Life as an Empath

Some people have a difficulty understanding what an empath is and what they can do. Some people even fear empaths. Well the fear and wonder is over, you just found an empath yourself and i will help you understand more about my gift.


3. What My Abilities Are

Okie Dokie what i can do. Well i can both feel and absorb peoples emotions. i could just be near a person and feel their emotions. i could feel them but they always left (now i don't need to touch trees to let it flow through me) so i was ok with that. it wasn't until my current age (now)  16 that i realized i could absorb someone's emotions. i was with my Bo (secret term! :D ) and he held out his hand and spread his fingers so everyone could see the difference between my hand and his hand and so people could laugh at me because i have small hands :(...anyways and when i placed my hand on his i just absorb his emotions. Not felt and then let flow through. i literally absorbed his emotions and kept them and i could feel him inside of me and he wasn't leaving. Not like Rogue from XMen that when i steal your emotions i put you in a comma and may also accidentally kill you and see all your memories. Nope it didn't work like that. i jut touched him and felt this odd feeling against his hand and absorbed his emotions. i went home crying that day because i was afraid of myself. i didn't like this freak that i was...i wasn't born with a gift i was born with a curse. So i got my gloves and i wore them all the time after that incident and yes i do still wear them today but i'll talk about that later. i didn't like having two people inside of me. it was stressful. i had myself and then him and i couldn't handle it and when i touched trees he wouldn't go away. Later on i figured out how to get him out of me and i was happy with just one person in me. About a week ago i figured out how to block emotions and protect myself so none get in. i will get into depth with that story later. But i make a shield and i keep it up everyday to prevent any emotions from entering me. i could take it down if i wanted to but i am scared to. i only take it down for certain people and certain scenarios. i am still learning how to control it, it is difficult but the hard work and effort pays off because i am helping myself and learning more about my gift...this ability i have and no one can take away.

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