I Can't Live Without You

This is a story about what would happen if my greatest fear came true


1. Prolougue


I'm sorry that I left without giving you a proper goodbye. I'm sorry I acted so distant towards the end but I couldn’t do it anymore. You were my best friend, my sister, and I will always love you but I couldn’t stay here anymore. I tried to be happy I really did but I couldn’t do it anymore. Things were just getting so bad at home and at school. I loved someone I couldn’t have and my family hated me. Everyone except you did. I'm was going to try and make this short but I don’t know if I can. I left this note in our sister code so that only you could read it but I want you to tell the group that I'm really sorry. Tell James I'm really sorry and that I love him. He may not have liked me that way but I loved him and I always will. I will love him to the end of my days. Tell Harry, Katy and Preya that I love them. I know this is gonna be especially hard on Kat because she is so kind hearted and easily takes on whatever emotions are going around the group so just make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid and reckless. Tell Oliver that I'm glad he has you and I'm sorry that it didn’t work out between us. You guys are a better couple anyway. And finally to you. Charlotte you were my best friend, my whole life. You were the only reason I have lived this long. I remember the look on your face when you found out about the first cuts. You were devastated but angry. I broke my promise to you so many times and I regretted it every time I did it. You were always there with me through the thick and thin and I owe that to you. I'm sorry but I cant take it anymore. I owe it to you not to break my promise so I'm using a rope. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I will be happy where imp going and I don’t want you to be sad all the time. Please just try to move on with your life and pretend I never existed. It wont be that hard. I'm really sorry for doing this but please just always remember that I love you. Your my sister and you always will be.

Love Matilda xxx



*A/N* this is my first official story so I hope you like it. This is based on some things that have happened in my life and what would happen if my fears came true. Please like it and favourite.


Ashcarrot <3

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