The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


5. Goodbye Daughter…

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 5: Goodbye Daughter…

“The barriers seem to be holding still, with only a few seconds between each individual breath.”

‘Amy, I’ll be taking you away from this area. Once it’s over, I’ll have the strength to proceed my next tasks.’ I sighed.

The windy atmosphere didn’t make the upbringing of the truth any easier to spill. Her eyes may be clear and a little cute in some ways. I just can’t tell her, my own daughter staring at me for more information… It j-just made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t have the nerve to go beyond the barrier holding me back from telling the truth. To be truthful I only had to ponder what I didn’t know already…

The hype had already begun, and I’ve taken Amy’s precious mother away from her at any costs necessary. Ryan may have been a little redundant to what I wanted back in return. I’d even have the evidence to prove that I questioned his authorities. I should have just put my foot down… “Never mind, I’ll be doing it too late…” I locked Amy in the blue van I had been keeping for emergency reasons and went back into our home to find the remaining pieces of what’s left.

Entering the house sounds simple to any human being. And like ease, I had it under control. I stepped inside the almost haunted house to find myself facing my demons. Crap! If only it had been good news… Instead, I found what I had been looking for, along with someone I didn’t want to find. I rubbed my left eye repeatedly as it got redder and redder. Ah, it stings! Fuck… I stepped a few steps forward to comfort myself on a wooden chair that had been dented a few years back…

‘T-Take a seat Joey… I promise this won’t take long’ Ryan whispered.

His eyes sulked down into the sockets full of fire. He snickered from the fact that he had taken what meant the most to me. In his left hand was a weapon for casting a shadow behind me. In-front of us was a torch that required batteries. Judging from the shape, it looked to be a knife or some kind of sharp object. Our eyes may deceive what it really is though… Instead of retreating and most likely losing a leg or even a limb. I followed Ryan’s instructions, and sat down with a smile.

‘What do you want Ryan?’ I asked with a voice that sunk into the darkness behind us.

‘D-Don’t play stupid with me Joey. I’m here to offer you a ticket out of here…’ Ryan claimed.

‘A-A ticket? What do you mean a ticket?’ I asked, unsure what he meant.

‘Think of it like a way out of this trouble you’re in. I found that Heather had been keeping many secrets Joey… She spilled them as fast as the fluids inside her were drained.’ Ryan laughed.

‘Y-You’re sick!’ I shouted.

Ryan laughed in my face, it was a mockery to even think that he had done such a thing. And here he is… sitting down near me, facing me like we are pals. Playing a poker game or something, yet here he is staring me in the eyes. His habit to be violent would never change, it would take years to recover from his sick pathetic ways. His way of living didn’t encourage me in the first place. He made me feel more violent… Thanks to the pain he had given me, not physical… He hurt what’s inside of me…

‘E-Easy now tiger, a cat needs a drink before taking down another victim…’ Ryan exclaimed.

‘You know nothing of nature Ryan! You know nothing of what it means to be a family…’ I screamed.

‘I-Is that so…?’ Ryan grinned, he held the weapon closer to the torch.

“F-Fuck…” He wasn’t bluffing, the weapon in his hand had been the weapon he treasured the most. A silver ringed knife, he forged it himself back in the days when we had regular crime and regular crime solvers. But now… I don’t even think anything can be done to stop him. Sure… We can tell him to lay off us, and what difference would that make? Everyone who has lunged for Ryan in the past has faced dangerous consequences. Some say it’s the words he use that scare them away. And some say that it’s his actions that get through the best of us…

‘Judging by the shock and horror in your face Joey… I’d say that you’re starting to feel a little under pressure…’ Ryan mumbled.

‘S-So what? You have a knife Ryan… You use it to hurt people. And you don’t even realise that you have hurt many of your victims in a whole new way you could never understand!’ I shouted loudly.

‘Spare me the details Joey, just take the ticket, why do you insist on making my job harder for me?!’ Ryan roared.

Ryan fiddled with the knife, he played with it a little in his bare hands. Throwing it side to side in each hand with a grizzly grin forged on his face. This is my chance to run away, I could start a whole new life with Amy as my only daughter. Heather would have wanted that, I- just wish she was here to see me and Amy back together again, and to see us bonding a little more like a father and daughter should do. However, I’d rather have a father and son moment… If I had a son…

Ryan held out the ticket along with the weapon in front of my aching eyes. He looked at me with his grin growing a little more. “It’s exactly what he wants, he wants me to take the bullet so he doesn’t have too.” Ryan’s games had ended, and my new life awaited me on the next train to a new home. The question was… What does Ryan want with this house, what does he want with this neighbourhood? Police won’t do too much to prevent him from causing all this trouble. Since many of the cops have already scattered to new areas around the country to be ready for a bigger outbreak of crime…

‘I see what you want with me being gone Ryan. W-What I don’t understand is-‘ I paused.

‘W-With this place Joey? Or are you more interested on where this train will take you?’ Ryan interrupted, as his questions deepened my mind to think a little more accurate.

‘Y-Yes… That’s what I mean, what do you want with this place?’ I replied with a sigh.

‘Business… It’s all it is, and that’s all I’ll make of it. As far as you know Joey, Heather has told me enough to make me want to kill you right now. What you don’t understand is this… I’m offering you a way out of being killed, a way out of being beaten up by thugs… What do you want from me Joey?’ Ryan replied.

