The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


24. Red Meadow [PT: 4]

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 24: Red Meadow [PT: 4]

Until Death Do Us Part, (The words of an Angel, and the words I remember the most…)

The silence in the darkness, it was like an antidote to the screaming of that teenage girl. With her voice out of the picture, I felt that this place was beginning to look safer. The darkness did startle me a little. It was the one thing that made me re-think my escape plan over and over again. The minor sounds of smaller sized pebbles and chunks of wood falling every ten minutes did make me a little scared. Apart from the sound of me breathing, and that was enough to raise my sanity.

Although, I should be more worried. That girl back there was nothing more than a victim. She was most likely innocent in her younger days that is. Probably went insane due to being alone in this place. Of course if she is alive, she should get the hell out of here. This place won’t stand much longer and soon this place will become a Mad House. Whether my fake wife downstairs can handle the pressure of being alone in darkness with friends on her mind is beyond me.

‘Joey! Joey! Where the heck are you?!’ She screamed.

Listening to my fake wife’s voice, it made me want to reassure her. Problem was, she wouldn’t be-able to hear me. And I really don’t want to make an entrance to anyone else around me with weapons. And anyone else near me for that matter, there could be anyone in these dark rooms. Dead or alive, it all depends on my path. And if my path leads to trouble, then may Death Do Us Part.

The darkness in this room was more than less to be desired. My eye sight was useless to me. With all this darkness blinding me, I couldn’t go any further without stopping to think about my actions. The sound of a creaky floorboard and a radio sizzling made me take a few steps back? I pushed myself to go further as I crawled along the invisible floor. This was so creepy, nothing could be seen. Whether I was going backwards or forwards was unknown to me. It felt like a maze, and I bet this room is just a basic design of any other room in this place.

‘You know what… If you aren’t coming back here, then give me some kind of sign!’ She screeched.

Time was running out for me and her, I never thought it would end like this. With a fake girlfriend tagging along in my life and myself lost in a basic room that my mind treats as a maze. What I did remember was this: “The room is basic, and the downstairs ceilings have vent shafts, and small cracks too. Using this to my advantage, I began feeling around the darkness, trying to find some kind of object to hold onto. At this point, I can only wish for the object I find to be something useful…

‘A-alright, yeah, I heard something downstairs earlier, did you too boss?’ A voice broke through the silence.

‘Shut it, everything downstairs is useless remember?’ Another voice interrupted.

‘O-oh yeah… And what about, you know, your family?’

‘F-family… That’s a word I haven’t heard for a while. What is family Shaun?’

‘You know… I don’t think I remember,’ (multiple laugher was heard.)

So there is more in this place, more souls in shells. And by the sounds of it, these guys are trouble… Something about their little conversation sounded a bit iffy. And they must believe in everything they want to believe in. Interesting, yet I can’t be right for sure. If anything, these guys have been here for a while.

Trying to make no sound was starting to become a chore. And the dangers around me was becoming a threat. This place was certainly not the right place to find my fake wife’s friends… If anything, I can only wish for their safety. And If I’m not quick enough, I’ll end up like the ones who have died here… Blood from the first floor didn’t really feel like a warm welcome. I feel that the blood was the sign, maybe words aren’t always the best threats. Maybe it is the actions and the visuals that we create, maybe it’s that what makes us so dangerous. Top of the food chain and deadly…

‘W-where are you taking me?!’ Another voice broke out.

‘Dad…! L-let him go! Dad!’ A small child’s voice screamed.

‘Shut up kid!’ After the last voice shouted, I heard a loud bang on the floor above me.

After the loud bang, I heard some kind of heavy object being dragged across the floor. Well to me it was celling but that wouldn’t make sense…

Crawling past darkness and into more darkness was already challenging. Now with fear and adrenaline building up inside of me. I knew that this room was safer than going out there. The next floor would be floor 3, yet by the sounds of upstairs, I don’t wish to find out what awaits me. Thinking back to the crazy female teenager on floor 1, it reminded me of her words… “Floor 4.”

