The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


28. Amy’s Legacy

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 28: Amy’s Legacy

I don’t remember anything about anyone. Except Amy…

Author Note: Chapter 28 is a JUMP BACK. - Chapter 29 will explain Holly. -

The information moving slowly out of a crippled looking corpse. I can’t say who it was, he looked so badly wounded and it was a disaster to look at. I observed the lip movement of this unknown person, a person who’d have had life before me, turning up and making a mess of things. Sorry… I’m getting ahead of myself. That woman in the dark dress, she had a reason to follow me. She also had the many factors of why I needed to die.

Back at Red Meadow, the so-called Hotel.

She crushed my chest against the floor, I could feel my lungs becoming smaller. As she squeezed half the life out of me with her heavy boots. She kicked me several times, as I rolled back in my own blood puddle. Obviously, she had the upper hand. As I tried to sit up, she allowed me to. I sat resting against her left leg, holding onto her left heavy boot. I tried to look up at her, begging for mercy. She looked down at me and grabbed me by my badly bruised throat. She threw me with hardly any force against the weak wall behind me. As I collided with the weakness in the wall, the wall fell through. I landed inside a dark room with no reason to hurt anyone whatsoever.

“Joey, I’ve helped you before, and if you can’t stand up to me now… What makes you think, you stand a chance against Ryan?” She whispered.

I lifted up my head slowly, blood dripped from my bottom lip.

“I-I have to try…” I coughed heavily.

She smiled at me, as she offered to help me up off the ground. My arm shook as I moved it towards her hand level. And with ease, I grabbed her hand with hesitation every minute that went by. Before I could look down again, she actually helped me. I was back on my feet, failing to stand. Using her as a support holder for my fragile body. The condition I was in, it wasn’t pretty. To her though, it was breath of relief. She held my hand and helped me walk out of the dark room. As we passed the broken wall, she looked at me a second time and allowed me to sit beside her on a broken bench.

“Y-You could have killed me… Why are you so different, why are you giving me special treatment?”

She laughed. “Treatment, no, I’m giving you what you have earned…” She grinned.

The tension between me and her, I could feel it about to spark like a car meeting the barriers. She let go of my hand and pushed me a little to the side. With me now on the left of the bench and her on the right. She finally could take a deep breath. Something we both needed. She raised her left eyebrow and spoke to me in several different tones of whispers. Soft, hard, and strong.

“I-I’m offering you a way out Joey… I’ve been too cruel to you in the past,” she sighed.

“C-cruel?” I asked.

“I didn’t do my job right, and I’m here today, and today… I almost ended your life.”

“Well, I wouldn’t have stopped you…” I sighed deeply.

“What has the world done to you Joey? Why are you so happy with death?” She asked.

“I’m happier… Not happy! The death of me, it wouldn’t make a difference…”

“If that was true, then, why did you fight to get back up?” She smiled.

“Mother… That’s why, she always told me to get back up whenever I was feeling down. And you made me feel a whole lot down! So… Answer me this, where is the girl I was with?” I whispered.

My voice raised to as loud as it could go. Due to my poor swollen throat, my shouting sounded quiet and hardly noticeable. The darkly dressed girl however, she looked at me and raised a smile. Before I could react, she had tightened a short piece of rope around my wrists. How did I not notice that? Probably due to the severe pain this bitch has caused me… Her smile became a little creepy, she approached me with her left hand against my dried blooded face.

“S-she is… feeling a lot better, I think you better go ask that question yourself. I’m here for moral support, and I did kick a whole lot of support out of those legs…” She laughed.

“-and why have I got rope around my wrists? You’re taking me up there aren’t you…?” I sighed.

“Well, it’s good to see your brain still works. It may need adjusting though, you seemed to get half of the truth from my little sentence. And the rope, that’ll allow you to leave Joey…” She whispered.

“I-I don’t want to leave though! I’ve got nothing to lose… You could kill me now if you wanted to. I couldn’t careless… Take me up there, I could die with my soon to be wife…” I smiled.

