The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


10. Facing the Daughter’s Windows

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 10: Facing the Daughter’s Windows

Back at the car I pictured the drunk teenager standing behind me, I felt the cold winds finally take some drastic turns towards my face. Sickened and unforgivingly I felt the need to destroy the home full of sluts and many teenagers and adults breaking rules every day. Then again, who am I to argue with those rules? “You’ve broken every rule there is…” I wouldn’t say every rule, maybe you are helping me break these rules… “Don’t be a fucking idiot, you know what you got to do, so be a man!” And if I don’t? You can’t tell me to shit!

Amy’s little face made me cringe into my hoody, the dark greyish clouds forming around us made me feel hurt inside. All the problems and chaos going on inside the barricades shows nothing but death. I’ve watched Ryan’s smile grow every minute I’m making a fool out of myself, while me and Amy try to bond which I know will never happen! “Time is money…” Shut up! I learnt that from Heather, and I doubt you know anything about her… “I know what you know Joey, its life…” Shut up for fuck sake!

‘A-Are you okay sir? You look a little mental…’ an elderly man whispered.

‘Do you think I’m okay? Tell me this old man! What do you see in those clouds?!’ I screamed.

‘I-I see normal weather, what’s making you feel so down anyway?’ He sighed.

‘N-Nothing, but if you want to see your head on a stick, keep talking to me…’ I muttered.

With that being said, he looked at me as if I were the crazy one. His dark leather jacket with a wooden walking stick to help him balance his life from side to side. It’s no wonder why he’s lost so much, he is an orphan deep down. He is a broken deranged man missing his old life, which he don’t deserve. I know that much and I also know why this old man is interfering. “He is old, respect your-“, Shut up… I won’t pay attention anymore, you’re just a fragment inside my pathetic little mind…

He didn’t look to caring, and I barely got to witness his true identity. I just remember the thick leather jacket hooked around his neck. I couldn’t really care too much on what he looks like underneath those clothes. I care too much about getting my daughter to a nearby safety zone, or at least a place where she can be happy for me and her mother’s sake. She would have wanted her daughter to be safe… “Yeah, if she had something wrong with her!” Yeah you have a point…

‘A-Amy… Listen to me darling, I’ll be here for you when you need me… Good girl for waiting, I thought you’d run off somewhere’ I whispered.

Her cute little eyes folded back behind her eye lids as she snoozed off slowly. Her little hands were so delicate and made me feel bad for bringing her with me. What choice did I have though?! “The choice isn’t important, it’s the decision that you should care about Joey…” Alright, well we’ll see what happens at the end of this road. I feel crazier every minute that goes by, mainly because of you! And with that, my mind blanked me for a few hours…

She didn’t look so fragile, I remember her being a little more grown up back there. Heather would wrap her in a lovely blanket to keep her baby warm. It would be the memories of Amy that would allow me to go any step closer into Heather’s household. “She’d be perfect as a result” yeah… She would be something a little more than a result, she’s precious to me and anyone else around me. I’d change her, I really would… But I can’t argue with her faith and her future to come.

‘A-Attention my people, the towns are closing down for two weeks. I’ve had enough! All this fighting and breaking my rules isn’t helping any of us. So in order to get this town under my control again, I’ll post several little boxes through to your doorsteps, do not open until I say though…’ A voice screeched.

‘Damn, it’s the radio again…’ I sighed, ‘Ha-ha, dadda’ funny!’ Amy giggled.

Her rosy cheeks started to show, it displayed more of Heathers side with her smile gleaming around the car windows. She couldn’t be any more special, she’s a little like our angel showing me the light. Yet here I am holding the cards to her future, anything could change. And I’d be to blame whilst Ryan back at the towns forgotten will have taken everything under his control. And as for our Mayor, he seems to think he knows what’s best for this world. And calling us his people is a large mistake waiting to happen, if this guy keeps the problems running smoothly, I’ll be sure to make him the final stop to our trip Amy. Once we’ve taken his cards away, he won’t have fuck all!

