The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


19. Dark Changes [XMAS SPECIAL!]

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 19: Dark Changes

Amy, and me. She’s like a dandelion who’d fly away and come back as a new seed.

It was 5AM after yesterday’s little performance of a kid crying for a Father to be with. And I feel sick, really sick… I hope this kid doesn’t plan on staying for long, he stinks of rotten fruit… Yuck!

“The town that once belonged to nice (kind…) human beings has now been washed away with blood.”

‘D-Dad, listen to me, I’m here for you… Dad!’

The boy seriously needed some beatings, something to make him understand that this place is not as happy as it used to be. I’m positive that there was a happy family amongst us all, and I’m also very certain that this kid has been through a lot, it’s kind of obvious with his face looking so dull. It’s hard to talk to him without looking away, his tears reflect my fear. And my eyes just can’t stand against his puppy like eyes and his frown that makes me feel down…

The Mayor: “Crucial evidence points to one thing citizens, I’ve got no choice but to hold onto the keys, in other words, I’m taking a plane out of here. And I suggest you do the same, because this town and planet – well, I’d like to say my vowel once and for all, and I’d like to discuss the disgusting problems with this place... Instead, I’ll leave you all two options…”

‘D-Dad? What is he on about?’ The child cried.

‘D-DAD! I’m not your Dad, I’m just a man looking after a homeless child got it?!’ I screamed.

‘Yeah, I think so… Are we leaving Sir?’ He asked.

‘Leaving, looks like we’re being given two options boy, two options that will make our lives worse. I think the better choice is to end it here, wouldn’t you agree son?’ I sighed.

‘S-Son? Ha, so you do… L-Love,’

‘SHUT UP! I don’t like you, I’m not even asking you to tag along, and I’m asking you to get along!’

The boy nodded his head slightly as he looked disturbed. I turned to face the windows behind me with a message being carried in the winds. We await the wind to drop off our fate, it all makes sense. It’s a shame that the Mayor feels that this is the way to go, this is how we end everything? I always thought that one town couldn’t get the whole world in danger… It hasn’t, it’s been happening under our breaths of Oxygen, it’s been happening since the beginning of our birth dates. And it doesn’t end there, it’s came to a brief explanation on what will happen to our futures and our pasts will remain.

The Mayor: “The tickets are on SALE! Don’t think that I’m l-letting you off so easily, COME HERE! – Sorry citizens, I’m just taking care of a criminal… Listen! I’m taking away bank-accounts, and making cuts to your payments. This isn’t for me, it’s to make you all live happy lives…”

‘H-Happy lives? Does this mean we’re going to be returning home?’ He smiled.

‘N-No, returning home? There is no home kid! We have what remains to be our future, alright?’

He nodded with his smile fading into the darkness underneath my arms. My shadow hid away his feelings and possibly his happiness. I looked down at him as he clung onto my waist and cried into my left leg, it seems that he has been suffering home sick…

With my mind trying to clear all the bad thoughts, I focussed my attention on him, I looked at him with my eyes widening to two perfect circles. He looked like he needed some rest, although, rest isn’t really going to keep away the shadows of regret. I turned around to ask him whether he wanted some refreshments. As I turned to face him, a knock on the door begun, I could hear it two times and the child looked at me with a horrified face covered in tears.

My attention spun to the door, as I approached the door with an old Cane sitting by my sofa. I got up and carried my numb legs towards the knocking door. The child watched me as he shook with every step that I had taken. Looks like his fragile and possibly afraid of strangers… So why did he accept me? I forced my left hand to hold the handle as my right hand readied the weapon behind my back.

‘W-Who is it?’ I asked.

‘I- just want to come in, I think you have something… S-Something that belongs to me,’ a female voice cried.

‘To you? What do you think this is? Are you trying to rob our home…? I have a child in here Jesus!’

‘Y-Yes, I-I’m trying to r-rob you… Stick-em up! Ha, ha…’ The female voice continued.

‘W-Well, I can’t let you in then! I’m not standing for your shenanigans,’ I huffed.

‘F-Fine by me… I’ll just leave yeah? P-pretend I weren’t here p-please…?’ She cried.

‘Dad, who’s at the door?’ The child asked.

‘NOBODY!’ I screamed.

I held the Cane away from my back and left it on the floor as the child behind me shook a little more. In the corner of my eye, I could see that he didn’t trust me, it was obvious… As for the woman behind the door or the man with a squeaky voice, I waited for her or him to walk off. As I sat behind the door I could hear somebody panting behind me. It seemed that this stranger isn’t going to leave us alone…

‘L-Let me in, and I’ll tell you about my… A-Adventure…’ She tapped on the door.

‘Ha, - I can’t just let you in… F-Fuck it!’ I shouted.

