Life as an Empath

Some people have a difficulty understanding what an empath is and what they can do. Some people even fear empaths. Well the fear and wonder is over, you just found an empath yourself and i will help you understand more about my gift.


4. Some Empath Traits

Ever see those people at school who sit all by themselves in a corner of the class and do nothing but read and their work...ya? Well that is not what empaths are least not all of them. i always sit in the front of the class and talk to everyone.
So empaths do have their own traits but it may not be the same for EVERY empath, so other empaths out there who may be reading this i'm sorry if this will offend you because you see a trait here and you don't have it and you'll be like "i do not get defensive! lemme write a hate letter she's wrong. She knows nothing!" lawl although i don't mind reading hate letters i do find them amusing and some funny to read. But other empaths if you don't have some of these traits that's fine because remember this, not everyone is the same. imagine if all empaths had the EXACT same traits...that would be boring. We are all different in our own way.
So just about every empath had this first trait,
We know when something is wrong. We feel your emotions so we know when something is wrong right away. We don't feel an emotion and guess that there is something wrong we just know. it's not like "Oh i feel that your upset...well they feel upset so obviously something is wrong." No we feel the negative emotion and we know right away that something is wrong because we can feel a bit of that too.
This next trait i sort of have but it's not as strong as i'd like it to be :P ,
Empaths know when someone is being dishonest. We feel your emotions so when we ask something and you lie and say something else but we feel what your feeling it upset's us, especially when it's someone we love and we're close to. i experience this sometimes but not often, but whoever has this trait will feel like this.

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