With my eyes rolling with adrenaline building inside of my warped body. I felt the need to tell Amy the plan, she needed to know. “Are you fucking insane?” Obviously, she is our daughter and she’s everything I want her to be. A little girl with a mind full of dreams, she has the power to possess what I like most and that is fear. She has the smile of an angel, although that sounds creepy… “Joey, whatever you do we don’t care…” A-Alright, well it looks like I’m on my own…

‘A-Amy daddy is going to make sure your future holds up. Your limits around this area are very low babe, and if I see Ryan again – I’ll be sure to drop him down to his burial, but I need you to promise me something baby’ I whispered.

Amy looked at me as if I weren’t her father, maybe I’m just being paranoid. It’s not the first time I’ve seen some wicked beast inside of her, she’s a little strange in some cases. Yeah she is cute on the outside, but the core on the inside… she has something I need. Whether she knows it is beyond me and I can’t take any chances. She’ll be back before you know it, “big mistake, wouldn’t you agree?” Yeah… Yet I’m the crazy one right? “Ha, I guess you are, well we are…” There is no we bro, it’s just me alright! I’m not that fucking crazy, I know who I’m talking to… Myself and not you!

Amy finally rolled her eyes at me, she definitely knew something was going on. Amy clearly doesn’t understand a word I’m saying right? “She may not understand you” yeah, which is what I said… “B-But she understands her father right?” What the heck are you on about? I told you to shut up and let me do the thinking… “You are thinking, and that’s why you’re talking to yourself, your afraid of going past the barriers holding you inside this warped little place we call home” whatever…

‘So… Amy, the guns are in the back, and I don’t have time to tell you the full plan…’ I whispered softly into her cold ears.

With Amy in the back near the guns behind her, it made the drive away a little easier. Lock and load, that’s what they used to tell me back in the army. Well I weren’t in the army for long, I had to escape… “Ryan had every right to take your place” Yeah, but I swore to him that I would never ruin his chances with Heather, and I did. “Untrustworthy? You’re sick in many ways” No, we’re sick… We know nothing about Ryan whatsoever, and here I am talking to you like I know the guy as well as you do. Amy doesn’t know much about him, she just knows that he is a thug, I hope…

‘E-Excuse me sir… Stop the car for a second!’ A voice echoed across the rims of the car.

‘W-What now?!’ I shouted outside the window with my eyes swelling into redness.

Amy looked sleepy, very sleepy indeed. I couldn’t help but reach my left hand out for her to reassure her that daddy’s got you baby. And with that being said I’d be an uncle for Ryan’s disgusting children to come. After all, with a father like him you’d rather commit suicide than be anywhere near him. Unless he has a nurturing side to him which I extremely doubt.

Some reason there was a black badly painted car behind me, it looked a little broken to me. Some of the windows had cracks forming down the sides and the rims of the car looked delicate. With my hand finally reaching towards Amy, voices echoed in my brain with that annoying buzz. The car swung around a few fences going across down into a nearby riverbank, Amy looked devastated. And the car behind me pulled up on the edge of the road quite a distance from our crash…

‘S-Shit… A-Amy, are you okay?’ I huffed.

No sound was heard, I could barely hear myself think. Silence dropped out of nowhere with darkness glooming around the riverbank, I wondered whether we were in pain… But it didn’t feel like it, until I turned to face a shattered glass car mirror on the urge of falling off. My face looked badly beaten up, blood rolling down towards my dry upper lip and the bruises starting to show from earlier looked worse… Purple splodges of circular marks around my body, even my chest looked fucked up. I looked down slowly gasping for air. And that’s when I could see what had happened, some of the metal has crushed inwards and sliced some of my skin, it’s a pretty deep cut from my left ankle.

‘A-Amy… Talk to me Amy!’ I shouted.

The car mirror was facing the wrong way, and I couldn’t see behind me. Whether Amy was okay is beyond me, she sounded like normal to me but wouldn’t I feel more like a Father if she was okay? With the windows slowly crackling from the front of the car starting to smoke up into flames, I started to worry. Finally, I could see a few shadowy figures behind me. One of the car mirrors reflected at an angle, just enough to see two figures walking towards the car.