Slowly, I held the door and pulled it towards me as a woman fell beside me. I looked up and then back down to see her lying on my two shook up legs. As for the child behind me, I could see that he was hiding underneath a few pillows. Kind of like a fort made of cushions. This woman looked badly injured, her face had red hand marks where someone must have slapped her with a lot of power. As for her hips, I could see that somebody had ripped her shirt. Even her skirt looked like it had been chewed up or something. She smelt like gone off chicken, so I looked at her and looked away instantly.

‘Y-You let m-me I-in? It’s c-cold out there…’ She hissed.

‘Well, sometimes… I make mistakes, and sometimes I’m just a push-over…’ I responded.

‘Ha, good o-one… C-Can I s-see y-your r-room? I-I’m kind of c-cold… F-freezing here…’

‘Sure… I guess, just stay out of sight from my youngster okay?’ I sighed.

‘N-No p-problem, I-I just need t-to borrow your p-phone too…’

The woman looked as if she had been brutally attacked and chewed by a dog or something that likes chewing on clothes. Her skirt lowered down from her waist giving off a sight of her panties. I could see that they were pink as I looked away quickly before she had even noticed. Not that she would have noticed, she was pulling herself across the floor towards my room… Not something you see every day that’s for sure.

The Mayor: “Payments are cut and will begin taking place on Friday! As for the cold weather warnings, our News Report services and Weather forecast offices are no longer needed… S-So you will need to find some kind of blanket, just pay for the expensive heating or something, I don’t care…!”

The Mayor’s broadcasts were certainly making more sense as each one told a hidden truth about this guy. In-case anyone hadn’t noticed that the guy is insane and pathetic to even be considered as a leader. Not saying I’d do a better job, I’m just putting it out there that’s all…

‘T-This I-is the room y-yes?’ The woman whispered.

‘YES! That is the room, just keep away from my belongings… And don’t think I won’t find out, because I will!’ I shouted.

The woman dragged herself into my room leaving tiny specks of blood on my clean carpet. Thankfully, she hadn’t been stabbed or anything. I don’t want puddles of blood tracing across the carpet, how would that make look? And having a child with me could only have made the situation worse. I’m so thankful that he hadn’t come in covered in blood, thank-you God.

She pushed the door to my room shut as I placed my head against the wall in regret of letting her in.

‘Y-Yes, I-I’m fine… J-Just freezing c-cold… I-I need y-you to do m-me a favour… P-please…’

The thought of listening to what she may be doing in my room rushed through my head with several theories to what she might be doing. I listened in through the wall outside and could hear her talking to herself or somebody. She did say that she needed to use the phone after-all…

‘A-Alright, c-cold weather can o-only r-result in… Y-You know right?’

‘Good… I’m not in the slightest mood right now Len. I j-just need- some time yeah? F-Find m-me a cab by M-morning –okay?’

‘£500’s? It can be sorted… J-Just g-give me m-more time… Why a-are you with them anyway!’

The woman might have been mental and for all I know she could be a complete psychopath!

With my head still against the wall, the door opened quicker than I could re-act as it smashed against my upper lip. “OUCH!” The pain didn’t bother me too much, not as much as this annoyance causing trouble. And all this trouble had to be started in my room?!

‘S-Sorry… What are you doing against the wall?’ She raised her right eyebrow.

‘N-Nothing… Just mind your own business, back off yeah?’ I grouched.

She rolled her eyes at me, as I could see her blue eyes fold beneath her tender looking eyelids. As she limped over towards the sofa, I couldn’t just let her make herself at home. She is a stranger, and no stranger than this kid in my house. At least I can accept a young person but an Adult woman asking to use my phone and go in my room is just… It feels kind of embarrassing, I don’t really want her to just help herself and treat herself to this home. After-all I’m the one paying for it, and I’m the one forcefully keeping it under control.

‘S-So, what is your name?’ She asked as she put her feet up on my coffee table.

‘Joe, my name is Joe. And yours?’ I sighed deeply.

‘N-Never mind that, with strangers around you, you kind of f-feel different you know?’

‘Whatever, anyway… How long you stopping here for? Not too long I hope…’ I stared at her.

‘W-well The Mayor is making price cuts, so I can’t find a job on short notice… How about I stay for Christmas and I’ll be out by New Year’s Eve, do we have a deal Joe?’ She laughed.

Her slender body with her ripped up shirt and chewed up looking skirt rested on my sofa. Not too far away from the child playing hide and seek. Her pink puffy lips pressed up against the left arm of the chair forced me to look into her direction. Her deep blue eyes folded back and forth beneath her tanned looking eye lids. Whilst her boots were falling off her rainbow socks. And her feet bended around the cushions resting behind her. She looked cute if you looked past the state she was in of course. I’d consider her as a girlfriend if she hadn’t made such a bad entrance…

‘New Year’s Eve…? Well, I don’t run cheap, I hope you know that…’ I moaned.

