The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


22. Red Meadow [PT: 2]

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 22: Red Meadow [PT: 2]

The sign disturbed me, a place only Heaven can forgive? Sounds like Hell, and possibly some signs of good exist here. Whether it’s a happy town with people living together in peace is beyond me. I know one thing for sure, nobody can be trusted. Even this woman feels strange around me, I feel her strangeness gripping my exhausted face, dragging me down underneath the rocky grounds. Soon, crumbling into skin and bones, breaking down like the mental human beings we are…

‘T-this is the place, I-it’s pretty cold, don’t you think?’ She whispered.

‘Y-yeah, it’s below freezing, probably due to our winter approaching…’ I laughed.

‘Ha, do you think that Red Meadow is your homeland? I mean, it’s possible that your friends and family are still out there, lost and upset that you’re not with them…’ She mumbled.

‘It’s possible, why don’t you just park the car outside, I don’t intend on stopping long,’ I moaned.

‘A-alright, fine, I’ll just leave the air conditioner on, don’t want the car getting too warm…’ She joked.

As we stepped out of the car, I felt the chills up my spine forming sharp icicles inside my body. Every step that I had to take, I could feel more pain, a sharp dagger like object stab through me. Frost-bite, that’s what she’d call it, if I told her, most likely… She’d laugh as well, I know her a little too well. Whether she is who I think she is, a mystery and a tale to tell my kids, when I find her and possibly the remains of the boy who I had left back at a terrible town. I hope he lives on the legacy of Joey.

The woman called my name, “Joe,” I listened. Her voice sounded broken, might’ve been the cold air filling up her lungs with frost. My throat was starting to get very sore, I could feel blood boiling inside my veins. Whether this cold temperature was going to last long, it’s just another mystery. The best we can do for weather forecasts is predictions, and hopefully I can predict the weather today…

‘What is it?’ I asked.

‘The main bank! It’s, broken Joe, I think it’s time to do some looting…’ She laughed.

‘L-looting? Are you serious, what makes you think I’m going to go with you on this looting trip?’

‘Ha, I joke, it’s what I do. That bank has enough cash to keep your daughter and me safe.’

‘And you?! Once we’re out of this, you’ll be gone, like you said. Spying won’t get you anywhere.’

‘I spied on you, b-because I believed that you were the guy… Look, I don’t want to talk about this now, my spying was for good reason, and your life could rely on that cash…’ She sighed.

She dashed for the Bank holding a paper bag over her head, “This was never going to work.” I walked over to the bank casually, trying to make her see some kind of sense. Because this is just out of order, so what if it can buy us happiness, I don’t need money (what got us into this mess.) I don’t need this to take over our lives, I’m not relying on an object, and I’ll rely on a being, someone who can actually help. Instead of having to trade in parts of me for cash, what kind of joke is that?!

‘Joe, the bank is empty… Nobody is in there, I’ll just go in, get a bag full of cash, and we’ll head further to your crash site…’ She mumbled.

I hid myself behind a car that was on its side. As I watched the woman spring into action. She hopped over the metal barrier and the red ropes, she managed to pass without a sound. I could see nobody else outside or inside, so maybe she was right. Problem was, how is she going to break in without setting off the alarm? Obviously, this place is highly secured with technology.

‘Joe! Throw us that brick, it’ll do…’ She shouted.

‘Brick? Are you nuts?!’ I roared.

‘Ha, you should know that by now, after that night, I didn’t think you’d feel the same… Ha,’ she laughed.

‘W-what? What’s that supposed to mean…?’

‘Never mind Joe, just hand us the brick…’ She mumbled.

‘F-fine, take the brick, when we get out of here. You have some talking to do…’

‘Whatever, this brick will do all the talking to the systems…’ She joked.

Having to watch this woman smash a glass wall, it looked and sounded interesting. As she held the brick back trying to gain power, she threw it instead of using it as a melee weapon. Not the best idea, and it certainly didn’t work too well… She managed to crack the glass, yet the glass was still in place. Behind the car, I laughed a little. As she looked a little angry, she threw herself and the brick through the cracked glass wall. With the sound of glass smashing following after her…

‘I-I’m okay… Joe, get in here!’ She screamed.

‘Quiet, how are we going to do this with your big mouth?!’ I whispered.

‘S-sorry what? Ha, I’m kidding, just get in here you idiot…’ She giggled.

‘A-alright, hang on a second, I just need to check for cameras…’

‘C-cameras! I’m being crushed by a fucking heavy shelf!’ She bellowed.

I ran inside the Bank, and hopped over the barriers including the red ropes. I managed to get through the narrow gap she had made in the glass. I slid through and held her right hand, pulling her up slowly. Her face was a little swollen, she had taken a lot of damage to break into a deserted bank.

