The Last Ones Remaining

The two barriers held in one Country just to avoid the corruption of our lives. Sadly, it's too late for any more changes, However, We have a Mayor to talk to us, he can tell us everything we need to know... Sometimes, and the changes that are made are in his power. Between the two barriers is Hell. A third barrier remains with peace and some secret way of living in an environment full of threats and danger. Violence continues through all the barriers, and it only remains with us... A little is unknown about the ones who live with us, but we all get on... Some how, and that some how is about to be revealed...

- Written By Luke J.R -

18+ Rated. Violence & Bad Language & Slight Sexual Content. Drinking, Drugs.


1. A New Life For Us? *Introduction*

The Last One’s Remaining

Chapter 1: A New Life For Us?

The sharp dullness left behind from a wave of smoke that had just crossed the barrier between trouble and kindness. Between these two barriers, there is danger all around. Every once in a while another rainy storm enters the territory of war. War, thought to believe that a main war is against nations. Sadly… It’s our attempt to rename this and give it a new meaning… War hasn’t been so bad lately. Until… Gangs and crime has upraised from its predecessors, this has led to a believable statement being placed in order of the two barriers.

Not far from the trouble barrier is a group of civilians speaking out their minds to each other. In-fact, it’s only been a few days since the first meeting and now… It may as well be the last. Sitting above all the other helpless workers and human beings asking for second chances is the Mayor. He has told everyone that the storm is brewing something big. We have all been lead to believe that this could be false. In between our nations is a little bit of peace. It’s a fragment to prove that a scale of idiots can’t break it. Weight isn’t important at this very moment… It’s just the heights that will take our lives for the better. Above most of the town’s is destruction and rage! Not far from the third barrier which is believed to have peaceful people living their lives to the fullest.

Of course this isn’t the reason why we are all standing here talking about plans and possibly even more threats to be sent out across the borders. Sadly… Our Mayor has not thought any of this through whatsoever. In fact, judging by the crime scenes we’ve seen multiple times each day, this town is only getting worse. And the country? Well… It’s far from doomed, however I don’t think our barrier will hold much longer. I’ve already seen baseball bats with nails stuck through them. And I’ve seen some badly injured school pupils lying in the road half dead…

‘A’hem… It has come to my attention that our citizens aren’t living too well in this weather outcast. So, to make sure your homes are a little neater, I’ve decided… I mean, we’ve decided that your homes shall be split into two!’ The Mayor shouted.

‘And… What about our lives? You going to take them away from us too…? Or! Are you just going to split our lives into two to make way for your bullet proof plan?!’ An elderly man replied aggressively.

The Mayor didn’t look too good, in his left hand he had a silver pistol. I guess he needs some kind of weapon to protect himself and possibly to protect us right…? I felt sorry for the elderly man, he only wanted to make a good point. Sadly… His point made nothing, it made no changes whatsoever. In fact, the Mayor has already stated in the past that our lives are no longer in his hands. His wife also added that no human being should be placed in the hands covered in red.

It made a lot of sense to some of us. And it also made more sense to the ones who wanted to ask further questions to the Mayor. The only one who didn’t understand her was her husband. The Mayor thinks his doing the right thing for all of us. He weren’t even a Mayor to begin with, he was just a middle aged man with three kids and most of them becoming teenagers. He kind of promoted himself, because he made good points… He made everyone else see why we should stick together. Just lately… It’s been hell on earth, or at least hell for us and heaven for the other barriers…

‘Stand back all of you! My guards will make sure that the barrier holds, as for you old man! I’ll be sure to follow your ideas another time… Sorry old friend, sorry…’ The Mayor whispered.

His whisper was such a soft tone. I felt the need to put my hand out there, to grasp the silver pistol from him. I knew the weapon would be trouble from the start, we all did… Sadly, it’s what life is now, and it’s also how we’ve chosen to accept him as a ruler, and his idea of a better life style. The elderly man… He was shot, killed right in front of us. This horrific event happened twice too much, we’ve seen many families be taken out by the Mayor. Some of the folks have come to tell me that he is part of a Mafia… I laughed when they told me though, it’s a stupid excuse to shoot someone right?

‘N-No!’ Hundreds of families screamed out.

‘I’m s-sorry you all had to see that. We will continue our meeting tomorrow… Good night…’ The Mayor muttered.