“Crazier than the ones upstairs… I like it, although, I’m not going to give you any satisfaction up there. If you leave now, you could put an end to Ryan. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?”

“N-Yes… I’ve always wanted to take him out with a gun though… All the pain he has caused my friends and me. I want him gone, and as cruel as this sounds, I want him to feel the pain of others with every hour he dies a little… Not completely, I want him to suffer like I did, and they did…”

“So leave, I can offer you that, freedom and satisfaction…” She smiled.

I nodded with a grizzly look on my face. As she unwrapped the rope around my wrists, she smiled at me. Her dark clothing really made me like her. She was a perfect symbol for death itself. She held me by my left hand and walked me down the crumbled staircases. She then let go as we reached the bottom floor. With the satisfaction of being able to put an end to an old enemy. My blood boiled with excitement. She however, she couldn’t take her eyes off me. Not for a second.

“Good-bye Joey, have a safe journey…” She looked down at the floor.

“W-wait!” I called out.

“Y-Yes?” She turned around.

“As crazy as it sounds. Don’t you have any beef with Ryan? Problems, did he cause you any pain?”

She nodded with slight hesitation. I walked back over to her and offered my hand. She grabbed it and looked at me with a smile. Her dark clothing was a little duty, now that light was shining it. Her face however, it was still hidden underneath a bandit mask. I really wanted to get to her, even if she did give me misery and pain. Even if she was going to kill me upstairs, I don’t care… In this state of a country, I doubt anyone would be so stubborn to forgive someone for almost causing them death.

As I held her hand, we left the building… And before we knew it, we were in dark silver car. Very dusty, although it got the job done. We managed to drive out of Red Meadow, and I left behind some memories of someone I loved… Of course, instead of me driving, and placing my hand on the wheel. The dark clothed girl, she drove me and her – she parked the car near my old town. Where Ryan, apparently had been last seen. A stranger informed us that Ryan was last seen near the Grand Flats. A place where lots of trouble had been stirring up whilst I was gone.

“S-so this is it. I offered you the ride, and soon you’ll have your satisfaction…” She grinned.

“Ha, thanks… for everything. And if it makes you feel any better, I doubt it though. I forgive you…”

“Maybe. It’ll definitely help me make my next move, I can promise you that.”

“W-wait… Before you leave me here, I’ve been meaning to ask you… Who are you?” I sighed.

“Why must everyone know the answers in life…?” She became grumpy.

“Because, if we don’t. How will we know what’s a hazard is or what about friend or foes?”

“Huh… Fine, my name is Hayley. And I don’t give my last name to anyone, you know…”

“Cool, you already know me… Just how do you know me?” I asked.

“Ryan, he told me a lot about you… T-that’s all…” She whispered.

As she answered my question, my mind detected some lies. Although, I didn’t want to ruin what could become a perfect friendship. And the truth is, I don’t want to make an enemy of her too. She handed me the car keys, and got out slowly. Her face still hidden behind a bandit mask, it didn’t make me feel any less of a stranger than she was to me. Once she gave me the keys, she went behind the car and opened up the trunk. As she made rattling sounds whilst looking in through boxes.

At last, she had returned to my car door. The passenger seat. She knocked on the glass, and held out her thick leather jacket. She pulled the right side of her unzipped jacket to the side, blocking the view for others to see. She smiled at me, and showed me secretly several weapons in her inner pockets. I smiled back, still unsure, whether this is what I really wanted. She then unlocked my door, turning off the child safety. Really? – She opened my door, and allowed me to stand outside the car with her.

“See… I don’t play games, I make them. Those weapons, they’ll probably give Ryan his worst nightmare. Don’t you think?” She giggled.

“Maybe… So, are you coming in with me?” I asked.

“Going in the Grand Flats? Ha, of course…” She smiled again.