‘Cheap? Well, I think cheap is a little different don’t you think? This whole town is kind of cheap and getting cheaper by the minute. I doubt you’d know anything about that though right?’ She grinned.

‘Of course I know that, why do you think I’m considering ending this adventure?’ I sighed.

‘Ending your life? That’s pretty shallow, y-you have a nice place here. And I heard a child talking earlier… Oops…’ She paused.

‘H-How long have you been spying on me?!’ I shouted in frustration.

My hands flicked off the edge of her pillow and closed into wards my palms. As they locked in place with anger flickering one and off in my brain like a broken light switch. I hissed at her and held her violently by the left of her wrist. Quickly and smoothly I lowered her towards the floor demanding answers from her. No spy is going to make me feel bad at home…!

‘O-Oh… S-Sorry, I can’t really tell you that. I never knew you’d be so… Forceful ha ha,’ she giggled.

‘I don’t find this funny! I think you should leave right now! Go on, pack your things!’ I shouted.

‘P-pack my things? Ha, I don’t even belong here… And I haven’t even thought about moving in, now that you mention it though… I think I’m going to help myself to some of that Orange Juice you’ve stashed behind your fridge…’ She smirked.

The Mayor: “Plane tickets are going to be on Sale until New Year’s Eve… As for get-away holidays, not going to happen! I want all of you to make your decisions now… Think of it as a Christmas Present from your one and only Mayor of this town!”

She threw my hands off her wrists and kicked me in the shin bone. I wept as she walked away.

‘I’m going to be straight with you tomorrow okay? I-I need a place to sleep also!’ She shouted.

Her voice echoed through the hallway as I stood on my knees grieving in pain. She has quite a powerful kick, not that I expected anything less from a complete stranger… The child was still hiding behind the pillows as he winked at me. This woman is just making my life harder… I’ll force her to leave by morning, even if that means having to drag her out by her ankles…

After realising that she had walked into my Kitchen, I got up slowly holding the Cane once again behind my back. It was time to strike her or at least intimidate her bossy mood swings. I’m not going to live with some fake maid causing a mockery of me and this child… Some stranger! I’d like her to walk off the windowsill and fall onto a nearby car… Which is probably going to be a rare sight to see!

‘Orange J-Juice, love it! You really need to pay your bills Joe… It’s disgusting in here!’ She laughed.

‘Well… I’ll be paying somebody, and you’ll be paying somebody too, you’ll be paying that somebody a visit. Oh and say Hi to him yeah? Say hello to the man or thing! That won’t let you go back ha!’

‘W-What?’ She smiled.

Swiftly, I pushed myself behind the door entering the Kitchen with silence. As she turned around to giggle, I grabbed her tightly by the throat locking my fingers around her neck; she looked like she had been smiling the whole time she’s been spying on me. And if that’s the case, I’ll put an end to her happiness, she’ll thank me one day. Hopefully that one day is sooner than she thinks…

‘W-What a-are you d-doing?’ She forced a small giggle out of her tight throat.

‘N-Nothing… And you are doing?’ I asked with a smile.

‘L-Let go! S-Stop… P-please…’ She blubbered.

‘Alright…’ I whispered.

I released my tight grasp around from her throat and pushed her towards the Kitchen table. Her neck was now redder than it was before. And I could see that red hand marks around her face had begun to fade. I could see that she was in a lot of pain, and she’d soon be out of that pain with misery on her face. And then once she’s faced the crucial hazards of me, I’ll release her to the open-world.

‘O-ouch… C-can’t you just l-let me be?’ She sighed.

‘Letting you be, ha, now that’s a joke right?’

‘No! I mean it, get the fuck off me! Get off me now!’ She shouted loudly.

As I held her against the Kitchen table, I reached for the Cane I had dropped beside me. Whilst I could see in the corner of my left eye that she was moving her hand rapidly around the table. In a grasping motion every second that went by. I could see her hands trying to grasp something near-by. Sadly for her, there is nothing on the table apart from a bowl of fruit of course…

‘F-Fine… Hurt me, I’ve faced bigger bullies than you… And I’m here for a reason you know Joe… Every girl has their reason to be somewhere, and I’m here for a special reason!’ She screeched.

The words she had said didn’t blind my track of thought. I grasped the Cane and held it up towards the blinding light from above us. I could see the light shining directly on her and the Cane. She wiggled towards the end of the table knocking the bowl of fruit over onto the floor. I managed to strike her boot with the Cane. Sadly I didn’t hit her directly… As she made a break for it, I could see her dragging herself across the Kitchen floor towards the door.

‘Oh no you don’t, I’m not going to let you ruin a perfect good upcoming holiday!’ I roared.

‘P-please… J-just leave me alone!’ She screamed even more.

“500 Deaths… And nobody even cares that these people are dead…”


Written By, Luke J.R – Luke! 

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