The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


23. Red Meadow [PT: 3]

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 23: Red Meadow [PT: 3]

When you’re closer to your goal, do you run or do you hide?

It was time to finally see whether her friends are here or not. I’m still unhappy with her expectations for this place. I knew it would be dead, and full of danger everywhere we would go. The real problem is that she insulted me and Amy, and without her presence it doesn’t seem right…

‘Did you think, I d-don’t know… I thought we’d be better off here than in the child’s town…’ She gasped.

I nodded, with slight hesitation overgrowing my happy face.

‘We’ll look in here for your friends.’ I whispered. ‘Or what’s left of them…’

She nodded back at me, my side of the deal was cut in half. She’d want her friends safe and secure, just like how I wanted Amy. If Ryan’s friends inhabit this place, I wouldn’t count on any of our dreams coming true. Even wishes go down the well at a point like this. And coins aren’t even half decent as they used to be. Cash can’t get you a home anymore… It’s all about survival of the fittest…

‘Y-your friends, they’ll be upstairs,’ I reassured her.

‘Upstairs… And what floor?’ She cried.

‘Who knows…? If they’re up there, do you really want to see them?’ I dropped a question.

‘Seeing them is what’ll redeem us, it’ll bring us together…’

‘And what chances do you want to take? Putting your life on the line for more humans… Good idea, I’ve had it up to here with trusting people!’ I shouted.

‘So your aggression is what made you put your foot down is it?’ She sent me an angry look.

She let go of my left arm, and raised her left eyebrow. I tried to reassure her that her friends were in safe hands. I’ve tried everything to make that woman see the light, and the darkness behind this town. She’d even throw her own life in just to save her closest friends…

Leaving her to stand in an empty lobby, I walked up the stairs, Floor A – the floor that she wanted to visit first most likely. The stench coming from somewhere around me infected the air. I could hear voices, whether it was me feeling lonely or actually being realistic is beyond me. With voices ringing in my brain, all I could feel was pain and suffering. I walked further down the corridors, passing loads of room doors. And who knows which room had the hideous and the beauty behind them.

‘She’ll never let me go… She’ll let me go…’ A voice breathed in the winds.

‘W-what? Where are you…?’ I whispered.

‘She’ll never let me g- Dad? Is that you…?’ The voice replied.

‘N-Yes, It’s me… I’m outside on Floor A – what did you want?’ I lied.

‘I-I want my Mum… And not some fake knockoff!’ The voice screamed.

‘Your Mum? She’s in there though right?’ I asked.

‘Aha, I d-don’t even k-know anymore…’ The voice hesitated.

It was clear that Red Meadows had pain and death all over. Whether everyone got what they wanted in this place was quite an understatement. The destruction to some of the wallpaper looked quite nasty. Cuts and dried blood rested amongst some room doors. There was even old cigarette’s that had been used, (looked around a few months old.) Most of the flooring was creaky, and the lighting wasn’t perfect either. Lights flickered and a sound of something electrical making sounds.

With my left hand, I grabbed the door knob. (Room #141) It was the room where I heard the voice. Outside the door was an old trash can and broken dolls. On the side of the walls was scribbles and some kind of old food rotting on the corner. Most of the creaking also came from under me. I wondered whether loads of people still live here. It was like a ghost house, yet you could hear the voices and hear the footsteps. Nothing was quite life like. It was just imagination and dreams…

‘She’d say count to two and watch out the w-window…’ The voice continued.

‘C-count to two? Listen… Let me in please, just unlock the door…’ I sighed.

‘S-strangers too, she’d say never let someone in u-unless it’s your father…’

‘LISTEN to me! I need you to open the door and let me come in…’ I shouted.

‘She’d say shouting was no key of mine, she’d laugh in my face…’ The voice cried.