As she raised out of her inner pocket a slightly small pistol. She raised her left eyebrow in front of me and pushed me gently towards the path leading to the entrance of the Grand Flats. She waved at me, and before I knew it. I was walking down the path towards the entrance. As I caught glimpse in the corner of my left eye. I saw Hayley running in a stealth like motion. Equipped with a pistol and several other weapons in her inner pockets. The reason why I didn’t take any weapon off her… I didn’t want Ryan jumping to assumptions. He would most likely kill me if I was to walk in there with weapons hidden away in my pockets. If anything, I’d be dead by the moment I walk in.

Finally, I approached the front door of the Grand Flats entrance. I took several deep breaths before knocking on the door. As I knocked, I made each knock gentler. I didn’t want to make too much noise, or he would know straight away that someone is angry. Maybe, if he sees me… Obviously, he’ll have a problem with me. Although, I think I might be able to put the past behind us for a short amount of time. If I can convince him that we could become partners. Then maybe, he’d allow me my satisfaction of putting a bullet through his thick skull.

After one final knock, the door opened. A taller person than me with a short beard and pale like skin answered the door to me. His hands were pretty big, but his arms had a whole lot of muscle. He didn’t really look me in the face properly. He just answered the door with a happy smile. His dark blue jeans were quite ripped. And his red and black chequered shirt revealed a nicer side to him. He also had quite short hair, brown, if I’m not mistaken. As he walked in to what looked like the kitchen. I followed not too far behind. Finally, I had entered the kitchen with ease.

“So, what do you think Ryan’s up to?” A voice whispered.

“Aha, cousin, I think he’s going to make the near-by schools pay… Remember, he said that there is a whole a lot of valuables sitting in a detention room.” Another voice replied.

“Na, he’ll take them hostage, remember, we still have Mrs Applebury upstairs. I think we’ll be taking the teachers, the staff… They’ll be ransomed for a short fee, ha, ha…” The man who let me in said.

After listening to their conversation, I caught some names. “Lenny, Aaron and the guy who answered the door… He’s name was: Fury.” Fury, what a strange name, I imagine that’s his nickname. If anything, they are thugs. Bandits even, they cause pain and misery everywhere they go.

“Fury, do you think that old fucker from downstairs will pay his own ransom?” Lenny asked.

“Aha, I wouldn’t put it past him… He’s been going crazy down there, last I heard…” Aaron interrupted.

“Crazy or not, he’ll soon pay us his fees. Who knows, maybe we can get more than what we bargained for. Ryan though, he’s going to want a fair cut…” Fury whispered sharply.

“And what about this guy huh? Is he planning on staying long…? Ryan would have your head on a stick for letting just anyone in here,” Lenny laughed.

“I don’t know, I let him in because… Well, I presumed he want a drink, I’m a man of my word. Only let the needy in. And he looked very needy, even his car looked like it could do with a shine…”

“Fury, I’ll leave that to you. If Ryan finds out, I doubt he’ll be leaving anything to you again…” Lenny whispered.

“Oh shut up!” Fury’s voice was all malice. “Ryan won’t know… You won’t tell him!”

As silence hit the room’s atmosphere after Fury’s loud voice. I took a few steps back towards the slightly small hallway. I caught glimpse of several other bandits’ playing cards around a coffee table. After hearing about captives and ransoms, I decided to go on a search for some of the victims. Upstairs, it sounded like a good place to begin my search.

As I approached the stairway, my next move was interrupted by Lenny. He had just walked out of the kitchen. And now I have to listen to his voice again?

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” Lenny interrupted.

“Bathroom… Those drinks didn’t go down so well,” I held my stomach.

“Right, you better hurry though… Any slight disturbance up there and we have to put the screaming ones down… And like many out there who have feelings, well, it isn’t pretty…” Lenny laughed.

I was about to be sick, Lenny’s words made me realise just how serious these people were. I managed to reach the top of the stairs and pushed myself towards the bathroom door. Truth was, I actually needed to go… When I got into the Bathroom, I noticed a few whispers coming from a near-by room. Hold it… That’s all I can do. I found saving the captives way more important than going for a piss.

