The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


8. Blocked?!

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 8: Blocked?!


‘Amy, we’ll soon be out of here. Look at the clouds and tell me what you see girl,’ I whispered softly.

Driving down near the end of where the town ended, we hit the barrier’s exit or entrance, unsure on what was awaiting us outside. I turned to face several signs and lampposts staring down at me. One sign had words on it, words that looked like jumbled up letters. It was too hard to read from inside a car, and most likely even more difficult to read up close. I decided to stop near the signs and search the area, whilst leaving Amy in the back since she was asleep.

Shutting the front car door behind me, I locked the doors using the keys in my pocket. “Secure, Amy is now secure” I thought to myself. The sign finally looked a little better as I got closer, I could sort of read the letters better, understanding what the letters meant to these words unknown. “L-O-C-K-E-D,” it read out some interesting words but hardly readable to continue going. Before I could think about this, I finally saw some more human beings standing around a small fire.

‘H-Hey you, I need to talk to you, do you mind coming over here?!’ One of the younger girl’s bellowed.

‘S-Sure, do you if I bring my daughter in?’ I asked, I cared too much about Amy.

‘I guess, but we haven’t seen too many near the barriers, what makes you think you can just come here without a warning?’ She whispered as she came closer towards me.

Unsure on what was going on, I couldn’t trust anyone else after having to be against Ryan’s gang. Underneath my left pocket, I had a dark bloody knife that Ryan had given me to interrogate with. I faced the young girl with my left hand waiting with a grip of the knife’s handle. If she tries anything, I’ll cut her! She’ll be away, and my family can finally rest…

‘R-Relax, I know what you’re thinking stranger, but I don’t plan on hurting you, unless you tried something funny…’ She reassured me.

‘H-How do you know?’ I asked in confusion.

‘Ha-ha, do you think you’re the only one who’s visited us with a knife? We’ve faced several weapons, and me and my family are finally low on supplies, stores have been raided and jobs are short lived…’ She sighed, her laughing got me a little paranoid.

Nodding to what she had said, I placed the knife back in the slot near my pocket. She seemed rather friendly, and she could be lying. I didn’t take her good attitude to be too trustable, so for good measure and safety assurance I took the knife with me as I walked towards her. Her blue eyes looked kind of cute in some ways, and her long mixture of blonde and brown stripped hair made me see a better person inside of her. Although, I would never judge a book it’s cover…

She finally shown some kind of mystery to her character as she lifted her dark greyish hood over her hair, damn she looked hot in some ways. Sadly she was slightly too young for me, and I promised myself not to be too much of a criminal now-a-days… Following her into her family garden, I could now see what she meant by “out of supplies.” There was nothing there, just cut down trees and shrubs, even some old candy wrappers lying across the floor. It didn’t look too tidy.

The garden’s appearance did show some signs of mystery too. Dark green leaves were slowly dropping from branches above her family. And they looked very dirty, covered in mud and gravel dust, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the young girl who let me into this garden looked very clean and tidy. At this point, I lost focus on what’s going on, this young girl’s name is next on my list…

‘D-Do you want a cola bottle? I’ve been s-saving them for quite a few months now…’ A funny shaped man asked, he looked old enough to be the young girl’s dad.

As I looked around a little more, I could guess which family member was hers and some that looked too different to be related to this young girl. Such as the group of girls smoking near a swimming pool, and the pool was filthy, algae seemed to be growing all around the rims of the pool. And the water colour looked like a swampy mixture of dirty substances and pollution.

‘N-No thanks, I’m more interested in what’s going on here…’ I whispered quietly.

‘G-Going on? Nothing’s going on, this young girl- I mean aunty is looking after me,’ the young girl’s dad huffed.

‘D-Don’t play games with me, I don’t believe that you have any relation with her, she’s clearly not one of you. So, what’s going on?’ I asked with my face turning red.

‘L-like it matters, why do you care so much anyway? She’s accepted us in the family that she’s formed, we’re just human beings forming groups trying to make a living…’ He spilled.

‘Good answer, but hardly legitimate, do you really expect me to believe that this girl who looks at least sixteen years old is wanting strangers as assistance?’ I replied.

The man didn’t say anything, he just looked the other way ignoring my question. I wanted answers, so I decided to talk to some of the other people here, including the group of girls smoking near a disgusting looking pool. With the knife twitching around in my fingers, I wanted to use it so badly. This place didn’t look very safe, and all these people looked like captives of some kind of plan to survive longer, if that girl is innocent I will take no prisoners on who I shoot next.

Finally stepping up a few cracked stone steps, I had reached the young girls smoking near a pool. They all looked a little clean, and their appearance once again looked a little too hot for words. Maybe leaving Heather behind has really screwed up my brain. One of the girl’s looked taller than the rest, and in her left hand she had been holding some kind of metal pipe. Whilst the others were in clothing that looked very inappropriate, and one of the girl’s had a weapon belt around her waist.

‘H-Hey, who are you…?’ The tall looking girl whispered.

As she looked at me, I looked at her gaining as much visual information as possible. With a clear view into her eyes and appearance, I could finally see who she was. Her punk style looking hair with a cigarette strangled in her left hand. Her dark bluish eyes locked into place with them staring at her painted finger nails. And she looked very tidy in my opinion, whilst the other girls looked half asleep.

‘My name is Joey, and I was called in by a family member of yours, I don’t know her name though…’ I replied.