‘Joe, I’ve got the cash, it’s only like what, two hundred!’ She screamed.

‘Two-hundred…? Are you fucking kidding me?’ I shouted.

‘N-no, it really is two-hundred, you said you didn’t care anyway…’ She hissed.

‘I don’t! So get off the floor and stand up!’ I shouted.

‘A-alright, ouch… Might need to sit down a little longer-‘

‘Oh no you don’t! I’ve came into a deserted bank expecting you to do the right thing! And you’ll going to sit there and tell me not to do anything, you pathetic woman!’ I screeched.

‘P-pathetic! Do you not care about the funding’s? The cash will be giving you the good life…’

‘I- care, I just didn’t want this bank heist to become such a big problem!’ I cried.

The moment when the woman and I had to have a tantrum over something pathetic, well it just had to be that way. I don’t trust anyone, and I can’t even find myself in the shell I’m hidden inside. At that moment she looked at me with her beautiful looking eye colours, and I could see a woman inside of her. “Obviously, this must be me going crazy…” No, she was a woman and a half! I saw right through her shell, yet the outside remained to me as hidden away under clothing. So I didn’t think too hard on what might be lurking outside the shell, and I certainly have been experiencing a lot of bare bodies.

The bank’s alarm must have died, there was no sound of anything, apart from us two bitching about whether this is a heist or a pathetic prank. Now the real jokes came in, they flooded in like no-tomorrow. Even her fragile and delicate hands softened underneath her sleeves. I could see her skin becoming smoother as she let go of her anger. Her mouth slopped to the side with her eye lids scrunching, twitching and covering her eyeballs. She did a good job hiding away her emotions.

‘S-so, you stare into everyone’s eyes like that do you? He-he,’ she giggled.

‘Well, not really… Just yours, - and this doesn’t mean anything!’

‘N-no of course not, it just means you’re thinking about me right?’ She joked.

‘Ha, I guess you’re right, although I don’t find you that attractive,’ I whispered.

Outside of the bank with a woman whose ankles looked a little bruised, I could see her left sock tearing away through the cold winds blowing underneath us. As for the outside, I could just about see faces – not the faces you’d want to see in a world full of danger. Her hair flopped around the edge of her left ear, as she giggled a little more. I could see why the sun don’t shine on her, sort of… She looked all tanned, so maybe I’m just being a little idiotic…

‘-Let’s go, it’s time to head towards the hotel, I know some friends there… And before you say anything-‘ she mumbled.

‘I- weren’t going to say anything… C-calm down okay?’ I stuttered.

‘Too c-cold right? I should have bought an extra blanket, sorry…’ She giggled.

‘Oh shut it! Save me the jokes yeah? I just want to get to the hotel in one piece…’ I sighed.

‘One piece? – Ah, forget it…’ She sighed deeply.

She entered the car with her almost sharp looking teeth biting the edge of her bottom lip. In the car mirror, I could see that she had been trying to put make-up on. It could only have been done when she had time to herself, and so far, I’ve been with her the whole way! She smiled at me with her tongue twitching in the snowy area. She looked up at the window screen, and tried to focus on driving. I nudged her on her left shoulder whilst cracking a grin.

‘S-stop that! He-he, stop!’ She laughed.

‘S-sorry, I just find you so, guilty…’ I smiled.

‘G-guilty? Ha-ha, if you say so Mr Cop,’ she hissed.

‘Ha- I know so!’ I smirked.

‘The hotel will have plenty of room for us, hopefully my friends can get us some more fuel… I’m pretty damn low on that shit…’ She snarled.

The hissing coming from her discomforted face, I could see that she weren’t too happy with the car’s statistics. Fuel? Well, we all know what it’s like to run low on fuel. She dragged her left finger down my right arm with her smile opening a little wider underneath her pure pink lips. She ran her index finger down my right knee as she gazed into my eyes with her eyes brightening my sight. She was like a torch to a cave of darkness, yet she managed to brighten up my day with a smile.

Before I knew it, she stopped the car. Looks like the Hotel has approached us, or we approached it…

‘T-this is it, you almost fell asleep didn’t you?’ She grinned.

‘Maybe, I don’t like long journeys, ha-ha,’ I joked.

‘Y-yeah – yeah, spare me the details. We’re here now, that’s the main thing…’ She interrupted.

‘S-so your friends, are they actually here?’ I asked in confusion.

‘Of course, why would I lie about friends…? They are my only family, well were my only family.’

‘W-were? D-don’t you think you’ve been a little over the top lately?’ I looked down.

‘Not really, I think you’re just not seeing the vision I’m seeing, a nice warm bath with someone special…’

‘Oh really? And that someone special is old Kris Kringle himself right?’ I joked.

‘Ha- I don’t actually know, I guess we’ll just see yeah?’

