Some really weird things have been happing sense this new kid moved into a apartment next door to mine. He seems a little.....off, and it's not just cause he's from a whole different country, like he never goes out in daylight only for school. He creeps in the shadows of Los angles out of sight. He never eats or drinks, he is stronger then the foot ball team put together. Some times he's good but other times he's a total jerk, the strangest thing of all is his eyes change colour with his mood. There's only one explanation! He's a......


8. Ch -8-

 N let his hand loose slowly. He looked like he was in loads of pain, amber caught her breath and looked at N as he dropped to his knees. 


 "N!" She yelled and kneeled down next to him. His eyes rolled in the back of his head, she gasped. "What do I do!" She yelled.


 N twitched as if he where having a spazz attack. She backed away slowly. He stopped moving and opened his eyes. He looked at her and reached  his hand out to her. 


 He grabbed his back as a pair of large black wings shot out of his back.


 To be continued...

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