The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


20. Our New Lives!

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 20: Our New Lives

“IF you look that girl in the face, do you think you stand a chance?”

IF you smile again, do you think that happiness is restored?

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

“Fortune & Life its self can only result in a mess. Unless you make something of it.”

Amy is a gift to you, and you spend all your sanity on something else? Are you a pathetic man of your word? Or are you just a coward seeking advice from an old man who can’t even run a town…

‘Ah! Get out of my head! Get out!’ I screamed.

‘Joe… A-are you okay?’

‘Leave me alone! Stop playing with me…!’

‘Get away… Let me go, please… p-please,’ she cried.

‘Joe, I can help you, I can save you from this world…’

‘SAVE ME! P-please… H-help me…!’

‘You’re crazy! Back off…!’ She screeched.

My mind was slowly losing focus, my eyes were dull and breaking into the atmosphere.

All I ever wanted was a chance to be someone. A chance to live a life, like my Father’s…

The woman was scratching the door with her sharp nails. I could see her hair falling back onto her back, and her eyes glimpsing an image of me inside of her mind. She could have been precious to somebody out there, and now she’s chosen a path she’ll soon regret.

‘That’s it… What is your name?’ I roared.

‘Y-you think, I-I’m going to j-just r-reveal my identity… To a freak like you?’ She trembled.

‘What choices do you have? What choices do we have…?’

‘Not many, and you have the choice to leave me alone, and that’s more of an option!’

‘What difference does it make huh? A name to you is special, and a name to me is hardly admirable. What do you think will happen if you j-just tell me your name?’ I grinned.

‘N-nothing, I can tell you my name… And once my name is said Joe, I’ll leave. Now, let go of my ankle please… Do the right thing for once in your pathetic life…’

Her words sunk deeper and deeper into my brain, I could feel her emotions eating away my insides. Even her smile from before had me breaking my own lungs to save her future. Her puffy lips are fragile yet her mind tells her everything she’d like to hear. She wants freedom, what makes her so special? She’s a stranger to my home, I let her in because? I don’t know why! I let her in to my life, I opened the door…

I released her from my grasp once more and watched her crawl away through towards the living room. As I sat down beside the door she exited thinking about decisions and what life is. My biggest regrets and the changes that have gone through to my last name. It feels like a curse, yet we all feel it. I’m not special and nobody else is either. They are all different but not special…


‘Dad? D-Dad… Please answer me, please!’

‘W-what, Kid…?’ I opened my eyes.

‘Where’s Mum, did she leave already?’

‘Mum? She isn’t my… Forget it, just go back to hiding will you!’

‘I-I’m starving… You’re sitting there, sad…’ He frowned.

As I looked down towards my left arm, I could see a deep cut. It looked pretty bad, redness and swelling underneath the skin. To my right was the kid crying for food, like I said before. It’s just another mouth to feed, and I don’t think anybody would even accept a random child…

‘Joe, when you let go of me. I thought about running away, a-again. And I’ve decided that-‘

‘Mum?’ The child smiled.

‘Oh, Jesus… Joe, you never told me… Did we? No, that’d be crazy…’

‘How could we? He is older than a new born baby…’

‘Ha, yeah, your right. Sorry, why didn’t you just… Y-you know?’

‘If you mean kill you, I didn’t intend on doing that…’

‘Oh right! Of course you didn’t, I saw a murderer in your eyes. I’ve seen everyone out there, well almost everyone,’ she laughed.

‘K-kill, Dad? You were going to kill Mum?’

‘No, I was going to knock her out son, k-knock her out with my old man’s Cane.’

The child looked happy with the mistake I had made. The woman still nameless to me and standing in-front of my blurry vision, I could see her lips going in and out of her bad breath mouth. The Cane was still beside me, I could easily just strike again. After seeing the kid’s feelings for her. I’m not even sure if I can strike her, it’d be a nightmare for him. And the last thing he needs is another nightmare on his mind. Maybe, I can make this work, he calls us Dad and Mum. Surely that means… something.

‘The Mayor said that Red Meadow down the street is being knocked down… I thought I’d let you know, b-because… Well, I thought you’d know.’

‘Red Meadow? Yeah, I’ve heard of it. It’s where Ryan used to live, I vaguely remember the appearance of it though…’

‘W-well, it’s more to do with me Joe, I just wanted to tell you… Apparently, your crash wasn’t too far away from Red Meadow. It’s near one of the barriers, my sister used to control that area. So it means a lot to me, if you’d consider fighting back for it…’ She sighed.