His questions started to make more sense, my brain had fixed the puzzle. I was no longer confused, and his final question only made me think more into what I want from him in return…? Very well, I guess I’ll have to go with what he wants. Since my habit of wanting things in return never go to plan. There’s always a catch, many say that the catch to Ryan’s negotiation ends in tears and sadness…

‘N-Never mind Ryan, I’ll take the ticket… B-But you what, I’ve figured out what you want with this place. Another self-minded drug store?’ I rudely interrupted.

‘W-well done Joey… You’ve only made me feel better about myself now. And I warned you didn’t I? Y-You can’t say I didn’t warn you… I offered the final gateway to escape all this madness… And you turned it against me, you know what Joey? The deal is off, I knew you’d play hard ball…’ He laughed.

“This isn’t good, Ryan’s shaky movement as he speaks… This can’t be good whatsoever…” He looked like a mess at this point. He held the weapon as it moved with his shaken hands and his continuation of wobbling side to side. Is it possible that he has gone over the edge now? I mean, all the crime his committed, could it finally be his brain reasoning with what’s right and wrong… NOW?!

‘You are going to take her away from me… I can’t let that happen Joey!’ Ryan screamed.

‘Oh shit… You’ve lost it, you’ve finally lost it Ryan…! Finally losing what made you who you are today… And I’m just smiling here in the corner of my own home with fear eating at me!’ I whispered.

‘S-Stay away… It’s too late Joey, she isn’t here… She’s gone, she’s away… Upstairs, she’ll never return… Because I took her life, face facts you fucking idiot!’ Ryan continued.

Doing what was right no longer mattered to me. I finally took the opportunity to put an end to this… His weapon facing my face and his eyes staring into my soul. I couldn’t take any more pressure, because the truth is… I’ve already bottled it, I’ve taken someone else’s emotions on top my own! Ryan kept bickering about what meant more, he held the knife against the wall in shame.

I thought this was it, I’m confronting him. He is losing the plot, he is losing everything. I watched him stare at the wall in horror, he stared at it stronger than he stared at me. The weapon gently tapping against the wall. And all of a sudden he stabs the wallpaper with full strength. As it slid towards the window, and he almost lost his balance. Thankfully, he was no longer armed… The weapon slipped away from his wobbly grip, he dropped it out the window. The weapon was gone…

‘F-Fuck you! Why do you embarrass me like this?! WHY!’ Ryan screeched.

‘R-Ryan… You’ve over done it, and I think you don’t know yourself anymore. So if you let me Ryan, I can help you… I’ll put aside what you’ve done, I’ll put it aside my own life. You know why? Because I feel the pain your feeling, and I’ve felt it every fucking day! You’re pathetic Ryan!’ I screamed.

Talking down to him like his trash actually made me feel good about myself. I pushed Ryan onto the floor with the anger slowly draining away from me. He feel painfully into the side of the coffee table. I looked at him with tears rolling down my face. It was like looking in a reflection, finally seeing Ryan grieving the pain he is suffering. How can that be medicine, how can that heal what this man has done to me and my family?!

With him no longer armed, I was finally going to serve justice to his bloody face. Until… I heard more crying and someone upstairs moving. “W-What the fuck is going on now?” I thought to myself. I already knew that Ryan would run off if I give him the option too… So like the good man I am, I tied him against a bolted down chair that Heather had me do for her birthday 2 years ago… He looked dreadful, blood running down his lips and his sick little face crying in front of me. I left him to grieve by himself, and walked up the staircase to Heather’s bedroom.

Some reason, I didn’t hear any more crying. The sound of silence earlier made me feel different about myself. And then all of a sudden, I am starting to hear ringing in my mind. Baby’s crying over and over again, what the heck is going on? Heather bedroom was right in front of me, behind a door obviously. So with the rage still left in me, I kicked down the door with a face full of grief. Behind that door was something I wish I never had seen…

On the dark blue carpet was a few small blood puddles, and next to Heather’s bed was a woman I could barely see. It wasn’t important on who it was, all I saw was the fact she was half naked. With that in mind, I started to wonder who’d be in my wife’s bedroom. I’d call it intrusion, since that’s what is practically is… I walked into the bedroom with a shocked gobsmacked face. And to my horror, it was Heather… She looked hurt, she looked like she had seen a ghost…

Her pale face and her pale skin stared right at me, and I had the sickening thought that she was dead. She asked me a few things, I could barely hear her, and it was as if she had been blocked from my hearing. Is it possible that a mute button was input on her? Probably not… Never mind then. I stepped in front of her and kneeled on one knee with slight tears flowing around my nose.

‘J-Joey, is that you?’ She coughed.

‘Y-No… It’s not Joey, I’m the nightmare behind you girl. And I’m sorry for leaving you like this, think of me, j-just think of me… Okay?’ I whispered.

My mind went blank, I didn’t know what I was saying anymore… I thought she was fucking dead!

‘O-Okay…? So, who the heck am I talking too…? D-Dad? Is it you, please just tell me who you are!’ Heather cried.

‘N-No, I’m going now Heather. And I’ll be leaving you with nothing okay? I’m sorry… R-Really sorry. You are hardly fit enough anymore, you could have died here today… Remember that as well, sorry…’ I sighed.

She looked at me with her pale face, I finally felt as if someone had shot me. Whatever went through me changed my self forever… I feared that Ryan was most likely pleased with the result of me finally losing Heather forever. How did he know? I thought he killed her, so why does my mind tell me that she’s not here. And here she is now, In front of my god damn eyes? Am I lying to myself? What the heck am I looking at, a frame. A photo that has some kind of black magic?

Slowly moving back, I closed the door. And left her to cry in peace, as for Ryan… I don’t even know what I want with his sadness…

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