I slid my body through some invisible narrow gaps and managed to hurt myself on something sharp. My two hands were freaking out, I had control over them but some reason I wanted to grasp for a handle or something. Being alone does this to you, you look for something to talk to. And if we could see through darkness, we’d look for someone not something…

With success finally falling out of no-where. I managed to find some kind of box like object. Still blind and unable to see what was behind me and in front of me, I felled for some kind of handle. I kept searching and searching around this box’s unknown faces and corners. Until, I managed to hurt myself again. Something zapped me, it felt a little like an electric shock, just not as deadly…

‘Everything alright? H-how did you sleep?’ A quieter voice whispered.

‘Better… How long do you think we’ll be here?’ A stronger voice spoke.

‘Not long… Maybe we can leave tomorrow, providing that they’re occupied…’

With all these conversations going on around me, upstairs or downstairs. Or even beside me, it was unknown to me whether my mind was playing tricks on me. I felt that these voices were genuine and real like me and the ones I loved. Yet, I’ve heard stories and watched documentaries on the human brain. How we can see things, how we can hear things. (It’s all to do with our dreams…)

I felt for some more objects and could feel thin wire like objects. It was clear to me that what I had found was most likely something electrical. Whether it was still active is still unclear. The shock I got, it could have just been some remaining power left in the circuitry. Who knows…? I picked up one of the wires and held them together, forging them together to make a fuse. Thankfully, I could hear a light turning on and off. What I’ve found, it could only be the power source. And if not, then it’s this floor’s homemade power source…

‘Joey… Joey? Oh my god!’ My fake girlfriend shouted.

‘W-what happened here? Joey, you said you’d be back…’

Judging by the sound of her voice, she has found the room I was in…

‘Stranger… Girl, can you hear me?’ I whispered a little.

‘Joey…!’ She called out.

Judging from the look on her face, I can only imagine what horrors she has seen down there. And if she is going to think about coming closer to the debris below me. She’d be dead too… There is no-way that floor is going to hold for much longer, I doubt she’d make it to where I am. She’d fall or something idiotic and she’d plummet to her death…

‘J-Joey… P-please come out, I just need to tell you something, we need to go!’ She screamed.

Slowly moving towards the rims of the broken floor boards on floor 2, I managed to pull myself to a higher platform. Unknown to me the object I was standing on. With all the screaming coming from her precious lungs, it’d make more sense to why she’d croak in the night. Sometimes, I’d imagine her snoring becoming the Frog. I’d be the prince and she’d be safe once more, restoring peace…

‘I s-see you… J-just hang on a moment, stay put!’ I hissed.

‘S-stay… There is no way we’re staying in these conditions! Screw my friends!’ She screeched.

‘No! I’m not even in here for that anymore… I’m here to find out some more information about this dump… It’s mental up there…’ I sighed.

‘S-so my friends are nothing to you? Just dead to you, right? I can only imagine the looks on their faces when they find out you doubted them. Disrespectful failure…’ She grouched.

‘No… I’m no failure, you are… I’ve been walking around with you – pretty much, according to you. And you’ve been with me the whole time… Throughout my turn-over…’ I sighed deeply.

‘You think that the world revolves around you? No… It doesn’t, it’s everyone’s, not yours or mine… Everyone’s!’ She shouted loudly.

Her voice echoed throughout the empty rooms, her voice rang my eardrums like a phone-call surprise. Before I knew it, she was gargling on her own salvia, I’d ask her why she’s so consistent about getting what she wants but I don’t have it in me. I can’t just brag about her problems, I can’t even face her with my own two eyes, bear in mind I have to look at her as she insults me. Her feisty attitude just makes me even more pissed off. She’s like a broken ring, a lost fragment some would say. I’d even feel the need to call my second figment, she is like something from a mirror. A mirage is what I’d name her, she isn’t real. She’s just so brought to life with my help, I made her who she is now right?

‘Sometimes when you walked out on that child, I felt the need to slap you…’ She hissed.

‘Yeah, well good thing I’m up here isn’t it. You being down there is like a victory for me…’

‘A victory! Do you have any idea what pain you’ve put both us through?’ She sighed.

‘Any idea, I’ve seen you making the decisions in our fantasy… You make the rules, I’m reading you like a book. The more you turn, the more I learn…’ I laughed.