‘Red Meadow, barriers? Yes, Amy and I were in a car, I remember it completely. Sadly we had a crash, I just don’t know what happened, what went wrong… I w-was alive though, so nothing bad came out of the crash…’

‘Red Meadow has a nickname Joe, it has a name that many of us now-a-days fear… I’ve been there to visit my sis in the past, I saw her bright blue eyes, and yes she has bright blue eyes Joe. I know mine are darker than hers but don’t tell me that okay?’ She giggled.

‘A nickname, well many streets and places have nicknames…’

‘Yes, and Red Meadow has become dangerous Joe, kind of like this part of the town… It’s just, over there, lots of people die. My sister is over there still, I’ve been trying to find her since the Mayor made changes to the town. Thankfully, he made a rule allowing Red Meadow to cross over to this part of town.’ She smiled.

‘Your sister is over at Red Meadow? What about your- parents?’

‘I d-don’t know, I heard that most of the homes there are rather broken down or on fire…’

She looked like she’s gone through a lot already, judging by her ripped up clothes. I’d say her story would most likely be true, I’ve been to Red Meadow with Heather. Back when everything was pretty decent, not perfect but it was better than now… Ryan’s friends are over there though, unless they’ve moved also. Knowing Ryan and his mates, I’d say for sure that they know when they’re not wanted.

The woman held my left hand with a few tears dropping onto my left arm. The child was smiling again as he could see us together. Me and her aren’t anything special though, we’re just confused people. She dug her nail into my hand whilst placing her right hand over my face. I could still feel the pain, just not able to see in-front of me. I could hear her whispering words in a soft tone. Even her skin felt smooth, and her nail felt like the end of a knife.

‘Joe, that scratch you have on your arm… It’s just a cut okay?’ She whispered.

I nodded, whilst holding onto my gasps. I breathed in and out trying to keep the pain inside. Without spilling my voice over her sweet kind words. And her tone was so relaxing it was too easy to keep it in. She rubbed my left arm gently, I could feel her nail coming back to the surface of my skin.

‘O-okay, let’s go… Red Meadow awaits us Joe, and your kid… Sorry, our kid, I think we should drop him off at the adoption centre. Okay?’ She whispered in a softer tone.

‘That kid needs a home though, he can’t just be dropped off at a corrupted centre…’ I groaned.

‘Well h-he believes that I’m his Mum, so… Wouldn’t Mother know what’s best for her child?’

‘You have a point. I don’t know if he is going to agree with your decision though…’

‘I’ll take care of him Joe, I’ll make sure he is safe in there before leaving for Red Meadow okay?’

I nodded again, my head titled down towards the child who had fallen asleep on the sofa. This woman was different to Heather, she had some kind of feelings for others. Heather did too, she just didn’t express herself as much as this woman is doing. Maybe, Heather wasn’t the right one for me. She might just be the one to put me straight, to keep me on the right path. Or she was keeping me away from a better life with some girl who has feelings for a child.

21:30 PM, Thursday 24th 2020 – [2 hours later]

‘Joe, can you give me a hand taking this boy to bed? Remember, his our son…’ She called out.

‘Yeah, hang on a sec, I’ll be down in a minute!’ I shouted.

Removing the warm blanket that had been over me for two hours, I rubbed both eyes whilst lifting myself up from the cosy bed. That woman needs a hand with our child, I guess she’s right. I yawned loudly as I moved myself slowly down the stairs. She was holding the child in her arms, and I could see that she was struggling to keep a good grip on the child. As I told her that he was a little too heavy for her, she laughed. I lifted up the child and walked up the stairs.

‘Night’ Joe, remember, Red Meadow tomorrow…’ She yawned.

‘Yeah, night’ this kid is heavy!’ I laughed.

On the final step towards the bedroom I lowered the child down near the back wall. It was next my bed, so at least I’d know if he has some kind of nightmare or something. The woman was mumbling downstairs, and I couldn't get her out of my mind. I lowered my head slowly, as it pressed up against the puffy pillow beneath me. I looked up at the same celling that I had been staring at every day of my life. Before sleeping, I let out one final yawn and managed to snooze a little.

3:30 AM, Friday 25th 2020

‘Joe… J-Joe?’ A voice whispered.

‘W-what… What do you want?’ I groaned.

‘The time is 3:30, we need to go now… Red M-Meadow awaits remember…?’ She yawned.

‘Yeah, not exactly morning though is it…? Give us another two hours or something-‘ I yawned.

‘Whatever, it’s cold downstairs… V-very c-cold…’ She moaned.

‘Y-yeah but it’s the best I can do for a complete unknown visitor…’ I laughed.

‘Ha, well… Night then, go back to sleep Joe, sorry for waking you…’ she whispered softly.

5:00 AM, Friday 25th 2020

‘Kid, are you still asleep?’ I mumbled.