‘Very well, my name’s Sarah. And the last name can fuck off elsewhere, as for you. What do you mean a young girl asked you in here? This place is like a camp bitch, I don’t accept just anyone into this garden, and the house is everyone’s here. We all take care of each other, so what do you want?’ She hushed.

‘It’s not really what I want Sarah, It’s what I’m here for… I don’t even know myself, I came in because that girl who invited me in had a bit of mystery to her. I swear she might be hiding something, and this place should be well… Cleansed, it’s disgusting!’ I sighed.

‘Cleansed, funny you mention it J-Joey, but whoever you’re talking about that invited you in I suggest that you are here for a main purpose rather than just pushing through my face. me and the girls here are part-time workers of an old flower shop…’ Sarah whispered lowly.

Sarah looked like a rebellion female, a weapon belt around her waist and a certain glow in her eyes made me feel like she’s trustworthy. I’d happily accept her into my life, but she looked to be the age of twenty. And for a twenty year old, I’d definitely consider dating her. W-wait, I’m here to talk about something not here to flirt with a bunch of girls…

As I stood there in her face, the other girls behind her giggled. Some were giggling at whispers going on, and some were just gagging on old dust. They didn’t look like they were in a good state, they looked terrible. Some looked pale and about to vomit, and some just looked out of the ordinary… However, Sarah didn’t let me leave easily, she started to question me a little more…

‘J-Joey, do you mind just coming into the house for a minute? It’s just, well I’d like to discuss this elsewhere. The other girls here are busy too, so I wouldn’t want to distract them…’ Sarah hushed.

Once again I nodded to accept what she had said. She made sense sort of, I weren’t too sure why it would matter if we did distract the girls who were off their heads… I mean, smoking and drinking is certainly going to rather kill them or put them in a drunken aggressive attitude. I had no choice to follow Sarah, she grabbed my left hand and pulled me along the ugly looking pathway that lead to an open door. I smiled and tried to keep the smile going, but it was forced upon my face…

Finally, Sarah stopped dragging me across the pathways, it seems to have stopped. And Sarah had taken me into a room that looked half destroyed. Old wallpaper tearing away from the cracked walls, and even some broken creaky looking floorboards. The tables looked a little too dusty for words, and cobwebs were in every corner. Since she had sat down with her eyes staring at me, I decided to sit down opposite her rather than next to her.

‘S-So Joey, this is the house we live in at the moment. We are saving up funds to pay for a new one, but with all these people in our family, it’s going to be difficult to settle somewhere without money problems…’ Sarah said.

‘W-Well most people now-a-days Sarah are stealing homes, but I don’t expect you to do anything like that. Trust me, it doesn’t work out, it would end in tears for all of you. So, why did you bring me in here Sarah?’ I asked.

‘S-Sorry for sort of moving you away out there, it’s just… In here, I’d like to discuss a few things with you Joey. If you want those girls’ names, I’ll tell you. But the young girl who lives with us? Her name is Sally, and she hasn’t been outside the garden for several weeks. So I doubt you’d see her…’ Sarah hissed.

‘Well someone let me in Sarah, and she was too suspicious to trust. In-fact I’m even finding you hard to believe right now!’ I roared.

Sarah finally shown her true colours. Right in front of me, she stabbed the table with a sharp looking home crafted knife. Stabbed deeply into the table in front of us was a knife. “Damn, she’s violent, I never would have guessed…”


‘S-Shut up Joey, I’ve taken people in and I’ve taken people out, do you think you have any right to talk about the girl in the first place?!’ She whispered with a violent pitch.

‘N-No I guess not, but why are you so caring over this child? She’s at least sixteen and I’m starting to doubt whether has anything to do with this disgusting place you call a home…’ I whispered softly.

‘Wow, you’re not even afraid are you…? I guess you’ve got some kind of spunk Joey, especially if you came here demanding answers! I’ve already spoke to her okay, she’s fine. She invited you in because you were trying to go through the barrier’s entrance. Do you think we just allow anyone to pass though there?’ Sarah sighed.

Sarah looked tense, she clearly was some kind of criminal. And she obviously had something to do with that young girl asking me inside. Better yet, I’d like to know why she wants people to stay away from the barrier’s entrance. Yeah, I already know it’s dangerously deadly. But sometimes we have to take risks, there’s got to be some other reason to why she won’t let anyone go through.

So as frisky as I can be in the first place, I decided to lay the cards down for her. She clearly needed to keep people away from the barrier, but she and her family must have access to the entrance. I think she’s up to something, and I’m going to find out what’s going on in this disgusting neighbourhood…

‘Letting anyone pass would be too simple, right Sarah?’ I replied.

‘Y-Yes Joey, you finally listening to our demands? Because the barrier is blocked from now on, in the past weeks we lost several other family members, they never returned so… What do we fucking do? We make sure that our business is up and running before anyone even thinks of leaving this town’ Sarah mumbled, her evil grin started to show.

‘B-Business? Oh, I see… So some flower shop you own yeah? And you’re getting paid I don’t know, a lot of cash… I don’t buy it Sarah, flower stores wouldn’t get you much, especially with all these drugs you have. And if you even ask how I know about this shit, well look behind you dumb ass!’ I shouted.

‘Fine Joey, I see you’re not listening to reason… So, meet me upstairs Joey. And I’ll be sure that you follow our rules, as for the rest of them. They will live on happier lives thanks to me and you, we will keep the population going for our families too…’ Sarah whispered softly in my left ear.

“What a bitch…” I thought to myself. Sarah clearly wanted other things more than looking after a family and an old crappy looking house. Well, she said meet her upstairs, so I guess I’ll do just that!

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