Life as an Empath

Some people have a difficulty understanding what an empath is and what they can do. Some people even fear empaths. Well the fear and wonder is over, you just found an empath yourself and i will help you understand more about my gift.


6. Multiple Traits (Basically More Traits)

Taking on someone's emotions and personality as your own. i do this often but i am i learning to control it. Whenever i touched my sister i would have her personality for a good 20 minutes. My sister has that character with a lot of attitude. So for 20 minutes i would be very sassy.


People have no problem telling you their secrets and they openly tell you about problems they have. People just naturally trust empaths even if they don't know your one. Empaths just have that vibe about them. This happens to me all the time. i am person filled with so many secrets...too many secrets but all of which i keep and never repeat or tell.


Empaths are creative from singing, to dancing, acting, drawing or writing. Empaths tend to be creative people and have very good imaginations. i am definitely NOT good at dancing...and i can't draw for the life of me. Singing is something i was always just good at, i always had a huge passion for music...all music i don't have a favorite. i get told multiple times i am good at acting and doing accents and impressions...i dunno i call it i'm tired of being me i need to British for 10 minutes. Writing i was never good at until i turned 13 and then all of sudden i was able to write and then i lost my writing for 2 years because i stopped and every time i would try to write it just sounded horrible but i got my writing skills back! :)


Empaths need to alone once in awhile. We need alone time just to think and get away and get lost in our thoughts. i love being around people but at least once a day i'd like to alone and get lost in my thoughts with no one bothering me.


Emapths are free spirits. We love adventures and to go exploring and traveling and experience new things and see new places. i for one love to go on adventures and explore the forest at my campsite. Again in a way kind of a reference to the love of nature.


Empaths are excellent listeners again reference to secret keeping and unloading their problems. if someone has something to say we will listen and keep it to ourselves and lock it away.    






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