It was too difficult to break the door down, the girl sounded like she was in distress. And some reason I didn’t feel like making an entrance. I just wanted to earn her trust. I know what I said before… Don’t trust anyone, but sometimes the good gets the better of you. And in other cases the evil takes over the innocent. And the victims become the traitors…

“She’s a foxy one, and a sly fox indeed…”

‘Your room number, d-do you even know your room number?’ I whispered.

‘R-room number? Like it matters, I’ve been here keeping an eye on things…’ She sobbed.

‘Yeah… well, maybe I should be honest…’ I sighed.

‘Honesty? Since when have you been honest…? Y-you know what, come in…’

I stood there at the door holding my left hand in my right hand, fiddling with the dust around me. I heard the door unlock and at that point, it was time to open up. To my surprise, the door did open, and to another surprise I could see the teenage girl sulking. As I was about to step into the room, she jumped out in-front of me, and screamed with tears rolling down her eyes. She even had the need to attack, and held a sharp kitchen knife towards my face. I jumped back in worry and shock.

‘Y-you’re not my dad… Why did you lie?’ She bit her bottom lip.

‘W-well I didn’t lie… I’m here because your crying has an impact on a guy like me…’ I sighed.

‘Creep! Do you think that a little saving could actually make you a better person? You’re lucky my real Father isn’t here, he’d kill you in an instant… And I’d kill you in seconds, we have our differences…’

‘Listen, my name is Joey.’ I tried to be formal with her. ‘And I’m here to help you, not save you…’

‘H-help me, I don’t think you can help anyone but yourself…’ She whispered.

As I heard her whisper my mind wondered about this teenager. The teenage girl unnamed to me has just become my second mystery.

“Great! Another name to wonder about, haven’t I got enough with fox the spy around me everywhere I go…”

The girl held me back to the wall behind me. With a lot of power coming from those small arms, I was surprised once again. With me back against a wall, actually afraid of someone for once. She tried to strike me with her knife, yet I slipped to the side. Drastically trying to manoeuvre around the skims of the walls, I pushed myself towards an open door. “Room 144” I held the door knob and closed it quickly. As the teenage girl tried to smash through the door with her screaming fury…

‘I’m sick of strangers taking away our lives!’ She screamed.

‘C-calm down! Just listen to me…!’ I shouted.

With a dangerous teenager outside the door, I had a choice. Face the music, and fight back. Or talk sense into her and just praying for her to spare me. My real worries occurred when I remembered that the mystery woman is still downstairs waiting for me. Whether she’d be gullible enough to follow after me and face the music for me. She’d be off my list, I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone but myself. Unless, she’s brave and smart. Maybe she’d stay put and not die for me…

‘Joey?! I-if you can hear me, I’m just letting you know… It’s pretty dark outside!’ She shouted.

‘Pss, I can hear you… J-just k-keep your voice down!’ I whispered through a vent entrance.

‘W-what… H-how come I’m hearing voices…?’

‘You’re not, it’s me Joey…’ I whispered again.

‘We learnt something in school, I’m sure you did too… What was it again? Stranger Danger!’

With my time slowly draining away with every thud on the door behind me. And the sound of the unnamed woman going mad downstairs, it was clear to me that one way or another, someone’s going to get hurt. And this place has just become a Mad House…

The vent entrance was my only escape, no screwdriver… I approached the vent entrance and quickly looked through some of the boxes resting on the red carpet. And the sound of thudding behind me kept my adrenaline going wild.

‘She’d say that every stranger deserved better… And I’d laugh, as she’d tell me more boring stories…’

‘Oh yeah? Well your mother was right, maybe not every stranger though…’ I laughed.

‘If you had the guts like my father, maybe you’d stand up for yourself…’ She laughed historically.

‘Joey… You are like a shadow… Are you even here?’ The unnamed woman whispered.

‘I’m here!’ I shouted.

‘What? What do you mean you’re here…? I know that, open this fucking door!’ She screamed.