Out of the Bathroom, I moved towards the near-by rooms doors. As I approached what looked like bedroom, I walked inside and slowly closed the door behind me. The sound of people trying to talk, gasping and gargling. It’s all I could hear, and the sound of a lot of people gagging on something. As I turned around from the closed bedroom door, in-front of me… There was several female teenagers tied up and gagged near the cupboards. The sound of someone knocking gently off a wooden door or something could be heard. Beside the female teens were small groups of families, some actually dead. And some that weren’t so dead. Near the bed, I could see a whole pile of clothes just stacked in a messy way. And the bed hadn’t even been made… Lying in the bed to my surprise, I could see another female figure. She didn’t have a shirt on though…

Her short blonde hair, that’s all I could look at. Although, without a shirt, it’s hard to look around the room without being distracted. I looked away, forcing myself to not become a pervert. As I looked down, I could see dried blood on the carpet. And some fresh clear blood dripping from the ceiling fan. I entered further into the room towards the tied up families. I caught another glimpse of the teenager without a shirt. I looked away again, and saw young males of all ages from 13-17 chained against a wall. So much to do, so many to save… I knelt down near the female teenagers who had been tied up and gagged. The one with long brown hair and a lot of make-up, I ungagged her. Allowing her to speak, her face turned to horrified and I could see that she had been crying a whole lot more than I first thought of. She actually looked very beaten up. Her swollen jaw and lips, it made me cringe.

“I’m Joey, and I’m here to help you all… Okay?” I whispered softly.

She nodded in fear, her hesitation was very clear. I could see that she was afraid of me.

“Okay… I’m going to untie you, and then you can leave… Okay?” I continued a soft tone.

She nodded a second time, not long before whispering in a soft tone.

“Yes… B-but, if they catch you… You’ll end up like them,” she whispered.

As she whispered, she rolled her eyes towards the direction of the corpses.

“Oh god… I know, but, if we cooperate. None of us will end up like that, okay?”

“O-okay… What about my family though?” She began to shed a few tears.

“They’ll be okay, I’ll save them too, and you can start a fresh life…” I reassured her.

I tore off the tight rope around her ankles and wrists. She was still in clothing, although she had some pretty bad wounds on her skinny legs. One of them looked infected, as If she had left a lot of bad bacteria get to it… It’s not really her fault. And as she wriggled towards my arms, I helped her up on her feet. The sound of voices talking downstairs really made me nervous. And her face, she looked even more scared than she had before. Her body was shaking and she kept grinding her teeth.

I moved left towards another teenage female. She had shorter hair than the other one. Blonde though, and her dark purple lipstick glowed through the dim lighting in the room. Again, she looked pretty badly bruised too. Her ankles looked as if the rope had cut through her skin. As I helped her, tore off the rope. She hugged me with all her strength and knelt down near the other free girl.

I moved onto the next one, this one looked badly bruised and cut. Her bottom lip had a lot of dry blood spreading down to her jaw. As I untied her and ungagged her, she thanked me. She had dark red hair with a mix of brown, and her hair was long. When she got onto her feet, I noticed that she must’ve been in more pain than the other two I had saved. Instead of rope being used, I could see barbed wire wrapped tightly around her waist. I didn’t want to worry her, so I kept quiet.

“Thank-you…” She whispered.

I moved onto the final teenage girl sat beside the ones I had saved. She looked in better condition. I untied her and ungagged what was left of her gag. As she coughed loudly, I got even more nervous. After she had coughed, me and the girls I had saved were startled. However, once she had coughed, she smiled at me and tapped me on my left shoulder.

“I can’t believe we’re getting out of here…” a voice behind me whispered.

“Do you think…?” Another voice whispered.

“No! I think that we just need to keep our voices down…”

“Okay… So what now?” The conversation continued.

As I knelt down further down towards the side of the bed, with my back facing the half-naked teenage girl. I approached the families that were in very bad conditions. A father of three children and a half-asleep wife, he looked pale. His wrists weren’t tied up, and he actually had the free-will to move. I wondered why he hadn’t left the room, he has the option…

“You, what’s your name?” The father whispered.

