The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


14. In Reverse, It’s Easier!

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 14: In Reverse, It’s Easier!

“Grab the wheel, take it for a spin. Amy’s life remains in pieces”

‘Why are you so obsessed with ruining my life?!’

As if my mind hadn’t got the better of me already. This twisted line that seems to be taking me away from myself. I’ve been disgusted ever since I lost Amy… She is the beauty to my ugliness. If anyone ever finds her alive or dead, I’ll reward them with something that Amy would want. Heather is useless to me and Ryan will just make this world become more unstable as time passes by.

*** Phone Call ***

‘Joey, we’ve run some tests. These tests will make sure you make the right decisions…’

‘The right decisions? You can’t make me do anything…’ I grunted.

‘You are very easily manipulated Joey, don’t make a fool of yourself. And return back to the lab so we can run a few tests.’ The voice continued.

“Hand – h-hand on the wheel…”

‘Listen to me! I won’t be the one standing in front of all those people who need a second chance!’ I screamed.

“H-Hand on the w-wheel…”

‘SHUT UP!’ I screamed louder.

‘… J-Joey, you’re making this more difficult than It has to be. We’ve found something that might interest you as a Father of a child who’s lost.’ The voice continued speaking.

“H-Hand on the wheel and drive it out of this town!”

‘S-Shut… Alright, I’ll be there but I am not going to be made a fool of anymore!’ I replied.

*** Phone Call Ended ***

My hands were shaking in front of me as my mind told me to drive away from my troubles. What am I supposed to do, forget about Amy? My only daughter who I’ll ever have. She is a special person to me unlike Heather… That car crash, I knew she lived. I heard her, I saw her… With my mind jumping between scenes I pushed myself to take the wheel and give it a spin. I flinched a little as I floored the pedal towards the lab where I dreaded to go again…

*** Arrival at the Lab ***

“Reverse J-Joey…”

‘Reversing is not what I came here to do… I came here to make amends and focus on helping my daughter’ I cried.


As I parked the car my mind forced me to reverse the car into a different parking space. I looked down in regret hoping that Amy is okay. Before even thinking of stepping foot into that lab I pushed myself out of the car with a tear forming around my left eye. Finally, I had arrived at the doors to this lab that held everything away from me. It held me as a prisoner, I’m not making the same mistake. I won’t… If I do, then how will I continue living among all the captives of this country?

‘Name?’ A tall man asked me.

‘J-Joey, my name is Joey…’ I shivered.

‘Okay Joey, you’re needed in room A1B, it’s down stairs…’ The tall man muttered.

I nodded as I walked away from the office moving towards several hallways which looked completely dark. Not much lighting just darkness really. As I stepped past several doors I could hear voices. The sounds of people talking to each other. I even heard several different conversations in each ear. I shivered a little more as I walked past the final door towards the stairway that descends deep underground. I imagine that this place is most likely going to be full of crap…

‘Do you really think I have a chance to live?’ A voice cried.

‘N-Not exactly… We’ve got no choice but to… I’m sorry’ a voice echoed.

‘No… Please! No!’ A woman’s voice cried loudly.

The thought of people dying around me pushed my mind to the side of darkness. I actually felt sympathy for some of these people here being treated like dirt on someone’s shoe. There were several more doors ahead of me as I walked past them with no thought of returning back to the hallway upstairs.

‘Sometimes you do things that you regret, do you know what I mean doc?’ A manly voice spoke.

‘I’m sorry but you can’t feel sorry for yourself. So I’m going to give you this, take two extra dosages and you’ll soon feel merrier than you are now, we’ll place the next meeting tomorrow okay?’ Another voice spoke.

I walked further along the stairway slowly descending down. After hearing several more conversations and crying from women and men…

‘Nurse, please tell me I can have my baby, please…!’ A woman cried.

‘Your baby is not due for another six months… And even then, I don’t have much hope for her. Your body seems to be out of place darling, and it needs reorganising…’ Nurse replied.

As I stepped past a woman crying for her baby, I felt the need to burst in. I could just about see the Nurse and the woman who had been crying. The Nurse had a light whitish medical shirt on with a strange coloured lab coat. Her blonde hair tied back looked pretty hot, I can’t lie. She did actually look very stunning… Although looks don’t mean anything now… In the past, looks meant a lot. I’d look at a woman like Heather and fall in love. Only with this circumstance, I’d walk away begging for her not follow me. Asking her to leave me forever, it’s the best medicine there is here…

Holding my left hand behind my back with my right hand ready to open the door. I shoved the door inwards as it made a loud bang. I stepped in shouting loudly…

‘Let her go now…!’ I shouted.

‘Oh great… We have one that’s escaped from the zoo. And what do you have to offer?’ The Nurse asked.

