I Can't Live Without You

This is a story about what would happen if my greatest fear came true


8. Charlotte's Note


I'm really sorry that this has to happen but I couldn't stand I any longer. It was hard enough to lose Tilly but losing James as well just fucked me up even more. Preya, I'm sorry we didn’t get closer same with you Harry. Harry please stop cutting, it breaks my heart every time you come to school wearing a jacket even in 40 degree heat. Kat I'm really sorry for being a bitch over the last couple of years. I was a stupid fucking idiot and I regret I because it ruined our friendship in so many ways. And finally Oli. You were my rock for so long and I'll always love you. The first time we met I instantly took a liking to you. You wore always there for me and you even helped my brother out when he was having problems at school. You were there for me when I was dumped by that stupid fucking prick and I think that’s when I finally realised I loved you… more than a friend, but you were right. You said it was my fault that molly left and you were right. If I had of realised that she was acting weird than I could have prevented this from happening. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to everyone. Ill see you soon Tills. I'll see you soon James. I love you all…

Char xx




As the group sat at Charlottes funeral with tears in there eyes as her mother read out the note they all felt regret in there hearts. Oli thought that it was his fault. If only he had of stayed with her. Her mum and dad just cried and blamed themselves for not knowing the signs, but as Char watched from her wonderland where she now rests with her brother and sister she doesn’t understand why they cant be happy for her because she's happy and she's where she belongs. She doesn’t understand a lot at the moment but she has eternity o figure it all out…




That is the final chapter so thank you to everyone who read it :)

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