Leaving her to talk to herself was an idea in mind. I crawled along the darkness and through even more darkness to find myself another open-vent shaft entrance. Good to see things going my way. I slid through some of the rubble blocking up some exits. As I reached some flashing light, I knew that the room was being occupied. And whether I wanted to take a chance, a risk even just to make sure my life is in good hands, that’s for another day to come right? I prayed inside my mind as I pushed myself through several gaps in the vent, with just a few hidden away cuts and bruises, I had made it outside of the vent shaft. Away from the Mystery woman I laid eyes on. Away from the madness that awaited me back there. Finally, another sweet victory to quietly settle down on. Conquering myself was beginning to become a mission, and myself didn’t agree with the pain and suffering she had put all of us through. That boy for instance, wasn’t he special?

He was definitely some kind of reliable kid, I could put my money on him and he’d rather come back dead or alive. He’s the one for me, the son I need. He could be my answer to all of my problems. She’d never look me in the eyes twice, I’d be safe.

‘W-what’s your name bitch? We’ve asked you over and over again, and you still can’t say it…?’

A random breakthrough broke into my hiding spot, and I found myself ear dropping on a conversation that had nothing to do with me.

‘N-name, my name is Jenna. Isn’t that the name you wanted?’ A woman hissed.

‘Jenna, bitch is your new name. You will call us the masters who put you here, got it?’

‘M-masters? More like monsters…!’ She laughed.

‘M-monsters? No, we are the protectors of the ones who don’t follow rules. If anything, we’d put our lives on the line for you. Don’t that mean anything to you?’ A male voice whispered.

‘W-well what could it mean huh? Everything is corrupted out there, so who knows what dangers you guys have. I’d be better off dead than trusting a bunch of strangers…’ She sighed.

‘D-dead, many die out there… And you find yourself asking for that? P-please, answer me this. How many fingers am I holding up?’

‘L-let go of my freaking hand!’ She screamed.

‘Exactly… The amount I’m holding up is what’ll come in handy… The pressure is on out there, but the game is still in here… Do you get it?!’ The male’s volume raised dramatically.

Another distressed parent or maybe sisters of some kind? I’m sick of having to poke my nose into other people’s business. If anything, she made many good points, what’s the point of living knowing that the world will eat you alive? I’d rather say good-bye than hello kill me, but hey whatever suits her. I’m not going to judge her over her own decisions, what joke would that lead to? Of course, I’d hear something in the wind, the punch line that ended it all? Ha…

‘D-do you take cash… B-because I’m loaded with cash!’ She screamed louder.

‘C-cash, now what would we want with cash? Do you take us in, are you calling us criminals?’

‘I know them when I see them, but you’re more like bullies than the big dogs…’ She giggled.

‘Some nerve, I like you a lot. Which is why I always spare the good looking ones, what kind of man would I be if I left you in here alone? What kind of human being would I be portrayed as if I ruined your perfect little life. I mean, this place is so luxury… Don’t you agree?’ He mumbled.

Hearing there conversation continue over the five minutes of laying around doing nothing, I decided to get a closer look on things. Actions speak louder than words do, that’s what my dad used to say… I managed to lift myself upon a taller zone and looked through the cracks in the brick wall. The room was half-lighted and darkness surrounded the corners of the room. The distressed female was now in sight, and I could see that she looked around age seventeen to eighteen maybe… If anything, saving this one would probably just bring me another annoyance to hate on. The Mystery woman downstairs is waiting for me, so best to not keep her waiting…

Near the distressed woman was a heavy looking man. He had dark tattoos down his left arm. And some kind of dark purple demon marked around his neck. This guy clearly likes art, and if he likes art maybe he’d like to hear a creative cunning plan to remove him from the room. The woman however looked like she was pain, her face looked swollen and her lips were barely touching together. I wondered whether this man was a woman beater, and it’d make sense if he was. Jumping to conclusions has never worked out for me before, but just this once I’d like to prove myself wrong.

At that moment, I pushed off the vent exit and waited for the lights to go off. It was all a matter of waiting now. Waiting for the right moment to strike, this woman deserves some kind of respect. And if he aren’t going to give it her, I sure in heck aren’t either. I’ll just make sure she has a good escape plan before attempting such a devilish scheme.


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