The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


16. New Alliance with Payback!

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 16: New Alliance with Payback!

The Mayor: “Dust and Wind, it carries us around the alleyways and the deaths of many.”

The Mayors voice is all I could hear. The weeping of Clara and the sadness of others, it lingered in the air like a bad smell. All these new rules being reinstated from before… Yes, we suffered several of these rules when the government went downhill. I remember reading an article to do with the meltdown going on in business and our countries. That crazy guy was right, it has gone global. And the Barriers is all that remains that seems to be pretty normal.

‘Clara, do you think you’re going to stand here alive much longer w-with me?’ I shivered.

‘N-Not really… I s-see us g-going far away… A d-distance between us…’ She whispered. The cold chills must have ran down both of our spines. We both looked freezing cold.

‘I-It’s getting chilly out h-here… Do you think you need my blanket?’ She asked.

‘B-Blanket?’ I shivered more. ‘N-No I d-don’t need your blanket…’ I lied.

‘Suit yourself, its cold out here Joey… R-Real cold…’ She shivered in her warm blanket.

The cold air was pretty damn intense, I could no longer feel my fingers or toes. The weather conditions must be getting close to below freezing. I’m almost certain that winter is ahead of us. Those Barriers might generate warmth, it would explain why so many cars are not covered in frost.

Clara looked at me with her two cute eyes as she snuggled tighter into her dirty blanket. With my hands shivering from the frost patches slowly forming around our feet. I could just about see a few snowflakes falling gently onto the floor near Clara’s left hand. The snow just reminded me of my Daughter and a family to be with. It’s what Christmas does to you, it sucks the soul of being alone out of you and replaces your soul with a spirit full of joy and Christmas cheer.

‘W-Well anyway J-Joey… I’m going to get myself a bus ticket, I need to get out of here,’ she whispered.

‘O-Out of here? What makes you think-‘ I shivered whilst being rudely interrupted.

‘I don’t think Joey… I just go where the wind tells me. Call it my human instinct… Or maybe just call it something unique about me. At least I have the right idea on where I need to be for Christmas…’ She muttered.

‘Clara, seeing you here alone… It just makes me feel worse yeah?’ I sighed.

‘So you’re leaving too? No worries Joey, your family needs you right? Say no more…’ She laughed.

‘I don’t see what’s so funny about that… My Daughter is most likely dead to me…’ I grouched.

Clara’s smile wiped away in the snow. I could see that she had feelings for others. Sadly in a good way I have no feelings for the others out there. I’m just a lonely man with no wife to go back to. If anything I just have a Daughter to look after… And I’ve failed that including being a family man… As for Clara, she’s younger than me. I can see her achieving greatness in the future after when the Mayor dies or something happens that can change the way we think about others…

The Mayor: “Coldness is what brings the citizens together… Call it fate or call it Hell…”

‘Goodbye Joey… It’s been nice to meet you. Without you here, I’d probably just be sleeping on the blanket you give weird looks too ha’ she giggled. Her rosy cheeks made me blush a little.

‘Clara, you go with the wind huh?’ I asked. She nodded in response with a smile.

With Clara disappearing into the shadows outside the alleyway. I could see her hair covered in little snowflakes which flickered in the street lights. It was quite a refreshing sight to look at. I even found myself gazing at her beauty as she walked near the curve. Whoever gets her out there is one lucky guy… If anything, she is extremely lucky to be alive out here…

‘Sir… Hey you! On your knees!’ A loud voice burst through my day dreams.

Shit… With my mind crying for mercy and begging for forgiveness. I trembled whilst positioning myself on my knees with my hands behind my head.

‘Didn’t even have to say hands up… Ha what a joke. That’s the best part of the job!’ The man giggled.

As I looked up from the floor to the sight in front of me. I could see a fairly large man with a police jacket on. Behind him, I could see flashing lights, blue and red. I could also see several other shadowy figures stand out near the darkness. The policeman held me back as he pushed me against the brick wall shouting words I couldn’t quite understand. His voice was actually spitting at me!

‘Perform the search… Sometimes you druggy’s really make my job worth living…’ He laughed.

With both hands against the frosted wall I could feel loads of hands around my waist. Due to their quick movement and shoving me into the wall with a lot of force, I didn’t flinch too much. As several other large hands daggered through my pockets pulling out some of my belongings I started to feel violated. One of the officers hit me on the shoulder with something heavy weighted which hurt a lot. Due to the cold I could barely feel my limbs. I wondered whether they had cut me open or something…

‘He has nothing Sir,’ another officer claimed.

‘I don’t believe you cadet…’ He stuttered

‘Handcuff his ass! Go one, it’s the eighteenth one today, and we should celebrate,’ he laughed.

‘I’m innocent though…!’ I squalled. ‘You can’t do this…’

The officer handcuffed me as my body was dragged by four large hands. I felt some of the hands grasp tightly against the ones in my arms. I could feel a little pain where some their hands he slipped causing them to accidentally pinch me. They threw me on the ground near their Police car as I looked down at the red markings around my wrists. I could see where they had crushed some of my skin where they had used the tight handcuffs…

‘Sir, I don’t think we can celebrate this… They aren’t just criminals are they? We’re the criminals,’ another officer spoke with his body shivering.