I looked at her ID card on her coat; it read “Abby.” ‘Abby… That’s your name right?’ I asked.

‘It depends who’s asking… I don’t have time for this whoever you are. This woman Sadie needs to hear the good news and the bad news before midnight!’ She screamed.

‘Abby, I’m only here to talk to a Doctor okay? Not a Nurse a Doctor. And this woman, I heard you and her screaming your guts out. I heard SADIE crying and that is why I am here…’ I replied.

‘Security, get me security please’ Sadie responded.

‘What the heck are you doing?’ I mumbled. ‘Are you actually going to help me? She was going to kill my baby…’ Sadie cried.

Sadie had blue eyes, I could see them clearly. Her dark tinted red hair shined through the dim lights in the room. And her skin looked pretty pale, as if she had been vomiting or something. I grabbed Sadie’s right hand tightly and tried to talk to her with the time I had left.

‘Security, get me security down here in room A1A!’ Abby shouted.

‘Sadie… I might not be able to get you out of here. B-But listen to me okay? I want you to take that glass at the side of your bed and use it as a weapon… I know this is difficult. And I’m sure you’re not used to murdering someone but I am. And I’ve tried to not murder anyone!’ I whispered.

With my plan in action it sounded kind of stupid. I mean, I could have just grabbed her and ran with her. Something clicked in my folded brain telling me that there’s another way of saving her from this madness. I shouted Abby’s name. It was my turn to give Sadie enough time to escape from this Hell.

‘Abby! You can get security all you want… Because I’m leaving, so yeah.’ I shouted.

‘N-No you can’t just leave Sir, I have Sadie to attend to. And I don’t need a break-in, it’s too much to handle. SECUIRTY PLEASE!’ Abby screamed.

My left eye caught glimpse of Sadie desperately grabbing the glass as she missed the grasp three times. Her heart must be racing by now. All the lust and adrenaline of getting to escape, it must have gone to her head instantly. It’s amazing what one man can do to a woman… Finally she grabbed the glass as she stood up behind Abby who was still screaming into her radio.

‘SECUIRTY!’ Abby screamed. ‘Oh and Abby, good night…’ I whispered as I caught her attention.

Sadie swung the glass off the back of Abby’s head as she smashed it several times against her until her knuckles started to bleed. She screamed in agony yet she smiled which felt a little creepy to be honest. Abby fell to the floor with Sadie still pulling at her hair violently as her smile grew more and creepier by the minutes that passed us. In all due respect I grabbed Sadie by her arms and pulled her away from Abby’s half dead corpse.

‘W-Why did you do that…? Why did you pull me AWAY FROM HER?’ Sadie cried.

‘Because she isn’t worth it and you got what you wanted. And if you leave now, you can get what you dreamed for… Freedom babe’ I whispered softly.


She smiled at me in a less creepy way as she pushed me away from her. I didn’t resist she had every right to push me away. Maybe she is already married, who knows. I felt good about myself, saving an innocent woman from losing her baby. Her only pride and joy, I did it because I miss my baby girl. Maybe I was a little jealous but felt that she deserved something more…

‘T-Thanks… for everything…’ Sadie whispered quietly as she hopped into the open vent.

I nodded as I watched her crawl away deeper and deeper into the darkness within the vent. I watched until her body disappeared from my eyes and smiled a little as she left me. At least I brought her happiness. She deserved something to smile about, and freedom might be it. It might be her last resort to get away from this place. To be free and return to her family…

The problem started to rise once more. I was left alone in an empty room with a body half dead. Let’s be honest, I’ve almost killed Ryan in the past. I’ve done something more brutal than that also. And now here is another opportunity to stomp down on a twisted person’s life. On an adult female who almost killed a Mother’s baby that hadn’t even had the chance to see the light.

I slowly approached Abby grieving in pain. As she looked at me with her eyes looking a little foggy. I could see her eye lids twitching with blood dripping out of the back of her head. Damn, Sadie really hit her hard that’s for sure. I doubt she has any life left in her anyway. Before watching her body become empty with no soul. I felt the need to talk to her. So I lowered myself to her level.

‘A-Abby, Abby is your name?’ I asked.

‘Y…Yes…’ She replied.

‘Why did you try to kill someone’s baby…? Are you a cold blooded killer?’

‘W-what… I d-didn’t I tried not to but I did…’ She muttered.

Security had turned up at the door shouting loudly. I didn’t want to make it look like I did this, do I did what any man would do if he was a coward. Run… I had no other option, since Sadie left the vent door open which wasn’t a smart idea. It was time to make an escape. And I promised myself I’d never return to this place unless it was to save Amy or kill Ryan…

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