That was the end of our meeting already? It had been a little disappointing to find out that the Mayor ended our meeting with so little information on what to do next. So like many of the people living here in danger and threatened. I decided that we will have to wait until our message is across the borders. Who knows how long that may take, I walked back to my shack I called a home. This happy little country has lost so much faith lately. All its colours and beauty have just faded away…

‘E-Excuse me sir…? Will you please help pay for a new home?’ Two children asked.

Their voices sounded a little odd, one of them coughed out blood. A boy and a little girl sitting together under a terrible storm. In their little hands were dusty coins and dried blood. Their little faces smiled at me, it was too obvious they were forcing themselves to be happy. Nobody can adapt to this life style, its hell… Its torture for everyone living here! Yeah, we still have our dignity, sort of… But we’ve lost so much, food, money and water. There are no more jobs available, just scrap collecting to be paid. Apparently, we have all been told that a scarp of metal can go a long way…

‘Here… Don’t spend it all okay…?’ I replied, with a horrified face staring at them in sadness.

I felt sorry for them, innocent children out on the streets alone… No family, no homes, nowhere else to go. They have to force themselves to adapt to a place like this! I call it mutiny… It’s a vile place to be for someone at such a small age. If my bills were being paid better, I’d gladly take them in myself. I’d let them adapt to a better home, although, I don’t think this old shack is a home for anyone. Animals would love it, it’s got a lot of space to run around. The sight of the inside is just disgusting. I doubt anyone would want to live here, even the children who are lost on the streets with no home…

‘T-Thank you sir… Y-You’ll too kind.’ The little girl whispered, her voice broke as she coughed out more blood.

I turned my head to face the second street near some of the people I knew. Instead of looking at the little girl’s mouth foaming blood. I walked away with my leather hat placed on my sweaty head. As the rain hailed more strongly against everyone around me. I looked down with a slight tear forming around my left eye. “This isn’t right… How long do we have left…? How long…?” I thought.

‘J-Joey…! About time you get here, your kids have been worried sick!’ Heather screamed.

That old bag doesn’t know shit about me. My kids should be out here in the storms! They don’t deserve me, they are technically lucky to even be from me. Give them life and they give you… What! They give us nothing, they are just broken little creatures eating me out of house and fucking home!

‘Worried… H-How about you take them in Heather. I’ll talk to you when I have something to calm me down…’ I sighed deeply.

‘U-Understood, your kids… Our kids, how can you beat yourself up like that?’ Heather asked.

Her dark blonde hair crushed around the back of her soaking wet back. She didn’t look too healthy, I could just about see through her eyes that she is a little unwell. The clothing she wore for the outside world is a little irritating. Dark black hooded coat with a white leather belt around her waist. Underneath her hood was a face I fell in love with in the past, now? I still love her, a little…

‘Beat myself up…? You’ve been on too much crack, no wonder you’ve lost it!’ I shouted angrily.

‘Y-You think… You’ll the one who’s lost it dear. You’ve lost yourself out there, I warned you about the Mayor and his vile little games. He don’t care about us, he cares about himself, just like you…’ Heather whispered softly.

My dark leather coat didn’t feel the rain anymore, I was feeling a little hurt from her comment. Heather has no right to talk to me like that. She has several rights, the Mayor made them clear last month! “She is allowed to go outside between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM.” If she ever breaks those rules, she’ll be damned for living in such a horrid place. I placed my drenched little hat on the coat rack inside our shack. I watched Heather walk inside with her face looking miserable. Our children didn’t look too happy either, little Amy looked like she had seen a ghost or something…

‘O-Okay Joey. I’ve invited someone round okay, he wants to talk to you for some stupid reason. Once again, I’ll have to baby sit these kids again! Just so you can go out there with who knows who?! I’ll just face it okay. You just go out there and say hello to him and return before I get mad!’ Heather screamed with a sulk on her face.

‘W-Wait…’ I whispered.

‘W-What do you want now Joey, a kiss goodbye? You make me sick sometimes, you know that?’ Heather replied.

‘S-Sick… If only you knew how I feel sometimes Heath, You’d be hurt too. Our kids is last on my list, and as for you… I don’t even know where to place you anymore on this god damn list!’ I mumbled.

Walking out that stupid door once again, leaving behind the family I brought up. Sometimes Heather can be a little too protective, she cares too much about children. She cares too much about her, life isn’t a planet that orbits around her. She treats the weather like it’s a message. Huh, I guess she really is messed up in the head. I just take out what I need, and I just need reassurance!

‘G-Goodbye Amy, bye Heath!’ I cried.

Closing the door once again, it’s just another circle of life…

Chapter 2 – Coming Soon! – Written By Luke J.R
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