“Joey, and yours?” I replied.

“Joey huh? Well, my name is Johnny… And why exactly are you here, Joey?” He bit his bottom lip.

“To save you all, I’ve been out there, and truth is, I’ve come to take down an old enemy…”

“Old… I doubt he’d be much of a challenge then, ha, ha…” He laughed.

“I’m serious! He is the same age as me, if not, a little older…” I sighed.

“Oh really… And what happens when you’ve saved us?” He raised his left eyebrow.

“You’ll be free… I’m not discussing this here, I need more time to save you all first.”

“Oh really… So you’re not just here to finish off the job?!” He raised his voice.

“Oh no… Don’t you fucking dare! I’m here to make sure that these people survive. You, and I mean it… You are not going to ruin their chances because of your selfish stubborn attitude!”

“Ha, like I give a fuck about these… My family is all that matters to me. See that one over there, she died right in front of us, poor old bitch didn’t have the ability to fight mean less thugs.”

This guy was already getting on my nerves. Johnny, what a joke. I grabbed hold of his left arm, and with my right hand, I covered his mouth with one of the gags from the girls. No way, was I going to let this guy ruin their chances of survival. He gagged and pushed me back, trying to break free. After he head-butt me several times in the chest, I felt a whole lot of pain. He finally gave in and relaxed on the floor with his face flat against the side of the wall.

“Okay… Girls, I’m going to get you all out first, and then I’ll came back for the others here. Okay? And if you have any family members in this building that are also in danger… I’ll make sure they get out safely, okay?” I made a promise.

The four teenage girls nodded. I nodded back, giving them the signal to move out the way. I opened the bedroom door slowly, trying to ignore the half-naked teenager on the bed. I covered my right eye, and hurried the four teenagers to the hallway. There was only one way out of this building without being spotted. And it was rather the smaller vents or the window. The problem was, if it had been the window, I was almost certain that one of us would get left behind. And if that one person ruins their chance of escaping. Not only do we put ourselves in danger, but, the others will also be killed…

I can’t take that risk, I’d rather have all of them alive, away from this building. So I don’t have to worry when fighting Ryan… He is dangerous man, and he’d probably hold one of their lives captive just to teach me a lesson. He kills when he wants to get something out of it, and most of the time, he does… He gets away with almost anything now-a-days, back then, it was a different story…

“So this is it… Freedom, after several months of being trapped here. Okay, maybe others have been here longer, but, a few months still take a lot out of you… At least we were fed.”

“Listen, you know my name… So what’s yours?” I asked.

The girl with purple lip-stick was pretty shorter than me. Although, she still knew how to be kind.

“Elizabeth… And these three, well I only know one of them…” She sighed.

“That’s okay, I’m sure they can speak for themselves…”

“The other one I know, her name is Ellie…” She whispered.

I nodded, the other two girls were unknown to me and Elizabeth including Ellie. I didn’t have time to get to know them, and I didn’t really want to make friends with them. It was just saving them, that’s all that mattered. Knowing some of their names, it would come in handy if one of them was to get caught or hurt… At least I’d be able to respond and understand who’s in trouble.

“Fine. My name is Angelica, and I don’t want you as my shiny knight in armour…” She sighed.

“Right, I’ll remember that next time when I come to save your ass…” I laughed.

“Angelica, you went my old school… Ha, it’s been a while. I kind of forgot about you, you weren’t exactly the nicest student in our class…” The unknown girl whispered.

“If you want to have your reunion, I don’t think we should have it in plain sight…” I grouched.

“Keep your hair on, we’ll be leaving… Thanks, for… Saving us,” she smiled.

As I watched Ellie push through the others and open the vent entrance. She ripped it off with a lot of strength. Thankfully, the vent was actually pretty loose. And I don’t think she hurt herself too much. As I watched Ellie hop into the vent entrance, she crawled into darkness. Next up was Elizabeth. She smiled at me as she pulled herself into the vent. She too, entered the darkness. Two down, and two to go. Angelica got up into the vent quickly, she didn’t even wave goodbye. Or even a thank-you.