Beside my bed, I tapped on the kid gently. He looked quite cosy on the blanket. Sadly I couldn’t make him a real bed, since well… We have to leave him behind, I just hope the people who adopt this boy take good care of him. Maybe better care than I have. Everybody deserves a second chance after-all.

I shuffled to my right in my warm bed, as I pulled across the blanket. My eyes were slightly closed and I could feel some warm air on the back of my neck. I turned around to face the wall and rolled a little bit towards the middle of the bed.

‘M-morning Joe, did you have a better sleep this time?’ She asked.

‘Y-yeah… I had an okay sleep ha,’ I laughed.

As I opened my eyes wider, it revealed more of the area around me. Kneeling on the end of my bed was the woman. Her smile shined through the light that was coming from my window. I could see that she had showered, her hair looked wet. And her face was looking more colourful than before.

Her long brown hair that had curled around both of her ears looked soaked. The clothing she has on is still ripped and looking messy. Yet I can see that she has cleaned off the dirt from her skirt and shirt. Her boots weren’t on anymore, and I could just see her rainbow socks. They were slightly loose and almost falling off her hidden bare feet. Her lips looked less puffy and smoother. She just looked so much cleaner; a little messy but still better to look at than before.

‘Oh, I can see you’ve noticed my clean hair. I had a shower, if you don’t mind,’ she smiled.

‘Yeah, I can see that. I-I don’t mind really… As long as you tidied up afterwards,’

‘I managed to tidy up the towels and the bathroom walls, just not the shower itself…’ She giggled.

‘O-okay…’ I yawned again.

‘Let’s get moving anyway, I made you some breakfast with what you had left at least…’

‘Oh, alright, thanks I guess…’ I sighed.

‘That was quite warm, might need to get closer next time though, hey?’ She smirked.

She looked in my direction with a smirk on her face. As I lifted up the blanket and the quilt I could see that she had also smoothen the sheets. She did all that in the time I had to sleep? Wow, she’s a fast worker when she wants to be. I have to admit, she isn’t as bad as I thought she was… Maybe I can accept her request to stay with me and the child for a while. Well, maybe not the child, just me.

‘D-Dad? W-what time is it?’ The child awoke.

‘Early, I’d say that it’s best to sleep a little more okay?’ I whispered.

‘O-okay… Night’ Dad’

The child fell back to sleep on his uncomfortable blanket. I lifted myself up from the bed and managed to drag myself downstairs. The Kitchen looked tidier too, did she clean the whole house? I opened my eyes more and I could see a tray with three plates on it. And beside the tray, I could see bacon strips with fried eggs sitting inside a container. As for the woman, I turned to face the door behind me. And there she was, she looked a little sleepy though. In her left hand, I could see she was carrying an old looking suitcase with Christmas lights around it.

‘Breakfast is served, anyway, we need to get a move on. Where’s our son?’ She whispered.

‘He is asleep, I said he could sleep for a few hours…’

‘Oh really, he needs to be up now! Or we aren’t going to make it to Red Meadow…’

‘Yeah, and I said he will be down in a minute…! So give the boy some time to sleep yeah?!’ I shouted.

‘O-okay… s-sorry, just don’t hit me okay?’ She trembled.

‘No, I’m sorry, go get him then, his upstairs… I’ll just store this Breakfast for later yeah?’ I sighed.

‘Alright, and you have nothing to be sorry about. Anyway, get ready…’ She giggled.

Watching her walk away from me made me realise that me and her could work. The real problem was, whether I could trust her. I’ll role-play with her for a bit, pretending that the kid is ours… And maybe she’ll get tired of it, like Heather did. Difference is, it was our kid. And for me and her, it’s not our kid. It’s just a child who needs two grown-ups to look after him.

I quickly put away the Eggs and Bacon container and stored it in the fridge. Before leaving the Kitchen, I managed to put away some of the fruit bowls that had been sitting on the side. I could hear talking upstairs, probably just the woman speaking to the child about getting up or something. Their footprints made me tingle a little, I’m not really used to having company…

‘We have got to go! Just put on your coat, and let’s go okay?!’ Her voice echoed downstairs.

‘I-I don’t want to just leave Dad…’ The child whelped.

‘Don’t be silly, he is coming with us… Just come on!’ She screamed.

Finally, after hearing shouting and screaming, it was nice to hear peace and quiet again. I could hear footsteps on the stairs, looks like the agreement has worked. As I looked in the corner of my eye, I could see the woman standing hand in hand with the child. Both looking happy and smiling with glee. I pulled myself up from the Kitchen floor and walked towards my new pretend family…

“Pretend, they are the closest thing you’re going to get for a family…!”

‘At least Heather has a family now… All of her family except the one who broke the family… Me!’


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