Life as an Empath

Some people have a difficulty understanding what an empath is and what they can do. Some people even fear empaths. Well the fear and wonder is over, you just found an empath yourself and i will help you understand more about my gift.


5. More Traits!

i haven't experienced this yet but i have read other empaths stories and this has happened to them,

They can physically feel someone. Let's say you and i are on a bus and you have a headache i will take on that headache that you are feeling. i can't go too much into depth about it because i have never had this trait so i don't know what it's like. That was the best example i could think of. 


We do have a heart,

Empaths do have a heart. We feel for other people even people we don't know and we also feel for animals. Some empaths can't watch the news because there are so many violent horrible things happening that we can't handle the emotional distress we are having. Empaths feel for people that they don't even know, i know i do. if i go to the mall and i feel someone's sadness or distress or any other upsetting negative emotion i will go home and cry for them because i feel bad and i don't want people to feel that way. We have big hearts for animals! i absolutely LOVE animals! They are the best. Animals have a closeness with empaths (especially dogs) because animals can sense emotions too and we need a friend in life who won't judge us for who we are.


Crowded places are overwhelming...ugh tell me about it,

Crowded places are definatly overwhelming for sure. i know ever empath has this trait because it's true. Unless your like me and you found a way to block emotions and you can tolerate crowded places. Places like the mall for instance get overwhelming because there are so many emotions coming at you from all directions and they seep into you and conflict...huh it's crazy an stressful to be in crowded places.  

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