Life as an Empath

Some people have a difficulty understanding what an empath is and what they can do. Some people even fear empaths. Well the fear and wonder is over, you just found an empath yourself and i will help you understand more about my gift.


2. How i found out i was an Empath

So i was 6 when i sort of found out i was empathic. i had the ability to feel sadness and anger but i knew it couldn't be mine because i was a very happy child. Later on when i was 8 my younger sister (who was 6 at the time) was being bullied at school. She had a great deal of sadness inside of her and i knew that wasn't my sadness because i was, like i said, a very happy child. i kept feeling her sadness and her pain for almost 2 years because then she opened up about being bullied at school and the problem was resolved and all that sadness that i had inside of me left me so i knew that sadness wasn't mine it was my sister's. When i told her what happened she said i was cool and called me a superhero. Yay my life dream is to be a superhero!


i am going to skip a couple of years ahead to when i was 14.


When i turned 14 my ability became stronger. By this point i was able to feel fear, anger and sadness. By this point it was overwhelming. i couldn't go to places because i got struck with multiple emotions that were not mine. And it is brutal and difficult having that many emotions in you because for me (i can't say for other empaths because it might not be the same for others) some emotions will conflict with one another because they don't go together...they don't mesh together. For instance at the time i was depressed so if someone's happiness flooded into me i would have this conflict of two emotions that don't belong together. And these two emotions will repel each other and conflict with one another. 


Skipping to when i was 15 now!


So when i turned 15 i became much more stronger and learnt more about my "gift". My doctor helped me and explained to me what an empath is and helped me better understand it. So now over time i was able to feel just about any emotion. So i was still depressed at this point so i still had conflicting emotions inside of me, but my sister wanted to help me control it. We both agreed i can't just take peoples emotions and keep them and let them fade over time. i could feel a person'g emotions but i couldn't get rid of them on my own. i let them stay and they would fade away over 10...?...Lawl thinking. Yes in 10 minutes they would fade away but for those 10 minutes i had someone's else's emotions inside of me. So we worked on different techniques to get rid of them right away...nothing worked and it was frustrating. i need to add this in, i LOVE nature i am a major outdoors person. i could go in a forest and stay there for hours or climb a tree and just you know chill in a tree. Woop Katniss junior...actually no i could never be Katniss. So since i love nature and animals and the environment we decided to try techniques with that. We then discovered i can get rid of the emotions by touching trees. i would let all the emotions that weren't mine flow out of me and into a tree simply by touching the tree. So i get all these emotions that aren't mine...find a tree...touch it and let the emotions flow out of me as into the tree.

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