‘A-Alright… Looks like we got him, sir put your hands up!’ A voice faded into my ear drums.

‘W-What… I’m hurt, please help me… I need to get out of here!’ I shouted.

‘G-Get out of what? You’re going down sir for your bad driving…’ I turned my neck to a point where it hurt like crap. And that’s when the blood started to boil a little more over my ripped shirt.

When I thought that the flames would end our lives, I could see another problem as I faced the back in pain and agony. Crushed behind me was a mangled looking person, I could barely see anything. The smoke coming in through the shattered windows started to fill up with darker fog and horrible sounds of metal clashing together. Every minute that went by, I could hear flames violently coming towards me, at least it sounded that way.

‘S-Shit… Sir, I’m sorry for being an asshole, we still need to take you in though’ the man mumbled.

‘Take me in? Just get me out of here!’ I screamed.

With my tears finally starting to show, the two officers helped me. Behind me still looked unpleasant, and I only hoped to dear god that Amy was okay. Turning my neck any further would hurt a little too much, and Heather always told me to wind my neck in. One of the officers looked different, black and orange clothing with a pistol in his left hand. Why does he need that? In case I don’t come quietly… I can barely move, I doubt there’ll be a problem with arresting me…

‘Sir, you need to tell me this, your name quickly. And I’ll get you out of there, I promise…’ The officer with a dark green coat muttered.

‘My name is Joey, and that’s all you need to know for now… Just get me the fuck out of here!’ I sighed.

‘Calm down sir, we’re calling medical service to your attention, just give us a few hours…’ He whispered.

‘A few hours…? Do you think we have a few hours?!’ I roared.

‘Yes, we will have plenty if you cooperate and let us pull you out of that wreckage…’ He replied.

The back seats looked badly damaged, I could just about see the mangled being behind me. And the pressure of the car staying stable near the edge of a riverbank felt pretty bad. The side of the car kept moving outwards, thankfully the doors could be opened. But whether I can get out through such narrow gaps is a mystery. “The damages can’t be too bad right?”

‘Alright, I’m going to pull you out okay? Just hold on to that railing and try not to cut yourself on the way out. It may hurt a little sir because your feet are wedged between a lot of wreckage, but it’s life…’ The officer laughed.

‘I don’t find this amusing, fuck! Ouch!’ I screamed.

‘I told you sir, it’s pretty painful… Just hang in there yeah? And we’ll get you some warm blankets to keep your temperature average, we might also need some first aid kits over here!’ He shouted.

Finally after being pulled out of a violent disaster and some really bad looking wreckage, my mind forgot what to focus on. I felt like just blacking out and pretending this was all a dream, but my eyes drifted side to side reminding me that this is no dream, this is reality… “A-Amy, where is she?” My mind could focus again, some of the warmth from one of the blankets kept me active.

‘Sir, do you have any idea who else was with you in that car?’ The officer whispered.

‘Y-Yes, but she’s not in there is she…? She’s probably escaped yeah! Because she’s brave and she isn’t stupid, she came from her mother after all and she has a sweet soul!’ I flinched, my body started to shake horribly.

‘Calm down sir, just tell me who else was with you? A little girl, a wife? Who was it…?’ He continued whispering.

‘Does it fucking matter?! She’s not in there, she is daddy’s warrior and she has the heart of gold…’ I sighed.

‘Alright sir, well your wreckage is showing differently… In the back of the car is all crushed, some metal parts all clashed together with leather and fabric, there is a lot of sharp metal back there too. We’ve found a little bit of glass also, but if we don’t get this car back on its wheels we may not have the chance to investigate for the body, it’s on the urge of tilting or exploding’ The officer mumbled softly, his voice sounded serious.

‘M-My baby girl, Amy… Her names fucking Amy alright?!’ I cried.

“Please let her be okay, she’s a warrior, she has her father’s genes!’

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