Once out of the car, the woman and I headed for the entrance of the nice looking building. It didn’t look too draggy from the outside, yet the inside was still a mystery to my mind. The fence posts and the railings were rusted with some kind of greenish mould growth. As for the pavements and the roads near this hotel, I could see cracked bricks and rubble resting near curbs. The roads weren’t too bad looking, mostly just the surface could be viewable, I could see into the far-out Red Meadows.

The entrance looked broken down, a little clean on the inside underneath some wooden roofing. As I looked up, the roof looked pretty dusty and broken down. The floor we were standing on looked disgusting, dark blood with a mix of brownish paint dried into the cemented floors. And the walls were okay looking, some odd tags here and there, yet the destruction to the windows was what made me choke on my breath. – The windows were smashed up, and window frames hanging by a nail or two. It’s like visiting some ancient ruins from the past with cold winds making new sounds.

‘S-so your friends, they are definitely here yeah?’ I mumbled.

‘If not, I may know when they are, I think they would stay here, it’s the best option.’

‘I doubt it, best option? Look around you, I don’t see any other choice…’ I hissed.

‘Always getting moody with my thoughts aren’t you? Never mind what I think!’

‘C-calm down, let’s just go inside, maybe this place serves some refreshments…’

Her lips touched the top of her teeth once again, and I heard a click from her jaw. She smiled at me whilst looking down at her wrists, she even let out a sigh or two before even entering the hotel. As she held onto my left arm, I felt uncomfortable, unsure why, yet she’s hanging onto me? She tapped me on the shoulder and giggled a little. Until I stared into her eyes, trying to find her in the shell.

‘Do you have to keep staring at me?’ She hissed.

‘It’s better than nothing, I’d rather stare at you than that brick wall over there!’ I mumbled.

‘Oh really, good to see you have an interest or a hobby? He-he,’ she giggled.

‘An interest? Not really, a hobby? Possibly… Not you though, just those eyes,’ I smiled.

Her long hair shrivelled around her ears with her lips making suction sounds. Even her smile glanced at me, looking at me as if those big beautiful lips had eyes. Her eyes focussed on my face, I could see into her more, looking deeper and deeper into the person she is. She giggled again, and I left an old piece of paper in her coat pocket, she needed to know my number, and I’m just a shy boy over her.

As I approached the reception, I could see that the place was half-deserted. A stench of chicken or some kind of meat burning aroused my nose. As I looked at the woman, I could smell a strong peppermint perfume with a mix of cherry. The burnt smell was nothing over her perfume, I guess she wants to smell nice for this crappy meal soon to devour our remains. Her skin was pretty nicely tanned, and her face looked a little out of colour, possibly hungry for some food.

‘W-welcome to Red Meadow special Hotel, the place that will r-rock your socks off…’ A man whispered.

‘Oh really? What are you serving here, dead people perhaps?!’ I moaned.

‘Ha, good one, it’s been a while since I’ve heard some natural world comedy. I appreciate you two for choosing this place, and your keys in our hands. So why are you here when you could be evacuating this horrid town?’ The man mumbled.

‘Never mind that,’ I looked at his name tag, which looked pretty dull. ‘Len Mosby?’

‘Yes, and I’m surprised you didn’t even hesitate to our warm welcome…’ He scoffed.

‘W-well this place is pretty nice, and I’ve heard there are visitors here,’ she mumbled.

Len looked miserable, yet my joke cracked a smile from his jointed up teeth. His hair was pretty scruffy looking, and his hands looked soaked in grease. Even his clothing looked unappetising, and thankfully, I weren’t feeling too hungry… Yet the woman asked me several questions before I even got a chance to sit down. “Do you think this place is nice?” I replied with a “Maybe…”

At our seats, it was time to have a little something to eat whilst waiting for our visit approval permissions. The woman still nameless to me, I can’t believe she doesn’t wear a nametag, I’d be able to call her by her name, instead of speaking to nothing and hoping for an answer from her instead of the four empty walls around us. She looked better, her hair was looking a little dirtier though.

‘Ellie and Jen, they are my two friends, and there’s a third one too, she’s more than a friend though…’ She laughed.

‘Oh really, and how old is Ellie?’ I asked.

‘She’s about twenty something, I don’t know her age completely. Haven’t seen her for years, yet she messaged me earlier through post box, and I had to go scourging through crap to find it…’

‘Wait! So you’ll telling me that they might not be here? I mean, how old was the letter?’ I relaxed myself.

‘It was only a few months old, and that’s why I’m here now… It’s the best to come here, and you have to tag along to find your lost daughter. So it’s the perfect reasons to be here don’t you think?’

‘I guess… Yet my daughter has nothing to do with your friends okay?’ I sighed.

She nodded her head, whilst she hesitated a little. - TO BE CONTINUED -

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