With more loudly thudding behind me, I could hear the teenager screeching with anger. And the sound of my waiting bandit downstairs making sounds. And then, I looked behind me with a worried face and saw that the door was about to come off its hinges. I got off my knees and ripped apart the bed sheets and bed its self. Looking for a tool box, there has to be one somewhere!

Before I could rip the bed up completely, I switched motion as fast as I could, using one hand to rummage through the drawers and the other to rip up a bed. In desperation I even tried to multi-task by kicking a loose piece of wood that looked like it could hold the door a little longer. I owe the people who lived here a thank-you. Barricades likes this, they’ll hold you in for a few more months.

‘Right… The door will open, and you’ll be sorry when it does!’ She screamed.

‘Oh yeah… I’ll just sit tight then, waiting for you to finish me…’ I whispered.

With one final swing of my left foot, I managed to kick the loose piece of wood without realising that it was actually a support holder. The celling began to give-in and started to crumble above me. And the door of course, well it just had to get worse… The teenager managed to smash through the door and with a few seconds to spare, the door fell beside the broken bed. I stood up trying to hold up some of the celling.

‘Oh look… The door is open and your hiding aren’t you?’ She trembled.

‘So you fear me do you? It’s written all over you face…’ I whispered.

‘F-fear you, I haven’t feared anyone like you… Most neighbours were too stupid to even consider me as a threat. And my parents, depends what you mean by parents…’

‘You weren’t not alone in there, I think it was obvious… You were talking to yourself, just like you’re doing now…’

‘Yes, this place is like an old home of mine. Me and my friends, we owned this place after the down-fall of civilization.’ She grouched.

‘Down-fall of civilization? This is nothing compared to where my town lies… And you’re a complete a psychopath… What did you do, try to prove to yourself it was a dream?!’ I shouted.

‘I t-tried to keep everyone safe… Parents were no good for any of us, most of them left without two words we craved for…’ She strutted.

‘Good-bye, that’s the words you’re going to hear from me. And I’m a parent, well ex-parent.’

The teenager in my view and the celling crumbling causing bits of rubble to drop on the carpet. With her in my view, I could see more of her appearance. She had a dark red pyjama robe and dark black jeans, although it looked more navy-blue than completely black. And her eyes were blue. Even her face looked still attractive to me anyway. And she didn’t look too scary, it was her actions and her voice that raised the bar of my sanity. I was more afraid of the weapon she was holding…

‘Those two words, finally… Someone said them, and you know what. I’ve heard them before, the real problem I have with strangers, friends and family!’ – She screamed. ‘I’ve got problems with them, big problems… They all speak the same language!’

‘Maybe if you gave us and them a chance, you’d understand why we do it. Our speaking the same language is what keeps us together…!’ I shouted.

‘Well it’s a shame you won’t be around t-to tell me that story when you’re older… Wise words normally get through to me. Yet your words at your age just run through me like a fire…’

She managed to grab my left ankle as I tried to break free. Still with one arm holding up my hand to support the collapsing celling. Although the rubble and this trouble has made my perfect get away. However, it’s not really an exit. It’s just another trap on the upstairs windows. Climbing up to the next floor sounded like a clever idea in my mind. Yet I couldn’t accept death or happiness.

Her nails were like claws and managed to drag me down towards the once soft floor that had been crumbled into rocks and debris. I was surprised that the floor wasn’t giving away due to all this weight it had to hold. And of course the creakiness made me think back to how old this place is. I kicked her off my ankle and climbed up the loose bricks praying inside my mind that there is nothing dangerous upstairs.

‘Ouch! You are one little…’ She cried.

‘See you on the fourth floor, ha!’ I laughed.

‘Fourth floor, you’ll be more surprised once you reach it… I’ll wait for you yeah, and Joey… Make sure you tell him the troubles he’s caused me!’ She screamed.

Her voice echoed through the dark room underneath me. Her voice faded with sounds of rubble and bricks clashing together. And the sound of creakiness was heard once more. And this time, I was for sure that the room she was going to kill me in was Hell

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