for you, but your note kind of told me something else…’ She snuffled.

‘Really…?’ I sighed.

‘Yes! And I know what you meant in that note… This is why our last moment together should be an everlasting moment. I want this moment to last Joey… Not like you and you know who, I want our moment to rise in the stars…’ She smiled a little.

‘Well… What difference does it make…? How am I ever going to remember you?’ I whispered.

‘Because we spent time together, and we’re spending our last moment together…’ She smiled.

‘No… My last moment, I don’t want you to follow my footsteps… Like you did back at my flat, I just want you to stay safe and continue a life without me…’ I tried to smile.

‘What are you talking about…? The world will still be corrupted Joey! You’ve gone mad… I think you’re losing yourself with every step you take anyway… With me following your footsteps, wouldn’t have support, and a way back, a safer route than the one you want to take now…’ She mumbled.

‘So what, the truth is… I’ve given up, I’m a lousy dad… And all it took was a little more time to re-think my past. It’s amazing what we regret isn’t it…’ I sighed deeply.

She grabbed my left hand and rested my right hand on her right shoulder. As she moved my other hand towards her chest. Her eyes were watery, I could see how sad she was. She was more than heartbroken, which was interesting. Because I never thought she had a heart after what she did back with the child that needed help. There’s goodness in everyone right?

‘That’s my heart beating, Life… I may not remember much about my parents. However, I know back when that child stayed with us for just a couple of days… I knew that we had something special.’

‘So why did you get rid of that something special? Don’t you see what we’ve become thanks to your selfless actions? I mean, you’ve left a boy back there, a boy that meant more to me than you first did…’ My eyes watered.

‘Yeah… I’m a lousy mother, you know Joey… I did it for his safety, not for his happy smile and the fact I didn’t want a child to live with. If he came with us, do you think he’d be alive?’ She asked.

‘Possibly, if we worked more… Worked more on our family skills, he would have stood a chance, I saw it in his eyes. He has the potential to actually be the fighter I knew he was…’ I sighed.

‘Well, I saw a cute child inside of him, he was definitely something special Joey. The thing is, he may have meant something to you. But to me, he didn’t mean much… I don’t know what it’s like to have a family or even be part of a family…’ She let go of my hands.

Our relationship was growing rapidly. However, the emotions and regrets got the better of us.

‘Joey, if you go up there. You realise that you’re just going to be taking out one problem, and more will remain if you fail… And even if you succeed, how will you live with yourself? You know, murdering all those people, how will anyone ever fall in love with you again? I barely looked at you the same way I did before, whether you noticed is beyond me!’ She whispered.

I placed my upset face in my two open hands, looking down at the gungy looking ground. And to the left of me was the woman I really cared about. Her name still a mystery to me didn’t bother me. I guess, even without a name, she’s somebody to this world. Maybe not to everyone, but to somebody else out there. She’s someone, I mean she’s a living breathing human. It’s not like she doesn’t have life, she can talk for herself and doesn’t care whether she has a name or not…

‘You know what… You have a point. Just imagine this though, what about the poor lives up there?’

‘Joey, I know you’re a good person. And you’re one caring father to a boy we left behind… But, you can’t save everyone Joey, I thought you’d get that by now…’ She sulked.

‘Maybe not everybody, maybe I could save a young child up there, save someone’s family!’ I shouted.

‘Family, hang on a minute Joey…’ She paused.

‘No! I could save the ones that matter… And put an end the boss behind Red Meadow’s disasters!’

‘No, the Mayor is in control of that, you’d have to kill him Joey… And he isn’t to blame either, nobody told him to make rules right?’ She asked.

‘Actually… The town voted for him, they begged him to take over. So yeah, we did tell him to make rules… We asked him to be our leader, and what did he do? He ruined civilization…’ I sighed.

‘Well Joey, the way you speak to me, it’s so reassuring! And if you’re going to go up there, I don’t want to let you go alone… And your right, we would take out a mean team up there. But again Joey, it’s just one small problem. If we die up there, we only have ourselves to blame…’

More tears rolled down her eyes, as I stood up helping her stand on her own two feet again…

Author Note: (Hi everyone Luke J.R here with some information and bonus answers for this Chapter. Now, if you’ve been reading the entire Movella, I am 100% grateful. I never thought a story like this would ever come from me. I’ve dreamt of a story like this being out already, someone else to take the crown and make me proud.) Anyway, without you guys, this Movella wouldn’t be anything. I want to thank you all for all the support in 2013! I want to thank-you all for writing on Movellas and being part of such a great Community! You are all amazing Authors! And I’ve read loads and loads of your Movellas, even if I don’t comment. It doesn’t always mean I disliked your Movella. Believe it or not, I’m currently writing comments on Movellas I should have commented on before… Sorry for the delay on that, but I need to catch-up to January 2014 Ha ha!

Also, Red Meadow, a 5 Pages Chapter. (5 Chapters) – This has been an insight on a town that Joey and his friend/rival had to go to. Mainly because Joey can be a pushover sometimes, and I’m sure many of you Fans and readers of “The Last Ones Remaining.” Are probably asking many questions about Joey’s personality or even where the story is going to end. Some have asked me about this:

“What’s the name of the Mystery Girl?” – Still under wraps I’m afraid.

“Where will Joey end up?” (Still under wraps.)

“I hope Joey goes back for the boy.” (Soon to come, I promise, it’ll explain a lot!)

And the next chapters will become emotional most likely and pretty dark… I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this Movella, as, as much as I’ve had writing it and fixing the errors and everything else it takes to make this Movella stand out from other Movellas. I’ve done my best and with all your support, I can do better. You support me, and I support you. I’m that Loyal

– Luke J.R -

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