‘Any questions?’ The officer said. (He had a gold badge meaning he was the leader)



In under just two seconds of me beginning to catch my breath. The officer fired a bullet into the cadet who had been shivering. His words were probably too much out of order for anyone now a days. As long as the rules stay alive, those who are right are wrong. And those who are wrong die… Most of them die instantly and some of them have to suffer from others tragic losses…

‘I didn’t think so…’ The officer grumped as he put away his pistol.

‘Y-You killed him!’ A man cried. ‘You actually fucking killed him…! You monster!’

‘So what… Many of them who break the rules die my friend, it’s good to see that you are willing to screech your words out in an atmosphere so dead to everyone…’ The officer laughed evilly.

With the citizens behind the red roped barriers waiting to get into the Mayors speech location. Most of them had witnessed the cadet dying. They witnessed him being shot and some cried. A Mother covered her little girl’s ears and eyes as she walked past the man’s body without a care in the world. As for me, I cared for him. I cared for him being a family man to a wife and who knows how many kids! If anything, I’ve witnessed what his wife should have witnessed a long time ago…

My legs tightly shut together with my hands burning from the cold chills. I even felt the stinging of the frost slowly forming on my body. Smaller snowflakes started to fall onto the crime scene. Well it would be a crime scene if anyone had come forward and spoke against the leader of these corrupt cops. Of course nobody will, it’s how life is now. Anyone comes with a clear speech and they suffer the consequences that before wouldn’t be a bad thing. Only now it has become something more serious. Only now it has brought the deaths of many and the counter to go up and up… As we just stand by and watch loved ones die for who knows what reasons. That’s life now my friend, that’s life.

As the murderous officer stood up in front of me and a crowd of witnesses he held out his phone. His eyes flickering and twitching to the motion of the Mayor speaking so gracefully. Even his face looked pale with the left side of his jaw breaking away. His neck twitched and many could see it turning side to side. Even his face began to sweat as he held the phone out to the audience. Me and the crowd of witnesses watched him switch the phone to speaker.

‘Y-Your wife… Your daughter and the rest are waiting…’ A female voice spoke.

‘W-Waiting for w-what? I’ve done what you said, you said kill him… So I did!’ He squalled.

‘Killing him was a small fraction of the deal… You should have seen your Father… Oh he was out of it, he looked down at me with white foam sprawling out of his mouth,’ she continued. ‘His dead…’

‘Y-You have the guts, you really fucking do! The Mayor, he’ll deal with you… The entire force will be on your ass!’ The officer screamed in tears.

‘My ass? I’d like to see them try… I’ll go down for what I did with a few changes of course…’ She whispered.

The crowd of people looked devastated and once again there were some who turned their backs to the crying officer. He acted like a big man shooting one of his allies with a pistol. I’m surprised that he hasn’t gone down for what he did! If anything, the woman on the phone had many citizens attention. Her voice didn’t sound too familiar and she certainly had this officer wrapped around her finger. I can see that he has suffered along with many others, including me…

‘You made the kill feel needy… I don’t even find you satisfying anymore,’ the woman’s voice screeched as the phone shut off.

‘I’m warning you…! All of you! You think that I’m going to just stand here and watch you kill me twice?’ He hissed.

“I was thinking the opposite.”

‘No… You know why? I’m going to stand here…’ He was seized by his comrades. ‘Get your hands off me!’

The leading officer looked back at the crowd including me as he was pushed behind the police van. His eyes were blurred from my vision, I just saw an empty shell with no soul living there anymore. It was as if he had made a trade with a dark force that could only lead to his will being told to the public. If his cadets didn’t take him while they had the chance, who knows what he would have done. And whatever he was going to do, I’m almost certain that he’d regret it…

‘Sir, you are just warped… That’s all you are,’ I sighed.

As the snow began to fall, I could feel the frost surrounding me. Even the chills from the winter ran up my spine almost instantly I tingled. The officer was clearly just depressed and afraid of losing what meant the most to him. The woman who was on the phone, I doubt I know why she’d be so cruel. Although I’m not a man who just goes around invading on public privacy. Nobody deserves to be trespassed on, screw the high grounds! I’d rather invade on the life of Ryan, the hypocrite.

‘Nothing to see here, come on, back off now people.’ A tall officer shrieked.

Since the community around the Mayor’s town seemed a little too polite, we all moved out the way. That officer was right, there was nothing to see. The only sight to see was the shadow of a man who has been taken in by bandits… If anything, he deserves full attention to help him get better. He is going to need to come forward, to tell the truth on who that woman is. Like I said, I don’t invade on them, I just intrude in my mind at least. And even then it’s only a matter of time…

*** Phone Beeped ***

‘W-ha? What the heck…’ I sighed.

Joey, you have found your daughter? Look, I'm not saying you should get down here boy’ you need to move on. Everything is going down Joey, and I'm sure you can see that already…

The message read on Joey’s phone.

‘Shit… Who is this message from?’ I cried.

“The message is just the beginning, and the end is a message to be told…”

The Mayor: “I’ve taken everything in and everything out, do you really think this town needs you.”

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