I waited patiently for the last girl to go into the vent, so I could go back to Plan A. Saving the others. Instead, she crossed her arms and sat on the bed beside the door. She looked at with an angry face. I closed the door slowly, making no sound. As I sat beside her ever so slightly. She looked at me again, her face still not looking happy with me.

“What gives? Why did you not go with the others?” I asked.

“Does it matter, why are you on my back?” She hissed.

“I care about your safety, everyone’s safety in here anyway. And my job, well I don’t have a job. I’m doing this out of pure kindness…” I whispered.

“Pure kindness, like my dad? He didn’t know the meaning of pure kindness. He left me and my two younger sisters to suffer, I made it, I fought for the food those thugs downstairs would give us. And I ended with a few cuts and bruises, but I still managed to fight for survival. Kami and Kelly, they were separated from me.” She sighed.

“Oh… You’ve had a tough time here, and the others… They been here shorter?”

“Shorter… Yes, one of them had been captured recently. And Elizabeth was my closest friend until Angelica showed up…” She whispered.

“Okay, I don’t mean to rush this moment. But, if you tell me where you last saw your sisters, I may be able to help…” I smiled.

“-making another promise that I know for a fact, you can’t keep… Why are you lying to us?” She sighed.

“Sometimes, I ask myself that everyday… I keep promises to assure those who don’t listen. Some people need a little faith, a little reassuring to get them moving again.”

“Ha, well good luck. I won’t listen to your lies, I’m staying here…” She hissed.

I nodded slowly, I wanted to say no. She didn’t have to stay here, but, she made her choice. And if I waste any more time trying to persuade her that she can live on out there and trust me. We’d here for months, and by then… I imagine that the other’s chances of surviving would be slimmer than they are now. I opened the door, leaving the unnamed young girl to have a think. I rushed back as quietly as possible to the bedroom where the other captives sat dead and alive…

“So why haven’t you saved me?” A quieter voice whispered.

“W-what?” I turned around.

“Me… You keep looking away from me, why is that?” She sighed.

“Look at yourself, you’re half naked… I think that’d explain why, I’m not a pervert.”

“Ha, well at least I’m still alive, the old bitch under the bed didn’t last too long…”

“Don’t insult the other captives… So why haven’t you left?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I like it here… Food, and a whole lot of life can be brought into this room.”

“Are you just the sickest person here?” I sighed.

“Sick! No… I get moved, moved around the flats. They stuck me here for today at least, and then I’ll be moving again. So, you here to save the families?”

“I’m here to save you as well… Nobody in here should be known as captives…” I hissed.

“Those idiots? Leave them, without them, how would we survive?” She whispered.

“Idiots… Wow, you really know how to make them angry. Has ever occurred in your mind, that just maybe these idiots… They may want to you dead for the insults you’re throwing at them.”

She gulped, as I smiled at the other captives. They smiled back, I was saying the right words.

“Well- you certainly know how to shut a girl up… I’ll give you that, but, they won’t hurt me. I’ll be out by the end of today, so why would you end my life now?” She laughed.

“If you don’t shut up, we’re going to be enemies… And I don’t want to make anymore, and if I were you, I wouldn’t want to hurt the enemies you’ve already got.”

“Threats, they don’t wash down too good with lunch… So, if you want to let those beasts out. And if you want that abomination over there to eat all of us, go ahead. Let them be free. I’m surprised those other girls didn’t want my head on a stick, I saw what happened ha, ha… What a pretty sight.”

My name was about to become: Fury. She knew exactly what buttons to press with me. And I wanted to destroy her in the best way possible. She was insulting everyone in the room, nobody deserves such hatred. And I bet this bitch has been eating all their supplies. Food, water… Everything, she looked pretty big in size. Not massive, but, I could tell that she had been eating a lot…

Author Note: (Chapter 29 & 30, they will be PUBLISHED tomorrow!)


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